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Sexual predators prey on young unsuspecting children. Thirteen year old Lindsey Ryan fell victim to Terry Drake, a fifty-six year old man who convinced her to leave her home and her family.

#10624/0425  ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Get Help, Get Out!
Teenagers of diverse backgrounds, including First Nations, speak frankly about their experiences with dating violence. The program is organized into sections which first teach teens how to identify abuse and then answer these important questions: What happens next? Why not leave? When did you realize? How do you get out? Who can help? Where do you go from here? What would you tell others? This program raises awareness about the various resources available - teachers, counselors, friends, parents - and also encourages bystanders to speak out.Grades 7 to 12

With information access, particularly via the Internet, children are being exposed to pornography much earlier and at an alarming rate. Parents, caregivers and educators struggle to find appropriate response when they find out their children have been exposed to sexually explicit materials. And the anonymous nature of the Internet also breeds sexual predators and victims. With the help of experts, educators and families, viewers learn how to deal with this phenomenon; from prevention to conversation with child and reporting suspicion of abuse by sexual abuse predators online.

#15048/0283  CHRISTIE'S CHOICE: A Proactive Approach to Teen Dating Violence
At what point do possessiveness and jealousy turn a relationship abusive? Teenagers, new to the whole idea of romantic or intimate relationships, often find themselves in a state of confusion and conflict which unfortunately can often lead to more serious problems, even to violence. This interactive video uses great dramatizations to help clarify many of the questions involved.

#14571/2003  DANGERS OF SOCIAL MEDIA (Real Life Teens Series)
Students don't often consider the dangers that social networking introduces to their lives. The content they place on the networks can easily make them very vulnerable. This program asks: What are the benefits and what are the dangers? What should you not post on your site? What is the impact from incriminating and inappropriate information posted on network sites? Can postings on a network site affect employment? Also outlines the felony charges associated with sexting!

No one doubts the power of social media to create positive connections among people who might otherwise never meet. But that same power has an ominous side. It can draw together individuals who should, in fact, not meet - such as predatory adults and gullible minors. It can facilitate bullying, emotional trauma, and cybercrime. And it can be highly addicting. This collection of five ABC News segments examines the issues in ways that are sure to spark discussion and further study.

#5053/1945  DATING VIOLENCE AND ABUSE: Student Workshop DVD
In a series of dramatic vignettes, this workshop addresses myths about the nature of love and gender-related behavior that allow dating violence to flourish. On-screen discussion questions and handouts help viewers begin to understand the insidious nature of the problem and how it can be prevented. Grades 7 to 12

#9439/2130  DES LE DEBUT
French version of "RIGHT FROM THE START" Dating violence is not just "date rape". This video examines socially-sanctioned "dating behavior" that leads to violent relationships, especially between young people. Designed to help both young men and women recognize this behavior for what it is and be prepared to take action.

#14281/1290  DIGITAL FOOTPRINT: Watch Where You Step! & Activity Packet
Your digital footprint is the data trace left by your activity in a digital environment, whether on the Internet, buying something with a credit card, or using a mobile phone. Like everything on the web, digital data cannot be washed away - it remains forever, a permanent footprint. Discover how the things you do in a digital environment can ultimately impact your life. Grades 8 to 12

#9991/0685  DREAMWORLDS III: Desire, Sex and Power in Music (Full Version)
How about those music videos?!? What are the social and psychological consequences of the ever-escalating use of sex and violence to market popular musical entertainment to the primary target audience of youth/young adults? In this all new update, the popular music industry's none too subtle (and getting less so all the time it seems) methods for peddling their questionable wares are put under the spotlight.

#14673/2003  EMOTIONAL ABUSE (Real life Teens Series)
Many teens suffer emotional abuse from their peers, family and other trusted adults. Emotional abuse can manifest itself in social withdrawal, severe anxiety, fearfulness, depression, physical complaints, substance abuse and the inability to feel and express emotions appropriately. Teens discuss their experiences with emotional abuse - how they recognize it and the effect and consequences it has now and can have on teens throughout their lives.

Explains to young viewers the potential dangers they may encounter as they make use of the internet. Experiences of age group peers help to demonstrate some of the techniques used by on-line predators who use the internet to focus on children.The DVD includes PDF Teacher's Guide (English only) *Also available in Spanish Grades 3 to 6

The internet is the preferred method of communication for young people. So what are the dangers? Much has been said about what not to do but how do you unwittingly give away too much about yourself? And why is that a problem anyway. This video looks at how young people can avoid predators, online marketers and cyberbullies, as well as discussing the role of the Internet as a media. Grades 8 to A

#7804/0235  LOOKIN' OUT 4U: Three Stories about Abusive Relationships
*WINNER! 2004 Gold Award, WorldFest Where do the roots of spousal abuse really start to form? Caught in abusive relationships, three young women experience accusations, putdowns, domination, and disrespect, even though their boyfriends claim they are acting out of caring and concern. Young viewers learn that even though the symptoms may be hidden behind possessiveness and jealousy, it's actually an abusive relationship and should be dealt with as such.

#15097/1290  MY DIGITAL LIFE
This thought-provoking program explores the perils and possibilities of the brave new digital world and addresses issues of privacy and the digital footprint; misguided notions about multitasking and learning; as well as the value of being wired vs. unplugged.Grades 6 to A

#14520/0697  ONLINE PREDATORS SERIES (2 Programs)
This series consists of two 25-minute programs - one for young people ONLINE PREDATORS: INVADING MY SPACE and one for parents A PARENT'S GUIDE TO ONLINE PREDATORS. This guide to online safety will empower young people with the information they need to stay safe from online predators. Law enforcement professionals provide specific information about what to do and what not to do online. Viewers learn: to identify and avoid the predator’s grooming process; how to protect yourself when online; techniques to outwit predators; safe meeting practices.

*CINE Golden Eagle *SILVER SPROCKET - Best Educational Film *SPECIAL GRAND JURY PRIZE - Worldfest Multi-award winning and internationally recognized, this dating violence project offers a complete package of resources for use in classrooms or by organizations to show the reality of violence against women in dating situations. Contains three professionally produced film modules, a written step-by-step instructor guide with attachments and activities packet, a measurement tool, and a web site. The guide uses the film modules as the foundation to explore the dynamics of domestic violence and how it relates to youth and their dating relationships. Grades 5 to A

#10252/0970  RELATIONSHIPS SERIES (3 Programs)
This three part series helps teens understand and recognize what relationships are, which ones are healthy and which not, and what to do if they find themselves involved in the latter. At this critical period in their lives, teens will form most of their lifelong friendships. The question is with whom? BUILDING AND MAINTAINING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS - 25 minute RECOGNIZING UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS 25 minutes ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS AND ACQUAINTANCE RAPE 28 minutes Grades 9 to 12

#14840/0795  RESPECT WORKS! Dating Violence
Four unique components that work together to address dating violence at the middle school and high school levels. This is the most comprehensive, evidence-based modeled available to address the issue of teen dating violence. Empower students to advocate for dating violence prevention through youth activism, service-learning, and peer leadership. Designed for students 13 and older. Includes a CD-ROM of reproducible materials.

Dating violence is not just "date rape". This dramatic video examines socially-sanctioned "dating behavior" that leads to violent or controlling relationships, especially between young people. While extreme behavior (male violence/female victim) seems to be learned from family situations, this program offers hope of overcoming the roots of the problem to both genders. *Also in French DES LE DEBUT #9439 Grades 7 to 12

Immersed in technology and caught up in the impulse of the moment, a teenager sends a sexually explicit text message to one of his or her classmates - and ruins a life in a matter of seconds. Exaggeration? Sadly, no. This collection of six ABC News segments makes clear to viewers the dangers involved. Parents, educators, legal authorities, and teens all take part in these illuminating and sometimes disturbing stories.

#14001/0433  SEXTING: SEX PLUS TEXT EQUALS TROUBLE (Guidance Systems Series)
Sexting is a combination of sex and text messaging. Junior High and High School students demonstrate the threat of "sexted" sexually explicit or suggestive photographs, messages and videos. Real life scenarios are presented along with the resulting irreversible consequences affecting a teenager's personal, social and future life. *Includes a CD-Rom with a Complete Lesson Plan and a Digital Workbook with activities, program summaries, discussion questions and further resourcesGrades 7 to 12

#13727/1120  SOCIAL SENSIBILITIES SERIES (3 Programs)
This series about teen social issues consists of three DVDs. Each DVD contains two programs – a classroom program for students(25 minutes) , and a professional development program for educators (15 minutes). Also includes a printable PARENT HANDOUT and a TEACHING GUIDE to assist teachers in lesson plan development. ***DVD ONE - GENERATION CYBERBULLY: Bullying Without Borders Learn what cyberbullying is, why people do it, and positive ways to resolve conflict. This DVD includes two videos - THE STUDENT PROGRAM and the EDUCATOR PROGRAM. ***DVD TWO - THE REALITIES OF SEXTING: You Can't Unsend! Learn what a "sext" is, what to do if you've sent or received one, and possible consequences. This DVD includes two videos - THE STUDENT PROGRAM and the EDUCATOR PROGRAM. ***DVD THREE - SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT SCHOOL: Hostile Environments See how to identify harassment, how to stop it, and positive coping strategies. This DVD includes two videos - THE STUDENT PROGRAM and the EDUCATOR PROGRAM.

Let's face it, making kids aware at an early age that there are people who will set traps for them on the internet is pretty necessary these days. Of course it's better if they are not made to have nightmares about it and can still use the internet for learning and fun after they learn that lesson. This video for elementary aged viewers does just that. Grades 3 to 5

#14514/1963  STAYING SAFE: Strangers, Cyberspace and More
One great thing about growing up is having more freedom. But having more freedom means you need to use your head to stay safe in even more situations! In this program young viewers learn the rules to follow when dealing with other people in the neighborhood, at home and on the Internet. Grades K to 4

#11795/1290  TEEN SAFETY: Dating and Relationships
Knowledge is the key to keeping teens safe with friends, dates, strangers, and others. This program uses realistic scenarios and interviews to: Give information about date rape drugs and how they work; Demonstrate six strategies to prevent date rape; Illustrate the common warning signs of an unhealthy relationship; Introduce/reinforce the concept of "inappropriate touch"; and Provide teens with resources if abuse or occurring at home or school. Grades 6 to A

#11796/1290  TEEN SAFETY: When You Are Alone
Prevention is the key to stopping abuse, sexual violence or abduction. This program uses realistic scenarios and interviews with experts to: Provide realistic strategies for a teen home alone; Demonstrate safety strategies for a teen walking or driving alone; Tips to keep yourself safe while on the Internet; Demonstrate strategies for a teen in charge of young children; and Personal safety statistics to which teens will pay attention. Grades 6 to A

#14311/0635  THINK B4 U POST: Your Reputation and Privacy on Social Networking Sites
A person normally wouldn't shout out the details of a secret hookup or give a credit card to a total stranger and say "Max it out for me". Yet as this video playfully points out, in effect that's what people do when they post indiscreetly on social networking sites or are duped by phishing scams. This program uses a light touch to deliver some very serious information on how people can protect their reputation and guard their privacy online while still having a good time using social networking sites.

#2335/0505  TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: The Next Generation Speaks Out About Dating Violence
In this thought-provoking program, high school students discuss disrespect, jealousy, obsessive demands, isolating behaviors, power and control issues and blaming. They also describe what a healthy relationship should be like. Concluding with the early warning signs of relationships that could turn dangerous, the program encourages students to look for trust, respect, and acceptance from their friends and partners. Grades 7 to 12


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