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Parents, teachers and other child care workers will all benefit from this video that explores child development at ages five and six. It's really fascinating to see five and six year olds struggle to learn the idea of fair play, co-operation, following rules, and taking turns.

This interactive program teaches parents how to create an emotional connection so their child can thrive. Focusing on relational parenting, each volume features an overview of emotional needs, common parent-child conflicts, and how parents can modify their reactions to meet their child’s critical emotional needs: to feel respected, important, accepted, included, and secure. Parents will also learn skills to help reduce stress and maintain their own emotional health. Series includes three 23 minute videos: BABIES; TODDLERS; and PRESCHOOLERS.

The KELSO'S CHOICE FOR FAMILIES brings the award-winning Kelso's Choice conflict management methodology to homes. The kit is intended to be used among families who want to teach their child conflict management, or to reinforce Kelso's Choice lessons that are already being taught in their child's school or after school program. Great for homeschoolers or homeschool co-ops. Also great for children with learning disabilities, as well as children on the Autism Spectrum. ITEMS IN THIS KIT INCLUDE: * WORKBOOK (includes lessons, crafts, activities, resources, printables) * DVD - short DVD with vignettes of real children solving common problems using Kelso’s Choices * REWARD CHART * POSTERS (2)Grades K to 5

#13668/1120  MINDING THE BABY
There are no set rules about how to be a parent. Couples need to work together to understand what they want as individuals, as partners and as a family. This film shows the kind of changes which can happen following the birth of a new baby and helps the adults involved to understand each other’s experience.

#15854/0905  SUPER SIBLING: Preparing Children for a New Baby
Educate a new generation of super siblings! Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach sibling preparedness? Look no further! This program combines the essential information that you need to teach with the wacky humor that kids love. Young children are captivated by this high-energy program that teaches them positive sibling skills. Through the silly antics of Doctor Higabigaby and his Super Computer, funny characters, cool animation, and true stories, you will prepare children to become super siblings. Be sure to look for teaching tips in the Facilitator’s Guide. Printable name tags are included on the DVD, and extra activity books are available for purchase.


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