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Violence touches almost every teenager. This dramatic program features interviews with, and profiles of, teens whose lives have been impacted by violence.

#10770/0635  CAGE the RAGE Revised
Calm down; Assess the situation; Gauge alternatives; and Empower yourself by choosing how to react. Middle school and high school students will see how to identify anger in themselves and those around them; understand why mismanaged anger is so destructive; discover how anger gets repressed, and the bodily and mental illnesses that may result from it; and learn to release anger and express emotions in an acceptable and positive way using the C.A.G.E. method. Grades 7 to 12

#15185/0235  EVERYBODY GETS ANGRY Book with CD
A year's worth of activities to help kids control their anger! This fun-filled book is packed with 52 reproducible activities to help youngsters learn to identify, understand, express, and cope with their angry feelings. The hands-on activities use art, music, drama, and movement and are designed to get kids thinking about their own anger cues and the way in which they express their anger. You won't run out of activities to help youngsters focus on gaining control of their anger before it takes control of them.Grades 4 to 8

#6998/1945  I'M SO MAD! MAD! MAD! DVD
Teaches kids in this age bracket to deal with their feelings of anger in a straightforward and constructive manner. A series of vignettes shows them how to Say How You Feel... Solve the Problem/Resolve the Anger... Turn a Negative into a Positive... Grades 3 to 5

#13048/2003  TEEN ANGER: Real Life Teens
"I was extremely impressed not only by the content of the program but also by the gripping honesty of those of those who shared their most personal experiences... it is the true-life stories of "real" people that have the greatest effect on young people. The message in the program is clear and to the point and seems to leave no stone unturned." Jane Heady, Executive Director, MADD, Litchfield County, Connecticut. Anger is often the most powerful emotion for teens - but it can reveal a deep assortment of underlying emotions. This program covers teen anger and why anger can be the tip of an emotional iceberg. Grades 8 to 12


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