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#7279/0405  EVERY CALL COUNTS!
Aimed especially at young people entering the world of work, this video provides some essential information on the proper use of the telephone, still one of the most important business tools. It's about customer service and effective communication that's up to date and relevant to today's workplace. Grades 9 to A

#14253/1005  TELEPHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Basic and Advanced CSR Skills
This telephone training video, packed with information about customer service skills, covers all aspects of telephone selling and customer service. Set in a real-world call center, this program teaches the skills necessary for smooth, professional customer service over the phone. It shows the right way to make a good impression on customers, and how to handle all calls successfully.

The fact is that dealing with customers and clients and others on the phone is essential to the success of most organizations. And doing it right is not exactly rocket science so why is it such a bad experience so often for so many people? This video training program teaches new employees and reminds those not so new of the basic elements of professional telephone technique that everyone should know and practice. Grades 9 to A


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