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#14946/0483  21ST CENTURY MONEY MANAGEMENT (5 Progrrams)
This series is packed with information about banking in the new millennium. Not only are the basics of opening accounts covered, but your students will also learn how to manage their money successfully. Special focus is given to online banking. Covers checking, savings, credit cards, loans an financial planning.Grades 7 to A

#15425/0937  A DIFFERENT PLACE: The Intercultural Classroom
THE INTERCULTURAL CLASSROOM addresses the increasingly diverse environment of educational institutions. Educators, trainers, and managers have made this unique program an essential tool in meeting the challenges posed by organizational diversity. In part one, a docu-drama, cultures collide in the classroom. Neither the students nor the professor can negotiate the diverse classroom environment; they perceive differences as deficiencies, rather than as wellsprings of cultural variation. The professor and U.S. students become annoyed and often combative, while many of the international students withdraw in discouragement. Part two provides an analysis of the incident: the communication patterns, learning styles, and negative perceptions that led to conflict. Teams of experts provide insightful comments on the behaviors and values expressed in the classroom. The two-part video program comes with a comprehensive instructional guide and an extensive bibliography.

Presented by Chef Gail Sokol herself, delivers invaluable mini-segments of all essential techniques and practices involved in professional baking. For each segment, Chef Sokol summarizes the skill / demonstration, and clearly states the objectives. She then performs the skill / demonstration; and concludes the lesson by at the end of the segment.

#14238/0635  ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE: Using Positive Psychology in the Classroom
Students at Geelong Grammar School are undergoing the first year of a new, and controversial, experiment in education. Positive Education, a program developed by psychologist Martin Seligman, is designed to help children cultivate ways of becoming happier, more resilient people.

This program focuses on supporting the academic and behavioral instruction of students with special needs, specifically students with learning disabilities, autism, AD/HD, and behavior disorders. This program is part three of the series "The Classroom Teacher's Guide to Instructional and Curricular Modifications".

#15810/0405  ACCOUNTING FUNDAMENTALS (4 Programs)
Accounting is the backbone of business and how a company’s financial success or failure is measured. This series - a blend of essential facts, real-world examples, and insightful commentary by accountancy professionals and business owners and managers - provides an indispensable overview of the fundamentals of accounting. Ideal for business students and budding entrepreneurs alike. Four 30-minute programs: ACCOUNTING BASICS AND DEFINITIONS: Accounting Fundamentals MATCHING CONCEPT AND ACCOUNTING CYCLE: Accounting Fundamentals MANAGING INVENTORY: Accounting Fundamentals MANAGING ASSETS AND PAYROLL: Accounting Fundamentals

#11292/0635  AD INFINITUM: The Many Paths into Advertising DVD
Everything you wanted to know about the advertising industry but couldn't find anyone to ask. It's tough, highly competitive, cut-throat, creative, secretive, deceptive and deceiving and a lot of people want to work in it. This in-depth study focuses on a big time New York advertising office so viewers can begin to understand what goes on behind closed doors.

#15619/0787  ADHD IN THE CLASSROOM: Strategies for Teachers
From leading authority Dr. Russell Barkley, this program is designed to help teachers create a learning environment that is responsive to the needs of all students, including those with ADHD. Scenes from an actual classroom illustrate problems that teachers typically encounter and bring effective solutions to life. Viewers see firsthand how to incorporate social skills into the curriculum and how to implement such behavior management methods as color charts and signs, point system, token economy, and turtle-control technique. The video also features helpful graphics, interviews with teachers and other education experts, and informative commentary from Dr. Barkley.

Today’s adolescents live in a hypersexualized culture. But despite their greater exposure and education, current evidence suggests that many youth are in trouble sexually and that their sexual development is not unfolding as it should. How is sexuality meant to develop? What is happening today that is different than in previous generations? How does sex affect the brain and bonding? In this program, Dr. Gordon Neufeld examines sexuality through the lenses of attachment, maturation and vulnerability. He sheds light on why adolescents are losing their timidity, why sexual interaction is on the rise, and why sexual bullying is becoming a problem. Four one hour sessions.

One DVD with three videos worth of information! Maximize strength gain with these scientifically proven training methods! Demonstrates progressive, scientifically sound exercises and covers high-intensity and high-volume training techniques. Consists of three parts: KEYS TO SUPERIOR STRENGTH, HIGH-INTENSITY TRAINING and HIGH-VOLUME TRAINING.

#12651/1410  AFRICAN AMERICAN EDUCATION IN A HEGEMONIC SOCIETY: Confronting the Challenge of Westernity
The author of over 65 books and 300 articles, Dr. Molefi Asante of Temple University is recognized as one of the most creative and important liberatory African American scholars. In this DVD, he argues that Eurocentric power structure prevents proper schooling of African American children.

#12262/0635  AGE OF WALMART: Inside America's Most Powerful Company DVD
Walmart is great for consumers! Walmart decimates locally-owned small business! Walmart keeps prices down! Walmart puts people out of higher-paying manufacturing jobs and then offers minimum-wage service jobs! CNBC's David Faber examines the giant!

#15170/2003  ALGEBRA 2 SERIES (15 Programs)
This series teaches students the core topics of Algebra 2 and bridges the gap between Algebra 1 and Trigonometry. It contains essential material to help students do well in advanced mathematics. Many of the topics in this series are used in other Math courses, such as writing equations of lines, graphing equations and solving systems of equations. These skills are used time and time again in more advanced courses such as Physics and Calculus. The Algebra 2 Tutor is a complete 15 lesson series covering all of the core topics in detail. What sets this series apart from other teaching tools is that the concepts are taught entirely through step-by-step example problems of increasing difficulty.Grades 8 to 12

#15040/0635  ALGEBRA APPLICATIONS (10 Programs)
This series of ten 20-m,inute programs presents an impressive array of real-world applications of algebra. Each video includes graphing calculator applications that use the Texas Instruments TI-Nspire calculator, with all keystrokes clearly shown. The series covers the complete scope and sequence of an algebra curriculum.

#13734/0433  ALGEBRA SUPER PAK (7 Programs)
*Winner! TELLY AWARD (Outstanding Educational Videos) In this series, student will realize the power of algebra and that armed with knowledge of algebra, they can find out fascinating things about place, people and real-life situations. This series concentrates on the essentials of algebra plus provides a thorough breakdown of difficult concepts using step-by-step explanations and visual examples. Titles included in this series (detailed descriptions of each program are available): 1. FOUNDATIONS OF ALGEBRA 2. FUNCTIONS 3. ALGEBRA MECHANICS 4. LINEAR EQUATIONS 5. LINEAR EQUALITIES 6. POLYNOMIALS AND FACTORING 7. QUADRATIC EQUATIONS Grades 8 to 12

#15034/0545  ALGEBRA: The Basics
This program explains the basic concepts of algebra including number patterns, pronumerals, algebraic expressions, order of operations and expanding and simplifying. The natural and city landscapes of Asia are used to bring to life these abstract concepts for students who are new to algebra or refining their skills.Grades 8 to 12

#15962/1400  ALPHA CHILDREN with Dr. Gordon Neufeld
A growing number of children and youth are presenting as demanding, prescriptive, bossy and controlling. A disturbing number of these alpha children are turning into bullies as well. Alpha children can be challenging to manage and, by their nature, are more likely to present with troubling behaviour. Internationally renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld uncovers the surprising roots of the alpha complex and in doing so, opens the doors for lasting change: in the family, in the classroom and in society. Four hours - divided into four one-hour sessions.

#12218/1290  AMAZING EGGS Revised!
Get the facts on the amazing egg! Learn about size, grade, color, storage, cooking temperatures, and nutrition. Explore the versatility of eggs, various ways to prepare them and how they contribute to the preparation of other foods. Egg recipes are included and demonstrated by comedian Stevie Ray. Grades 6 to A

This program offers a wide range of culinary possibilities no matter the foodservice venue and will help you to better familiarize your students and/or staff with this underutilized protein.

#14419/0490  ARE YOU LISTENING JIM? Hearing Conservation
This program presents the story of one worker's struggle with his own "inner voices" that encourage him to take better care of his hearing. Your workers will understand that it is not just the noise at work that can cause hearing loss, but excessive sound levels off the job as well. The overall message is simple, hearing loss is permanent but preventable and everyone needs to take care of their hearing both on and off the job.

Teenagers planning to move out of their parents' houses and into their own living space often have some surprises in store for them. Handling money, food, laundry, cleaning; the realities of home economics is just part of it but there can be some other painful lessons involved as well. Viewers get a peek into the art and science of living on your own. Grades 9 to 12

#13022/1725  ART 21 (Season III) Art in the 21st Century DVD
This is Art: 21 the third season. 220 minutes of the popular PBS series features behind-the-scenes looks at groundbreaking artists of the new century. It provides an invigorating look at established artists and newcomers.

#13023/1725  ART 21 (Season IV) Art in the 21st Century DVD
This is Art: 21 the fourth season. 240 minutes of the popular PBS series features behind-the-scenes looks at groundbreaking artists of the new century. It provides an invigorating look at established artists and newcomers.

#13024/1725  ART 21 (Season V) Art in the 21st Century DVD
This is Art: 21 the fifth season. 240 minutes of the popular PBS series features behind-the-scenes looks at groundbreaking artists of the new century. It provides an invigorating look at established artists and newcomers.

#15171/1725  ART 21 (Season VI) Art in the 21st Century DVD
Contemporary art reflects the ideas of our time, and artists are the creative role models grappling with today's most timely questions. What is the nature of reality? How do we respond to a world in flux? Why do some historical events shape the way we think today, and why have some been forgotten? Explore these ideas and many more in Season Six of Art in the Twenty-First Century.

#12410/1725  ART 21 (Seasons I and II) Art in the 21st Century - 2 DVDs
This four-program set offers new definitions of art and demonstrates its profound relevance. Meet 37 diverse U.S. artists in this Emmy-nominated series. Viewers go into studios, homes, and communities for an intimate view of artists' lives, creative processes, and sources of inspiration. Each program profiles three to five artists, from painters, photographers, and sculptors to performance and video artists.

#15355/1725  ART 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century: Collection (Seasons 1-6)
Meet the most dynamic artists of our time - direct, accessible, and unfiltered - in the award-winning documentary series ART IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. Unparalleled in its access to today’s artists, this unique series invites viewers into artists’ studios, homes and communities to provide an intimate view of their lives, creative processes, and sources of inspiration. These 24 one-hour programs present groundbreaking artists of the new century speaking in their own words about how, why, and what they create. *** SIX DVDS IN ONE CASE - A COMPLETE LIST OF ARTISTS FEATURED IN THIS SERIES IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST ***

#13819/0635  ART AND DESIGN: Insights into the Visual Arts DVD
Where do abstract painters and fashion designers find their muses? To what extent does the creative process differ between video artists, sculptors, and fine art embroiderers? How do illustrators and mixed media artists handle the business side of their work? Using capsule interviews with contemporary figures on the visual arts scene, this program draws viewers into the studio space and immerses them in the hands-on processes and limitless possibilities of art and design.

#15162/0187  ART AND SCIENCE OF TEACHING (THE) 2 Programs
* WINNER! Telly Award (Outstanding Education Category) The framework of action steps comes to life in this series of DVDs, so educators can see exactly how to implement this comprehensive approach and promote high levels of student achievement. Robert J. Marzano explains the scientific basis for effective teaching, ten questions to guide effective curriculum unit planning, and the relationship between teaching as an art and as a science.

This video demonstrates techniques used by professional chefs to create and serve food that pleases the eye as well as the taste buds. Useful for professional development or for family food prep, good looking food makes people want to eat it; which is more or less the point of it all! Grades 9 to A

#13480/0470  ART TALK: Conversations with Working Artists
Contemporary artists working with diverse media share their thoughts on the creative process and what it means to be an artist. Features sculptors, painters, glass artists and a totem carver. Is being an artist a job? Is it a career possibility? Can you make a living with it?

#15551/0603  ASPERGER'S SYNDROME: Anger Management, Teaching Teachers, and Teenage Issues
Dr. Tony Atwood gives teachers great advice on how to effectively manage a classroom that includes students with Asperger's. He offers tips for inclusion success and social/behavioral warning signs to watch for. He also shares helpful strategies for teaching adolescents with Asperger's. Since social skills are so imperative at this age, this tends to be a particularly challenging age for students and, consequently, for teachers. Viewers learn how to deal with angry outbursts and take preventative steps to avoid conflicts. Create a positive learning environment where ALL students thrive!

#15110/0187  ASSESSMENT FOR 21ST CENTURY LEARNING (3 Programs)
Any school that wants to prepare students for success in the 21st century and teach them skills that are relevant to a more globalized, interconnected, and digital world has to consider how to assess for those skills. Here’s a DVD series that helps you explain to everyone in your school exactly how to do that. Three 30-minute DVDs each with a professional development program. THE CASE FOR 21ST CENTURY ASSESSMENT PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES TRANSFORMING THE 21ST CENTURY LEARNING ORGANIZATION

This DVD is aimed at trained athletes trying to get to the next performance level. Hosted by physiotherapist Gray Cook who works with many of the world's top athletes, viewers learn how to identify and correct muscle imbalances, mobility restrictions, and stability problems.

#15746/1615  AUTISM IN THE CLASSROOM: What Teachers Need to Know
This video is a good overview as it covers symptoms, common behaviors, misconceptions, needed supports, treatment, IDEA and the responsibilities of educators and parents. It also features interviews with children, their teachers and parents, as well as Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute, and author/technical director of the movie "Rain Man".Grades K to 12

#10925/0635  AUTO BODY REPAIR Series (12 Programs) DVD
This exciting 12-part series offers a complete crash (excuse the choice of words) course on how to make damaged vehicles look new again. Ideal for introducing, reinforcing, and reviewing essential body shop practices, procedures, tools, and techniques. Safety is stressed.

This is Module #2 of the AUTO BODY REPAIR TECHNOLOGY SERIES and deals specifically with Metal Straightening Fundamentals, Body Shop Materials and Fasteners, Fiberglass and Plastic Repair.

This is Module #5 from the AUTO BODY REPAIR TECHNOLOGY SERIES and deals specifically with Color Matching, Painting Problems, Buffing and Detailing, Doors, Glass, and Interior Service.

#13056/1290  BAKING BASICS SET (5 Programs on one DVD)
Learn the basics of baking and cooking with this comprehensive series. Discover the secrets of mouth-watering baked goods and basic meat preparation techniques. Includes five programs: PIES, COOKIES, MEATS, YEAST BREADS and QUICK BREADS. Grades 7 to A

#15096/1290  BAKING FUNDAMENTALS: Cookies, Bars, and Cakes
With a knowledge of baking basics, cookies, bars, and cakes are easy to prepare. Learn the essential skills necessary to make delicious baked goods. Step by step instructions take viewers through each recipe from start to finish,Grades 6 to A

#14993/1290  BAKING FUNDAMENTALS: Muffins, Biscuits, Pancakes and Quick Breads
Discover just how easy and fun baking can be! With a knowledge of baking basics, biscuits, scones, pancakes, and other quick breads are simple to prepare. Join Chef Dave Christopherson in the kitchen as he demonstrates and explains how to make a variety of different quick breads. Step by step instructions take viewers through each recipe from start to finish!Grades 6 to A

#14068/1290  BAKING MATH - DVD
What does math have to do with baking a cake!? Watch and learn as ingredients are measured proportionately and combined by four students making a perfect, banana chocolate chip bread. Grades 5 to 9

#14669/0545  BALANCING THE BOOKS: Understanding Financial Reporting
Teaches how to balance books and how to evaluate business performance using financial records. Areas covered include accounting information and tools, the balance sheet, calculating profit and loss, cash control, and assessing financial performance.Grades 8 to A

A closed door, an exasperated expression, a noisy workstation, a cultural misunderstanding - all of these are examples of "noise", a general term for anything that gets in the way of effective communication. The key to overcoming communication barriers is to be able to identify and understand them. This program explains the various types of noise and details specific examples of physical, organizational, emotional, nonverbal, cultural, language-related or written barriers. Through expert interviews and creative vignettes, the video offers solutions to overcoming these common communication barriers. *Closed Captioned

To successfully find and keep jobs, people must prevent their problems from becoming obstacles or excuses. This video takes viewers through the five categories of barriers that often stand between individuals and employment success and helps viewers develop the attitudes, resources, and know-how to meet their needs, analyze their options, and take action.

One DVD with three videos worth of information! This DVD covers all the essential skills a baseball player needs to compete successfully including fielding, hitting, baserunning, pitching and catching. In each section an expert teaches key techniques for improving execution and provides a selection of the best drills for mastering the primary skills. Special coaching points provide insight into learning or performing certain skills and correcting common errors, making it the most complete instructional resource of its kind, with information for coaches and players at the youth summer league, high school, and collegiate levels.

The perfect complement to the Firefighter's Handbook, this DVD leads viewers, step-by-step, through processes and procedures used every day by highly trained firefighters on the job. Uses a unique blend of simulated action sequences, professional-quality animations, and helpful graphics to assist viewers in acquiring vitally important technical knowledge and hands-on skills - safely and efficiently.

Combining both traditional and contemporary methods, this program includes 30 fundamental culinary techniques guaranteed to improve skills and increase production. What every sous-chef needs to know!

30 fundamental culinary techniques guaranteed to increase productivity. Demonstrates both traditional and contemporary methods straight from the classrooms and kitchens of the CIA.

Viewers learn how to produce the finest in high-quality baked goods including puff pastry, pizza doughs, baguettes, hard rolls, and focaccia! Bake-on!

This new extended package combines the training information in the existing DVD series BASICS OF SAUCEMAKING - Brown, White, Tomato, and Emulsion Sauces - with an accompanying training guide that will make the most of your educational investment.

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. In this video, Chef Paulette Mitchell discusses the variety of fruits and vegetables available while demonstrating preparation and cooking methods. Chef Paulette also demonstrates easy and delicious recipes including fruit kabobs, fruit smoothies, fruit ices, vegetable pizza and a veggie tortilla roll-up. Grades 7 to A

Offers staff developers the materials they need to help both experienced and novice teacher-mentors acquire the six essential behaviors of high-performance mentors: committing, accepting, communicating, coaching, learning, and inspiring. Strengthen every teacher-mentor’s capacity to provide constructive, meaningful support to entry-level teachers!

#15311/1120  BEHIND THE COLOR WHEEL: Using Color in Art and Design
Whether it's for fashion design, interior design, marketing, or painting as art or decoration, colour plays a major role. Viewers learn how to use it and manipulate it to achieve the effects they desire.Grades 7 to A

#13400/1777  BELLI TAPES (10 Programs on 5 DVDs)
Melvin Belli, "The King of Torts", "The Father of Demonstrative Evidence", was one of the greatest legal minds in American history. This series of ten 50-minute documentaries is used as a valuable reference in public and private law libraries, law schools, law firms, corporations, city, county, state and federal courts. An extraordinary legal legacy of American Trial Practice digitally remastered on DVD.

#15784/0605  BEST KEPT SECRET: Aging Out with Autism
Janet Mino has taught her high school class of young men with autism for four years. This program follows Ms. Mino and her students over the year and a half before graduation. The clock is ticking to find them a place in the adult world - a job or rare placement in a recreational center - so they do not end up where their predecessors have, sitting at home, institutionalized, or on the streets.

Take your cooking skills to a whole new level with this program! Offering step-by-step chef demonstrations of fundamental techniques - including roasting, braising, carving, stock preparation, cutting techniques, knife safety, and more - this informational DVD is a food enthusiast must-have!

#6550/1005  BEST PRACTICES FOR YOUR WEBSITE COLLECTION (12 Programs) New Edition
Kantola has updated this high level Stanford lecture series on e-commerce. Learn from the experts what you need to know about what's happening right now on the Web. Get all 12 titles in the series and save almost 50%!!!

Chef Ciril Hitz brings a unique expertise to the field of artisan and decorative breads. With a professional background in design as well as baking and pastry, Chef Hitz has earned national and international recognition for his exquisitely crafted breads. This excellent series - geared towards the hospitality industry and professional baker - consists of four programs: BAGUETTE TO PRETZEL; LAMINATED AND SWEET DOUGHS; ENRICHED DOUGHS; and, QUICK BREADS.

Four new additions to the BETTER BREAD SERIES!! These baking tutorials continue to deliver the same high-quality educational material established in the first four programs in the series. These programs provide professional bakers and home baking enthusiasts the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques in the privacy of their own home or bakeshop as their schedule allows.

#16159/2003  BIOLOGY: The Science of Seeds
To keep up with the growth in human population, the quantity of food that will have to be produced over the next 50 years will be greater than the past 10,000 years combined. With seven billion people on the planet, traditional farming can only succeed with the assistance of science and a host of hi-tech tools and innovations. This program explores how farmers and scientists continually adapt and innovate in order to produce enough food to feed a hungry planet, while understanding and protecting the environment. *Closed CaptionedGrades 8 to A

#14560/0697  BIZ KIDS (26 Programs)
*WINNER! *National Emmy Award and Nominated for 7 National Emmy Awards *Silver Telly Award - Winner Herb Wegner Award for Outstanding Program From the producers of BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY comes Biz Kid$, Fast paced and fun, Biz Kid$ is a series that teaches kids about managing money and entrepreneurship. Each episode features compelling real-life stories about young business owners and philanthropists and reinforces the importance of budgeting, saving, and giving back to the community. *Each of the series' 26 programs approximately 28 minutes. All are Closed Captioned and include Guides. Detailed descriptions of all programs are available. 1 - What Is a Biz Kid? 2 - What Is Money? 3 - How Do You Get Money? 4 - What Can You Do with Money? 5 - Money Moves 6 - Taking Charge of Your Financial Future 7 - A Biz: What Is It? 8 - How to Succeed in Biz-Ness by Really Trying! 9 - Cash and Credit 10 - How to Achieve Your Financial Goals 11 - Don't Blow Your Dough 12 - Introducing Entrepreneurs 13 - The Biz Kids Challenge 14 - How to Be a Smart Consumer 15 - Using Your Credit-Crazy or Compelling? 16 - Budgeting Basics 17 - Understanding Business Ethics 18 - Saving and Investing for Your Future 19 - A Closer Look at Careers 20 - The Global Economy 21 - Bulls, Bears, and Financial Markets 22 - Sell, Sell, Sell (The Science of Sales) 23 - Understanding Income and Expenses 24 - Building and Growing a Business 25 - Understanding Your Paycheck 26 - Social Entrepreneurs ***Each program is available for purchase separately.

Today’s teachers have access to powerful technological tools - which not only make information and media instantly available but can also assist in creating and customizing educational content. This two-part series helps educators use blogs and podcasts to make learning more exciting and relevant while streamlining the teaching process.

#14666/0680  BOYS ON BULLYING
"This program helps boys examine and break down male stereotypes that can contribute to bullying and isolation..." - Bernice T. Humphrey, Girls Incorporated Bullying causes depression, anger, and isolation. These boys learned strategies for handling their situations through support from friends, parents, or other caring adults. Grades 5 to 12

When it comes to automotive professionalism and a concern for customer safety, nothing is more important than high-quality brake repair work. Use this three-part series to give auto-shop students and service trainees their best shot at acing the ASE A5 test, along with real-world capabilities in diagnosing and solving a variety of braking system problems.*Includes a viewable/printable instructor’s guide including ASE/NATEF task correlation checklists is available online. There are three programs in the series: BRAKE FUNDAMENTALS, ABS, AND FLARING 33 minutes MASTER CYLINDERS, VALVES AND BLEEDING, AND POWER ASSIST 20 minutes DISC AND DRUM BRAKES 22 minutes

Chef Ciril Hitz brings a unique expertise to the field of artisan and decorative breads. With a professional background in design as well as baking and pastry, Chef Hitz has earned national and international recognition for his exquisitely crafted breads. In this series for the professional baker, he demonstrates: YEASTED DOUGH TECHNIQUES NON-YEASTED DOUGH TECHNIQUES BUILDING A COMPETITION PIECE

#11432/0485  BRITTLES AND MORE - DVD
There is no better way to show your guests that you care about what you are doing than by giving them hand-made chocolates.

#15624/0645  BROOKLYN CASTLE
How do you inspire students - especially those at a below-the-poverty line - to aspire to and attain levels of academic and personal achievement? This documentary outlines one truly unique and very successful way - chess!!! Tells the stories of five young chess players at an inner city middle school that have won more national championships than any other in the country. The team's victories go beyond a room full of trophies. Through chess they learn patience and long-term planning, and the importance of analyzing the wrong or right decisions they make after the game. Chess provides skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives, regardless of what profession they choose. The film follows the challenges these kids face in their personal lives as well as on the chessboard and demonstrates remarkable and improbable achievements of this dedicated team. *Closed Captioned *** ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL AND NON-PROFIT PRICE ***

#1927/2155  BUILDING BIG: Bridges, Domes, Skyscrapers, Dams and Tunnels (5 programs) DVD
This is a history, architecture, engineering lesson all rolled into one very interesting series suitable for just about any age group from middle school on up. It's about some of the most famous structures in history as well as present times and how they were put up. Grades 7 to A

"Recommended? A powerful presentation that could inspire meaningful change." Video Librarian 12/13 After all the emphasis on building classroom community, teachers are still struggling. Research has shown that students have higher achievement scores in classrooms where everyone feels accepted, valued and safe. Developing a unified classroom community, however, is complex. BUILDING COMMUNITY IN A CHALLENGING CLASSROOM is designed for elementary school teachers, administrators and university instructors. Professional development of this timely topic will be enhanced by the use of the enclosed discussion guide.

The mathematical skills children bring with them to elementary school predict both their mathematical and literacy achievement for years to come. In this video, experts from Erikson Institute’s Early Mathematics Education Project discuss approaches to creating rich, developmentally appropriate math experiences for young children. Lively footage from three pre-K classrooms in the Chicago public school system, a Head Start program on Chicago’s South Side, and a private preschool in a Chicago suburb illustrates how foundational math can be joyfully incorporated into both informal and planned activities.

#12835/1690  BUILDING TRADES II (20 Programs)
This 21-program educational video collection is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to learn how to construct a building from the ground up. Applied math is introduced. Grades 8 to A

In today’s world, great tools are available for you to build a business on line. The Biz Kids investigate the advantages and potential pitfalls in Internet businesses. Hear about the success of a young graphic designer, a nine-year-old who sells bath salts, and two teens who built a social networking site - all who built their businesses online. *Closed Captioned. *This program is part of the BIZ KIDS SERIES

Featuring Bob Ditter, a well-respected child and adolescent therapist, presents a clear and powerful overview of the complexities of bullying behavior in boys and how to respond to it in practical, effective ways.

This package is an educational resource created to help elementary school students, staff members, and parents come to a common understanding of the definition of bullying, the impact bullying can have on all involved, and what steps can be taken to address and prevent bullying. Consists of a comprehensive Guide and two introductory videos on one DVD - AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS, 8 minutes and AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR PARENTS AND EDUCATORS, 16 minutes. Grades K to 5

Bullying happens with the compliance of middle school peers, teachers and school officials, and even of parents. To put a stop to bullying everyone must take a stand. This two part series offers tips and techniques to make that happen. Consists of a comprehensive Guide and two introductory videos on one DVD - AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS, 8 minutes and AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR PARENTS AND EDUCATORS, 16 minutes.Grades 6 to 8

#14123/0463  BUT I WANT IT! Budget Management for Program Directors
Fitness and sports clubs are often intensely competitive in acquiring and retaining members. To achieve membership goals club managers have to offer new and exciting experiences that usually end up costing money. New equipment and program development have to fit into budgets that may well be controlled by someone else. Viewers learn professional planning, acquisition, budgeting and financing lessons and even how to convince the powers that be that you don't just want it, you really need it!

#14452/1120  BUYING INTO BRAND MARKETING: Shaping Your Perceptions
Corporations spend billions (with a B) convincing consumers that identifying with their brand name and buying their products will improve their quality of life in some way. Viewers learn some of the tricks of this trade to help them see through the mumbo-jumbo and make smarter choices for themselves. Grades 7 to A

#12758/0485  CAKE ART - DVD
With a focus on decorating mediums, techniques, and equipment, this program offers clear and easy-to-follow directions for preparing several items featured in the CIA Cake Art cookbook, including the gift-wrapped cake, buttercream roses cake, and buttercream flowers cupcakes.

#13830/0450  CAKE DECORATING SERIES (3 Programs) DVD
Decorating cakes, for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or any other special occasion, can turn ordinary cakes into celebrations of beauty, especially when done by expert Elaine MacGregor. In this series of three programs, she demonstrates in easy-to-follow steps the fascinating and rewarding art of creative sugarcraft.

This extraordinary video examines a collection of paintings made by Canadian artists sent by the military command to record scenes from the second world war. Some of the artists involved recount their memorable and horrific experiences. Also in French. Grades 8 to A

The innovative, comprehensive package combines the information contained within the four DVDs FILLED CHOCOLATES, FILLED CHOCOLATES, HAND-FORMED CHOCOLATES, BRITTLES & MORE together with an accompanying training guide that will further enrich your learning experience.

Learn the detailed methods and creative design concepts for preparing luscious pastries and spectacular sugar and chocolate showpieces that customers will long remember. This comprehensive three-part series will show how to fully satisfy customers' collective sweet tooth.

#9800/0405  CAREER CLUSTERS III Series (4 Programs)
With these programs, you can host a job fair in your classroom any day of the year. In this series, people from diverse fields share their experience and advice about the jobs they’ve chosen and how they got them. Real people in real jobs talk about opportunities. The four programs in the series are: THE ARTS, AUDIO VISUAL TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATIONS 24 minutes HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM 22 minutes ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION 20 minutes HUMAN SERVICES 22 minutes Grades 7 to A

#13015/1120  CAREER COMPASS: Exploring Occupations (4 Programs)
What would you be good at? Explore these careers with this comprehensive four part series! Learn what these jobs entail as well as related careers. JOBS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT 29 minutes JOBS IN CLOTHING, TEXTILES AND FASHION 27 minutes JOBS IN FOOD AND NUTRITION 29 minutes JOBS IN HOUSING AND INTERIOR DESIGN 29 minutes *Closed Captioned *Includes online Guide Grades 7 to A

#13740/1120  CAREER COMPASS: The Successful Job Search (4 Programs)
Follow the adventure of getting a job - from assessing career interests and the job search, to writing a resume and acing the interview. Four 25-minute programs: MAPPING A CAREER PATH: Your Aptitude, Interests, Values and Personality Learn about useful assessment techniques and learn the four domains of self-assessment. YOUR JOB SEARCH: Navigating the Roads to Employment Discover where to look for a job and how to develop a successful job search plan. ENGAGING RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS: How to Hook the Job You Want Understand how to edit a resume and craft a cover letter for a specific job. SOLID INTERVIEW SKILLS: Your Journey to a Job Offer Gain insight and advice to guide you before, during and after the interview.

#12649/1410  CAREER COUNSELING WITH CHILDREN: Live Demonstrations
Dr. Adam Zagelbaum, Sonoma State University, skillfully and sensitively counsels two preteen children in individual career counseling sessions. Students of counseling learn that children can understand and work with basic career constructs if age-appropriate methods are used.

#12685/0635  CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN: Emerging Opportunities Series I (13 Programs) DVD
Each job featured in this series can be done by either men or women; however, this series highlights women working in jobs traditionally done by men, mostly in trades and technology. Filmed across Canada, it is intended to raise awareness by providing insight into a wide range of leading edge careers not typically considered by females. Also available in FRENCH***

#12690/0635  CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN: Emerging Opportunities Series II (13 Programs)
Each job featured in this series can be done by either men or women; however, this series highlights women working in jobs traditionally done by men, mostly in trades and technology. Filmed across Canada, it is intended to raise awareness by providing insight into a wide range of leading edge careers not typically considered by females. ***Also available in French

#12695/0635  CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN: Emerging Opportunities Series III (13 Programs)
Each job featured in this series can be done by either men or women; however, this series highlights women working in jobs traditionally done by men, mostly in trades and technology. Filmed across Canada, it is intended to raise awareness by providing insight into a wide range of leading edge careers not typically considered by females.

#13481/0470  CAREERS IN ART
Real world professionals working in arts-related fields tell about their careers, the education needed to enter and excel, and other advice and insights that will benefit students as they begin to think about their future careers.

#11734/1290  CAREERS IN FASHION: Talent, Technology and Opportunity
Besides being a necessity, a basic need for virtually all of humanity, and therefore a major staple of the world's economy, clothing is an expression of personality for many. Fashion is the business behind that expression and has itself become the foundation of one great modern industry. Highly complex and competitive, the fashion industry requires skilled workers in many areas, both technical and creative. Grades 9 to 12

#12884/1290  CAREERS IN HOSPITALITY: Service and Adventure
As you explore the many career options available in today’s world, you may want to take a fresh look at an exciting choice. This program goes behind the scenes to show all the possibilities of a career in hospitality management. Grades 9 to A

This video explains the difference between interior decorating and interior design, with an emphasis on the latter. Interviews with professionals from a variety of avenues in the interior design field will provide students with a deeper level of understanding of interior design and the opportunities available in that field. Grades 9 to 12

This comprehensive program will help your students explore the many career opportunities in theatre: *Performers, actors, director, casting director, stage manager, choreographer, dance captain, stage manager, vocal coach, etc. *Technical: designers, production manager, TD, carpenters, audio, scenic artists, props carpenters and artisans, electrics, drapers, stitchers, trimmers, crafts, board programmers, and running crews. *Theatre Administration: producer, artistic director, managers, development & company, front-of-house, marketing. *Theatre Education Also, interviews with working professionals show what a typical day at work is like for the different jobs, what are the most satisfying and challenging aspects of their profession, what kind of training their areas require, and which jobs demand irregular hours and travel. *Includes a suggested 6 to 10 day course itinerary with your students.

Have you decided that college is not the path for you? This program is an inside look at today's top jobs that don't require a college degree. Career fields discussed are in fast-growing industries like computers, medicine, trades, and the law. You will hear individuals discuss their jobs, skills, and training in featured careers that include Web Developer, Pharmacy Technician, Plumber, and Court Reporter. You will also be informed of additional careers in these fields that don't require a college degree. *Includes Instructor's Guide *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

Recent events have demonstrated quite clearly just how fragile personal economic security can be. Also, how delusional the expectation that leaving so-called professionals to look after our money in good faith is! Thank you Bernie (among others) for setting that straight. Shows young people that handling their own money and credit responsibly can be interesting and will make a big difference in their future lives. Grades 9 to A

#2109/0670  CEVO 2: POLICE
This comprehensive course zeroes in on an officer's ability to read and react to traffic conditions during routine and emergency driving situations. Participants in the course are shown how to utilize their previous driving experience to prepare them for emegency driving conditions. The program also focuses on making use of their investigative skills to analyze their current driving techniques. A fully scripted presentation is provided for instructors.

#3923/0670  CEVO 3: AMBULANCE
First introduced in the early 90’s, the Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) courses for ambulance, fire and police personnel quickly became accepted as standards in driver training for these fields. Since then, over 500,000 emergency professionals have been trained with the CEVO programs. Now, based on valuable input from participants, instructors, and loss prevention professionals, a revised and updated CEVO 3: Ambulance course is available.

#3924/0670  CEVO 3: FIRE
Newly revised and updated! The conditions that fire truck drivers and apparatus operators must often perform in are among the most hazardous possible. This program focuses on just those circumstances and offers professional guidance that otherwise would take years to accumulate.

#14244/0267  CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS IN YOUNG CHILDREN: Techniques and Solutions
A "must-have" educational tool for every early childhood teacher. Teachers will see how to manage a range of challenging behaviors - including separation anxiety, aggression, and tantrums - by helping children talk through problems, label feelings, celebrate exhibits of self-control, and use other effective strategies.

#5143/1120  CHARGE IT! Credit Card Secrets DVD
Credit cards!? ! Boost or BUST!!?? This video provides a consumer's guide to choosing and using a credit card advantageously and it's aimed particularly at young people who are being tempted by credit card offers for the first time. The information is valuable to ANY consumer.

#12380/0635  CHASSIS AND FRONT END (9 Programs) DVD
This nine-part series will support any intensive course covering the following systems and how they are serviced: brakes, steering, suspension, and both conventional and front-wheel drive wheel bearings. Wheel alignment theory and adjustment is also a program topic.

#11680/0430  CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT SERIES (3 Programs)
This award-winning three part series provides professionals with the tools to identify and intervene on behalf of children and families in crisis to ensure that appropriate referrals and interventions can be quickly initiated. The programs utilize case studies in which the environment of the child is explored, the characteristics of the perpetrators and victims are discussed, the signs and symptoms of abuse and/or neglect are delineated, and resources for professionals are provided. THE VULNERABLE YOUNG CHILD Discusses factors in the child, the family, the environment, and in the culture itself that cause young children to be vulnerable to inadequate parenting, abuse and neglect. 29 minutes NEGLECT AND SEXUAL ABUSE Defines neglect and discusses characteristics of negligent parents or guardians. Delineates activities that are deemed sexually abusive, the characteristics of perpetrators and victims, the phases of sexual abuse, and the physical and behavioral signs. 28 minutes PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE Defines psychological abuse and discusses its effects on children. Discusses characteristics of adults who physically abuse children and illustrates common physical signs of adult-inflicted injuries. 24 minutes

#7382/0235  CHILD ABUSE: How to See It... How to Stop It
*WINNER! PLATINUM Award, Worldfest Even highly trained professionals have sometimes failed to recognize indicators of child abuse when exposed to them. Symptoms and behaviors are often far from obvious. This hard-hitting and informative video examines the four different types - physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and child neglect. Educators, parents, counselors, health and juvenile justice professionals, anyone who works with or cares about children, will learn how to identify the problem, and ways to stop it before more harm is done.

Catch a glimpse into a variety of careers that work directly with the growth and development of children. Viewers discover the benefits and challenges of working with children through personal interviews of people working in various child development careers, including: Storyteller and Children's Librarian; Pediatrician; YWCA Director; Montessori School Administrator; Pediatric Occupational Therapist; and, Speech Pathologist.Grades 6 to A

#15753/0913  CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: A Developmental Approach
Children with special needs are eager, successful learners in HighScope classrooms. In sequences from several inclusive settings, watch HighScope teachers model the process of incorporating key learning experiences and IEP goals with the daily routine. By observing and documenting what children can do, teachers plan authentic classroom activities that are more effective than narrow drill-and-practice.

#11429/0485  CHOCOLATE DECORATION TECHNIQUES with Ewald Notter
Making a great dessert look like a great dessert is the essence of this dip into the all important use of chocolate.

#15157/0187  CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION THAT WORKS (Elementary, Middle, High School)
The "Classroom Instruction That Works" framework for research-based instruction has helped countless schools and districts on their roads to academic success. Now you can see firsthand exactly how one district is using the nine instructional strategies that have shown to raise student achievement.

#15312/1120  CLOTHES AT WORK: Decoding Office Dress Codes
There are exceptions but most workplaces would prefer their employees/associates to adhere to some level of professional appearance and grooming on the job. Viewers learn some standards that are generally accepted as ‘business-like’ and get hints on how to develop a wardrobe that makes sense, makes the grade and won’t break the bank. Even tattoo shops demand the right t-shirts and nose rings!Grades 7 to A

This program for professional driving trainers reviews key driving concepts and assesses driving attitudes (including distracted driving, roundabouts, move over law and more). Targets specific behaviors and attitudes that drivers may be familiar with, but may not be practiced with regularity in their everyday driving. The program can serve equally well as a stand-alone course or as an easily integrated supplement to existing driver safety courses and is ideal for all drivers. *Includes reproducible answer sheets.

This completely new course is designed for drivers who have experienced driving in today’s traffic environments with the objective of improving the ability to observe and respond safely to potential collision-producing situations. *Includes Guide

#15599/0450  COCOA (Cacao): A STUDY OF CHOCOLATE
This DVD traces the journey of the cacao bean from harvest to consumption. It examines the roles of growers, harvesters, brokers, and exporters and explains why producers receive only five percent of the profits from chocolate sales. The program visits Ecuador, where some of the world’s most refined cocoa is produced, and tours the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory in Broc, Switzerland.

Given the absolute overabundance of BAD food choices available to young people today, one of the most important lessons they can learn for their own health is how to properly shop for and prepare food for themselves. In this three-part series, the creator and host of PBS's Colameco's Food Show explains how to shop for groceries, store food, prepare ingredients, keep the kitchen clean and safe, and develop basic kitchen skills and techniques.

#14886/0635  COMMON JOB INTERVIEW MISTAKES: What NOT To Say or Do!
Having all the right credentials and experience doesn’t count for much if a candidate comes off as unprepared, unmotivated, and unprofessional in an interview. This video shows how to avoid that fate with concrete advice from experts, eye-catching graphics that reinforce core concepts, and clear-cut dramatizations that illustrate interview dos and don’ts.

No one knows jobs better than the people who actually do them! This four-part series lets the experts speak, as they share their firsthand knowledge of their career areas. Covering 16 broad occupational categories, the Career Clusters system offers information on practically every job there is! Each and every Cluster is represented in this outstanding 16-part series - a perfect companion to the Career Clusters Poster Set. Correlates to all applicable standards.

Golfers at all levels benefit from golf-specific training. This expert program begins with evaluation and moves through targeted strength, power, core, and flexibility exercises. Pete Draovitch, personal trainer and physical therapist to PGA star Greg Norman, and Ralph Simpson, former physical therapist and trainer on the PGA Tour fitness van, have teamed up to create this comprehensive program. This combination of illustrated instruction book and DVD is a fantastic source of information and a bargain to boot!

Increase strength to carry the puck through traffic! Pack more power when checking an opponent! Improve quickness and agility and create angles for higher-percentage shots! This special BOOK and DVD package shows you how to achieve all of these performance goals and more!

From more powerful strokes to quicker turns, propel yourself to improved times with this DVD/BOOK set. This multidimensional training program uses fitness assessments to tailor strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises to each swimmer’s individual needs. The DVD also takes you to the pool and into the gym to demonstrate the drills and exercises used by the sport’s elite. Complete Conditioning for Swimming is simply the best guide to preparing your body for competitive success.

Increase strength, power, agility, and quickness and take your game to a much higher level. This program details how to make the most of your training time with exercises, drills, and programs designed to: assess your fitness level; improve footwork; increase speed and flexibility; enhance stamina; boost mental focus; prevent common injuries. Additionally, this DVD takes you on court and into the gym to demonstrate the drills and exercises used by the pros.

This program will help teachers use jump ropes - and help kids ages 7 through 11 have fun while being active. Takes the educator through eight sets of skill breakdowns, including single-rope skills, long-rope activities, group routines, build-ups for double dutch, and fun games. Instructor Rene Bibaud provides personal stories, entertaining metaphors, and inspiring messages and motivational tools, as well as concise and uncomplicated lesson plans with measurable outcomes that can be printed from a computer. Grades 2 to 5

Many teachers hold the misconception that gymnastics is risky and difficult to teach in primary school settings. But this package lays to rest those misconceptions and helps teachers meet the early learning goals and primary curriculum guidelines for gymnastics. More than that, it makes gymnastics accessible, fun and rewarding for all pupils and teachers. This handy resource is perfect for primary school teachers, coaches and the children they instruct.Grades 2 to 6

#7085/0405  COMPLETE JOB SEARCH SYSTEM (5 Programs)
This comprehensive, concise, five-part job search series is ideal for introducing job seekers to information and techniques that will be helpful in selecting a career and getting a job. Designed to be of use to a wide variety of viewers, these programs are entertaining yet loaded with solid content, informative interviews, helpful tips, and colorful graphics.

#12457/0635  CONDUCTING PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES: A Partnership in Progress
How can a teacher prepare to run a successful parent-teacher conference? What skills and state of mind will help them deal with the problems and frustrations that many teachers face when interacting with parents and guardians? Explores step-by-step preparation strategies - including specific knowledge and data to have at hand, the best ways to introduce topics of concern and personalized feedback, and the communication and conflict-resolution skills needed to work effectively with parents.

The world of high fashion is intensely competitive, high risk, and very profitable to those who succeed. Just being able to make a nice dress or gown generally does not bring much attention. Viewers get a behind the scenes peek at this often other-worldly profession and what counts as success. Grades 9 to A

An interview and behind the scenes footage with Lisa Golden Schroeder, food stylist, cookbook author and teacher, gives the audience insight into the career of a food stylist. Grades 6 to A

Interviews and day-in-the life footage with a Montessori teacher and an in-home childcare provider gives insight into these from a career choice point of view. This program teaches viewers about: the education and training needed; the salary range for this career; the long-term career outlook; the "highs and lows" of the job; and, the typical activities in the day.Grades 7 to A

Designing and decorating space for work or play, for comfort or for beauty, to inspire or relax or stimulate, is the work of a professional interior designer. Viewers learn what it takes to make a career in this field that requires both artistry and utility. Grades 9 to 12

#13288/0425  CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Thinking It Through
A group of high school students develop their own solutions as they participate in a conflict resolution workshop led by an experienced facilitator and social worker. This program is a great way to open discussion on conflict resolution and communication. Can also be used to train teachers and others in conducting similar workshops. Grades 7 to 12

#14912/1290  COOKING FUNDAMENTALS: Success in the Kitchen
Chef Dave demonstrates and explains a variety of basic cooking techniques necessary for success in the kitchen, including baking, blanching, boiling, grilling, roasting, sautéing, simmering, stir-frying and more!Grades 6 to A

This package combines the quintessential training information from the three DVDs - DRY HEAT METHODS Volume I, DRY HEAT METHODS Volume II, and MOIST HEAT METHODS along with the training CD-ROM.

#11425/0485  COOKING METHODS: The Rock Upon Which You Build Your Career (3 Programs) DVD
Classic cooking methods are the bedrock of the successful and innovative culinary professional. By deepening your understanding of the all-important cooking fundamentals used in preparing an array of dishes, you will enhance your overall skills and become a more versatile, more creative culinary professional. Learning the essentials is essential to your career. Gain the skills and techniques needed to compete in today's culinary world-make yourself successful and your operation more successful.

#15869/0187  CORE SIX: Strategies for the Classroom
Based on the best-selling book The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence by Harvey Silver, R. Thomas Dewing, and Matthew J. Perini, see the strategies come to life within six classrooms across different subjects and grade levels. You’ll witness teachers capturing students’ interests, using discussion and questioning techniques to extend their thinking, and asking them to synthesize and transfer their learning. Provides practical, common sense methods for tackling the Common Core standards and bringing out the very best in your students.

#14796/0545  COUNSELING: A Guide for Teachers
Using a sensitive, real-world approach, this program assists teachers in understanding the process of counseling in high schools. Also assists teachers in understanding the process of adolescence itself and the developmental tasks that a young person will inevitably need to negotiate his or her high school years. Issues related to suicide prevention and mental health are discussed.

#15495/0635  CREATING MOBILE APPS (2 Programs)
With the app market in boom mode, entrepreneurs around the world have poured their energy and resources into app development. What does it take to stake a claim in this high-tech gold rush? What tools and techniques are most likely to produce a winner? This two-part series - MOBILE APP RESEARCH AND PLANNING and MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT - answers those questions, going inside the world of app creation - from the eureka moment that inspires a new project through various stages of content and interface development to the final phases of deploying and promoting the app. Weighing platform options, ensuring ease of navigation, and integrating social media are all important topics of discussion, and both episodes feature detailed interviews with experts who specialize in app development.

#12647/1410  CREATING MORE SATISFYING LIVES: A Live Demonstration of Happenstance Career Theory
In a spontaneous and unrehearsed demonstration, Dr. Krumboltz applies Happenstance Learning Theory with a female Chinese-American graduate student contemplating career directions. Career counseling here goes far beyond achieving the so-called BEST job for the MOST money. It also is taken past strict career PLANNING in that spontaneity, luck and perhaps fate can all play parts in delivering true job satisfaction.

Getting students to take an active role in developing the rules that will govern their classroom is a healthy and effective way to get behavior to a higher level, even in grade three. Find out how it works!

#1710/0920  CREATIVITY AND LEADERSHIP: Making the Mind Extraordinary with Howard Gardner
This is Howard Gardner's exclusive video presentation of his revolutionary new psychology of extraordinariness. Based on 15 years of research, Gardner's presentation offers seminal new insights into the origins of creativity and leadership, and represents the culmination of his works.

#15221/0635  CROCODILE IN THE YANGTZE: Inside a Chinese Internet Juggernaut
Starting out as an English teacher and small-scale website builder, Jack Ma became China’s first Internet entrepreneur, gradually assembling the Alibaba Group - a digital empire that faced off against eBay and won.

#15875/0635  CROWDFUNDING AND GRANTS (2 Programs)
Lots of people have great ideas and enthusiasm for projects that will make the world a better place, help their community, or advance their own goals, but few know how to take their great idea and turn it into a reality. This two-part series explores two popular fundraising methods - grant writing and crowdfunding - and breaks down the two most essential parts of the process: crafting a persuasive argument for why your project is worth funding, and putting together a solid budget for how much the project will cost. There are two programs in the series also available individually: DEVELOPING A PERSUASIVE PROPOSAL 20 minutes REACHING YOUR FINANCIAL GOAL 18 minutes

In this DVD, Chef Harvey demonstrates Culinary Carving and Plate Decorating featuring several different garnishes.

#11420/0485  CULINARY KNIFE KNOWLEDGE (2 Programs) DVD
Knives are among a chef's most prized possessions, and superior knife skills are at the core of his or her success! Viewers learn that treating knives with respect and care helps prolong their life and ensures safety and efficiency in the kitchen.

This new package combines the fundamental training information from the two DVDs - KNIFE CARE and KNIFE SKILLS - with accompanying downloadable training materials on a CD-ROM that will make the most of your educational investment.

#10649/0685  CULTURE, POLITICS AND PEDAGOGY: A Conversation with Henry Giroux
In this provocative new interview, Giroux speaks with passion about the inextricable links between education, civic engagement, and social justice. As a race, or even as a society, are humans actually becoming less educable, less willing to perform responsibly as citizens, and is social justice the victim, or the lack thereof, the perpetrator of this decline? Grades 9 to A

#13747/1290  D IS FOR DECISIONS: Be a Smart Consumer
Teaching teenagers to get past the instant gratification stage that is used by so many advertisers in marketing to teens is difficult. This video provides viewers with specific techniques to help teens evaluate products and purchases; a life-skill based on rational decision-making that is much discouraged by today's advertisers. Buy this and you'll be popular! Grades 6 to 12

If you’ve got the basic moves down but want to take your wrestling to the next level, then your best move is to learn from the master himself - coaching and wrestling legend Dan Gable. Dan shows how to master even the most challenging wrestling techniques - the ones that make good wrestlers great, and great wrestlers champions. This action-packed DVD consists of two parts - ON YOUR FEET and ON THE MAT and also includes a bonus feature of Gable discussing leadership and coaching style, focus and motivation techniques, discipline, handling distractions, and what it takes for a wrestler to succeed at the elite level.

One DVD with three videos worth of information! Gable uses live action footage to present his expert instruction, tips, and insights from the STANDING, TOP, and BOTTOM POSITIONS. Wrestling’s master technician provides highly skilled demonstrations by world-class wrestlers to show you the techniques used most successfully in matches.

#15139/0685  DEFAULT: The Student Loan Documentary
Chronicles the stories of borrowers who find themselves in the paralyzing predicament of having to repay far more than what they borrowed - with no bankruptcy protection, and no recourse under the law. The result is at once an accessible analysis of a mounting economic crisis, and a cautionary tale for students.

The job of the dental hygienist is just as hands-on as any dentist’s - and it offers an outstanding springboard for a career in the healthcare and dental fields. This program shows what a dental hygienist can expect as far as training, duties, and compensation, while outlining the personal qualities and people skills that any successful D.H. should possess.

#10391/1290  DESIGN I: The Elements
* Received 3 out of 4 stars from Instructional Video Review!!! * School Library Journal says A MUST FOR ALL SCHOOLS!!! Anytime you create something, a sketch or a skyscraper, you are designing. Explore the ELEMENTS of design - color, line, shape, form, pattern and texture - in the usual design disciplines: interior, clothing, landscape, and architecture, as well as more unusual venues, like the family dog, kids and professional models.

#10392/1290  DESIGN II: The Principles DVD
* Received 3 of 4 stars from Instructional Video Review!!! * School Library Journal says A MUST FOR ALL SCHOOLS!!!

#13309/1290  DESIGN: All About Color
Color has the ability to create emotion and influence our moods. Color is a powerful tool in interior design and fashion. Interior designer Brandi Hagen discusses: the history of color and the development of color theories; the color system: hue, value, and chroma; the color wheel; warm and cool colors; and, color schemes. Grades 6 to 12

#13294/1290  DESIGN: All About Textiles
The human body is almost constantly in contact with some form of textile, whether it be the clothing that we wear or the interiors that we live and work in. Join interior designer Brandi Hagen as she showcases samples and explains different types of natural fibers including plant, animal, mineral and synthetic fibers, including: Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Acrylic, and Microfibers. Fabric construction and surface design are also discussed. Grades 6 to 12

#13308/1290  DESIGN: The Elements
In fashions or interiors what constitutes a good design? Is it simply a matter of taste? All in the eye of the beholder? Not to professionals it isn't. Viewers learn that there are actually certain elements that fit together to make a design work. Grades 6 to 12

#14468/0880  DESIGN: Understanding the Principles DVD
Outlining the elements of design (color, size, texture, line, and shape), this DVD teaches how to combine them to achieve such design principles as unity, dominance, contrast, and rhythm. The program features professor John Roach and students from Parsons School of Design and offers practical examples of design principles in such fields as architecture and fashion design.

This program covers a range of aspects relating to the compilation of a career portfolio, including defining a career portfolio, collection of information relevant to both specific and generic skills, and putting it all together. Serious job-seeking requires serious preparation. Viewers get direction and explanation on how to make the best impression in presenting themselves to potential employers. Grades 8 to A

"A must for all educators and parents who want to understand and improve students' chances for success." --Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. This comprehensive multimedia library offers the tools and strategies to help parents and teachers better understand and manage each child’s learning profile. Grades 7 to A

#16063/0187  DIFFERENTIATED CLASSROOM (THE): Responding to the Needs of all Learners (2 Programs)
Based on the updated second edition of Carol Ann Tomlinson’s THE DIFFERENTIATED CLASSROOM: Responding to the Needs of All Learners, this new DVD series shows you practical, real-world examples from experienced K to 5 and secondary school teachers of how to divide your time, resources, and efforts to effectively instruct students of various backgrounds, readiness and skill levels, and interests. Through interviews with teachers, hear guidance on what to differentiate, how to differentiate, and why. Understand the groundwork for bringing differentiated instruction into your own classroom or refining the work you already do. The two 45-minute videos (also available separately) include bonus content on how a differentiated classroom makes it easier to implement the Curriculum Standards. RESPONDING TO THE NEEDS OF ELEMENTARY LEARNERS (K to 5) RESPONDING TO THE NEEDS OF SECONDARY LEARNERS

#16083/0635  DIGITAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Dos and Don’ts
From texting to email to video calls, digital technology has transformed how we communicate with each other. But in formal situations like at work or in school, which forms of communications are appropriate, and when? Viewers of this video, especially digital natives, may be surprised to discover that communicating isn’t just about sharing information—it’s creating it—and that the ways in which emails, texts or voice messages are composed and conveyed may make the difference in impressing or disappointing an employer or co-worker. Even for late adopters of digital technology, this video has important points on what you should do—and what you don’t want to do—when it comes to email, texting, video-conferencing and using the phone for business calls or voice mail. *Closed Captioned

Targeted at teachers, parents, and anyone concerned with education, this one-hour documentary takes viewers to the front lines of an education revolution and examines how mobile devices and digital media practices can empower young people to direct their own learning.

#15000/0353  DIGITAL PRODUCT DESIGN: Design for Quality, Manufacturing, Assembly and Disassembly Principles, and an Inkjet Printer Green Engineering Disassembly Use Case
Introduces and illustrates several basic product design, process design, design for quality, assembly /disassembly, and other design rules with simple and practical examples whilst disassembling an inkjet printer on screen. In particular, the rules and principles discussed.

#14670/0635  DISABILITIES AT WORK: Successful Job Hunting for People with Disabilities (3 Programs)
This three-part series helps people with disabilities gain the confidence, awareness, search tools, and interview strategies necessary to take the job-hunting bull by the horns. From online resources that can pinpoint skills and interests - to organizations and Web sites that can clarify legal questions - to concrete advice on preparing a resume, completing an application, and sitting down face-to-face with a potential employer - this is an up-to-date guide to greater prosperity, empowerment, and productivity. Inspiring case studies and expert interviews are featured throughout. There are three 28 minute programs in this series: EFFECTIVE JOB SEARCH FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES SMART RESUMES AND APPLICATIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES JOB INTERVIEW ESSENTIALS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES

#15052/1290  DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Fashion Design Careers
Many young people who are ‘into’ clothes and like to dress themselves fashionably look at fashion design as a possible career choice. This video delves into some of the very real challenges of turning their personal affinity for clothing into a business.Grades 6 to A

Internationally acclaimed doubles coach Louis Cayer teaches how to implement advanced doubles skills, including movement and shot selection patterns. The drills progress in difficulty right up to specific game situations. Viewers get everything they need in this DVD to perfect their game and enjoy it more.

#14515/0697  DRAW ME A STORY: A "Fine Arts" Approach to Reading and Literature (35 Programs) DVD
*RECOMMENDED: School Library Journal and Parents' Choice Painters, artists, sketchers, and crafters use their unique talents to bring color and motion to a fascinating collection of familiar children's stories from around the world. Using paint, oils, chalk, clay, fabric, and other artistic elements, their creative approach is mesmerizing and captivating. Voice-over narration, thematic music and the artist's hand combine to bring each classic tale to colorful life. Grades K to 3

Learn how to present yourself professionally for interview and career success! This program provides a wealth of examples that demonstrate practical do's and don’ts for dressing and grooming. Interviews with real-world hiring experts will put your clients or students into the minds of employers so they are better prepared to meet expectations.

#10510/1690  DRIVING TACTICS SERIES (3 Programs) DVD
Driving safely requires mental alertness, physical coordination, and respect for every other driver on the road no matter where you're going. NASCAR driver David Reutimann shares his expertise in all those areas as host of this dynamic, highly informative three-part series. Grades 8 to A

Whether your site’s purpose is to sell products or market your firm, Ulla McGee’s real-world experience lends proven methods for increasing traffic to your website.

This program is part of the DROPPING IN ON ARTISTS Series. Students of all ages will be introduced to the artists’ styles and learn about their lives in these amusing and informative programs. Playful animation shows the life of the artist, and gives insight into the creative inspiration for their masterworks. In this program pop artist Andy Warhol shows Puffer his famous artworks and explains how he used different media to create them. Puffer is invited to visit Warhol at the "Factory", his studio, where he shows Puffer some of his artworks and explains how he used different media to create them.

This program is part of the DROPPING IN ON ARTISTS Series. Students of all ages will be introduced to the artists' styles and learn about their lives in these amusing and informative programs. Playful animation shows the life of the artist, and gives insight into the creative inspiration for their masterworks.

Duke University men’s basketball program has been the model for success in Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s tenure at the helm. Under his direction, the Blue Devils have been perennial contenders for conference and national titles. Now you can harness Coach K’s strategies for team defense, the transition game, and successful practices to make your team better than ever - all on one action-packed DVD.

Perfect your preparation for your next match! Get your muscles ready quickly - and correctly - for tennis training and competition using this dynamic warm-up. Drawing from the latest research, training expert Mark Verstegen demonstrates how to prepare the body for forward and backward movements, side-to-side movements, and variable all-court movements in three dynamic warm-up routines you can use right out of the box.

#12787/1725  e2 DESIGN
Each of the six 30-minute programs in this series presents unique design challenges and triumphs which represent true innovation. Learn how designers created green spaces in the urban jungle of Cairo, are fighting to rebuild the devastated 9th ward of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and are creating architecture out of junked tires and appliances in Rotterdam, Netherlands, etc.

"I think I'd like to find a job working with children but I wonder which one ...? A variety of high-energy, engaging professionals who work with children illustrate the range of choices for students today including Kindergarten Teacher, Public Health Nurse, Pediatrician, Spanish Liaison, and eight other professions. Grades 9 to A

#15255/0187  EDUCATING ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS: Connecting Language, Literacy, and Culture (3 Programs)
Join renowned expert Virginia Rojas as she visits schools and classrooms where the vision of educating English language learners is changing to meet the needs of all students. Find out how schools team-up ESL and mainstream teachers as co-teachers, integrate English language learners into classrooms with their English-proficient peers, and teach English language acquisition and academic content simultaneously. The series consists of three 30-minute DVDs, each with a professional development program. Also available separately.. Detailed descriptions of each program are available. 1: ESTABLISHING A NEW VISION 2: BUILDING ACADEMIC LITERACIES 3: EVIDENCE BASED ASSESSMENT

#15158/0187  EFFECTIVE SUPERVISION: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching
In this program, researcher and author Robert J. Marzano presents a framework for observing classroom instruction and presents a detailed observation protocol including demonstrations of how to use it - not only as a tool for analyzing classroom instruction, but also as a starting point to encourage professional dialogue among teachers. As you observe teachers in a variety of classrooms, Marzano and a panel of teachers identify critical aspects of instruction that can help all teachers move their practice from good to great.

Where did modern western theory on education originate? This program examines 18th-and 19th-century educational philosophies and profiles the key figures that influenced educational thinking during this era.

#14492/0430  ELECTRICAL SAFETY (for the Professional)
Viewers will get a first rate introduction to professional electrical safety from this program, which allows learners to understand all the most important elements in safety regulations associated with electrical theory. Enhanced with quality animations includes topics on electrical hazards, electrical shock, arcing incident, personal protective equipment, lock out tag out procedures, safe work practices, proper use of electrical meters, hand tools, power tools and employer responsibility. *Closed Captioned TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. (2 minutes) Electrical Shock. (4 minutes) Arc Flash/Arc Blast. (2 minutes) Introduction to Personal Protection Equipment. (2 minutes) Fire Resistant (FR) Electrical Rated (ER) Clothing. (2 minutes) Hearing and Lung Protection. (1.5 minutes) Lockout/Tagout Procedures. (1.5 minutes) Tools. (3 minutes) Meters and Testers. (2 minutes) Electrical Safety Program (2 minutes)

#14421/0490  ELECTRICAL SAFETY: What Everyone Should Know
What is electricity and how does it work? This video explains electrical terminology and examines the dangerous effects electricity can have. Demonstrates ways to work with electricity safely including ground fault protection, circuit loading, care of power and extension cords, wet locations, and recognizing current carrying conductors. *Includes Instructor's Guide and Quiz and PowerPoint Presentation

This DVD contains a complete set of videos that are enhanced with interactive graphics, animations, and questions that can easily be used by your students as a homework solution, study guide, or supplemental online classroom instruction to meet the needs of a mandatory hybrid requirement for your class. These interactive videos allow your students to better connect with the subject matter while fulfilling instructor requirements for electronic learning material. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Basic Alternating Current. Inductance in AC Circuits. Capacitors. Capacitors in AC Circuits. RLC Circuits.

This DVD contains a complete set of videos that are enhanced with interactive graphics, animations, and questions that can easily be used by your students as a homework solution, study guide, or supplemental online classroom instruction to meet the needs of a mandatory hybrid requirement for your class.

#13866/0430  ELECTRICAL WIRING SET (Programs 1 to 4)
This series sets the stage for learning by motivating viewers and heightening their enthusiasm. Shot on various construction sites and enhanced with quality animations, each DVD is devoted to a specific specialized topic including: electrical installation planning essentials, GFCIs, special-purpose outlets, and custom installation. Video 1: Introduction to Electrical Installation Video. Video 2: Planning for Circuit Installation Video. Video 3: Special Circuits Video. Video 4: Lighting by the Room Video *Animations are included to present material in a clear and logical manner. *Closed captioned to assist hearing impaired students.

#13867/0430  ELECTRICAL WIRING SET (Programs 5 to 8)
This series (see also #13866) sets the stage for learning by motivating viewers and heightening their enthusiasm. Shot on various construction sites and enhanced with quality animations, each DVD is devoted to a specific specialized topic including: electrical installation planning essentials, GFCIs, special-purpose outlets, and custom installation. Viewers get a first-rate introduction to the broad spectrum of specialized knowledge essential to an electrician. Video 5. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Video. Video 6. Special Purpose Outlets Video. Video 7. Miscellaneous & Custom Installations Video. Video 8. Service Entrances Video. *Animations are included to present material in a clear and logical manner. *Closed captioned to assist hearing impaired students.

This series of 16 programs on 4 DVDs is an excellent way to introduce essential electrical topics from basic concepts of electricity through motor controls. A powerful blend of live action, precise graphics and top-quality animations enable viewers to quickly grasp the new knowledge and skills being introduced with clear step-by-step demonstrations. DVD ONE INCLUDES: Safety - Basic Electricity and Circuits - Electric Meters/Basic Components and Symbols - Wiring Diagrams and Schematics DVD TWO INCLUDES: Alternating Current/Power Distribution and Voltage Systems - Installation of Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration Systems - Basic Electrical Motors - Components of Electric Motors DVD THREE INCLUDES: Electrical Control Devices - Heating Control Devices - Air Conditioning Control Systems - Control Systems: Circuitry - Solid State Devices/Touch Screen Thermostats/Environmental Concerns New! DVD FOUR covers residential air conditioning control systems and solid state controls.

Design, it's everywhere! The good, the bad and the ugly...this video uses examples in architecture, landscaping, graphics, and other fields to reinforce essential concepts. Students will find the program's lively animation sequences helpful as they absorb each design lesson. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online.

In this program, Dr. Karen Hansen, coordinator of the EI and Education Research Unit of Swinburne University, compares and contrasts definitions and models of EI. In addition, she suggests practical ways in which educators can promote and nurture EI through a variety of classroom activities and by rearranging the physical classroom environment.

What could be a better way to enhance college teacher/student/counselor empathy toward the culturally different than capturing their daily experiences on campus? This DVD features 36 vignettes developed and role-played by college students based on their own experiences of feeling marginalized. African American, Asian/Asian American, Caribbean, Gay and Lesbian, Hispanic, American Indian, and international students are featured.

Demonstrates exactly how to implement the breakthrough ideas and strategies from the best-selling ASCD book ENGAGING STUDENTS WITH POVERTY IN MIND by renowned author and learning expert Eric Jensen. Takes educators to both elementary and secondary classrooms providing strategies that combat the effect poverty has on students and achievement. See teachers in their classrooms embrace the seven engagement factors and make engagement a routine part of their classroom culture. Hear from administrators and teaching coaches who explain how they make engagement a focus through professional development and school policy. And learn from the students as well who talk about their struggles and successes as they benefit from a fully engaged learning environment. Two 45-minute videos - ELEMENTARY and SECONDARY (also available separately). *Closed Captioned

#16127/2003  ENGINEERING: Transforming Lives with Prosthetics
Scientists and engineers have made great strides in recent years with prosthetics and orthotics. In this program we discuss how designers simulate the anatomy and physiology of missing limbs. Though some prosthetics are simple and minimally functional, others are complex bionic artificial limbs with improved designs, using advanced hydraulics, lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and computer microprocessors and sensors. This program will highlight how advances in prosthetics have improved life for people with certain injuries and disabilities. *Closed CaptionedGrades 8 to A

This program provides a valuable overview of the many facets of performance enhancement like coaching, nutrition, psychological preparation, the use of technology and ergogenic aids. Grades 8 to A

#14519/2047  ENTERPRISE CASE STUDIES III: Starting Up
People start enterprises for many different reasons - to make money, to give themselves interesting jobs, maybe even to make the world a better place. But they all have to find a way to get going - and starting up is never easy. Three case studies: an Internet Business; a Tea Room; and, a Fitness Business.

#16059/1290  ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Be Your Own Boss
*It is said that entrepreneurs are ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things. How do entrepreneurs succeed in following their dreams, while making them profitable? Discover the struggles and successes of four different business owners in this program. Featuring interviews of a baker, videographer, children’s clothing designer, and president of a charitable running event company, the entrepreneurs share their experiences running their own businesses.Grades 6 to A

#13080/1410  EQUITY-FOCUSED SCHOOL COUNSELING: Ensuring Career and College Readiness for Every Student
Today's school counselors need to be change agents for equity. As collaborators, advocates, leaders, and culturally competent counselors and program coordinators, they can use technology and data to help close achievement and opportunity gaps in K-12 schools. Demonstrates transformative school counseling skills using the equity-focused new vision of school counseling.

#10249/2003  ER - THE PROPMASTERS - DVD (Journeys Below the Line Series)
Focusing on the popular television series 'ER', viewers get an absolutely amazing insight as to how much work that is rarely noticed (intentionally so) goes into the props that form the details and background for high quality video productions.

#15759/0187  ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: Opening Doors to Student Understanding
This program provides practical advice for teachers on not only how to style questions that stimulate thought, provoke inquiry, and spark more questions, but how to transform instructional inquiry as a whole. This video brings the process to life with scenes from both a very special seminar where teachers are successfully using essential questions in their instruction. Also includes expert commentary from McTighe and Wiggins (expert authors of the book by the same name) who explain exactly what makes an "Essential Question" essential! #15759/0187 45 minutes 2014 $239.95 *SA

#12982/0860  ESSENTIALS OF TEAM BUILDING: Principles and Practices (DVD/Book)
Team building is a proven approach for helping people become respectful competitors, cooperative team members, and community leaders. Now you can help your students or group develop those same important skills with this set. Grades 10 to A

#14895/0635  ETHICAL TEXTILES: Sustainability and Fair Trade (3 Programs)
Global in scope, this three-part series explores the ethical and environmental fallout of large-scale textile production. It follows the work of manufacturers in the U.K. and Bangladesh as it investigates the consequences of ultra-cheap labor and supply systems. Also examines fair trade initiatives developed in response to industry abuses, inequities, and hazards. A crucial resource for economics, sociology, and environmental studies!

#9426/1280  ETHICS AT WORK: Doing the Right Thing on the Job
Most people know about the BIG scandals of corporate lying, cheating, stealing and would agree that the behavior involved was wrong, immoral, unethical. But many of them wouldn't see their own small scale work-related freebies and handouts and time wasting in the same way. This video challenges viewers to look in the mirror. Grades 8 to A

#14071/1290  ETHNIC EATING: Japanese Foods
A dining experience at a Japanese restaurant includes more than just eating sushi! A knowledge of food terms and eating etiquette are also necessary. Join Chef Andrew Zimmern for a fascinating study of the rich cultural history of Japan's foods. He interviews the owner of a Japanese restaurant and presents a food tour of Japanese dishes. Grades 10 to A

#7279/0405  EVERY CALL COUNTS!
Aimed especially at young people entering the world of work, this video provides some essential information on the proper use of the telephone, still one of the most important business tools. It's about customer service and effective communication that's up to date and relevant to today's workplace. Grades 9 to A

#13604/0860  EVERYBODY MOVE! A Multimedia Package for Daily Physical Activity
We all know that students are more sedentary than ever - their idea of moving might involve going from the couch to the refrigerator and back. Part of the reason students aren’t active enough is that they don’t see activity as fun. With this multimedia package, they’ll have loads of fun being active. A reference for elementary and middle school physical education, music, dance, and adapted physical education teachers. Also a reference for parents, recreation leaders, and home-schooling families. Grades K to 6

Cooking and baking are perfect examples of math used in everyday life. Join Chef Dave Christopherson as he takes a closer look at practical applications of math at the grocery store and in the kitchen. Basic math skills are used to determine recipe costs, converting recipes, determining timing, and more. Includes English to Metric conversion. Grades 6 to A

#10640/1945  EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING SERIES (10 Programs) DVD
A 10 part comprehensive professional development series for teachers at all levels of professional experience. Covers a wide variety of interpersonal and technological skills, and topics from homework assignment to parent-teacher meetings. Grades A to

Four presentations from the Select Symposium at the 2010 American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting on the impact of exercise and diet on brain function are offered on a single DVD disk.

This series helps job seekers with a troubled background understand the importance of creating a career plan, how to create a resume that gets noticed by employers for the right reasons, and what it take to succeed in the job interview. Each of the three programs contains interviews with correctional officials and offers advice tailored to the formerly incarcerated. CAREER PLANS AND GOALS RESUME REALITIES INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES

#15192/1410  EXPLORING CYBER BULLYING IN THE 21ST CENTURY: What Every Counselor Needs to Know, and What Young People Really Think!
Cyber-bullying affects young people of all demographics and walks of life. This video teaches counselors how to reach out to these young people and connect with them to begin the healing process. The DVD emphasizes the importance of partnering with young people to confront the issue, and draws from cutting edge ideas and practices in family therapy, community and organizational development, and post-modern thinking while applying them in a concrete, accessible, and immediately applicable fashion.

Become a more powerful athlete by including the snatch, clean, jerk, and their variations in your sports training program. This DVD brings to life the safest, most effective learning progressions for all of these lifts.

#10878/0635  EXTREME SPORTS AND TEENS: The Psychology of Risk Addiction
Many teens see themselves as indestructible anyway and have a pretty natural desire to experience thrills. They have also been fed, almost since birth, with media notions based on WWF 'wrestling', the Jackass-type daredevil videos, as well as video games that keep pushing the envelope. Adrenaline is an addictive drug and a good source for it can be found in extreme and dangerous sports. It can also be as deadly as heroin or crack.

#11599/0635  EXTREMES OF FASHION: Women's Couture and the Media
Everything old is new again! Well maybe not everything. Bellbottoms may come and go but the fashions and the BIG business of clothing that came about in the 50's, 60's and 70's have been all but unmatchable. They laid the foundation for the multi-billion (trillion?) dollar industry that exists today.

This program examines the psychology of athletic performance. It looks at motivation; social, material, and internal reinforcements; anxiety and arousal; concentration; visualization; relaxation; and goal setting.

#13710/1733  FARM TO MARKET SERIES (15 programs on 3 DVDs)
Elementary age viewers learn that the stuff they eat does not just magically appear in their mother's hand on a plate or in a colourful cereal box; that the clothes they wear and the bedroom they sleep in were not always there. They actually originate somewhere else like a farmer's field or a forest and often go through various processes before arriving at their house. Fifteen 10-minute programs are on three DVDs. Grades K to 4

#7264/1290  FASHION FRENZY: The History of Clothing
Viewers take a tour of 20th century fashion. What inspires fashions to become duds or classics? What effect do economic, social and political events have on fashion? Does fashion "trickle down" or "bubble up"? Follow fashion for 100 years with a teen narrator, fashion expert, vintage videos and a fabulous fashion show. Grades 7 to A

Imagine traveling back in time to wear the clothing of days gone by! That’s what happens to three teens! While researching period clothing for a school play, class project, and costume party, they magically find themselves in Ancient Civilizations. Viewers travel along as they experience what people wore in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, and all the decades in the 1900s - and catch a glimpse at clothes of the future. Grades 6 to A

#14168/0463  FINE LINE (THE): Counseling Clients in Nutrition
Featuring a panel of renowned health/fitness professionals, this program reviews the key factors impacting what constitutes an appropriate scope of practice for trainers and any nutritional advice or information they might share with their clients. Provides an exceptional resource for trainers who want to better understand their professional boundaries concerning counseling clients in nutrition.

#14689/0430  FIRE OFFICER I and II
Adhering to the 2003 Edition of NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, this four-part program focuses on the "soft skills" essential to Fire Officers at Levels I and II.

Lively skills-based video plus exciting graphics and animations create a valuable resource for key firefighter certification skills. The four-part DVD series begins with two discs devoted to Firefighter I, and then follows with discs for Firefighter II and Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations.

Students will learn the importance of making a strong first impression as the manager of a video store interviews eight young individuals for a part-time position. Students will evaluate the applicants, make a decision and then see what happens!Grades 7 to A

#9447/0405  FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Etiquette and Work Habits for New Employees
Aimed particularly at teenagers embarking on their first real work experiences, provides all sorts of advice on how to become a positive contributing member of a workplace right from the start. Viewers learn that it's a lot easier to make a great first impression than to live down a bad one.

Parents, teachers and other child care workers will all benefit from this video that explores child development at ages five and six. It's really fascinating to see five and six year olds struggle to learn the idea of fair play, co-operation, following rules, and taking turns.

Use these presentation CDs as a self-study tool or in workshops or online classes. Viewing them requires Microsoft PowerPoint. TAKE TIME TO SEE THROUGH CHILDREN’S EYES Viewers are invited to journey with a group of pre-school children as they explore the life of a leaf. The story traces their yearlong investigation into the life cycle of leaves, launched when a child asks why they change color. See the intellectually engaging work of theory-making, perspective-taking, and collaboration that sustains their journey. A companion to the book The Language of Art by Ann Pelo, and the DVD To See Takes Time, Growing Curriculum From Children's Theories. GIVING CHILDREN MORE LANGUAGES See examples of environments where children see themselves as artists, learn about materials, and explore light and color. In these examples, children work with recycled materials, use art as a thinking tool, and build bridges to conventional literacy. Teachers document and display work, and help children study other artists. A STUDY OF EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM ENVIRONMENTS Explore the elements of cozy, homelike environments, flexible space, and open-ended materials. Learn to include natural elements, provoke wonder and curiosity. See how to provide for symbolic representation, literacy, and the visual arts. LEAVE NO CHILD INSIDE: Outdoor ECE Program Environments Learn to plan outdoor environments as carefully as the indoor ones. See elements that connect children to nature and help them feel powerful. Examples include props to enhance play, places to gather, landscape features, and storage and cleanup options. VISIONARY INFANT AND TODDLER PROGRAM ENVIRONMENTS Discover program elements that help children feel cozy and at home, and connect with others and the outside world. See how to engage children in sensory exploration and physical activity, make literacy meaningful, and enjoy diapering experiences.

This series of eleven programs examines different types of flowers, mechanics and wiring methods, as well as how to create an arrangement. Visual design strategies, geometric forms in floral designs, and corsage and boutonniere creation are also addressed in this floral design curriculum. Additional topics include wedding and bereavement arrangements, floral holidays and occasions, and the critique and appraisal of floral designs. Includes an Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide containing lesson plans and a variety of worksheets, activities, notes and projects.

#8993/0920  FLOW: Psychology, Creativity and Optimal Experience
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's theory of FLOW and his seminal work on creativity have revolutionized modern psychology, the social sciences, and even corporate management. In this video he and Howard Gardner (MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES) discuss the origins and implications of his revolutionary theory.

#12272/1120  FOOD ADDITIVES
From the history behind preserving foods to new concepts in enriching foods, this program presents examples of the many additives that are used to flavor, color, and preserve so much of what we eat. Takes a simple, factual look at the everyday trade-offs we make when we choose our food.

Many young people these days find themselves employed in foodservice kitchens of one sort or another. This program teaches students the basics about equipment and tools used in foodservice kitchens. Grades 6 to A

This program provides a comprehensive introduction to the application of forensic science to crime scenes where human remains have been found. *Viewer discretion is advised.

#14423/0490  FORKLIFT SAFETY: Handle With Care
This program is designed to provide the equipment-specific training needed to comply with OSHA's powered industrial truck standard and will educate your employees on the most common type of equipment - the sit down, counter balanced forklift. Viewers will learn: How to Correctly Inspect Their Forklift; Forklift Stability and How to Prevent Tip-over; The Importance of Seatbelt Use; Safe Operation of a Forklift; and, How to Safely Load and Unload Trailers.

#7262/0635  FRACTALS - DVD - The Color of Infinity
Arthur C. Clarke narrates and interviews a number of notable mathematicians to illustrate how simple formulas can lead to complicated results with particular focus on the Mandelbrot set. Grades 10 to A

#14009/1290  FRESH INGREDIENTS: Healthy International Food Tips
Viewers get an introduction to the pleasures and benefits of grocery shopping, cooking and eating. Five video segments offer food and nutrition lessons we can learn from food markets around the world that can be applied to our home-cooked meals. Contrasts packaged and processed foods with similar fresh items found at your local farmer's markets and supermarket, while offering tips for using fresh, tasty ingredients in quick-to-prepare, healthful meals. The segments are: Planning fresh meals; Seasoning with fresh herbs; Seasoning with spices; Selecting olive oil; and, Selecting the best fish. Grades 6 to 12

#15742/1410  FROM BULLIES TO BUDDIES: From Problem Management to Social and Emotional Skill Development in All Children
How can counselors use contemporary understandings of the brain to boost children’s social skills - such as empathy, kindness, patience, impulse control, self-esteem, and self-confidence - in meaningful and lasting ways? How can counseling be tailored to address the particular capabilities of children’s brains when under duress? This film answers these questions by proposing two dramatic paradigm shifts from common social and emotional skills interventions.

#16020/1047  FROM NOTHING, SOMETHING: The Creative Process
FROM NOTHING, SOMETHING profiles creative thinkers across a variety of disciplines and finds common methods, habits and neuroses that lead to breakthrough ideas. This is a thoughtful, intimate, often funny look at the creative process - straight from the brains of some of our culture's most inspiring and accomplished talents.

#11589/0405  FROM PAROLE TO PAYROLL: A Process of Persistence (3 Programs)
For the ex-offender, finding a job is one of the most difficult and important steps toward building a new and productive life. Many think it's actually impossible. This series of four programs offers hope by introducing ex-offenders to the latest information and techniques in selecting a career and getting a job. The package includes three DVDs and one Workbook: FINDING A JOB 23 minutes RESUMES AND JOB APPLICATIONS 20 minutes THE JOB INTERVIEW 22 minutes THE EX-OFFENDER'S JOB SEARCH COMPANION: Getting a Good Job Despite Your Record 72 pages

Why would prospective employers be at all interested in learning about a job applicant's previous participation in athletics? What attributes can be learned from sports that are useful on the job? Viewers learn about teamwork, reliability, cooperation, endurance: habits athletes learn from sports and the very attributes employers want. Grades 6 to A

#11692/0860  FUN CLASSROOM FITNESS ROUTINES Ages 10 to 14
The perfect resource for middle to high school classroom and physical educators who are strapped for space but are still required to meet state or local mandates on minutes of physical activity time. This DVD will keep kids active and moving in a way that’s appropriate for their ages and interests!

The perfect resource for kindergarten through elementary classroom and physical educators who have limited space and physical education time but are still required to meet mandates on minutes of physical activity time. This DVD will keep kids active and moving in a way that's appropriate for their ages and interests!

*HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION - Parents' Choice Awards A great review for all skill levels. This essential math series will tell you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of integers, measurement, geometry, graphing, and solving those tricky word problems. Young actors and on-screen graphics guide students through difficult problems and hard to understand concepts. Grades 4 to 6

#11421/0485  FUNDAMENTALS OF RESTAURANT ECONOMICS: Understanding "The Business of Restaurants"
What factors make a restaurant successful? Food, of course, but what else? Why do so many restaurants operations fail? Viewers are shown the economic fundamentals that are crucial to keeping any business 'in the black', and even with good food, restaurants are no exception.

#9822/0635  GADGET MANIA: The History and Evolution of the Infomercial DVD
WHO ever watches those things anyway? Whether it's slicing and dicing, or hanging by their ankles upside down, or the latest sit-up machine, how do those people ever sell ANYTHING? You'd be surprised. As this investigative program demonstrates, it seems that lots of viewers like the direct approach of the so-called and much derided infomercial.

#13663/0860  GAME DEVELOPMENT SERIES (4 Programs) DVD
Now you can learn from the most famous and successful coach in tennis! Nick Bollettieri has developed and coached many of the world’s top players, including Maria Sharapova, Venus and Serena Williams, Tommy Haas, Jelena Jankovic, Andre Agassi, Martina Hingis, Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Anna Kournikova, Marcelo Rios, and Boris Becker. His teaching techniques and effective coaching methods have formed the foundation for these DVDs, letting you share in his world-renowned knowledge. From tactics to practice to club doubles, these DVDs bring Bollettieri’s teaching to life.

Four volumes in this series teach games that foster the essentials of leadership and teamwork to youth. Volume One - TRUST AND INNOVATION GAMES 55 minutes Volume Two - COOPERATION AND COMMUNICATION GAMES 63 minutes Volume Three - INITIATIVE, TENACITY AND GOAL-SETTING GAMES 61 minutes Volume Four - ADAPTABILITY, AFFINITY AND REFLECTION GAMES 52 minutes

Four volumes in this series teach games and activities that foster the essentials of well-adjusted youth. PHYSICAL AND MENTAL FITNESS - Volume One (87 minutes) Includes 29 fun and active games and activities that provide purposeful movement for the body and problem-solving for the mind. SOCIAL AND SPIRITUAL FITNESS - Volume Two (81 minutes) Features 26 fun and meaningful games and activities that are designed to develop social skills and provide faith-building opportunities. EMOTIONAL FITNESS AND CIVILITY/SPORTSMANSHIP - Volume Three (100 minutes) Offers 27 fun and rewarding games and activities that can help the emotional stability of youth, as well strengthen their ability to exhibit patience, grace, and strength of character when interacting with others. OUTDOOR SKILLS AND SELF-RELIANCE - Volume Four (62 minutes) Features 19 fun and adventuresome games and activities that are designed to enhance a participant’s level of self-reliance through the development of selected outdoor skills.Grades 6 to 12

This resourceful package contains information from the GARDE MANGER DVD - Composed Salads, Presenting Appetizers and Hors d'Ouevre, and Condiments titles with an accompanying training guide that will enhance your learning.

#11547/0485  GARDE MANGER: The Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen DVD
A comprehensive training program of three segments...garde manger refers to the task of preparing and presenting cold foods. The three parts are Composed Salads, Condiments and Presenting Appetizers and Hors d’Oeuvre.

Fitness professionals may tell their clients to 'consult their physician', or they may prescribe a training routine themselves without medical consultation. But how many doctors can really deliver or judge an individual's fitness program, and how many fitness coaches can make a serious estimation of a client's capacity for exercise? This video program will help either/both develop this important ability.

#15490/2003  GEOMETRY TUTOR: Learning by Example (20 Programs)
This is a complete 20 lesson series covering all of the core topics in detail and is geared towards students who have been exposed to Algebra 1 and are ready to tackle geometry. Lengths range from 11-50 minutes. Teachers User Instruction & Resource Guide - Includes Recommended books & Geometry Websites. Lines, Rays & Planes Working with Angles Complimentary & Supplementary Angles Working with Intersecting Lines Types of Triangles Congruent Triangles The Pythagorean Theorem Introduction to Polygons Quadrilaterals Similar Triangles Perimeter Area of Rectangles Area of Parallelograms Area of Triangles Area of Trapezoids Area of Prisms Volume of Prisms & Pyramids Circles & Circular Figures Cylinders, Cones & Spheres Geometric ProofsGrades 7 to 12

#14315/0635  GET HIRED AND GO: The Complete Guide to Getting a Job and Doing it Right (6 Programs)
This six-part series helps lay out a clear path to fulfilling employment, beginning with the self-assessment needed to begin the journey and culminating in the best ways to settle into a new, rewarding position - whether it’s in an office or in the trades. Six 26 to 30-minute programs - detailed descriptions of each program are available: BEFORE YOU APPLY: Job and Skills Evaluation BEFORE YOU APPLY: Resumes, Portfolios, and Your Online Persona GETTING THE JOB: Job Search and Networking GETTING THE JOB: Cover Letters, Interviews, and Job Offers DOING THE JOB: Starting Out and the Daily Grind DOING THE JOB: Basic Job Skills

#15610/1015  GETTING THE JOB YOU REALLY WANT 6th Edition (10 Programs)
This comprehensive series of ten 25-minute programs takes you step-by-step through every phase of the job search, plus keeping the job! Teaches how to identify what you want in a job, find the job in less time, interview effectively, negotiate pay and benefits, keep that job, and move up too! Throughout informative interviews, experts reveal self-directed strategies for finding jobs, balancing work and life, tapping into little-known resources that can speed up your career transition, and more. INTRODUCTION: Getting the Life You Really GETTING TO KNOW WHAT AN EMPLOYER WANTS GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SKILLS GETTING TO KNOW YOUR JOB OBJECTIVE GETTING ORGANIZED TO FIND A JOB GETTING A JOB WITH TRADITIONAL AND NONTRADITIONAL JOB SEARCH METHODS GETTING AND USING YOUR RESUME, COVER LETTER, PORTFOLIO GETTING A POSITIVE RESPONSE IN EACH OF THE SEVEN INTERVIEW PHASES GETTING GOOD ANSWERS TO TOUGH INTERVIEW QUESTIONS GETTING TO KEEP THE JOB YOU FIND

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is an international approach to hazard communication, providing a new system for classification of chemical hazards, and a standardized approach to labels and safety data sheets. OSHA is requiring that employees are trained on the new labels (e.g., pictograms and signal words) and Safety Data Sheet format. This new training program will help your employees: Understand the new GHS label elements; and, Identify the new GHS pictograms; Read and interpret the new GHS Safety Data Sheets.

Giving students good feedback on all their schoolwork is one of the toughest challenges every teacher faces. But here at last is a DVD that helps teachers always know the right kind of feedback to give, and how to give it, for all kinds of assignments, in every grade level and subject area. *An embedded professional development program on each DVD, with accompanying PowerPoint presentation and handouts, ensures teachers get engaged in discovering and applying good feedback with all their students. The three programs in the series are: THE IMPACT ON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT SEVEN KEY FACTORS TO ENSURE EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK TAILORING FEEDBACK TO CONTENT AREAS AND STUDENT NEEDS

With intolerances and allergies on the rise, more and more people seem to be finding themselves unable to consume products that have gluten in them; things made with wheat, rye and barley. Baked goods are a particular challenge. Employing Chef Coppedge's five flour blends, this program will teach you how to make delicious baked goods using alternatives to gluten.

#13179/0545  GLUTEN FREE FOODS
This program examines the characteristics and properties of gluten, the causes and symptoms of celiac disease, the effect of bread ingredients on gluten and the challenge of producing and marketing gluten-free products. Grades 8 to A

#11532/0635  GOING HOME: Teens Re-entering Society (2 Programs)
*WINNER! 2008 Telly Award All former inmates have a hard time adjusting to life outside prison, but teenagers face their own specific set of challenges after doing time. This two-part series shows how that adjustment process often plays out and how its hardships can be minimized. Covers the major sources of conflict that young people will encounter when reentering society. FROM THE INSIDE: Personal Challenges for Teens Reentering Society ON THE OUTSIDE: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society

One DVD with four videos worth of information! The track and field coach's complete guide to training and practice routines and best proven techniques for jumping, middle and long distance running, sprinting, hurdling, relay and throwing events. Features some of the most highly regarded American track and field coaches sharing their experience.

#14173/0463  GOOD DISCIPLINE: Understanding Difficult Behaviors and Turning Them Around
This program provides an overview of teaching, coaching, and parenting techniques that can be used to help elicit positive changes in a child’s behavior. Explains how to employ these time-tested, yet simple techniques to achieve targeted goals and specific behaviors. Also features a series of tips and insights for dealing successfully with youth of all ages - from early childhood to elementary-school age to teenagers.

Most employers form an impression of a job seeker in the first few seconds of the interview. If that impression is negative, few job seekers are able to change the employer's mind. Armed with the guidance in this program, job seekers won't have to worry about recovering from a bad first impression. They'll know just what it takes to make a great impression right from the get-go.

#11148/1290  GOT A NOTION TO SEW? DVD
What can you say about sewing? It seems so antiquated. To actually make or repair things in cloth in our instant-gratification obsessed society? This video will get students ready to sew! What an idea! Radical! Includes safety in the sewing lab, notions for sewing, hand-sewing basics and the sewing machine. Grades 7 to 12

This guide includes ten comprehensive lesson plans, handouts and a unit test. Provides plenty of discussion topics and activities to get your class interested in learning time-management and organizational habits, and developing listening, note-taking, and test-taking skills that will assist them for the remainder of their academic career.

This guide includes ten comprehensive lesson plans, handouts and a unit test. They provide plenty of discussion topics and activities to get your class interested in learning time-management and organizational habits, and developing listening, note-taking, and test-taking skills that will assist them for the remainder of their academic career.

#13144/0635  GREEN CAREERS SERIES (4 Programs)
Many young people today are, at lest nominally, showing concern for the environment we live in. Even if it is only for their own self-interest, taking those concerns into account when considering career plans makes perfect sense. The four 25-minute programs in this series focus on the many career paths that involve environmental protection and recovery. Many young people today are, at lest nominally, showing concern for the environment we live in. Even if it is only for their own self-interest, taking those concerns into account when considering career plans makes perfect sense. This series focuses on the many career paths that involve environmental protection and recovery: THE BUSINESS OF GREEN REDUCING WATER POLLUTION COMBATING CLIMATE CHANGE AND IMPROVING AIR QUALITY ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE HOME Four 25 minute programs Grades 9 to A

#13715/1733  GREEN CAREERS SERIES (12 Programs)
This new 12 part series introduces today’s students to a wide range of job opportunities in the fast-growing sector of "green careers". The series provides information on the educational requirements for entering various fields. Young people are encouraged to take advantage of internships and part-time jobs to get hands-on experience while pursuing their studies. BUILDING GREEN: Building Trades, 20 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Biofuels, 21 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Geothermal Power, 22 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Solar Power, 20 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Wind Power, 23 minutes ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, 21 minutes GREEN DESIGN, 21 minutes *Remi Winner! RECYCLING, 22 minutes RESTORING THE LAND, 22 minutes SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE 21 minutes TRANSPORTATION 21 minutes *Remi Winner! WATER MANAGEMENT 21 minutes (Includes PDF Guides for each program) Grades 8 to A

Eco-friendly building is catching on in the construction trade, and is projected to become the norm among home builders and contractors. Using easy-to-understand visuals and comments from industry experts, this program presents general construction guidelines for environmentally friendly residential building. Viewers are given a solid foundation of technical knowledge and best practices in all aspects of green housing construction.

#13325/0635  GREENOVATING: Home Renovations for a Sustainable World (4 Programs)
Spotlighting the best practices, technologies, and materials available to residential remodelers and builders, this four-part series shows how existing homes can be transformed to improve energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, livability, and sustainability while enhancing the health and well-being of their occupants. Remodeler and builder Robert Post accompanies leading designers, builders, landscape architects, and other practicing green professionals to working jobsites where they discuss and illustrate the practical application of green principles to every aspect of remodeling and renovation. HOME PERFORMANCE: The First Step to Green is to first assess the current performance of the house and all its systems and the role they play in a house's energy efficiency is also explored. GREEN POWER, CLEAN CHOICES - provides a fundamental understanding of how the the various technologies of green power work and takes viewers to residential installation sites to see these systems in real-world applications. SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPING: Growing a Greener Home - viewers will learn how a green approach to landscaping can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a house. THINKING GREEN, BUILDING SMART - This video explores the thought process at the core of green architectural design and construction as it takes viewers behind the scenes *Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online. A Shopware Production

Looking for the most bang for your buck at the grocery store? Want to know the nutrition values in the aisles of your grocery store? Look no further! Get the inside scoop on what stores do to get you to spend more at the checkout. Grades 6 to A

#3546/1965  GROUP OF SEVEN: Art for a Nation - DVD
The story of Canada's most famous school of painters mixing both history and art. This program is a vivid and compelling testament to their struggle against critics and academic painters of the day.

#13215/0545  HAIR AND BEAUTY SERIES (4 Programs) DVD
This comprehensive four part series provides a great introduction to the realities of a career in the modern hair and beauty industry. Change the way people feel about themselves, make a great living and have a lot of fun. But you need to know how to get ahead with some very important skills. This inspiring and instructive series examines four key areas of hair and beauty: how to apply and remove hair colors, make-up basics, manicures and pedicures, and how to recognize the hair and scalp conditions you're likely to come across. Grades 10 to A

The focus of this series is "living things." We learn about animals and plants that share our environment while creating great projects, which have been divided into the same classifications used by scientists. With animals we look to see whether or not they have a backbone; then we look at other characteristics like what they eat, where they live, and their body temperature. The groups we study are amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. For invertebrates we divide them into insects, arachnids, crustaceans and mollusks. For plants we talk about the way we see and use plants in everyday life.

#9802/1280  HEAD TO TOE: Grooming and Dressing for the Best Possible You
Does the way you look accurately reflect who you are and where you want to go in life? Do you always make your best impression? How good are your choices when it comes to clothing, hair, and makeup? It's time you started looking like you're on your way to the top! Whether it's business casual or warehouse comfortable, improve your appearance today with the tried and true techniques collected by the experts in this program.Grades 8 to A

Do you consider yourself a team player? A career in health science may be just for you! Quality patient care relies on health care teams whose members communicate and collaborate well with others. In this video, explore a variety of health science career options, with varying levels of education required. Grades 7 to A

#14135/0463  HEALTHCARE PARADIGM SHIFT: The Role of Fitness in Healthcare
Instead of prescribing drugs or surgeries, could medical professionals be helping not only their patients but the efficacy of the healthcare system in general by prescribing fitness? This program reviews how integrated medical fitness has become a critical component to the new emerging healthcare delivery system.

#11436/0485  HEALTHY PALATE (THE)
Health-minded chefs, nutritionists, and researchers take a fresh look at how to prepare food that is both healthy and flavorful. Presented in a clear and concise format, discusses everything from nutritional facts and food category basics to the health effects of certain foods and methods for employing healthy foods and cooking techniques in everyday production. Grades 9 to A

#13047/2137  HEALTHY TEACHER (THE)
Maybe it's long hours or a heavy workload, possibly the particular school environment, perhaps even parental pressure creating stress. Whatever the cause, it is vital that you approach your teaching career with an awareness of the aspects of the job that can cause stress and be informed about finding a healthy balance between work and life. Grades 10 to A

#4448/0885  HEALTHY WORKLIFE (A)
When young people leave school and go to work, they often find themselves not quite ready to be on their own for the first time and making their own choices. This program is aimed specifically at this significant portion of the population that can be at serious risk in terms of nutrition, emotions, substance abuse and smoking. The long-term implications for their mental and physical health as well as for their careers are stressed.

#13573/0635  HEARTFIELD: Father of the Photomontage
This biographical program begins in Heartfield’s native Berlin and progresses through his painful childhood, his involvement in the Dadaist movement, his friendships with Bertolt Brecht and George Grosz, and his active stance against Hitler’s Nazi regime through his provocative photomontages. His exile and internment in Britain and his return to East Germany in 1951 are also covered. Archival materials, interviews, and speeches featuring a vehement Heartfield are combined with numerous examples of his work.

#10372/1120  HELP! They Stole My Name! DVD
How can someone else steal your identity? Sounds ridiculous but what they are actually doing is sharing your financial identity and using (misusing/abusing) your credit. And that can be very, VERY bad for you. Watch and learn both how they do it and how to protect yourself from them.

#12976/1290  HERBS AND SPICES
The essence of the world's cuisines is based on indigenous ingredients and flavorings. Most important are the herbs and spices which give the cuisines their personalities. Instead of the artificial (and unhealthy) flavorings found in most processed (junk/fast) foods, alternatives do exist through the use of natural and healthy herbs and spices. Viewers get an introduction to their use that shows how easy (and tasty) it is to prepare great meals. *CC Grades 6 to 12

If you are a well-conditioned athlete who is looking to take your athletic power to the highest level, you don’t need to look any further than this DVD! Developed and narrated by Jim Radcliffe, one of the top authorities in plyometric exercises, this program is loaded with progressively complex intermediate and advanced plyometric exercises that will help you improve your strength, power, and speed.

#13603/0860  HIP HOP HEALTH: Learning Through Physical Activity
Offering children sufficient physical activity time is a challenge for every educator. But with HIP-HOP HEALTH, you can provide your students with physical activity and health concepts in ways that are fun and engaging! This is a resource for K to 5 classroom and physical education teachers and afterschool, recreation, and church leaders working with children. Grades K to 5

In a few short years, computers have become such a 'normal' part of everyday life for most people in the developed world that they are taken for granted. They are also depended upon much more than most people realize. They seem to have just appeared, like magic! But where did they come from, and is there any way to know where they are going? Grades 9 to A

Many people think that hybrid cars are a new idea. Viewers learn just how far hybrid technology has come since the 1800s. This video surveys the historical background of hybrid cars, introduces hybrid configurations currently on the road or in development, and explains the basic principles of hybrid system propulsion.

#12760/0685  HOLLYWOOD LIBRARIAN (THE): A Look at Librarians through Film
This film's subject is librarians: who they are, what they do, why they do it, and the impact of their work in people's lives. The underlying meaning is how we express our own humanity, how we listen to ourselves and one another in the realm of the written and read word -- a uniquely human privilege. Grades 9 to A

The aging of the baby boomer generation will dramatically increase the need for home care, opening up opportunities in a frequently overlooked field. This program explores the challenging and deeply satisfying work of the home health aide and the personal care assistant - revealing the skills and special personality traits these jobs require and the personal rewards that come from helping people "age in place" with a degree of independence.

One of the biggest challenges facing teachers today is classroom management and dealing with difficult students. This program provides practical help, offering some effective, preventative strategies, as well as ways to deal with difficult behavior when it occurs. Grades 10 to A

Grades 7 to A

#5931/1120  HOW CLOTHING IS SOLD: Fashion Merchandising DVD
The fact is that the clothing industry has become so big and so profitable that the best minds in marketing are now directing campaigns of incredible complexity to deliver consumer dollars and loyalty. And whether it's NIKE or ARMANI, brand names are a big part of it. This video teaches viewers to recognize and understand this type of merchandizing. Grades 7 to A

#14941/0483  HOW I STARTED MY CAREER (2 Programs)
When Alex graduated from high school, he had two goals. He wanted to get a good paying job as quickly as possible so he could be on his own and he wanted to work in a green industry. This is the story of how Alex reached his goals. Part I focuses on Alex’s job search and the start of his first full-time job at Zephyr Industries. 25 minutes Part II of the program focuses on Alex’s first six months on the job and the work-related problems he and his coworkers must resolve at Zephyr. 20 minutesGrades 8 to A

#12542/1120  HOW PEOPLE ARE PAID: From Work to Wages
This brand new video offers a fresh look at the world of paychecks, deductions, and benefits. Grades 7 to A

#13944/0420  HOW TO GARNISH - DVD
Chef Harvey guides you through the process of turning ordinary vegetables, fruits and melons into culinary works of art. Learn to create these extraordinary garnishes for yourself!

Demonstrate how teachers can link grading to standards to promote student achievement! This comprehensive multimedia presentation offers staff developers the necessary materials to help K - 12 teachers apply effective grading strategies that support learning and encourage student success. Participants will be able to examine and reflect on their own methods and ensure that grading practices.

For a variety of reasons many young people aspire to finding careers in the television and video production and broadcasting fields. Provides an insider's view of what that kind of work entails from idea conception through realization. Grades 8 to A

#16062/0483  HOW WOULD YOU BUDGET?
Hanna has just gotten a raise and the cast of characters representing her monthly expenses are meeting so each one can make a case for their share of the money. Can they work together to balance Hanna’s budget? Will Saving finally get a fair share? Or will dreaded Debt demand that it all be used to pay back what she is owed? Your students will laugh as they learn about budgeting. But at the end of the program, they have to answer the serious question - How Would You Budget? *Includes Teacher's Guide *Closed Captioned *A full-length preview of this title is available upon requestGrades 7 to A

#10604/1690  HOW YOUR CAR WORKS - DVD
Dependent on cars? Dependent on mechanics? This video explains how a car works from the first turn of the key to the rubber on the road and everything in between. For most consumers in the automobile market this is a video that shouldn't be missed. Grades 8 to A

Human services careers involve tending to other individuals, families and to human needs, whether it be early childhood, counseling and mental health, family and community services, personal care, or consumer services. Viewers learn what skills and personality traits are most conducive to succeeding in the human services field. Grades 7 to A

#11960/0635  HYBRID AUTO REPAIR SERIES II (3 Programs)
A natural follow-up to the Hybrid Auto Repair Series, this three-part series guides viewers through the systems that hybrid auto professionals must become familiar with and shows what it takes to maintain shop safety and efficiency.

#13061/1120  IDEA: From Paper to Practice
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (I.D.E.A.) provides six principles that govern the education of children with special needs. It’s one thing to read the law, but how do you ensure you comply with it and provide the best learning experience for your students? This examination of I.D.E.A. gives background information, insight, and strategies every inclusive classroom teacher can use. Grades 8 to A

#1432/0635  IMAGES: 150 Years of Photography DVD
This six-part series take the form of film essays which look at varying aspects of photography throughout its history. The series draws from over 20 different collections of photographs in museums, archives, and private collections.

This program provides a resource for developing the physical characteristics that comprise athletic performance, such as speed, agility, strength, power, and coordination. Features a breakdown of strength training, plyometrics, change of direction, and linear speed into exercise technique and coaching descriptions.

#12995/1120  IN THE KITCHEN SERIES (6 Programs) DVD
Six new and fully revised programs exploring kitchen math and measuring, cooking techniques, food preparation, microwaves, kitchen utensils, and knife skills. Grades 7 to A

#12658/0635  IN YOUR EAR: The Job Interview
With so much at stake in today’s job market, an interview has to be handled just right. This program follows a career and communications coach as she takes an anxious job seeker under her wing. In a heady prep session, the coach and her client discuss the importance of eye contact, confident body language, confident tone, and good grammar and vocabulary. Focuses on dispelling naive expectations and forcing the potential employee to proactively 'drive the interview'.

#14682/0545  INSIDE A COMPUTER
Most everyone in our society uses one, at least occasionally; some spend all day working and/or playing on one. But who besides your ‘techies’ and your ‘nerds’ actually understand why and how computers do what they do? Viewers get a crash course.Grades 8 to A

Rather than isolating ESL students, does inclusion into the mainstream classrooms offer them advantages? This program provides teachers with techniques that will produce positive outcomes. Practicality and relevance guide the program as it reviews basic ESL standards and strategies, gives examples of how to incorporate these techniques into teaching various subject areas, suggests ways to assist ELLs in mastering English in social and community settings, and addresses the use of technology in helping ELLs improve their understanding and expand their knowledge.

Professional development tool for educators demonstrates how to utilize various high-tech educational media in the classroom to the best advantage. Get students' attention and maintain it for longer periods while helping them to comprehend more fully and retain what they learn by integrating these tools effectively into the process.

#12811/1290  INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT: Furniture Styles
For students of interior design or for people thinking of changing the furnishings of their house or apartment, this video offers an overview of the benefits and limitations of a wide range of styles guided by professional interior design consultant Brandi Hagen. Grades 6 to 12

#3316/1290  INTERIOR DESIGN: The Basics
This video provides an introduction to interior design and includes important considerations such as personal style, color, lighting, usage, furniture, and fabric selection. Grades 9 to 12

Hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel jobs equal adventure, romance, excitement! This industry is huge, growing, and world-wide and includes such a variety of jobs; some perhaps not quite as glamorous as others. Viewers learn from insiders about opportunities and some of the qualities needed to succeed in hospitality. Grades 9 to A

This DVD series provides a multitude of visual mini-lessons with up-to-date content in order to enhance teaching of the many subject areas embraced by agriculture, technology, food, and natural resources; a teaching resource developed exclusively to meet the needs of Agriscience programs. The four general topic areas of the DVD series include: Animal Science, Plant Science, Forestry and Natural Resources and Woodwork, Metal Work and Tools.

Featuring industrial and research case studies and offering demonstrations by experts, this program covers basic methods of computer networking, looks at tools and technologies, and outlines international standards.

This program guides students to explore computer hardware, such as input and output devices, internal components and storage devices. The presentation includes the processes of creating, installing, and updating software, as well as providing solutions to software installation problems. Also, how to select, set up and maintain a computer.Grades 9 to A

#14506/0430  INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING: Voices from the Field
What is it like, what does it take to become a professional counselor, to provide help and advice to people in various problematic situations? This video explains what counseling entails and covers the history of counseling, theoretical orientations, applications, and professional issues.

"Jidoka Providing machines and operators the ability to detect when an abnormal condition has occurred and immediately stop work. This enables operations to build in quality at each process and to separate men and machines for more efficient work. Jidoka is one of the two pillars of the Toyota Production System along with just-in-time. Jidoka highlights the causes of problems because work stops immediately when a problem first occurs. This leads to improvements in the processes that build in quality by eliminating the root causes of defects." from THE LEAN LEXICON

This video gives viewers a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of Web site design - a great first step toward becoming a webmaster or an interactive media designer.

#6696/1120  INVISIBLE HAND: Economics in Daily Life - DVD
Wow! Viewers are given the tools to make an analysis of their own lives from an economics perspective. They also get to look at economics from the perspective of, and using examples from, their everyday experiences. What is the REAL cost to their GDP of watching 4 hours of television every day? Alan Greenspan beware! Grades 7 to A

#12853/0235  IS COLLEGE FOR ME? Looking Toward the Future
Helping middle school age students to start putting some thought into their educational future plans is the goal of this program. Not everyone needs a university degree but almost all of them are going to require some form of post secondary education or training. Shows the wide range of paths available to them and explains the requirements needed to take them. Grades 7 to 12

#15633/1725  IS SCHOOL ENOUGH? Learning Beyond the Classroom
Documents vivid examples of where new modes of self-directed learning are taking hold and flourishing. The film’s powerful stories show that when students have the opportunity to explore their own interests and challenges, they step up and perform at the highest level.

#15988/0697  IT'S A JOB TO GET A JOB!
It’s a job getting a job and Biz Kid$ is here to help. Learn tips and tricks for writing a great resume, dressing for success, and nailing the interview. Get the inside scoop on what employers look for from a young entrepreneur who manages over 200 employees. *Closed Captioned. *This program is from the BIZ KIDS SERIES

#11625/0788  IT'S ELEMENTARY and IT'S STILL ELEMENTARY: Talking About Gay Issues in School
Groundbreaking videos that address anti-gay prejudice by providing adults with practical lessons on how to talk with children about gay people. Shot in six public and private schools, the program models excellent teaching about family diversity, name-calling, stereotypes, community building and more. The DVD includes the 78 minute feature, the 38-minute training version, and the 51 minute retrospective documentary IT'S STILL ELEMENTARY. Also includes a comprehensive Guide K-8 Curriculum.

#16205/1040  JIM DINE: A Self-Portrait on the Walls
This remarkable documentary records eight days of intense work and quiet rumination as internationally renowned artist Jim Dine produces an exhibition of huge, bold charcoal drawings directly on the walls of the Ludwigsburg Kunstverein near Stuttgart, Germany. It is an unusual and transitory exhibition in that the drawings remain on the walls for only six weeks before being painted over.The film admirably captures the artist’s techniques, thought processes, and artistic philosophy as he works, and in his commentary Dine reflects on the special nature of such a transitory group of drawings.Produced by Richard Stilwell for Outside in July, Inc. See also All About Looking for a fascinating documentary by the same producer showing Jim Dine teaching drawing.

Viewers learn how to efficiently market themselves as excellent job candidates. In this program, viewers discover how to expand their network, find open positions, stay motivated, and overcome employment obstacles. 11 minutes Topics Covered *Expand your network * Find open positions * Stay motivated * Get comfortable with and use social media to its best advantage * Overcome employment obstacles

#9619/1280  JOB SURVIVAL: Keeping and Advancing Your Job
Many people do not realize that besides just 'doing their work' there is another level to be achieved on the job ... that of the valued employee. Many employers also do not understand that it is within their power to help their employees to attain that level of performance. Viewers from either side of the equation get a firsthand view of this phenomenon that can help both to get ahead. Grades 8 to A

#12983/2003  JOURNEY'S LOST: The Cinematographic Team DVD
The jobs involved in the making of a hit TV series are many and varied, but what does everyone actually do, how and why? Viewers get the inside scoop on the Hawaiian set of the popular series LOST.

#12140/1290  JUST THE FACTS KITCHEN SERIES (9 Programs)
Chef Jonathan Locke has led professional kitchens in San Francisco, in Santa Fe and in Minneapolis for more than 20 years. In this series Chef brings his energy and expert food knowledge to these high-quality instructional videos. Programs include: MICROWAVE OVENS; SUPERFOODS; KNIVES; SALADS; BREAKFAST; CAKE DECORATING; YEAST; MUFFINS; and FOOD SAFETY. Grades 10 to A

For many families, especially in Canada, minor league hockey has turned from a wholesome pastime to a competitive, cutthroat sport. This program profiles families who have struggled to keep their love for hockey in check.

Job seekers over 50 have many obstacles to overcome. Many employers perceive that older job seekers lack energy, motivation, and adaptability. Younger hiring managers may be reluctant to hire an employee many years older than them, and some firms may even discriminate due to perceived health issues that would cause the company’s insurance premiums to increase. In short, older job seekers face hidden discrimination that makes job seeking even more difficult than it already is. Fortunately, this new three-part closed captioned video series will assist those job seekers in overcoming the additional barriers they have, and get a good job quickly. JOB SEARCH STEPS THAT GET RESULTS FOR JOB SEEKERS OVER 50 Viewers learn how to efficiently market themselves as excellent job candidates. In this program, viewers discover how to expand their network, find open positions, stay motivated, and overcome employment obstacles. 13 minutes RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS THAT WORK FOR JOB SEEKERS OVER 50 The resume and cover letter have a job: to quickly convince employers to contact the candidate. In this program, viewers discover how to customize these documents to effectively introduce themselves to employers and get interviews. The video presents information on the different types of resumes and includes tips from professional career coaches for creating, formatting, and submitting resumes and cover letters. 9 minutes ACE THE INTERVIEW AND GET THE JOB FOR JOB SEEKERS OVER 50 Research, practice, and preparation are essential for interview success. This program shows how to master these important steps and know what to expect in different types of interviews. Viewers learn how to make a great first impression and convince employers you are the right person to hire. 17 minutes *** The three programs are delivered on one DVD and are Closed Captioned ***

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! " 3.5 stars (out of four) VIDEO LIBRARIAN Pro-active, informed, and prepared job seekers land better jobs in less time. With the help of this three-part series, viewers learn the best networking strategies; receive resume and cover letter ideas and tips; and discover the best ways to prepare for and ace the interview. Featuring career coaches and former job seekers, KEYS TO GETTING HIRED SERIES also reveals the most effective ways to uncover job leads, connect with employers, and why employers make the hiring decisions they do. While the DVDs do not need to be shown sequentially, the best impact is for job seekers to view all three. JOB SEARCH STEPS THAT GET RESULTS Viewers learn how to efficiently market themselves as excellent job candidates. In this program, viewers discover how to expand their network, find open positions, stay motivated, and overcome employment obstacles. 11 minutes *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS THAT WORK The resume and cover letter have a job: to quickly convince employers to contact the candidate. In this program, viewers discover how to customize these documents to effectively introduce themselves to employers and get interviews. The video presents information on the different types of resumes and includes tips from professional career coaches for creating, formatting, and submitting resumes and cover letters. 9 minutes *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request ACE THE INTERVIEW AND GET THE JOB Research, practice, and preparation are essential for interview success. This program shows how to master these important steps and know what to expect in different types of interviews. Viewers learn how to make a great first impression and convince employers you are the right person to hire. 18 minutes *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request *** The three programs are delivered on one DVD and are Closed Captioned *** Each program is also available separately

For the most part starting and running a business requires both planning and discipline. Viewers learn about business plans as well as the basics behind good customer service. They are also told that success often comes in measured amounts which is where patience and self discipline are needed. Hear it straight from the horse's mouth through interviews with young people who have become entrepreneurs.

#11964/1120  KIDS AND SPORTS
Many children play organized sports and have fun doing so. This video shows just how developmental these activities can be from an early age. It documents stages of physical, emotional and even intellectual development that can result from healthy participation. Perfect for getting parents and other involved adults in tune with realistic expectations.

#13971/0645  KINGS OF PASTRY
Imagine a scene never before witnessed! Sixteen French pastry chefs gathered in Lyon for three intense days of mixing, piping and sculpting everything from delicate chocolates to six-foot sugar sculptures in hopes of being declared by President Nicolas Sarkozy one of the best. This is the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition (Best Craftsmen in France).

#13314/1290  KITCHEN FUNDAMENTALS: Basic Techniques Used in Food Preparation
This introductory course shows young viewers the workings of the kitchen and the preparation of real food. The first segment covers the fundamentals of preparation, including hand washing and knife cuts. The second segment reviews the basics of cooking, from measuring to broiling to steaming and more. Grades 6 to 12

#16169/1290  KITCHEN MATH: Measuring
Success or failure in the kitchen depends on three elements interacting with each other: ingredients, time, and temperature. Measuring these three elements accurately helps ensure the end result is delicious food. This program resents measuring basics with humor and fun: * Units of measurement * Common abbreviations * Measuring tools and techniques * Proper measuring techniques for dry, solid, and liquid ingredients * Basic recipe conversion and cost comparisons Closed CaptionedGrades 6 to A

#15916/1290  KNIFE SKILLS
Learn basic knife cuts while staying safe in the kitchen! Chef Marshall O'Brien demonstrates essential knife skills in short segments, including: knife safety, types of knives, using a food processor and blender, cutting techniques for meat, cutting produce - slice, dice and chop. Grades 6 to A

Learn the essential knife skills for working in a foodservice environment with Chef Marshall O’Brien. Chef Marshall demonstrates essential knife skills in short segments perfect for training foodservice workers, including: knife safety, types of knives, preparing foods to use in an indistrial food processor, using an industrial food processor and cutting fruits and vegetables - slice, dice, and chop. Closed Captioned. Grades 6 to A

Not everyone aspires to work in an office, a bank or in retail. Some people want to do real blue collar work and those people are as essential to today's world as ever. Landing a job in a trade of choice can be just as challenging as any other. Viewers get to-the-point exposure on the realities of dealing with labor-specific resumes, interviews and how to start working their way up the ladder. Grades 9 to 12

A vivid inside look at what really works in language arts instruction, this CD-and-DVD set is the ideal way to strengthen teaching practices - and arm young children with the early literacy skills they'll need to succeed in school.

Viewers from juniors to pros learn how to be a dominant force in ice hockey with explosive, powerful skating! Demonstrates how to improve skating in all the fundamental skills and provides proven drills to help viewers practice and master each maneuver. Several NHL teams have adopted Laura Stamm's Power Skating System.

#13506/0470  LAURENCE GARTEL: Digital Media Artist DVD
A documentary on one of the most innovative artists of the 21st century. For over 30 years Gartel has been exploring the artistic potential of computers. His cutting-edge works have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian Institution. His works for pop culture icons such as Versace, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake are legendary. Grades 8 to A

This group work model is highly applicable to all school and agency work and a valuable training tool for all counselors working with teens. Activities focus on building self-esteem, managing anger, improving communication skills, and resolving irrational beliefs. Grades 9 to A

Viewers from junior high to adult learn about 32 different art styles from prehistoric to the present in these four programs and posters! . Grades 8 to A

#15325/0920  LEARNING AND MIND with Howard Gardner (3 Programs)
LEARNING AND MIND is Howard Gardner’s all new three DVD series - for educators and policymakers. Decades of research culminate in his definitive treatise on the current state of MI (Multiple Intelligences) theory, what we know about learning and ‘understanding’, and which intellectual capacities will matter most in a rapidly changing world. Gardner takes viewers on an epic journey from the cognitive revolution of the 1950’s to today’s revolutions in biology, technology, lifelong learning and globalization. On this sweeping canvas, he demonstrates what intelligence is (and isn’t), what ‘disciplinary understanding’ is (and how to achieve it), and how rapidly changing economic, technological and ethical contexts will frame the big questions of tomorrow. *There are three programs - MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES, UNDERSTANDING and FIVE MINDS FOR THE FUTURE. Each is 60 minutes and accompanied by an Instructor’s Package with material outlines, discussion topics, and more!

#15790/0605  LEGACY PROJECT (THE) VOLUME II: Dramatists Talk about Their Work (10 Programs)
This series documents and preserves the creative process of America's most esteemed writers for the theater in a series of filmed conversations, each featuring an established stage author (or team of collaborators) being interviewed by an emerging writer. The featured writers include: THOMAS MEEHAN 35 minutes; TOM JONES and HARVEY SCHMIDT 49 minutes; LYNN AHRENS and STEPHEN FLAHERTY 51 minutes; MARY RODGERS 36 minutes;. JULES FEIFFER 44 minutes; TERRENCE MCNALLY 46 minutes; TINA HOWE 39 minutes; CHARLES FULLER 45 minutes; FRANK GILROY 53 minutes; and, JOHN GUARE 42 minutes.

#15200/0605  LEGACY PROJECT (THE): Dramatists Talk about Their Work (10 Programs)
The Legacy Project is a ten-video series that documents and preserves the creative process of America’s most esteemed writers for the theater in a series of filmed conversations, each featuring an established stage author or collaborative team interviewed by a younger emerging writer. A notable chronicle of important theater history. The featured writers include: LEE ADAMS 45 minutes; EDWARD ALBEE 42 minutes; JERRY BOCK AND SHELDON HARNICK 51 minutes; A.R. GURNEY 42 minutes; JOHN KANDER 52 minutes; ARTHUR LAURENTS 46 minutes; STEPHEN SONDHEIM 65 minutes; JOSEPH STEIN 38 minutes; CHARLES STROUSE 48 minutes; and, LANFORD WILSON 46 minutes.

#15647/1410  LESBIAN BISEXUAL GAY AND TRANSGENDERED YOUTH COUNSELING SERIES with Stuart Chen-Hayes and Lynn Banez (2 Programs)
These videos are among the first to illustrate specifics of LBGT counseling and therapy. The two videos within the series include AFFIRMATIVE PRACTICE IN SCHOOLS, COMMUNITIES AND FAMILIES which delivers foundational facts and demonstrations of sexual orientation counseling. The second video, SKILL BUILDING VIGNETTES WITH LBGT YOUTH IN SCHOOLS, COMMUNITIES AND FAMILIES shares six demonstrations focusing on real world issues, such as an unexpected "outing", physical threats, and suicide.

#14436/0635  LESSONS FROM THE REAL WORLD: Social Issues and Student Involvement
Is it possible to achieve better (K-12) student engagement and achievement by orienting lessons to outside the classroom activities and situations rather than them being drilled with subject matter divorced from their real lives and the environments that often impact those lives? What types of activities could be used to help students get to higher performance levels in math, reading, writing, etc?

The focus here is on the importance of getting children and youth started in an active lifestyle ... any active lifestyle! The possibilities, the varieties of activities are pretty much endless but research shows that an early start participating has the healthiest long term effects. This program provides valuable practical knowledge and the perfect motivation for getting started with any type of physical activity.Grades 8 to 12

#7098/0405  LIFTING THE LID: How Computers Work DVD
OK so everyone (almost) sort of knows how to use them at least for what they think they need them for!? HUH??!! Computers! Love 'em or hate 'em, did you ever wonder why they work? This video provides much needed information on the how and why of computer functions that will help novice users and enthusiasts alike better understand how software and hardware interact. Grades 9 to A

#15601/1043  MAD COW, SACRED COW
This DVD explores the connections among the mad cow crisis, the farm crisis, and the global food crisis and follows filmmaker Anand Ramayya as he examines the contradictions between the cow that provides beef as a food source and the cow that is the god of his Hindu ancestors. The DVD travels to India, which has a burgeoning meat export industry that is critical to the livelihood of 65 percent of India’s population. It discusses globalization and considers food consumption in relation to current environmental, cultural, economic, and health crises. .

#15794/0605  MAGIC CAMP: Kids Finding the Magic inside Themselves
"Charming and riveting. . . about magic certainly, but also on a deeper level about being a teenager" FORBES "Thank goodness for Magic Camp... All of the campers profiled face obstacles in their normal lives... For some of them, it's their only crack at a safe space where uniqueness is not just encouraged, but actually celebrated." Cherly Eddie, SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN At the real-life Hogwarts, kids from the world over gather to prove themselves on the stage where superstar magicians got their start. To escape the pressures of growing up, magic-obsessed kids congregate at the one place they can be themselves. They want to prove their worth on the same stage where superstars like David Blaine and David Copperfield once performed. But to get there, they need to learn more than sleight of hand and tricks of the trade. They have to find the magic inside.

#13575/0450  MAKEUP GUIDE (THE)
Properly applying makeup can make a world of difference in how a woman looks, and how she feels about herself. The trick, of course, is to know what techniques to follow. That is the purpose of this how-to program, as professional makeup artist Theresa Danaher covers all aspects of make-up in easy, simple-to-follow steps.

#13650/0635  MAKING SCHOOLS WORK: A Roadmap for Recovery (7 Programs) DVD
This extraordinary seven-part series - a practical roadmap for schools and school districts across the country - is essential viewing for educators, administrators, advocates, and anyone else with a heartfelt concern over the future of our children. The first program, a detailed overview of some of the nation’s most successful educational initiatives, is followed by in-depth interviews with eight visionaries from the world of educational reform.

Viewing this program is like having a series of personal basketball clinics with master coach Morgan Wootten! Each key topic is covered thoroughly with on-court instruction and demonstration, Xs and Os animation, and the best selection of related drills used by Wootten while guiding his DeMatha dynasty.

This three-part comprehensive series offers teachers and counselors very specific methods for dealing with problem behaviors from young people who are developmentally or emotionally challenged or disabled. Also covered are young people who use manipulative or aggressive tactics angrily in the classroom or group to control or disrupt. MANAGING THREATENING CONFRONTATIONS, 25 minutes WORKING WITH HOSTILE AND RESISTANT TEENS *Winner! Columbus International and the U.S. International Film Festival 90 minutes with guide. ABCs OF EMOTIONAL BEHAVIORAL DISORDER, 35 minutes Features Bob Clasen, professor emeritus and Molly Kilkenny, special education teacher, as well as student portraits and family interviews.

#14910/1027  MANAGING SCHOOL VIOLENCE (4 DVDs and Manual)
From preschool to colleges, this comprehensive series of four programs features students, educators, and experts. Learn about effective school violence management, including bullying. PHYSICAL SAFETY ISSUES MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES SCHOOL SAFETY IN PRE-K AND ELEMENTARY STUDENT TAKES ON SCHOOL VIOLENCE Grades 12 to A

#9719/1120  MANNERS AT WORK Revised for the 21st Century Workplace
Why does etiquette matter in the dog-eat-dog world of business? Etiquette is the oil of social machinery that smoothes the rough edges of personal interaction, especially among near strangers. A worker who knows good manners at work has a real business advantage. Good manners are good business, because they make people want to work with you Etiquette isn't merely about being "nice" - it's about being effective in the corporate world. Grades 7 to 12

#16051/1290  MANNERS BOOT CAMP: Professional Courtesy
Having good manners will help you stand out from the crowd and knowing how to act with professional courtesy can help you land a job and succeed once you have your foot in the door. Join Sasha and Sean in Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy as they work to get their etiquette in shape for the professional world of work.

#13078/0880  MANUFACTURED FIBERS: Fabrics and Beyond
This program introduces a variety of manufactured fibers, looks at their physical and chemical structures, examines their properties, and discusses their uses. The program covers such fibers as rayon, lyocell, acetate, nylon, polyester, and acrylic.

#15984/0697  MARKETING MIX (Biz Kids)
Now that you’ve decided to start a business, how will you market it? Let the Biz Kids help you understand the four P’s of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. Learn how "Exclusive Cuts" barber services, "Wow, Take a Bow" dog grooming, and other businesses use unique methods to market their products and services. ***From BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY, this program is from the BIZ KIDS SERIES that teach kids financial literacy. All programs in this series are complemented by a resource rich website, lesson plans, outreach activities, and a monthly electronic newsletter. All programs are also Closed Captioned.

#12271/1120  MARKETING'S 4 Ps: The Consumer Angle
Product, place, price and promotion ... with pertinent examples from popular, everyday brands, students gain an understanding of how pricing strategies really work, how marketers target different consumers with identical products, and where positioning and branding meet profit.

#13359/0545  MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE: Sport and the Media DVD
Does media heavy coverage of professional sport have a positive or negative influence on physical fitness/activity levels for the general population? What are the negative aspects of media and sport? Couch potatoes spending all their time watching millionaires with egos the size of their McMansions? Grades 8 to A

With schools struggling to boost mathematics scores, math teachers need all the guidance they can get. This program contains a powerful tool-chest full of lesson demonstrations, professional development videos, and an interactive quiz - all designed to help educators develop real-world teaching examples and applications.

#13833/1290  MATH IN THE KITCHEN: Do You Measure Up?
Watching cooking shows gives the impression that a pinch of this, a few drops of that and a splash of something else results in haute cuisine. The reality of preparing food is another matter as this video demonstrates. Pinches, drops and splashes are actually measurements that trained chefs recognize. Viewers are introduced to the mathematics of recipes and measurements. Grades 6 to 12

#6319/2030  MATH WORKS SERIES (2 DVD-Rs)
A 10-part series designed to teach basic math skills to adult learners. Although aimed primarily at developing or re-establishing the skills of adults, the series has proven useful and appropriate for students in Grades 6 and above. Grades 6 to A

#14072/1290  MEAL APPEAL: Quick Garnishes
Chef Paulette Mitchell demonstrates innovative and delightful food designs for fruits, vegetables, breads and more. Feed your eyes and your appetite! Grades 6 to A

#12210/1290  MEALS IN MINUTES SERIES (4 Programs)
Join comedian Stevie Ray in this series of four programs as he uses humor to educate on the following topics: EASY STIR-FRY - walks viewers step-by-step though the basics of stir-fry cooking. VEGETARIAN - Vegetarianism is more than just not eating meat - it’s about smart eating. The key is to eat a varied, balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. MEAL PLANNING - Explains the steps of meal planning KITCHEN AND FOOD SAFETY - Learn the difference between safe and dangerous safety practices in the kitchen. Topics covered include: Hand washing; Knife safety; Cross-contamination; Burns and cuts; Food storage. And more! Grades 6 to 12

#11525/0635  MEASUREMENT: The Long and the Short of It
Emphasizing hands-on practice, this program is an excellent tool for introducing the basics of linear measurement: its history, terminology, systems, and practical applications. Grades 6 to 12

#5141/1120  MERCHANDISING: The Store as Persuasion DVD
Beneficial to both marketers and marketees, this video shows consumers how to "read" the selling environment and teaches students of marketing that merchandising is a complex mix of art and science. Grades 7 to 12

The fundamentals and variations behind the creation of fantastic desserts are explained.

#12618/0635  METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: A World of Art DVD
The collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is world-renowned and provides the material for this fascinating 52 minute introduction to the history of art. Great visuals, production values, and informed commentary make this a tour de force for both serious students of art as well as for less dedicated viewers.

#15834/1290  MONEY SMART: Making Cents of Your Finances
Being a smart consumer starts with understanding money and finances beyond simply knowing what money can buy. EARNING - Understanding your paycheck (3:14) SAVING AND INVESTING - Planning for rainy days and your future (5:02) SPENDING - Managing your expenses online (5:14) OWING - Borrowing and paying your debts (6:19) TRACKING AND GIVING - Living within your means and sharing with others (5:31) *Closed CaptionedGrades 6 to A

Discover the ways in which Montessori classrooms differ from the traditional school setting in this enlightening documentary. Observe different levels of Montessori, including infants, toddlers, early childhood, and elementary, and how each utilizes the Montessori method.

"Recommended for professional development and teacher-training collections." Library Journal 2011 This set of three programs are designed for general/special education teachers, administrators, and university instructors. WORKING WITH CHALLENGING PARENTS - gives teachers the skills to respond to challenging parents in a confident manner that builds relationships and will create a collaborative community between schools and parents to best help the child. OFFERING CHOICES - gives teachers the skills to remain calm and avoid the frustration of dealing with repeated misbehaviors.. It will also help teach students responsibility. 22 minutes MANAGING CONFLICT WITH STUDENTS - gives teachers the tools to respond to conflict situations in a way that keeps problems small and will reduce classroom disruptions, improve school atmosphere, and bring the joy back to teaching. *Each program includes Discussion Questions Insert

#15731/0427  MORE TIME TO TEACH: Responding to Student Behavior ELEMENTARY Version
"An effective resource for professional collections." Booklist " excellent program..." Harry K. Wong Designed for general/special education teachers and administrators, staff development coordinators, and university instructors, this innovative program offers a unique model for increasing teaching and learning time. By using student and teacher dramatizations of actual classroom situations tailored to an elementary school setting, More Time to Teach empowers educators to respond effectively to student behavior. Teachers who have implemented this program have experienced the following results: More than 40% decrease in classroom disruptions; Dramatic improvement in classroom atmosphere; and, Considerably less fatigue at the end of the school day.

#15729/0427  MORE TIME TO TEACH: Responding to Student Behavior SECONDARY Version
"A welcome resource for making classroom time more effective." Video Librarian " excellent program..." Harry K. Wong Designed for general/special education teachers and administrators, staff development coordinators, and university instructors, this innovative program offers a unique model for increasing teaching and learning time. By using student and teacher dramatizations of actual classroom situations appropriate for a secondary school setting, this program empowers educators to respond effectively to student behavior. Teachers who have implemented this program have experienced the following results: More than 40% decrease in classroom disruptions; Dramatic improvement in classroom atmosphere; and, Considerably less fatigue at the end of the school day.

In this DVD, Baruti Kafele, educator and author of the blockbuster "Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life", helps teachers and administrators understand how to address critical issues facing many young black male students. He provides practical tools and empowering examples that schools can integrate into their programs and practices right away. Walk the school hallways with Baruti Kafele and learn what it takes to motivate, educate, and empower young black males to succeed in school and in life. Bonus Material includes complete student and teacher workshop sessions led by Baruti Kafele! One 40-minute DVD with additional 65 minutes of video features.

Multicultural - it’s today’s educational buzzword. And it’s not a passing fad. Due to the increasing ethnic diversity in our society, promoting cultural awareness is more important today than ever before. What better way to learn about and appreciate cultural differences than through dances from around the world? Grades K to 12

#4034/0920  MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES: Intelligence, Understanding and the Mind with Howard Gardner
Howard Gardner presents the Multiple Intelligences theory - the revolution in cognitive sciences and education that is changing how we think about intelligence and the human mind. Here in this dynamic presentation for the PD classroom, what is at stake is revealed.

#7753/0635  MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES: Other Styles of Learning DVD
David Lazear, author of Seven Ways of Knowing and Seven Ways of Teaching and founder of New Dimensions of Learning, contends that educators must ensure the success of all students by teaching for the five nontraditional intelligences as well: visual/spatial, musical/rhythmic, body/kinesthetic, intrapersonal, and interpersonal.

#13158/0545  MY FIRST JOB: Student Version
Going to work for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience. Who to report to, what to know, what travel arrangements to make, what are the regular attendance hours, what if things go wrong, who can I talk to for support, what are my entitlements, what rights and responsibilities do I have? All these issues are addressed in this program, which provides useful, comprehensive advice on surviving your first job and making life just a bit easier at the workplace.Grades 8 to A

This program introduces such natural fibers as cotton, wool, silk, and bast fibers. It discusses their origins, examines their properties and uses, and explains how they are formed into fabrics.

#15741/1725  NATURE OF GENIUS (THE)
Two documentaries by Michael Apted on scientific and artistic brilliance. Apted turns his interviewer's lens to explore the human advances in the arts and the sciences. How do artists create? How do scientists hope to affect the world? INSPIRATIONS - Explore the true origins of creativity in arts through interviews with these seven figures of the artistic media. Musician David Bowie Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein Glass sculptor Dale Chihuly Choreographer Édouard Lock Dancer Louise LeCavalier Potter and poet Nora Naranjo-Morse Architect Tadao Ando ME AND ISAAC NEWTON - These seven distinguished scientists reveal the creative side of the scientific endeavor, beginning with their earliest scientific questions and including their most personal ponderings. Pharmaceutical chemist Gertrude Elion Environmental physicist Ashok Gadgil Author and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku Roboticist Maja Mataric Cognitive scientist and author Steven Pinker Geneticist Karol Sikora Primatologist Patricia Wright *Features subtitles in English (SDH) *Includes two discs - one in DVD and one in Blu-ray format.

This is a fast-paced introduction to the world of textiles - the fundamentals of natural and manufactured fibers. Viewers share their experiences with fiber properties like comfort, warmth, cost and care. And how technology is creating new fibers such as spandex, microfibers, and locell is explained. Grades 6 to A

This set looks at three-dimensional, interactive scanning systems integrated with advanced CAD/CAM systems, networked CNC machines, and multiple robots working in collaboration.

This program examines cultural issues in nonverbal communication. Differentiates between conscious and unconscious gestures; considers facial expressions; discusses cultural differences in voice, para-language, and the use of silence; and explores space and body distance. Features expert commentary, student discussions, and illustrative vignettes.

#13579/2043  OBSERVING CHILDREN: A Study in Child Development DVD
An ideal resource for all students of health and social care and child development. Contains footage depicting all aspects of play, including solitary, imaginary and cooperative play. Excellent to show effective caring for children and the development of many skills, including language, play and socializing; intellectual and emotional development. Also divided into three distinct observations enabling students to look closely at different phases of development. Includes extensive teacher's notes and activities.

#1399/0140  OUT! Making Schools Safe for Gay Teens (2 Programs)
The objective of these two programs is to reduce homophobic events and increase understanding of gay teen issues. The 42-minute staff video features teachers and counselors discussing ways to interact with gay teens and how to counteract homophobia in school. The 26-minute student video focuses on empathetic, candid interviews with gay teens talking about key issues. *Includes separate discussion guide with reproducibles. Grades 7 to A

#2267/1965  PAINTING PICTURES - Volume Two DVD
This is Volume II of the delightful series of short programs showing children commenting on various paintings hanging in the National Gallery of Canada.

#3977/1965  PAINTING PICTURES Volume One DVD
Primary school age children act as both tour guides and art critics of some of the National Gallery of Canada's paintings. Insightful, imaginative and lots of fun, this is a great introduction to a blend of both Canadian and art history.

#1680/0635  PALETTES SERIES (14 Programs) DVD
Great Artists and Their Paintings From the canvas itself, to the type of brush used by the artist, from the historical, political, or individual context of the painting, to the personality of the characters displayed in its features, this series uncovers the endless secrets a work of art can hide.

#14771/1435  PARAEDUCATORS: Quality Supervision and Training
From one of the nation’s leading authorities, Dr. Nancy French, University of Colorado at Denver, comes a comprehensive and powerful two-set DVD for the effective supervision and training of paraeducators. In today’s school environments, teacher aides/assistants/monitors play a critical support role in the delivery of quality instruction, the implementation of accommodations/modifications for students with special needs, as well as in the supervision/monitoring of students during less structured times of the day

#11533/0635  PAROLE: Getting Out and Staying Out
Prison life is hard - but for most ex-convicts, life on the outside is tough, too. This video follows paroled prisoners as they re-enter civilian life and face challenges both large and small.

Master costume designer Rosemary Ingham takes viewers through a step-by-step explanation and demonstration of her process for pattern development; from initial drawings through measurement and fittings to the finishing touches.

This program was developed by an elementary school principal and a certified trainer of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. Like OBPP, the Peaceful School Bus Program isn't a curriculum or a discipline program, nor is it a training program for bus drivers. It is a whole-school program that's designed to decrease inappropriate behavior on buses while creating a climate of respect and cooperation. Grades K to 12

#13515/0470  PEGGY FLORES ARTS & CRAFTS SERIES (16 Programs) DVD
This 16 part series of 23 minute videos encompass a wide range of classroom activities which utilize materials on hand, such as paper, paint, crayons, and found objects while exploring cultural art, sculpture, and other subjects. The projects are suitable for students of all ages.

#11435/0485  PERFECT MATCH: Wine and Food
Getting beyond the red/white meat/fish wine matchup is really an interesting and exciting step into the true appreciation of good food. Viewers get an intro to the innumerable variations that make wine culture and its relation to food so fascinating, not to mention tasty.

#14445/0635  PERSONAL FINANCE ESSENTIALS: Financial Literacy for Young Earners (5 Programs)
Loaded with savvy tips and real-life scenarios, this comprehensive five-part series prepares students to become responsible managers of their personal finances. Each program tackles a specific topic - budgeting, banking, credit, investing, and taxes - and breaks it down into segments that can be used as separate teaching tools, or remain as part of a complete lesson. 5-part series, 32-38 minutes each.

#15828/0490  PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Your Final Defense
Everyone expects their workplace to be safe and risk free. But there are hazards that sometimes can’t be controlled. That’s when you need to use Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. The personal part is important because PPE is specifically selected by employers to be worn by workers to protect them from the hazards of the job. Whether it is eyes, head, feet or hands, this program will educate your employees on the importance of PPE and how to select, use and maintain this important equipment. *Closed Captioned

#15758/0405  PHOTO (12 Programs)
Compared to painting, the creation of a photograph seems simple, requiring little more than a lens and a shutter, a subject and a source of light. But what had to be adjusted, waited for, or provoked for all the elements to come together in the frame and produce an image that once seen is never forgotten? Almost since its invention, the camera has been used not just to capture reality but to interpret it. This 12-part series from Arte France traces the adventure of this art form from its beginnings up through the 21st century, revealing the hidden stories and trade secrets concealed in a series of photographs.

Thousands of children avoid school each day for fear of being persecuted by their peers; countless more dread it for the same reason. This timely, insightful, and truly practical video shows parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders how to begin creating healthier, safer communities.

#14955/0463  PHYSIOLOGICAL TESTING OF THE ATHLETE: Applications and Limitations
Details the kinds of tests that should be utilized with a specific athlete and the application of test results to training that athlete to enhance that individual’s level of performance. Also discusses some of the inherent limitations of athletic performance testing.

This is the story of three boys, their community and a principal who refused to give up on the troubled elementary school that connects them all. Caught between underfunding and a high need, low income community, Pinecrest's reputation for poor academics and bad behaviour is threatening the school's very existence. But under the inspired leadership of a new principal, the school and its students begin an amazing turnaround. Photographed in verite style over an entire school year, the film casts a revealing and compassionate light on the challenges facing our growing immigrant communities. The documentary raises important and timely questions about how our public schools are responding to the needs of these communities, and why early efforts are so vital to insuring their children's success.

#6293/0685  PLAYING (UN)FAIR: The Media Image of the Female Athlete
This video is a really interesting look at the (gender) politics of sport and how they are dictated and controlled by the media. It provides excellent discussion material for both gender and media studies on the image of women as represented by mainstream coverage of female athletes.

#11551/0485  PORK: Beyond the Chop (DVD and CD-ROM)
Pork is a popular menu items that is used in breakfast, lunch, entrée, and appetizer menus throughout all facets of the foodservice industry. This program will assist in educating your students and/or staff about this popular versatile protein.

#6675/1120  POSITIONING: How Advertisers Shape Perceptions DVD
The brains behind the advertising industry never, EVER sleep! This video examines a new trend (trick?) that advertisers are using to keep consumers buying. Useful as a consumer education piece (or to introduce prospective advertisers to the latest techniques), this will at least let viewers know why they are willing participants in this consumer society, even if they didn't know it. Grades 7 to A

How did two female immigrants to the U.S. start businesses early in the 20th Century that grew into competing, hugely profitable enterprises? The names Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden still rank among the most recognizable even in today's cosmetics and fashion industries.

#14957/0463  POWER DEVELOPMENT: Not Just for Athletes Anymore!
Explosiveness is critical for most sports, but what about for daily life? In this practical video, you will learn how to improve power production for sport and life. Appropriate training progressions and modifications based on age, ability and facility design will also be discussed.

#10073/1290  POWER OF COLOR
This video provides an introduction to the use of color in fashion, design and decoration. It examines the power of color and how it has been utilized historically. Also discussed is how color affects humans psychologically to produce calm, or stimulate emotion and energy. Specific application tips are provided on color selection for clothing and interiors by experts in the field. Grades 9 to A

#15697/1410  POWER OF MENTORING (THE): Strategies to Bring Out the Best in Anyone
What do Oprah Winfrey, Mozart, Abraham Maslow, and Cesar Chavez have in common? Besides their accomplishments, they have all been coached to greatness by their mentors. Mentoring is rarely taught at school, yet it’s an essential piece of professional and personal development. This video will teach you how to be an outstanding mentor through engaging role-plays, interspersed with inspiring stories and concrete tips from actual experience in mentoring. You will be given research-based, practical strategies for how to connect effectively with culturally different mentees. The strategies presented are geared for counselors, educators, supervisors, and mentors in all types of settings. You will be shown exactly what you can do to make a difference and be a better and more inspired teacher, advisor, and mentor! Grades 9 to A

#15127/1435  POWER OF RTI: Classroom Management Strategies K-6
In this program educational consultant Jim Wright explains how RTI - Response to Intervention - can be used in the classroom to address defiant, noncompliant, hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive behaviors.

The best way to become a professional model is to learn from professionals. This series provides answers, information and advice for aspiring models from top modeling agents, showing what agencies look for in a model, the proper way models pose during camera shoots and how models present themselves on and off camera.

#11473/1135  PREPARED TO SURVIVE: Wilderness Survival Skills
On the trail, in the woods, or on a mountainside, you should always expect one thing: the unexpected. It can happen anytime to anyone, from the most casual hiker to the most experienced outdoors person. Are you prepared to survive? You will be after viewing this award winning series, which will give you the essential knowledge and skills that could save your life.

This program demonstrates the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to prepare and present appetizers, sandwiches and salads in a commercial kitchen or catering operation. Grades 8 to A

#11735/0485  PRO CHEF CULINARY ESSENTIALS (DVDs, CD-ROMs and Professional Cookbooks!)
Everything you need to teach the techniques and skills required in today’s competitive industry are included in the CIA's culinary essentials package - this information will give new and experienced chefs a solid foundation of knowledge and fundamental cooking skills.

Probability and Statistics can be difficult for students to master because the word problems require students to read and truly comprehend what is being asked before any solution can be attempted. Each probability lesson is taught by fully worked example problems that help students not only do well in class but truly understand the material taught. This series will provide the tools students need to succeed. The series is best used in order from Volume 1 through Volume 14. A teacher's User Instruction and Resource Guide are available. PERMUTATIONS (79 minutes) COMBINATIONS (48 minutes) FUNDAMENTALS OF PROBABILITY (69 minutes) ADDITION RULES OF PROBABILITY (63 minutes) CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY (47 minutes) BAYES' THEOREM (66 minutes) MATHEMATICAL EXPECTATION (25 minutes) MEAN, MEDIAN AND MODE (30 minutes) STANDARD DEVIATION AND VARIANCE (41 minutes) RANDOM VARIABLES AND INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS (49 minutes) BINOMIAL PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTION (77 minutes) MEAN AND STANDARD DEVIATION OF THE BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTION (40 minutes) POISSON PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTION (54 minutes) NORMAL PROBABILITY DENSITY (90 minutes) Grades 8 to 12

Problem-based learning is a great way to make learning more active, hands on, and engaging for all students - while you still aim toward the objectives of a standards-based curriculum with 21st century learning goals. Here’s the ultimate tool for giving teachers the professional development experience they need to understand the benefits of problem-based learning and to see and hear how to incorporate these strategies into their classroom practice. *Two 45-minute DVDs, each with a professional development program: Program One - ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Takes you to two elementary schools where teachers use problem-based learning throughout the curriculum. Program Two - SECONDARY SCHOOL Takes you to middle and high schools where teachers use problem-based learning to develop real-world, authentic tasks that motivate students and encourage them to take more ownership of learning.

#14890/0635  PROFESSIONALISM 101: Skills to Succeed and Advance at Work (3 Programs)
With tips and advice from career counselors, human resources reps, new employees, and seasoned business professionals, this three-part series takes a common sense approach to the details of job success. Each program provides essential information on the big issues as well as on matters seldom covered but frequently experienced. Three 25-minute programs: PROFESSIONAL IMAGE; WORKING TOGETHER; and, BUSINESS ETIQUETTE. *Sub-titled

In this program, Megan Laverty of Teachers College at Columbia University explores the definition of progressive education discusses types of progressive schools , and highlights their key advocates. She differentiates between child-centered and society-centered progressive education and reviews the contributions of Parker, Hall, Pratt, Naumburg, Clapp, and Meier to educational philosophy. The DVD also considers Neill’s educational philosophy; examines his text Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing; looks at Dewey’s founding of the University of Chicago Laboratory School; and contrasts the educational philosophies of Washington and DuBois, both of whom focused on progress for African Americans. *Closed Captoned

#10290/0635  PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING (7 Programs) DVD
This series comprises a comprehensive analysis of how people learn, investigating the areas of attention, cognitive development, memory, language development, classical and operant conditioning, approaches to learning, and perception. There are seven programs in the series: The Study of Attention Cognitive Development The Study of Memory Language Development Classical and Operant Conditioning Further Approaches to Learning Perception: The Theories

Many people spend too long trying to create the perfect resume and end up neglecting their cover letter and delaying their job search. This program shows viewers how to get over the initial hurdles of writing a winning resume and cover letter to get them on the inside track to success.

#13596/1120  READING BLUE JEANS: Clothing and Culture
Look around! How many people of all ages, races and sizes do you see wearing blue jeans? Viewers learn where this trend began way back when these were workpants worn by laborers and how they have successfully evolved into a common (and sometimes very expensive) fashion statement for the masses on all social levels.

#14939/0483  REAL PEOPLE, COOL CAREERS (2 Programs)
Viewers are shown what it's like to have a career as a police officer, paramedic, massage therapist, radio announcer, pilot, minor league baseball umpire, a registered nurse, graphic designer, fire fighter, editor, chef and an emergency medical technician.Grades 7 to A

#10776/0635  REAL-WORLD ROBOTICS Cd-Rom
The future will almost certainly see increasing human interaction with and dependence on robots and robotics. But what is a robot and how do they work? This CD-ROM combines history, theory, and applications to jumpstart tomorrow's robotics pioneers on the path to discovery today.

Deals with the trauma that is experienced by many people who suffer being pink slipped, especially those who believed that their jobs were secure. The psychological and emotional anguish and sudden uncertainty has been described as similar to experiencing grief after an unexpected death. Viewers get help in understanding their feelings so that they can begin to move on. Grades 9 to A

#11419/0485  RECIPE COSTING: The Bottom Line DVD
"You're such a great should open a restaurant!" The dreams of many a good cook have been shattered, or rather bankrupted, by being blind to the information contained in this video. Learning to manage food costs to actually make a profit is as basic to success as being able to boil water.

* Recommended by Teacher Librarian ("Videos That Grab Attention"). "This practical, realistic program goes a long way in presenting evaluative tools to help recognize potential abuse and take prompt action. Highly recommended." Video Librarian (3.5 out of 4 stars) Unfortunately, kids who grow up facing brutality and neglect are lucky if a teacher or daycare provider catches on. Tragically, child abuse often goes unnoticed - and if a first-responder does detect it, he or she may not understand what measures must be taken. By following this program's clearly illustrated steps to awareness and action, viewers will become better equipped to recognize and intervene in cases of neglect and abuse - while there's still time to help.

#12505/0440  RECOGNIZING CHILD ABUSE SERIES (3 Programs)
This series of three 14-minute programs is designed to inform those providing care and service to children how to recognize the signs of child abuse and what actions they need to take if abuse is suspected. PHYSICAL ABUSE - covers various aspects surrounding the physical abuse of children, including risk factors and how to recognize actual physical signs of abuse. NEGLECT AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE - provides an overview and discusses specifically the topics of neglectful caretakers, physical neglect, emotional neglect and emotional abuse. SEXUAL ABUSE - includes an overview and definition of sexual abuse, and the many ways that sexual abuse occurs, including incest, molestation, exhibitionism, child pornography and child prostitution.

#14707/0867  REENA VIRK STORY (THE)
Reena Virk was only fourteen when she was beaten and drowned by a group of her peers in a middle-class suburb of Victoria, B.C. Reena's parents' profound dedication to the prevention of similar tragedies, has led them into dialogue with communities, teachers and students, and even one of the youths responsible for Reena’s death. The DVD is accompanied by a Discussion Guide and includes two versions of the story - one for ages 13 plus and is 20 minutes. The other version is for ages 10 to 12 and is 25 minutes.

This seven DVD set addresses over 120 topics. Each DVD contains three to four 20-minute videos. Each of the six DVDs features theory-related topics as well as practical, step-by-step skills for successful maintenance and troubleshooting. Videos address all aspects of HVAC-R with a focus on personal safety, equipment and tool safety, and the governmental agencies that help ensure safety on the job.

This fresh, new DVD, separate from the existing set of 6 DVDs (see item #14589) , specifically highlights the new topics using engaging and memorable video examples. Topics include: *Residential Energy Audits. *Heat Gains and Heat Losses in Buildings. *New insights and coverage of customer relations *Placing importance on green awareness

#14169/0463  RELATIONAL AGGRESSION IN GIRLS: Bullying Behavior and What To Do About It
Aimed at adults, features a clear and powerful discussion of the complexities of relational aggression (aka bullying) in girls. Also details a step-by-step process for responding to bullying behavior in girls - an approach that is essential for anyone working with children in groups, no matter what the setting.

#11802/0635  RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION (3 Programs)
What goes into building a house? It's astonishingly simple and complex at the same time. This informative three-part video takes a how-to approach as it explains the basics of plumbing, wiring, and masonry in a residential setting.

Residential framing combines the construction of floors, walls, ceilings, and a roof to create the skeleton of a home. Shot on location at an active building site, this four-part series gives detailed, step-by-step instructions for framing a house, built one story at a time. Along the way students learn OSHA-approved jobsite safety guidelines and special "Tool Tips", along with "Green Tips" for extra efficiency, savings, and sustainability. Four 8 to 13-minute programs FLOORS; WALLS; CEILING: and ROOF.

Aimed at student or apprentice electricians, this 8 part series explains processes, techniques and skills involved when installing, upgrading, and/or updating residential electrical service. Grades 8 to A

Developed and hosted by resistance-training expert Everett Aaberg, this series walks trainers through the steps of instructing clients during resistance training. The DVDs demonstrate the proper techniques for the participant and proper instructional methods for the fitness professional.

Moana Brown has been working in the field of Secondary School Education in New Zealand for the last 17 years in the areas of Health, Physical Education, Dance and Maori Language. In this video, she focuses on experiences of Maori students and their families and the extent to which restorative practices have engaged them in a fair, equitable and empowering process.

#16114/1280  RESUMES, COVER LETTERS AND PORTFOLIOS for EX-OFFENDERS: Necessary Tools for Landing the Interview
If you have a troubled past you may think you'll never get a 'real' job. But, with the right tools, finding a good job is not impossible. To start, you'll need a stellar resume, and attention-getting cover letter, and an up-to-date portfolio. Knowing what to leave out of your resume and cover letter, and how to include experience and training you may have received while in prison are key. This video will help take some of the guesswork out of your unique job search, explain the must-haves and explore the how-tos of resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. Viewers will learn about the different types of resumes; which one is the best match to their skills, qualifications, and experience; as well as how to write a cover letter that will motivate an employer to invite them for an interview; and, why they should expand their work story with a portfolio and positive online presence. *Includes Instructor's Guide

#16113/1280  RESUMES, COVER LETTERS AND PORTFOLIOS: Necessary Tools for Landing the Interview
Searching for a job is a process ... not always easy and oftentimes, well, work! Part of the process includes preparing the following: a stellar resume, an attention-getting cover letter, and an up-to-date portfolio. In this program, viewers will learn about the different types of resumes and when to use each; how to best match their skills, qualifications, and experience with the requirements of the position; how to write a cover letter that would motivate an employer to invite them for an interview; and, why they should expand their work story with a portfolio and positive online presence. *Includes Instructor's Guide Grades 9 to A

#12171/0635  RESUMES: A How-To Guide
Getting inexperienced job seekers to understand that they really can make their chances of landing the job they want a lot better with some good basic preparatory work is the aim of this video. Preparing a great resume is the focus. Viewers learn about different types of resumes, what advantages there are to each, and most important, how to best present their own personal interests and life experiences.

#15117/0877  RIGHT FROM THE START: A Guide to Hiring, Orienting and Supporting Teachers for Reflective Practices
RIGHT FROM THE START is an interactive multi-media DVD designed to support administrators in the challenging work of hiring, orienting and supporting teachers to become reflective and intentional in their work.Five easy to navigate menus include detailed descriptions of administrative practices, sample documents, Powerpoint presentations, video clips, and readings used to welcome and nurture teachers to grow into their full potential at the Reggio-inspired, internationally recognized Hilltop Children’s Center in Seattle, Washington.

#16170/1015  ROAD TO RE-ENTRY (THE): A Five Part Series
When transitioning out of incarceration, individuals face many barriers to a successful reentry. This video series guides individuals through the essential steps they’ll need to take to overcome challenges and pursue long-term success and fulfillment after their incarceration. Through a positive, encouraging approach, the program motivates individuals to become self-sufficient and make the right decisions to put themselves on track to a successful reentry. Viewers gain valuable tip sand insight from experienced professionals working in reentry programs. The video series also features formerly incarcerated individuals who describe their reentry experiences in candid, honest interviews that will resonate with viewers. Each program is approximately 25 minutes and is sub-titled in English. RECONNECTING WITH FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEETING YOUR BASIC NEEDS MAKING HEALTHY CHOICES FINDING EMPLOYMENT SUCCEEDING ON THE JOB

#15126/1435  RTI AND DI: The Dynamic Duo
What are Response To Intervention and Differentiated Instruction? Teaching methods aimed at helping students of various backgrounds, cultures, and learning styles reach their full potential. Program presents an overview of how to use RTI and DI together to practice high-quality instruction.

#13513/0470  RUTH DUCKWORTH: A Life in Clay DVD
Duckworth's simplistic philosophy, "Work comes from play," belies the complexity of her vision, from her sculpture to her extraordinary mural work. One of America's leading ceramists, Duckworth's work graces museums and private collections around the world.

#13815/0635  SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY SERIES (6 Programs)
Working in the crafts and the trades is a rewarding way for people to get their hands into their work - but it can be dangerous, too. This six-part series shows how to play it safe when working with technology used in various professions. Protect your students by making these videos compulsory viewing!

One of the most basic of cooking fundamentals is the creation of sauces. This program provides a solid foundation, knowledge and skills in this critical segment of the culinary arts. Covers brown, white, emulsion, and tomato sauces.

#13450/1120  SAVVY CONSUMER SERIES (3 Programs)
With this new series teach your students credit basics, wise credit card use, and how as consumers - they have rights! The 3 parts are 23-25 minutes each: UNDERSTANDING CREDIT BASICS: Know the Score USING CREDIT CARDS WISELY: Take Charge KNOW YOUR CONSUMER RIGHTS (AND RESPONSIBILITIES) Grades 8 to A

#15985/0697  SCAM-A-RAMA (Biz Kids)
It's a complicated world and there are many ways you can be taken advantage of or cheated. Learn how to recognize a scam, and how to protect yourself from identity theft, online fraud, pyramid schemes, and more. Meet two aspiring models, a ballet dancer, and young filmmaker, who were all victims of a scam. ***From BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY, this program is from the BIZ KIDS SERIES that teach kids financial literacy. All programs in this series are complemented by a resource rich website, lesson plans, outreach activities, and a monthly electronic newsletter. All programs are also Closed Captioned.

A rare inside look at good science instruction in action, this CD-and-DVD set is the ideal way to strengthen teaching practices - and give young children a foundation of scientific knowledge they'll build on for years to come.

#11685/0860  SCULPTING HER BODY PERFECT Third Edition DVD
Brad Schoenfeld is a renowned specialist in the development of fitness training programs for women. Body sculpting is not about crash diets or humungous biceps or surgery; it is about achieving a desired shape through exercise and nutrition and muscle development. It's about overall health!

#13397/1290  SECRETS: Landing and Keeping a Job
Skills that will land jobs and help people to hold them often go beyond the specific applied things that make up that job. Such transferable skills including communication skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork are essential almost everywhere. Viewers get a humorous look at why such skills are important. Grades 9 to A

#7297/0270  SEEN... But Not Heard
*Winner! Silver Screen Award! This program explores the many serious emotional and physical effects of family violence on the children who witness it. Superior dramatic vignettes provide teachers and any professionals who work with children with detailed sketches of what to watch for in their charges.

This program uses succinct descriptions and dynamic graphics to demonstrate the operation of semiconductors, diodes and transistors, and explains how the invention of the integrated circuit and transistor has revolutionized electronics. Grades 8 to A

The Senior Fitness Test DVD shows how to administer the test battery properly to both individuals and groups. It is particularly useful in training volunteers or peer mentors who work with the test administration. Illustrates how to conduct seven individual fitness test items involving common activities such as getting up from a chair, walking, lifting, bending, and stretching. It also explains what equipment is needed to conduct the test items, provides safety tips, and demonstrates how to score each test item.

#13260/0545  SETTING THE PACE: Women and Sport
Through this video viewers explore the benefits of physical activity for women; considering the benefits of activity on all levels from novice to professional including during menopause, pregnancy and to alleviate premenstrual syndrome. Explore the history of women in sports and develop an understanding of the difference in women and men participation levels. Compare also the prize money and media attention for both male and female sports are community and the elite level. Grades 8 to A

#13684/1290  SEW COOL! Be Unique! Be Creative!
Sewing instructor Kimberly Oedekoven encourages viewers to create their own unique look and save some money by learning sewing basics that give the skills to begin to make projects on their own. Grades 6 to A

#13178/1290  SEW GREEN: Recycle, Repurpose, Restyle DVD
Can everything old really be new again? Getting young members of our all-consuming culture to appreciate anything that is not BRAND new can open many creative windows to environmental thinking. Actually making use of older fabrics and materials by dismantling them and sewing them into new useful items is the focus of this video. From there the sky's the limit! Grades 7 to A

#14446/1290  SEW THRIFTY!
Create a unique and fashionable look using second-hand thrift store clothing for your next sewing project! Instructor Kimberly Oedekoven explores her local thrift store while explaining what to look for when shopping and practical thrifting tips to find used clothes to refresh and refashion into something new. Back in the sewing studio, four easy sewing projects are demonstrated from start to finish. Grades 7 to A

#13597/1120  SHOPPING BEHIND THE SEAMS: Judging Quality in Clothes
Aside from the fashion aspect what determines the price of clothing? Most people would think higher prices reflect higher quality but in an industry that is largely ruled by trends that is not always the case. Viewers learn the ways to spot well-made clothes.

#15119/0877  SIDE BY SIDE: Mentoring Teachers for Reflective Practice
Children, with the aid of a mentor teacher and art specialist, direct teachers into in-depth investigations to find meaningful curriculum. Their teachers gain skills and confidence in using documentation to guide their planning. Two child care programs use mentoring to guide their teachers in becoming better observers and curriculum developers, drawing on the children's interests.

Why are achievement gaps so persistent and equity still a contentious issue? Here’s a tool to help you reflect on that question and consider your school community’s current situation in light of some widely identified best practices for promoting equity.

Sigi Schmid, current coach of MLS's Cleveland Crew, is one of the winningest coaches in North American soccer history on both the collegiate and professional levels. This video presents his highly respected coaching techniques for teaching DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE strategies and the roles to be played by various positions in their development and execution.

This 4 part series explains Single-Phase Transformers, DC Machines, and Single-Phase Motors. Each program approximately 20 minutes. >Includes interactive points that are sandwiched between the electrical theory videos for better student engagement. >Usable as a study guide, classroom enhancement, or homework solution. >Helps instructors meet the need for online teaching tools in the classroom. >Includes interactive questions and challenges for your students that are sandwiched between narrative videos.

This program provides a detailed overview of the key factors involved in operating a successful health/fitness facility. Also reviews the essential elements attendant to each of the six critical components.

#14035/1290  SMALL APPLIANCES: A to Z
As with most things in life, technology has taken over the kitchen. Small mechanical appliances now make the job of cooking easier and more fun. Take a look as a professional chef demonstrates a variety of appliances, from bread machines and food processors to waffle irons. Grades 6 to A

The right small appliances can help you skillfully and efficiently prepare healthful foods from scratch. Learn the importance of reading owners’ manuals and properly caring for appliances such as blenders, food processors, toasters and toaster ovens, mixers, slow cookers, electric grills, and more. Also offers advice on selecting kitchen appliances and shows how to use them while demonstrating simple, delicious recipes.Grades 6 to A

#12990/1280  SMART MONEY SERIES (3 Programs)
Perhaps now more than ever, personal money management is obviously critically important. All those people and companies who were looking after other people's finances were either really looking out for themselves or not looking at all! Understanding the pitfalls of undisciplined saving, investing, budgeting and spending practices, especially aimed at younger viewers, is crucial. But then as Mr. Madoff demonstrated, anyone can be infantilized when there's free money involved. Grades 9 to A

#14139/0137  SNAKES (Best Practice Capture Handling and Restraint)
This program demonstrates capture, handling and restraint techniques in addition to basic veterinary and husbandry procedures used for venomous and non-venomous snake species.

#14435/0635  SO YOU WANT TO BE A DESIGNER? A How To Guide to Product Design (8 Programs)
This series explores the challenges facing product designers, covering a range of subjects including user design, mass manufacture, testing and modification, and the use of sustainable materials both for packaging and for products. The series features case studies, explains relevant terminology, and provides an in-depth look at manufacturing processes. There are eight 25-minute programs in the series; 1. DESIGNING FOR THE USER 2. SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING 3. DESIGNING WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS 4. LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT 5. PRODUCT DESIGN AND MASS MANUFACTURE DESIGN OPTIMIZATION 6. CHOOSING SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS 7. DESIGNING FOR INNOVATION AND SAFETY 8. PRODUCT DESIGN, TESTING, AND MODIFICATION *Sub-titled *Includes Guides

#13727/1120  SOCIAL SENSIBILITIES SERIES (3 Programs)
This series about teen social issues consists of three DVDs. Each DVD contains two programs – a classroom program for students(25 minutes) , and a professional development program for educators (15 minutes). Also includes a printable PARENT HANDOUT and a TEACHING GUIDE to assist teachers in lesson plan development. ***DVD ONE - GENERATION CYBERBULLY: Bullying Without Borders Learn what cyberbullying is, why people do it, and positive ways to resolve conflict. This DVD includes two videos - THE STUDENT PROGRAM and the EDUCATOR PROGRAM. ***DVD TWO - THE REALITIES OF SEXTING: You Can't Unsend! Learn what a "sext" is, what to do if you've sent or received one, and possible consequences. This DVD includes two videos - THE STUDENT PROGRAM and the EDUCATOR PROGRAM. ***DVD THREE - SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT SCHOOL: Hostile Environments See how to identify harassment, how to stop it, and positive coping strategies. This DVD includes two videos - THE STUDENT PROGRAM and the EDUCATOR PROGRAM.

#16057/1015  SOFT SKILLS IN THE WORKPLACE 2nd Edition
Technical skills may get a job seeker a job, but their soft skills will determine whether they meet employers’ expectations and succeed in the workplace. Soft skills are the personality traits and interpersonal skills that allow us to adapt to changing circumstances, manage time and resources, and work well with others. This video discusses the importance of soft skills in the workplace through engaging vignettes and interviews with hiring managers. Viewers will discover how to use and improve their soft skills to be more productive on the job and successful in their career. *Closed Captioned *Includes Instructor's Guide *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

This DVD provides an unsurpassed visual learning experience on the finer points of fastpitch pitching. Cheri Kempf, one of the top pitching coaches in the world, goes beyond the basics in presenting technical insights and instruction to develop elite-level skills and take pitching performance to a higher level.

Learn essential softball skills and drills from one of the best softball coaches of all time, Judi Garman. Covers every fundamental of the sport in full detail and accompanies the instruction with the best practice drills to master each technique and tactic. Three parts: Hitting and Baserunning, Pitching and Catching, and Fielding.

#13099/1410  SOLUTION-FOCUSED BRIEF COUNSELING: Two Actual Interviews with a Child DVD
*Featuring Gerald Sklare, Professor, Educational and Counseling Psychology, University of Louisville Initial and follow-up interviews show a real case-Kelly, age 10, is doing poorly in school due to difficulty in concentrating following recent accidents and health problems in his family. Grades 9 to A

#14501/1120  SPACE WITHIN (THE): People, Design and the Room
Designing people-centered rooms and spaces for whatever purpose is what this video is all about. How do professionals create such things? They must marry sound design principles with the needs of the people who are going to occupy the spaces. Viewers learn what considerations lead to success. Grades 7 to A

#10590/0860  SPORTS PERFORMANCE SERIES (4 Programs) DVD
This series addresses the training demands of serious athletes across all sports. Consisting of four DVDs on power, flexibility, speed, and strength, the series demonstrates that optimum training translates to optimal performance. Excellent for coaches and trainers.

From mean, median, mode to distribution curves and random variables. Students will learn everything necessary to become comfortable and confident statisticians. This series will aid in the retention of key concepts by making statistics approachable and enjoyable.Grades 11 to A

#11335/1280  STARTING FRESH SERIES: Finding a Job with a Troubled Background (3 Programs)
*Awarded 3 ½ stars by Video Librarian! Being able to get a job and hold it may be the best remedy against recidivism. It is also one of the hardest things for those who have been involved in crime or other judicial problems to achieve. This series of three 20-minute programs offers tips and techniques while encouraging patience and perseverance. FINDING A JOB (WITH A TROUBLED BACKGROUND) JOB INTERVIEWING (WITH A TROUBLED BACKGROUND) RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS (FOR THOSE WITH A TROUBLED BACKGROUND)

#14760/0635  STARTUP EXPERIENCE - THE (25 Programs)
What’s the best way to succeed with a new startup? Learn what works - and what doesn’t - from someone who has already succeeded in your new line of work. Over the course of this series, entrepreneurship expert Dr. Tom Duening talks with dozens of successful businesspeople, digging deep into their startup experiences. The insightful business lessons these entrepreneurs share and the tips and secrets they reveal can help viewers save big money and avoid mistakes that might otherwise trip them up.

#14309/0635  STEROIDS: Big Muscles, Bigger Problems
A lot of time, energy, and media coverage has been spent trying to figure out which high-profile athletes have or have not used steroids, and whether or not the users still belong in the record books. Lost in the shuffle is the story of the damage that steroids can cause, not just to celebrity sports stars but to everyday young people - including teenage girls, the fastest-growing demographic group of steroid users.

#14594/0680  STEROIDS: True Stories hosted by Curt Schilling
"An important resource for every school, community and family. It doesn’t preach but offers the truth about these dangerous drugs. Boys and girls will see the adverse effects steroids have on one's physical and mental health. Parents who view this program will want to talk honestly with their kids about steroids, and intervene when they sense trouble."Grades 5 to 12

The ultimate guide to teaching strategies, this program has been called "a touchstone text" by education research expert Robert J. Marzano. But getting these breakthrough ideas into the thinking of every teacher can be a difficult and expensive challenge. Use this DVD in your next professional development activity or teacher meeting and convince teachers in every grade and subject of the need to acquire a repertoire of research-based strategies and to match those strategies to teaching objectives and student needs.

#13620/0860  STROKE INSTRUCTION SERIES (THE) DVD (6 Programs)
Now you can learn from the most famous and successful coach in tennis! Nick Bollettieri has developed and coached many of the world’s top players, including Maria Sharapova, Venus and Serena Williams, Tommy Haas, Jelena Jankovic, Andre Agassi, Martina Hingis, Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Anna Kournikova, Marcelo Rios, and Boris Becker. His teaching techniques and effective coaching methods have formed the foundation for these DVDs, letting you share in his world-renowned knowledge. From serves to returns, forehands to drop shots, and tactics to practice, these DVDs bring Bollettieri’s teaching to life.

This program reviews cutting-edge research on exercising and aging as they relate to women who are 40 years of age and older. Details how strength training can affect body composition, balance, muscle hypertrophy, depression, sleep, nerve reactivation, osteoporosis, arthritis, and hormone imbalances.

#14943/0483  SUCCESS AT WORK (2 Programs)
How does one 'succeed at work', really SUCCEED?! Get along with the boss. fellow employees, be nice to customers ... of course; all of those things. But what do they actually mean in reality?Grades 7 to A

#11431/0485  SUGAR DECORATION TECHNIQUES with Ewald Notter
The most stunning showpieces and creations start with basic sugar technique. In this first segment of this two-part DVD, Chef Notter demonstrates the proper way to boil, cast, pull and pour. And in part two blow, add color and embellisments, store and design.

#7547/0895  SUPERKIDS: Problems of Gifted Children
This documentary offers a personal exploration of the rarefied, hectic and surprisingly competitive world of gifted children. The show follows children who have also been identified as gifted as they compete to gain entry into the same accelerated program, along the way offering basic information about definitions, signs, myths, and some of the controversies surrounding the education of gifted children.

#10166/1120  SUPERMARKET PERSUASION: What Marketers Know DVD
Supermarkets...almost everybody uses them. This video delves into how supermarkets are designed with the specific intention of getting the most money out of each and every shopper in the shortest time possible. It allows consumers to begin to recognize and understand the marketing manipulation that is occurring, and holding on to more of their money. Very Interesting! Grades 7 to A

#14453/1120  SUPERMARKETS: Aisles of Persuasion
First of all it's a big store that you have to wander around to find what you need, then it's a big empty cart, then all that attractive packaging with yummy food pictures, then the special sales that keep popping up whenever you turn around! Hooked! That'll be $118.97 please. But all I wanted was some peanut butter?! Grades 7 to A

#10297/0635  SUPERMAX: Life in a Super-Maximum Security Prison (2 Programs) DVD
This explosive two-part series scrutinizes the impact of supermax on convicts, prison staff, and society itself. What is it like to work in a supermax (highest of high security) correctional facility? How about being a prisoner in one? What effect do such places have on either the guards or the guarded? This two part series explores the realities.

#14940/0353  SUSTAINABLE GREEN FARMING AND LIVING: Eco-Farming, Organic Farming, and Green Buildings for Green Living (2 Programs)
The two programs in this series deal with Eco-Farming, Organic Farming, and Green Buildings for Green Living. Defines what is organic vs. conventional farming and discusses the differences between organic and non-organic produce with several practical examples. The benefits of organic food considering nutrition, pesticide levels, taste, environmental impacts, humane considerations and price are also examined. Visits the First Hungarian Cooperative for Organic Farming in Europe - including the animal farm, some of the fields, as well as the eco-village. Some traditional sustainable green fabrication methods are demonstrated in detail in buildings under construction, as well finished family homes are visited.

#14935/0353  SUSTAINABLE GREEN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN WITH ERGONOMICS: Principles and Examples (4 Programs)
This set explores several product designs in detail and analyzes each in terms of its incorporation of ergonomic principles and rules. The set also offers technical interviews and practice demonstrations with industrial designers, manufacturing engineers, and program managers. Designed for Industrial Design Engineers, Ergonomics (Human Factors Engineers). Also ideal for undergraduate / graduate education and research.

#10245/0860  TACTICAL TENNIS DVD SERIES (4 Programs)
Being a great, or even a decent, tennis player is more than being able to strike the ball correctly and have it land in bounds. This 4 part series from Pete Sampras' long-time coach reveals the key strategies and tactics necessary for overcoming any type of opponent.

#15033/0545  TAKING A CHANCE! Probability
This program is an odds-on favourite to make understanding probability a lot of fun! Set in the wonderful world of cards, coins and dice, there's a good chance that mathematics will come alive in this program.Grades 8 to 12

#14416/0490  TALLEST TOOL IN THE TOOLBOX: Using Ladders Safely
Ladders bring portability and flexibility to any job that extends above the ground. But if not used correctly, ladders can be dangerous. The program includes information on step ladders, extension ladders and articulated or multi-purpose ladders.

#15046/0860  TEACHING DISABILITY SPORT: A Guide for Physical Educators
This new edition is loaded with everything future and current teachers need to plan and implement sport skill-related lessons in an inclusive physical education program. Places emphasis on preparing future physical education teachers to use disability sport in their programs and offers instruction on the various aspects of disability sport, how to teach it, and how to improve programming for students, regardless of ability or disability. Contains video clips of activities as well as assessment forms and other reproducible forms.

#15750/1783  TEACHING IN THE INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM: Instructional Strategies for all Students
Discover practical strategies to maximize learning for all students, including those with special needs. Experience inclusive teaching techniques first hand with video visits to classrooms where teachers are successfully educating both general and special education students. Activities will teach you how to design and implement curriculum modifications and activity adaptations based on the strengths and needs of your students. In addition to providing ways in which you can individualize your instruction, these programs also cover remedial methods, instructional techniques, and assistive technology that can be used to more effectively address the diverse learning levels of both your special and general education students.

Here’s the ideal tool to bring to your school and community; Eric Jensen’s good news that yes, educators can do something to address the effects of poverty on children. TEACHING WITH POVERTY IN MIND: Elementary School Program One in the series takes you into elementary classrooms where teachers attend to the social, emotional, and academic needs of their students. See examples of elementary teachers engaging their students in standards-based instruction while providing scaffolds and strategies that ensure success both in and out of the classroom. TEACHING WITH POVERTY IN MIND: Secondary School Program Two explores school and classroom success factors that support the academic achievement and life readiness of older students. Two 30-minute programs.

#11290/0635  TEACHING TOOLS FOR ECONOMICS with John Stossel (2 Programs) DVD
The study of economics and the repercussions of economic practices by both business and governments are one of the most crucial and significant factors affecting how we live now and in the future. So why do students think it's a boring, nerdy, theory-centered discipline that is neither art nor science? This two part introduction to the world of macro and microeconomics injects that ever involving element of reality and stimulates the interest the subject deserves.

What do elite endurance athletes put on their plate or in their mouth before or during an event This program takes lessons from the top athletes and discusses the science behind their nutrition-related tactics. Offers tools and advice that health/wellness professionals can share with their clients. Also discusses the science underlying diet strategies that are typically adhered to by endurance athletes and details evidence-based information and insights concerning how they fuel their workouts - all appropriate within the scope of practice.

Ok interview day! I really need this job so I'll polish up my flashiest nose ring, make sure they notice these great new tattoos on my neck, wear my best b-boy outfit, and show them just how 'bad' I really am! How can I lose?! Maybe there are ten other things I can do in this interview to really impress those *$(%&%^$ bosses ... Grades 8 to A

#13856/1725  TEN9EIGHT: Shoot for the Moon
See the power of teaching entrepreneurship and keep at-risk kids in school as they compete in a nationwide business plan competition. Use this program to show them that they can build a brighter future. This Educator's Edition provides a business plan template and discussion guides for businesses; schools and colleges; high schools and middle schools; and corporate diversity training programs.

#15976/0545  THESE DAYS: Youth Suicide (2 DVDs)
THESE DAYS explores the aftermath of a youth suicide (Malik) on his friends, family and school community. Targeted firmly at teenagers in language and tone with a very honest look at teenage life today. The narrative focuses on Malik's friend Chloe as she struggles with the grief and depression that follow this tragedy. Provides an opportunity for viewers to reflect on warning signs, positive and negative coping strategies, and ultimately the importance of resilience and a strong support network. THIS ENTIRE PACKAGE INCLUDES: - These Days: A Short Film on Youth Suicide - These Days: A Short Film on Youth Suicide (Censored Version) - These Days: A Short Film on Youth Suicide (with Extended Commentary) - Understanding Youth Suicide: A Guide for TeachersGrades 10 to A

One client, three approaches to counseling! Your students will witness theory in action with solution-focused, reality therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapies demonstrated. The client is an adolescent female who describes problems with her parents, lack of control in her life, and stress. Grades 9 to A

This program follows four young entrepreneurs as they compete in an international contest to change the world. Sharing their lives, passions, joys and hardships, these semi-finalists from the United States, CANADA, India and Singapore must present their business ideas to some of the world’s most influential technology leaders - in just 180 seconds! *Closed Captioned. *Part of the BIZ KIDS SERIES

This 4 part series explains: Three-Phase Circuits; Three-Phase Transformers; Three-Phase Motors, Part 1 and Three-Phase Motors, Part 2. >the blend of theory, formulas, and entertaining historical information captivates viewers, stimulating interest in the study of electric motors, generators, and transformers >objectives, pre- and post-tests (with answers), applied academic questions, and discussion questions are included in the accompanying Instructor's Manual, reducing prep time >run-time of approximately 20 minutes per program makes it easy to integrate these videos into any education or professional training program

A first and a third grade teacher use a positive, respectful time-out to help children get back on track when they’re just beginning to lose self-control.

#15118/0877  TO SEE IT TAKES TIME: Growing Curriculum from Children's Theories
Could the modern practice of educating preschool and primary-age children be undermining its effectiveness by basing its methodology on an adult perspective rather than that of a child? Viewers learn that making use of the REGGIO approach to encourage the children themselves to play a major role in directing their early education with support from their parents and teachers.

Filled with fabulous photography and Newfoundland/Canadian history and also great for high school music education classes. This is a joyful, exuberant documentary featuring Newfoundland-based composer, conductor and educator, Stephen Hatfield with Shallaway (Newfoundland and Labrador Youth in Chorus) rehearsing and performing the opera "Ann and Séamus" - a Newfoundland folk opera about the early 19th century cod fishery.

#11970/0635  TOOLS OF THE TRADE SERIES (6 Programs) DVD
"A worker is only as good as his or her tools." This six-part series inventories basic trade-specific gear while giving viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to be a plumber, a carpenter, a mason, a welder, an electrician, or an automotive technician.

#12480/0405  TOP CAREERS IN TWO YEARS (11 Programs)
What do you want to be?? Dunno!! Well what do you like to do?? Dunno!! Hhhmmmm! How many adults now regret taking this attitude toward their future career and the planning required to get there, wherever 'there' might turn out to be? This comprehensive series offers viewers information on many different career choices and what it takes to get into them and to succeed in them. *Detailed descriptions of each of the 11 Programs are available: COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS BUSINESS 21 minutes FINANCE, AND GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION 22 minutes CONSTRUCTION AND TRADES 18 minutes RETAIL, MARKETING, AND SALES 21 minutes HEALTHCARE, MEDICINE, AND SCIENCE 19 minutes HOSPITALITY, HUMAN SERVICES, AND TOURISM 20 minutes COMPUTERS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 17 minutes EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SERVICES 19 minutes PUBLIC SAFETY, LAW, AND SECURITY 23 minutes FOOD, AGRICULTURE, AND NATURAL RESOURCES 21 minutes MANUFACTURING AND TRANSPORTATION 18 minutes *Viewable/printable instructor's guides are available online. Grades 7 to A

Teach teachers how to use these easy-to-use and incredibly effective alternatives to "stand and deliver" teaching strategies in their classrooms. Includes interviews with authors Pérsida and William Himmele who explain how to make every student an active learner. And classroom scenes from elementary and high schools show teachers how to use Total Participation Techniques (TPTs) to get and hold students' attention, activate higher-order thinking, and provide formative assessments of academic progress.

Motivate students to experience the sensational world of the fabric store! A high school student takes them on a tour and presents the basics of: Fabric (understanding fibers); Patterns (understanding the envelope); Notions; Craft supplies; and, Sewing machines (understanding the differences). Grades 6 to A

Ethnic markets are a wonderful way to experience the rich culture and history of many countries! Travel with Chef Andrew Zimmern on his journey through a Mexican food market, learning about the culture and history of Mexico through the food he encounters. Grades 6 to 12

Travel with dynamic and engaging Chef Andrew Zimmern on a journey through a Mexican, an Italian and a Chinese grocery store. Viewers are introduced to the basics and unique ingredients of these countries as well as the food pyramid for each culture. Grades 10 to A

#13534/2035  TRAINER PLAY: Educate, Energize, and Enliven Health Education DVD
Aimed specifically at healthcare educators this program helps increase audience participation and retention of information. Experience effective ways to create a laughter and learning-filled climate in the classroom without having to remember the punchline to even one joke.

Not only are modern athletes larger and more muscular than their predecessors, but they also move with a swiftness and power never seen before. This package - workout guide and DVD - is all that's needed in order to perform a step ahead of the competition.

#9516/2003  TWENTY-FOUR: The Editing Process (Journeys Below the Line Series)
And the EMMY for editing goes to ... This program, produced in association with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, details the variety of duties that go into the editing process of a one hour TV show. The show featured is the Fox Television hit, 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland as agent Jack Bauer.

Police interrogator v. crime suspect. The venue is a British police interrogation room. The goal is to get to the truth legally so that the results of the interrogation can be used to convict or clear the suspect. This real-life drama demonstrates safeguarding the rights of the accused, and preventing police misconduct while enabling officers to carry out their mandate as effectively as possible.

This program goes inside high-tech factories to see how products ranging from toys and makeup to bulldozers and helicopters are made.

This video offers a complete introduction to the basics of personal finances. Budgeting, saving, and spending allowances are covered in detail.

#9824/1120  USING COLOR: Creating Color Harmony
Teaches the basics of creating color harmony and color schemes for interiors, wardrobes, and wherever color matters.Grades 7 to 12

#6395/0635  VALUE OF BRAND NAMES (The) DVD
Brand Names! Clothing, furniture, soft drinks, cars and trucks...brand names play a much more important role in the on-going success of businesses than consumers normally think. This video investigates how branding and marketing go hand in hand.

#14167/0463  VEGECIPES
Going vegetarian is a big step that many people are considering, or actually trying. But is it really a positive move health-wise, and how difficult is it to get proper nutrition as well as taste satisfaction from a non-meat/fish diet?

Shows how to build effective visual merchandising presentations. Includes design principles, display arrangements, design precepts and other special topics of importance to professional visual merchandisers.

#15887/0187  VOCAB IN ACTION: Critical Strategies for your Classroom
Drawing from the ASCD best-selling book TEACHING THE CRITICAL VOCABULARY OF THE COMMON CORE: 55 Words That Make or Break Student Achievement, video scenes show teachers using fun strategies like jingles, movements, and graphic organizers to teach key words. Hear author Marilee Sprenger explain how to put brain-research based, time saving strategies for mastering vocabulary into action. And introduce teachers to easy-to-implement, 10-minute or shorter mini-lessons that help students build a robust vocabulary and develop greater confidence in reading, writing, and testing.

#15438/1290  WARDROBE PLANNING: Dressing for Your Body Type
Looking for expert advice to dress your best with flattering clothing styles for all body types? This program takes viewers through the basics of dressing for your body type by creating a flattering, put-together look that is uniquely you.Covers a variety of hints and tips for both women and men to dress and look your best.Grades 7 to A

#10960/0860  WATER FUN: Fitness and Swimming Activities for all Ages
The aquatic activities in this exciting program are ideal for participants of all ages and skill levels because they’re easy on the joints, they don’t cause heat stress, and - most important - they’re fun!

#9708/0425  WAY WE SEE IT: What Makes a Teacher Worth Listening To?
What makes a great teacher? There are lots of opinions on that one but viewers get the students' perspective here. What moves them, makes them want to pay attention, and absorb the information being offered by the person at the front of the classroom? There may be some surprising answers! Grades 7 to 12

This series explains the concepts and shows the procedures that students need to understand to become proficient and professional welders. Four programs cover Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, and Oxyacetylene Welding in detail.

Whether the industry is car-making, airplane manufacturing, or even rocket science, few things are more important than a quality weld. This series combines engaging videography, no-nonsense explanations, and eye-catching graphics as it introduces viewers to the most common welding processes. From electrode choices to plasma or oxy-fuel cutting options - from proper safety precautions to the push and drag techniques involved in laying a bead - each episode offers up-to-date guidance that will help build a foundation for entering - and mastering - the welding profession. There are four 20 to 24-minute programs in the series: SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING (SMAW) GAS TUNGSTEN ARC WELDING (GTAW) GAS METAL ARC WELDING (GMAW) OXY-FUEL AND PLASMA CUTTING *Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online

#9785/1120  WHAT IS A PRICE? Basic Economic Literacy DVD
"That's just not worth it!" "But it's such a bargain ..." Our entire consumer-based economy revolves around the idea that enough people are willing to pay a certain price for certain goods or services. Why? Learn more. "This video is a steal at that price!" Grades 7 to 12

This video provides an in-depth examination of the whys and wherefores of the science and art of product marketing. What was it P.T. Barnum said? Ok, well this is all about that!

What does rigor really looks like in the classroom? As schools are focused more and more on increasing academic rigor, it’s a question every teacher is asking. In this video, Robyn Jackson dispels the confusion by presenting the clear and concise definition of academic rigor she’s developed over time and working with teachers to show them what rigor looks like in practice. WHAT RIGOR LOOKS LIKE IN THE CLASSROOM takes the mystery out of rigor and provides practical guidance for implementing rigorous instruction that meets the needs of all students.

#15264/1280  WHEN PRESENTATION COUNTS: Grooming, Dressing and Body Language
In this video, you will receive tips on grooming and basic styles of dress. You will also discover how verbal and non verbal communication, body language, and posture can impair or enhance your overall image.Grades 7 to A

#14956/0463  WHERE DO I START? The Trainer's Guide to Exercise Prescription
Designed as a resource for both new trainers and fitness professionals who simply need a refresher course on assigning the appropriate exercises to participants. Discusses injury prevention through orthopedic assessment by looking at what bones are made of and how they are formed. Also explains what gets in the way of motion and how individuals tend to compensate for their limitations in motion.

#13509/0470  WHO IS THE ARTIST? Dufy, Gauguin and Matisse
In this program 24 masterworks of three painters of line and color are shown plus many details of each and they include Henri Matisse's "Woman with the Hat (Femme au chapeau)", Raoul Dufy's "Racecourse and Grandstand at Goodwood", and Paul Gauguin's "Tahitian Women (On the Beach)". Grades 8 to A

#13508/0470  WHO IS THE ARTIST? Lichtenstein, Thiebaud and Warhol
This program is part of the innovative series WHO IS THE ARTIST? that introduces viewers to the lives and work of important artists. They learn to recognize artists by their styles and techniques as well as the subjects that dominate their work. This video focuses on Roy Lichtenstein's "Reverie", Wayne Thiebaud's "Pies", and Andy Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Can (Tomato)". After viewers are introduced to each of the artists' works, they are shown other works by the same artists and asked to identify "Who is the Artist?" Grades 8 to A

#15915/0483  WHO WOULD YOU HIRE and WHO WOULD YOU FIRE? (2 Programs)
This new two-volume, interactive DVD series lets your students decide who should be hired and who should be fired. In each volume, six young people have been chosen to interview and the students watching the interviews get to decide who is the best candidate for the job and who will be fired! Two 28-minute programs WHO SHOULD I HIRE and WHO SHOULD I FIRE. Includes Teacher's Guides for both programs. The menu allows easy access to each interview. Both programs are Close Captioned for the hearing impaired. Grades 8 to A

#1149/1120  WHY ADS WORK: The Power of Self-Deception DVD
How is language used in advertising to redirect, mislead, reassure, convince, exaggerate, minimize? And why does it work? Watch this video and learn... Grades 7 to A

#13963/1120  WHY WE WEAR CLOTHES: The Functions of Fashion
Although considerations of climate and modesty may be the most obvious responses to the question about clothing, viewers learn there are other things involved as well. What could they be? Grades 7 to A

#5142/1120  WHY YOU BUY: 21st Century Advertising DVD
This video reveals the secrets behind the newest marketing techniques being developed and employed by the world's best advertising brains. Grades 7 to 12

Teaches waitstaff in restaurants the fine points of helping customers with wine; selection for food matching, handling and presentation, proper opening techniques, decanting, serving temperatures, etc.

Mainstreaming has become a widely used method for including special needs students in the educational process, but it sometimes leaves instructors feeling overwhelmed, under-qualified, and even resentful. This program takes viewers into elementary school classrooms to review strategies that empower teachers to more effectively manage their time, use their expertise, collaborate on content, and understand their roles and responsibilities.

This video encourages female viewers to think outside the envelope as far as career possibilities are concerned by considering construction work and entrepreneurial involvement in the building trades. Grades 8 to A

#7641/1690  WOODWORKING POSTER SERIES (10 Posters)
What a great way to decorate a woodworking classroom and educate at the same time. Great color posters with photographs of tools and joints and wood construction, all protected for long term use by heavy-duty lamination. Grades 8 to A

#11215/0635  WOODWORKING TOOLS (16 programs) DVD
Power tools are like sports cars: high performance, but dangerous in the wrong hands. Viewers learn the safe way to run them all with this 16-part, no-nonsense series. Used as an introduction or as a refresher, each video demonstrates correct operation and maintenance.

#9470/1690  WOODWORKING: The Art and the Craft (15 Programs)
Wood is certainly a partner in human existence and plays a major role in almost all of our lives. Working with wood is a timeless craft developed over the millennia, a craft that requires skill and learning and care. This series goes into every detail to make the experience of woodworking positive and fulfilling and safe as it can be. Grades 8 to A

What does it take to work in the hospitality industry dealing directly with the public as a receptionist, porter, duty manager, or restaurant/bar staff? In the past many of these jobs were considered to be the low end of the totem pole to be filled by low paid individuals with little or no skills. As more attention is paid to hospitality and tourism as 'professional' industries, the importance of these front line workers has increased. Viewers learn what it takes. Grades 10 to A

#14639/0697  WORKING WORLD FOR YOUNG ADULTS (4 Programs)
Today's young workers need to be even more dedicated to successfully compete in a global marketplace. Poor work ethics, a careless regard for customer satisfaction and lack of a commitment to the job will only lead to a troubled work history and unhappy careers. This four part series looks at the issues being faced by young workers today and offers some solid solutions. There are four 21-minute programs - each is also available separately: WORK ETHIC: A Commitment to Work CUSTOMER SERVICE: An Attitude Not An Occupation WHY WORK? THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE: How Will You Compete?

This program teaches viewers about the importance of good communication in the workplace and how to improve upon these skills. Addresses communication through e-mail, voicemail, cell phones, video conferencing, and online sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Join cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Zhujiajiao, an ancient water town. See food markets that hum with activity both day and night. The Chinese come not only to shop but also to socialize and to savor noodles, dumplings, and many local specialties. The aromas and flavors are amazing. Grades 7 to A

Join chef and award-winning cookbook author Paulette Mitchell as she walks down grand boulevards and wanders through cobblestone streets in Paris, Nice, and Marseille while savoring the wonderful flavors and memorable sights of France. Grades 7 to A

Join cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell as she walks down grand boulevards and wanders through cobblestone streets in Paris, Nice, and Marseilles while savoring the wonderful flavors and memorable sights. Grades 7 to A

There is a reason why real Italian cooking has set a standard for both taste and health that is recognized pretty much around the world. Viewers learn that in a traditional Italian marketplace the ingredients that make up that cuisine are almost all available fresh from local sources. Grades 7 to A

Come along on a journey through the beautiful markets of Spain, the place to find traditional and exotic produce and other ingredients which provide the rich flavor of Spanish cuisine. Viewers will follow Paulette Mitchell, chef and award-winning cookbook author, inside several marketplaces to explore Spanish culture and food. Grades 7 to A

#13036/1290  WORLD FOODS: Chinese Cooking DVD
Whether you're a newcomer to Chinese cooking or want to finetune your skills, this video makes it easy to prepare healthful, classic Chinese dishes at home. Grades 7 to A

#14092/1290  WORLD FOODS: French Cooking DVD
Cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell explains typical French ingredients; French home cooking is thrifty and seasonal, combining an abundance of healthful ingredients with delicious flavorings. In this video she prepares Croque Monsieur, Rustic Chicken and Potatoes, and Tuna Salade Niçoise and Vinaigrette. Grades 6 to A

#12977/1290  WORLD FOODS: MEXICAN Cooking
The cuisine of Mexico is a fiesta - a celebration of the senses. Cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell explains traditional Mexican ingredients, such as fresh and dried chilies, tortillas, cheeses, vegetables, beans, and beverages. She demonstrates the preparation of tasty recipes including guacamole, two salsas, quesadillas, tortilla soup, and chilies rellenos, and she explains how to combine them into a festive meal that will delight family and friends. Grades 6 to 12

#15989/0697  WORLD IS A RISKY PLACE (THE) Biz Kids
Taking risks in life is important, but you want to be smart about those risks. Learn about liability, contracts, and insurance, and how having these in place can protect your business, your assets, and yourself. Meet two young tennis coaches who protect themselves with contracts, and the owner of Small Town Skateshop who keeps his business insured. *Closed Captioned. *This program is part of the BIZ KIDS SERIES

In this three-program personal finance series, your students will meet four young adults with some important financial decisions to make concerning their budgets, credit and transportation. As they each explain their financial situations, you’ll have the opportunity to stop the program and let your students decide what they think each of these young adults should do. Then they’ll find out what decision was actually made. Will your students agree with them or find a different solution? Three closed captioned programs: YOU DECIDE: BUDGETING YOU DECIDE: CREDIT YOU DECIDE: TRANSPORATION *Closed Captioned Grades 7 to A

#14661/1015  YOU'RE FIRED! Ten Ways to Lose Your Job and How to Avoid Them (2nd Edition)
*DOUBLE AWARD-WINNER in the 36th Annual Telly Awards in the education and employee communications categories. The Telly Awards are one of the most prestigious award programs honoring outstanding film and video productions. This year, there were nearly 12,000 entries! YOU'RE FIRED! uses vignettes to help viewers better understand how not to behave on the job. It explains the top 10 reasons that people lose their jobs - and how people can easily avoid making those mistakes. "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! " 3.5 stars (out of four) VIDEO LIBRARIAN *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#13581/0635  YOU'RE HIRED! Job-Winning Interview Strategies
Being interviewed for a job is stressful for almost everyone but it's really amazing how many people go into an interview without any preparation. Viewers learn how to prepare themselves properly for a job interview while lowering the level of stress involved and raising this chance of success in the interview process.

#11666/1280  YOU'RE HIRED! Skills You Need to Get the Job You Want
It really is unfortunate and frustrating for all concerned that people looking for work do not seem to realize that developing certain skills and being able to show potential employers that they have them is what will get them the job they want. This video explains. Grades 9 to A

#14120/0635  YOU'RE THE BOSS! Starting and Running Your Own Business (5 Programs)
This 5 part series demonstrates the steps that will lead those with entrepreneurial aspirations in the direction to the development of an enterprise with some chance of success. There are five 25 to 30-minute programs in the series. Detailed descriptions of each program are available: PLANNING YOUR BUSINESS: Research, Goals, and Business Plans STARTING YOUR BUSINESS: Financing, Branding, and Regulations FINDING YOUR CUSTOMERS: Marketing and Advertising Your Business MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS: Prices, Finances, and Staffing LOOKING AHEAD: Exiting Your Business

#13935/0425  YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS: Be Your Own Boss
Recent polls show that almost 60% of teenagers say they would like to own their own business. And big international corporations have done little or nothing to raise either quality or quantity of jobs over the last few decades. So what’s the future job situation for young people?! This video examines and explains the success stories of some very real junior achievers.Grades 7 to 12

#15169/2003  YOUNG MINDS: Numbers and Counting Math
This program is designed to stimulate young children to take an interest in math at an early age. 3 STARS - "RECOMMENDED" VIDEO LIBRARIAN "Combining film clips and photos, appropriate sound effects, and guidance from a young narrator, Young Minds: Numbers & Counting is designed to help youngsters learn numbers and basic math skills."Grades K to 3

Viewing this program is like having a series of personal basketball clinics with master coach Morgan Wootten!


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