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#7262/0635  FRACTALS - DVD - The Color of Infinity
Arthur C. Clarke narrates and interviews a number of notable mathematicians to illustrate how simple formulas can lead to complicated results with particular focus on the Mandelbrot set. Grades 10 to A

#6319/2030  MATH WORKS SERIES (2 DVD-Rs)
A 10-part series designed to teach basic math skills to adult learners. Although aimed primarily at developing or re-establishing the skills of adults, the series has proven useful and appropriate for students in Grades 6 and above. Grades 6 to A

#11525/0635  MEASUREMENT: The Long and the Short of It
Emphasizing hands-on practice, this program is an excellent tool for introducing the basics of linear measurement: its history, terminology, systems, and practical applications. Grades 6 to 12


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