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A secure attachment system forms the foundation for a child’s development. The often devastating impact of attachment disorder on children’s sense of self, and on their capacity to form attachments with new caregivers, can pose major challenges for foster and adoptive parents, as well as for therapists and group home staff. In this four-video series, the presenters describe the impact of attachment disorder on the ways that children see themselves and interact with others, and how adults can respond most effectively. 1. UNDERSTANDING CHILDREN WITH DISRUPTED ATTACHMENT This introductory video explains the internal effects of attachment disorder, and the behaviors that children lacking a "secure base" may display. Intended for parents, residential care workers, and therapists. 42 minutes 2. PARENTING CHILDREN WITH DISRUPTED ATTACHMENT This video examines issues encountered by parents, including foster parents, adoptive parents, or family members who are caring for a child with attachment disorder. 45 minutes 3. CARING FOR CHILDREN WITH DISRUPTED ATTACHMENT This video discusses issues affecting residential staff, including child care workers, camp counselors, and group home supervisors. 44 minutes 4. TREATING CHILDREN WITH DISRUPTED ATTACHMENT This video discusses therapeutic issues, and is intended for counselors, social workers, and therapists. 43 minutes

#13690/1470  FOSTER PARENT SERIES (30 programs)
The effects on children brought up in a dysfunctional and violence environment can be traumatic. This series explores specific behavior problems, emotional disorders, and practical strategies to deal with them. Research-based effective and powerful messages are presented through dramatic vignettes, interviews with parents, and instruction from nationally-known child welfare experts such as Dr. Rick Delaney. Each program includes a Viewer Guide and reproducible questionnaire and may also include additional handouts. Excellent resource for trainers in a group setting, or for use in lending libraries. Each program or set can be also purchased separately. BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT SET (15 Titles) ============================================ ADHD, ADD, ODD ANGER OUTBURSTS ANGER PIE CHILDHOOD ANXIETY DISORDERS CHILDREN WITH AUTISM EATING DISORDERS FIRE SETTING LYING R.A.D. (Reactive Attachment Disorder) RUNNING AWAY SELF-HARM SEXUALIZED BEHAVIOR SLEEP PROBLEMS STEALING WETTING AND SOILING PARENTING STRATEGIES SET (15 Titles) ============================================ THE IMPACT OF FOSTERING ON BIRTH CHILDREN CHILD SAFETY AND SUPERVISION CULTURALLY COMPETENT PARENTING GRIEF AND LOSS IN THE CARE SYSTEM ROLE OF MANDATED CHILD ABUSE REPORTERS FOSTER HOME INVESTIGATION PROCESS HOUSE SAFETY KINSHIP CARE POSITIVE PARENTING I - Gain cooperation, track behavior, and use encouragement to promote positive behavior POSITIVE PARENTING II - Setting limits, behavior contracts, and rewards POSITIVE PARENTING III - Time-outs, privilege removal, and extra chores SAFE PARENTING SUBSTANCE EXPOSED INFANTS WORKING WITH BIRTH PARENTS I: VISITATION WORKING WITH SCHOOLS

#14093/1615  MIND LIKE MINE (A): Adult ADHD
A compelling documentary chronicling a year in the life of two adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Seven years after documenting their lives as children with ADD/ADHD in the film ODD KID OUT, the filmmaker turns the lens back to document their growth into young adults. Closed Captioned

#12339/1397  NORM: A Documentary about Love, Family, and Survival
*Winner of two Gemini nominations! Norm was born with Down Syndrome in 1949. He spent much of his childhood with his family but ultimately was put into foster-care by his parents. Then his grown sister decides to rescue and take care of her older mentally challenged brother. The story evolves into one of hilarity and healing and the gathering up of all the frayed strands of a lost and guilt-ridden family. NORM is an exuberant celebration of life. *Postscript: Norm continued to live with his sister until he died peacefully at home on September 22, 2010 surrounded by family and friends.

#12608/0145  ODD KID OUT: Living with Attention Deficit Disorder
Captures the frustration parents feel as they cope with their children's inappropriate behavior, scholastic failure and day-to-day hyperactivity but also emphasizes that children with ADHD are intelligent and can even be gifted in spite of the social and academic difficulties they face. Highly recommended for parents, teachers, and others who work with ADHD-affected families. Closed Captioned

#13068/1120  RULES, RITUALS AND ROUTINES - Extended Edition
Enhanced by over 30 minutes of additional commentary from nationally recognized parenting expert Dr. Thomas Knestrict. This extended edition features in-depth discussion of approaches that can lead to fewer behavioral problems in children. Dr Knestrict discusses how predictable rules, family rituals, and consistent routines are important to help parents consciously structure their family life.

#15972/0635  SOFTENING: Loving a Child with Special Needs
*WINNER! Documentary NYC festival, Grand Jury Prize Winner "An experience unlike any other...One of the truest portraits of family I have ever seen." Toronto Film Scene "I’m not really one of those parents of a kid with special needs who thinks it’s a gift from God or a blessing in disguise," says filmmaker Kelly O’Brien. O’Brien speaks honestly about her struggle to cope for the first five years following the birth of Teddy, born with extensive brain damage resulting from an in-utero viral infection. The rewards as well as the challenges of caring for him are evident in this video. In leaving out the grittier details of Teddy’s daily regimen to focus on the moments of intimacy and play, the film also documents O’Brien’s gradual process of opening up emotionally - her softening - about her son’s difficult diagnosis. *Closed Captioned

#7547/0895  SUPERKIDS: Problems of Gifted Children
This documentary offers a personal exploration of the rarefied, hectic and surprisingly competitive world of gifted children. The show follows children who have also been identified as gifted as they compete to gain entry into the same accelerated program, along the way offering basic information about definitions, signs, myths, and some of the controversies surrounding the education of gifted children.

#8495/0290  TRAUMATIZED CHILD SERIES (3 Programs)
In this series, therapists describe how traumatized children understand the world and interact with others differently from other children, and how adults can respond most effectively. Explores such topics as anger and anxiety, trauma triggers, dissociation, de-escalation strategies, grounding techniques, and the process of building a trusting relationship. UNDERSTANDING THE TRAUMATIZED CHILD PARENTING THE TRAUMATIZED CHILD TEACHING THE TRAUMATIZED CHILD Three 44 minute programs

#13712/2017  WALKING IN THE DARK: Finding the Light in Autism
When parents are given the diagnosis that their child has autism, they often feel very lost with a sense of hopelessness. This documentary educational tool helps parents seek unanswered questions and find ways to network. Through meeting families who have overcome their fears and distress, they find hope and help.

Follows the journey of three families with special needs children (Down syndrome and Phelan-McDermid Syndrome). Through parents' insight and shared experiences, viewers discover the importance of structure and predictability in the home and how to incorporate other positive affect resiliency factors - all while ensuring a nurturing and loving environment for the family.


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