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#12865/0185  ALL ABOUT STRESS (5 Programs)
This series featuring Dr. David Katz, a medical consultant for ABC news, contains everything you need to put on a training program on stress, and includes sections focused on weight control and emotional eating as well as some yoga relaxation techniques that can be done anywhere - even at work. Includes a full PowerPoint presentation, the videos, handouts and bonus materials like a special behavioral change module based on the stages of change model. RECOGNIZING STRESS - Most people fail to make the connection between their own stress and the onset of stress-related health problems like recurrent colds, high blood pressure, mood disorders and chronic pain. #12858 MANAGING STRESS - Wouldn't you like to let stress just roll right off your back? #12854 RESILIENCE: Mastering Stress - Learn how to tackle stress in five easy steps. #12855 YOGA AT WORK - Yoga instructor, Michele Elliman teaches you how to do yoga, right at your desk at work. #12857 STRESS, WEIGHT CONTROL AND EMOTIONAL EATING - It's a vicious cycle that, if left unchecked, can lead to all kinds of health problems including insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. #12856 *The first three programs are also available as a package #12860 Grades 9 to A

#12860/0185  ALL ABOUT STRESS SERIES (3 Programs)
This three-part series contains everything you need to put on a training program on recognizing, managing and mastering stress. Includes a full PowerPoint presentation, the video, handouts and bonus materials like a special behavioral change module based on the stages of change model. It will help employees, clients and patients learn how to effectively deal with stress in their daily lives.Grades 9 to A

#1027/0890  EMERGENCY STRESS KIT with Loretta LaRoche (3 DVDs)
This special collection includes Loretta's three most popular videos and three hours of hilarious stress relief for home or office. THE JOY OF STRESS - Deals with managing change through humor and choice. Clear instructions are provided on how to become crazed and humorless! HUMOR YOUR STRESS - Faxing, phoning, whining, over-achieving, over-scheduling, and over-dressing have taken over... Watch out! Loretta's here to lead viewers back to a simpler and much funnier time. LIFE IS SHORT! WEAR YOUR PARTY PANTS - If you're not sure that you have party pants, this is the perfect opportunity to find out! Grades 9 to A

Presented in the dynamics of a studio audience, this program gives strategies to help viewers reduce stress and feel more in control. Demonstrates the mind-body connection and how your mood or the way you feel can lead to relaxation or stress. This fresh insight will challenge you to re-think habits of thought and action that may be creating stress in your life.

The modern workplace requires new and specific techniques to deal successfully with stress and the threat to health and productivity it poses. This video gets directly to the roots of the problem and offers advice on how to turn things around.Grades 9 to A

Work-related burnout exacts a very high price in health and productivity through, among other things, exhaustion, cynicism and ineffectiveness. This video offers a proven method for recognizing and dealing with this growing problem from a recognized expert in the field.

#3620/0185  RELAXING THROUGH THE SEASONS with Dr. Joan Borysenko DVD
A compelling guide through 5 relaxation techniques developed by Harvard Medical School designed to elicit the relaxation response. The nature film footge, soothing music, rich environmental sounds and gentle voice of Dr. Joan Borysenko, will guide you into a peaceful state of deep relaxation. Grades 9 to A

#1083/0550  STRESSBUSTERS: Ten Little Commitments to Reduce Stress - with Loretta Laroche DVD
Ha! And you thought stress didn't have an effect on productivity. Now, Loretta Laroche tells it all in this funny and irreverent look at stress, personalities and how to make a workplace happier and more productive. Learn how to reduce stress through laughter as well as "lighten up"! Grades 9 to A


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