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#6216/1005  IT WON'T HAPPEN HERE: Business Continuity and Crisis Planning DVD
Business continuity planning doesn't really capture people's attention. Getting people in the workplace to think about and plan for events that are NOT meant to happen, like floods, fires, accidents, is often a low priority. Many live to regret it! This video explains why this type of planning should get more attention.

This video is very specifically designed to prepare any organization for dealing with the media and other public inquiry in the face of a crisis situation...

#11622/0415  READY FOR ANYTHING: Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Preparedness DVD
What happens to a business or other such organization, whether large or small, when the normal flow of events is disrupted perhaps by fire, earthquake, flood, or man-made violence, or even prolonged electrical outage? Viewers learn why planning ahead for business continuity is a crucial strategy that no organization should overlook or take lightly.

#13760/1005  WORKPLACE VIOLENCE: The Early Warning Signs Series (2 Programs)
*WINNER! TELLY Award Workplace violence can happen in any size organization, in any industry. These two dramatic programs dispel some of the common myths about workplace violence, while providing a better understanding of what you should be aware of to help keep your workplace safe. EMPLOYEE VERSION - details the ten warning signs of workplace violence, as seen from the employee perspective. 17 minutes MANAGER VERSION - provides supervisors with additional content, including guidelines for holding information-gathering meetings, confronting a bully, or terminating a problem employee. 24 minutes *Includes Guides *Closed Captioned


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