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Inmates, not actors, discuss their new understanding of how distorted thinking keeps them stuck in addictive and criminal behaviors. In a group setting as participants in a cognitive-behavioral treatment program, the inmates reflect on and challenge each other about their core beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions about themselves and the world around them. Among their discoveries about the way they think: *seeing yourself as a victim allows you to victimize others *distorted thinking leads to manipulative and aggressive behaviors *feelings of entitlement and criminal pride play into distorted thinking *in criminal thinking, self is first and everybody else is second. Taped in correctional facilities, the video series allows real inmates to tell the real story about recovering from a life of addiction and crime. The result is a powerful, direct, and liberating message about finding a life of recovery and freedom.

#9325/0505  NO KINDA LIFE!
This is a stark and biting documentary filmed entirely behind bars at a penitentiary featuring prisoners "telling it like it is" about the realities of losing their freedom at an early age for drug related crimes. In dramatic settings, they relate their individual stories imparting a strong sense of personal loss and regret. Ultimately this "living testimony" concludes with compelling advice to teenagers not to choose drugs, not to let crack cocaine and other dangerous substances ruin their lives. This program will make your most at-risk students sit up and take notice. Grades 9 to 12

#11780/0635  SEVILLE'S STORY: Choosing to Live Clean (2 Programs)
Personal responsibility is at the center of this ABC News series - but compassion and redemption are also major parts of the equation. Drawn from the so-called Badlands, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia, this is the story of a former criminal and the community activist who helped him change. The psychological journey of the man known as Seville demonstrates what social outreach and involvement can accomplish when a lost soul makes a conscious choice to find a better life.

Just re-released by popular demand!!! A powerful presentation designed to help violent offenders understand the relationship between their substance abuse and their violent behavior, and show them how they've used the former as an excuse for the latter.


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