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#6550/1005  BEST PRACTICES FOR YOUR WEBSITE COLLECTION (12 Programs) New Edition
Kantola has updated this high level Stanford lecture series on e-commerce. Learn from the experts what you need to know about what's happening right now on the Web. Get all 12 titles in the series and save almost 50%!!!

#12630/1120  COMMUNICATION IN A WIRED WORLD: Be Smart, Be Safe
A very timely message as users of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc., etc., etc., even e-mail, are being warned that some of their personal revelations may come back to haunt them in the future. Also that business computers have long memories and that their use for transmission of indiscrete personal (or business) information could cost them their jobs, or even worse.

There's a trojan horse at the gate!! Those worms will eat us alive!!! We've been infected with that deadly virus!!!! The threat, however, is anything but funny. Billions of dollars and major societal disruption are at stake as computer-generated guerilla raids are enacted on commercial computer systems and networks. So what is being done to stop this plague or at least to fend it off? Grades 9 to A

This program provides a comprehensive examination of the complex issues surrounding ethical storage and use of data. It discusses the critical issues of data collection and entry, regulation and privacy, maintaining backups, the emerging trend towards cloud computing, transmission and display, and interpretation and use of data.

Learn how a digital camera works, what you can do with a Digital Camera, the best way to get quality pictures and how to buy the camera that's right for you.

Whether your site’s purpose is to sell products or market your firm, Ulla McGee’s real-world experience lends proven methods for increasing traffic to your website.

This video gives viewers a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of Web site design - a great first step toward becoming a webmaster or an interactive media designer.

#7098/0405  LIFTING THE LID: How Computers Work DVD
OK so everyone (almost) sort of knows how to use them at least for what they think they need them for!? HUH??!! Computers! Love 'em or hate 'em, did you ever wonder why they work? This video provides much needed information on the how and why of computer functions that will help novice users and enthusiasts alike better understand how software and hardware interact. Grades 9 to A

#4751/0380  PROGRAMMING IN HTML 4 (CD-Roms)
This 6-volume tutorial teaches users everything they need to know about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) programming.

#8240/0415  STOLEN ACCESS: Keeping Information Secure DVD
For whatever reason there are many people whose interests lie in damaging or destroying or stealing from others using the channels made available by modern information technology. Viewers learn the many ways that these interlopers use to accomplish their dasterdly ends, and also how to protect themselves and their organizations from this often very costly interference.


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