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#14815/1005  HARASSMENT AND DIVERSITY: Respecting Differences (Employee/Manager Combination)
Save money by ordering both versions! Educate all of your managers and employees about the details surrounding the difficult subject of harassment. Everyone in the workplace can benefit from understanding what qualifies as harassment, and why it cannot be tolerated. These comprehensive programs clarify how to recognize and prevent harassment, and what to do if harassment occurs.

This highly recommended, lower priced video brings the whole problem of workplace sexual harassment out into the open for both employers and employees. After participating they'll know what it is, what has to be done if they encounter it and how to stamp it out of the culture of a workplace if it's already there.

#14810/1005  SEXUAL HARASSMENT: A Commonsense Approach (Employee/Manager Combination)
Save money by combining the Manager and Employee versions of this best-selling and award-winning sexual harassment training! The EMPLOYEE VERSION of this dramatic sexual harassment training program is designed to help your employees with both the gray areas and the obvious. Viewers will see realistic scenes that are clearly sexual harassment, and others that are probably just a lapse in good judgment. Speaking directly to supervisors and managers, the MANAGER training video offers clear guidance on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment, and explains a supervisor's responsibilities to respond promptly and appropriately.

#4288/1005  SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Serious Business DVD
When people watch videos about sexual harassment in the workplace they usually end up squirming in their seats in reaction to bad acting and production values and not getting the message as a result. This video offers five exceptionally produced scenarios from office and factory that identify harassment in its different forms, show why it's illegal and how to deal with it.


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