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#6947/0635  ABUSED WOMEN WHO FOUGHT BACK: The Framingham Eight DVD
This program explores the problem of domestic violence through the dramatic stories of the women who became known as the "Framingham Eight." Each woman was imprisoned in Framingham, MA, for killing a spouse or partner they say abused them repeatedly. Each sought to have her sentence commuted, claiming Battered Woman Syndrome as a defense, and several have won their freedom. Grades 9 to A

#4273/0525  ADDICTIONS: Getting In/Getting Out
This powerful four-part video is an exploratory journey through the whole process of addiction from five individuals who have made the trip and offer their insight to help others avoid the pitfalls..

#3727/0525  ADDICTIONS: Getting In/Out Counselling Issues
This companion video to ADDICTIONS: GETTING IN GETTING OUT features interviews with addictions counsellors intercut with dramatic vignettes of a series of counselling sessions.Topics dealt with cover: Assessing the Problem; The Therapeutic Approach; Working with the Family; Women in Treatment: A Special Note; The Treatment Process; Recovery.

#11344/0635  ADULT ENTERTAINMENT: A Psychosocial Study of an American Obsession (Educator's Edition) DVD
Award-winning director Lance Tracy balances serious science with tongue-in-cheek humor to create a documentary scrutinizing the scope and effects of pornography that is informative, compelling, and unsettling.

This program describes the physical and psychological characteristics of the three stages of adult development, along with some factors that influence wellness as men and women age. Universal determinants of health are covered, including lifestyle choices, gender differences, and environmental conditions.Grades 8 to A

The latest scientific, medical and psychological information on alcohol and its uniquely addictive and destructive qualities. Tolerance, withdrawal, F.A.S., absorption rates, treatment, and recovery are just some of the subjects covered.

While alcohol contributes to factors which may lead to violence against women, research shows that it is not the actual cause of violence against women by men. This program profiles four women who survived severely abusive relationships and offers additional insights from professionals in such areas as domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and law enforcement.

This video is aimed at women and it's about the physical effects alcohol has on them. Recent studies have shown quite a difference with how it works on the female body and caution signs are going up. Statistically, women are drinking more than previously and many are risking their health and safety by 'drinking like a man'. Be aware!

#6172/0405  AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION: Bill of Rights and Beyond (3 Programs) DVD
This comprehensive three-part series explores each amendment, its origins, its real-world applications, its history of interpretation in the nation’s courts, and its implications for the future. Grades 7 to A

#6063/0795  ART OF ASSERTIVENESS Package (DVD, Guide, Workbooks and Cards)
This is the complete ART OF ASSERTIVENESS Program Package - Practical Skills for Positive Communication. The complete package includes 25 workbooks, one Facilitator's Guide, one video and a set of Art of Assertiveness cards. Teaches clients a winning formula for successfully expressing their feelings and needs and offers simple, common - sense techniques that clients can immediately apply in their lives to bolster their recovery.

#13749/0685  ASKING FOR IT: The Ethics and Erotics of Sexual Consent
Harry Brod, a professor of philosophy and leader in the pro-feminist men's movement, offers a unique take on the problem of sexual assault, one that complicates the issue even as it clarifies the bottom-line principle that consent must always be explicitly granted, never simply assumed.

#15001/0603  ASPERGER'S AUTISM AND GIRLS: Understanding and Appreciating the Female Perspective
Featuring clinical psychologist and autism specialist Tony Attwood, this program describes the unique challenges of women and girls with autism and Asperger syndrome as well as its rapid increase. Looks at practical solutions for schools, explores social challenges, and covers such issues as navigating puberty, transitioning to work or college, and finding a career.

#7237/0560  BARBIE NATION: An Unauthorized Tour COLLECTOR'S EDITION
The BARBIE NATION COLLECTORS' EDITION is now available. Four brand-new extra features explore how Barbie Nation stars Nora and Claire survived playing Barbie as children and what Bratz dolls and Muslim Barbie have done to Mattel's profit margins. There are more Weird Barbies, and a film on Fandom - the world of Barbie collectors. Grades 9 to A

#12795/2010  BEAUTY IN AGING - DVD
How do women view themselves as they get older? This compilation film uses excerpts from four videos to explore the self-images of women as they age in our society.

In this sensitively filmed program, eight women labeled as beautiful - two pageant winners, an exotic dancer, a former pop musician, a college student, an assistant paralegal, a physician, and an entrepreneur - explore body image issues through their frank stories of how concepts and realities of physical beauty have molded their lives for both better and worse.

#12886/0920  BEAUTY MYTH: The Culture of Beauty, Psychology, and the Self with Naomi Wolf
From workplace equality and sexual harassment, to cosmetic surgery and eating disorders, to the very core of social and romantic relationships, Naomi Wolf powerfully illuminates the psychological and physiological ravages of the Beauty Myth. She wraps this extraordinary six-part presentation within a stirring vision of how we might transcend the Beauty Myth by shedding light on the cultural and economic systems that perpetuate it.

This visually stunning film documents an extraordinary coming of age ritual in a village in the Niger Delta.

#5342/0635  BEHIND THE VEIL: Afghan Women Under Fundamentalism
For women living in Afghanistan under repressive Taliban rule, beatings, rape, and enslavement are commonplace occurrences. This gripping program describes the massive human rights abuses that have been escalating since the withdrawal of Soviet forces, as seen through the eyes of women.

#10915/0795  BEYOND TRAUMA COLLECTION: A Healing Journey for Women
For women, the experience of trauma often leads to disorders such as addictions, eating disorders, and self-harm. With sensitivity and understanding, author Stephanie Covington explores the interrelationship between substance abuse, trauma, and mental health. This program draws on multiple therapeutic techniques-psycho-educational, cognitive behavioral, expressive arts, and relational therapy - to help women explore the impact of trauma on their lives and develop a sense of safety. BEYOND TRAUMA is effective in treatment and criminal justice settings based on theory, research, and clinical experience. It is practical and easy to use.

#15199/1416  BODY TYPED: Media and Physical Perfection (3 Programs)
"Recommended for academic and public libraries, BODY TYPED is an excellent instructional and discussion resource for communication, media, psychology, and gender curricula." Educational Media Reviews Online These three short films are designed to start important conversations about body image, media, and self-esteem. WET DREAMS AND FALSE IMAGES *Winner! Sundance Film Festival, ALA/ YALSA Award Exposes the art of digital photo-retouching. How do images of perfect female beauty influence men’s perceptions of real women? And, how we see ourselves? 12 minutes THE GUARANTEE *Winner! Best Short Film - Newport International Film Festival Teasing, self-perception, cultural identity, and plastic surgery. How would changing our bodies to try to fit an image alter the way we see ourselves? Or even who we are? A dancer’s hilarious story about his prominent "Italian" nose and the effect it has on his career. 11 minutes 34x25x36 *Winner! National PBS Broadcast A look at mannequins, religion and perfection. Enter the inner workings of the Patina V Mannequin Factory and see what goes into making "the ideal woman of the moment" in plastic. 8 minutes

#13812/0645  BORDER CAFE (Global Lens Series) DVD
A film by Kambozia Partovi, Iran - a young widow takes over her late husband's truck stop café, staying in the kitchen so as not to cause a scandal in Iran's conservative society. But her brother-in-law, out of familial obligation, wants to take her as a wife and also take over the café.

#8737/1585  BREAKING BARRIERS: Reaching South Asian Abused Women
A unique program designed to increase awareness of anyone who assists South Asian women who are abused by their husbands. Recommended for social workers, teachers, counselors, therapists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, law enforcement officials.

#12277/0403  BREAKING OUT OF THE MAN BOX: Ending Violence Against Women
This program radically challenges the socialization of men by examining the social norms, culture and traditional images of manhood that has created an environment that supports, tolerates and often encourages men’s violence against women.

#9576/0635  BROKEN CORD: Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris
In this in-depth conversation, Bill Moyers investigates the very troublesome relationship between the Native American community, addictions and fetal alcohol syndrome.

This outstandingly detailed series helps address not only important diversity issues, but also includes mentoring, teambuilding, communication, interviewing, change management, coaching, globalization, conflict resolution, and much more.

#16243/0685  BYSTANDER MOMENT: The Struggle
THE BYSTANDER MOMENT is the first video of its kind to clearly lay out the basic principles and practices that inform a unique approach to bystander education, and to clarify how it differs in fundamental ways from other ""bystander intervention"" models that downplay the role that gender norms, especially our cultural ideas about manhood, play in reinforcing attitudes that can lead to gender violence. The result is an indispensable educational tool in the ongoing struggle to prevent gender violence and promote gender equality, and a powerful resource for those working to prevent discrimination, abuse, and violence against LGBTQ people and bullying in all of its forms, as well as in the fields of suicide prevention and alcohol abuse education.

#13691/0635  CAMBODIA: The Virginity Trade DVD
In the dark world of Southeast Asian prostitution there is a growing demand for younger and younger companions. This program reveals the disturbing inner workings of Cambodia’s child-sex industry as well as its manifold human consequences.

Ovarian and breast cancer are the principal focus of this program, which covers the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for ovarian cancer; guidelines for mammograms, and the need for early detection of breast cancer; the link between oral contraceptives and breast cancer, where there is an arguable increase, and endometrial and ovarian cancer, where there appears to be a decrease. (

#12685/0635  CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN: Emerging Opportunities Series I (13 Programs) DVD
Each job featured in this series can be done by either men or women; however, this series highlights women working in jobs traditionally done by men, mostly in trades and technology. Filmed across Canada, it is intended to raise awareness by providing insight into a wide range of leading edge careers not typically considered by females. Also available in FRENCH***

#12690/0635  CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN: Emerging Opportunities Series II (13 Programs)
Each job featured in this series can be done by either men or women; however, this series highlights women working in jobs traditionally done by men, mostly in trades and technology. Filmed across Canada, it is intended to raise awareness by providing insight into a wide range of leading edge careers not typically considered by females. ***Also available in French

#12695/0635  CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN: Emerging Opportunities Series III (13 Programs)
Each job featured in this series can be done by either men or women; however, this series highlights women working in jobs traditionally done by men, mostly in trades and technology. Filmed across Canada, it is intended to raise awareness by providing insight into a wide range of leading edge careers not typically considered by females.

#15889/0899  CHAIN OF LOVE
2003 Award of Excellence, Society for Visual Anthropology 2003 American Anthropological Association Conference Film Festival 2003 National Women's Studies Association Conference Film Festival 2003 Association for Asian Studies Conference Film Festival CHAIN OF LOVE is a film about the Philippines' second largest export product - maternal love - and how this export affects the women involved, their families in the Philippines, and families in the West. "An excellent documentary for anyone trying to understand the current processes of globalization. One of the strengths of the film is that it included many perspectives. ...does an outstanding job of exploring key issues... An excellent and timely documentary that focuses on important gender aspects of work in the global economy."-Asian Educational Media Service's 'News and Reviews' *Sub-Titled

#12260/0635  CHANGING MEN: Unlearning the Behaviors of Domestic Violence
This program tracks the progress of three husbands and fathers with dangerous antisocial behavioral issues - as they struggle to stop committing emotional and physical violence against those who love them the most. How did they become the way they are? And will their committed participation in group therapy sessions enable them to salvage their marriages?

#15717/0635  CHANGING ROLE OF WOMEN: Mary Catherine Bateson
The subject of women and their roles at home and at work is one of the major and continuing stories of the day. Mary Catherine Bateson, anthropologist and author, has written on topics ranging from the social consequences of the AIDS epidemic to life with her celebrated parents, anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson. One of her primary areas of interest is the social consequences of the changing roles of women. In this program with Bill Moyers, she talks about how the idea of "home" as a place to give and receive nurture might become a new metaphor for the workplace. Bateson also discusses how women can create order and sense out of their conflicting commitments.

#14328/0545  CHANGING VOICES
Canadian multiculturalism has not always been fully reflected in Canadian media production but things have changed and continue to do so. This video goes back in time to view the origins of the minority voice and image on film and takes us into the present where the former majority is about to become another of the minorities and media production now reflects the new reality. Grades 8 to A

#15122/0405  CHOICE FOR A CHINESE WOMAN: Enlightenment in a Buddhist Convent
Here is an extraordinary portrait of a Chinese teenager from a poor rural family whose future appeared pre-ordained: to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Permitted to visit an aunt in the city, she saw for the first time the fast pace of modern urban life. On the spur of the moment, she ran away to a Buddhist convent. This program looks at life inside the convent, at the religious conventions and convictions of a people trained since the Maoist revolution to disdain religion, and at the transformation of a young girl who has found peace in the search for enlightenment.Grades 9 to A

An excellent video for training addictions counselors and students of sociology and criminology, but its real value is to be found in showing street addicts (especially women) what their lives actually look like from the outside. This is a graphic and shocking story of the power of drugs told by a twenty-four year old heroin addict named Nicole. Grades 9 to A

#10683/0145  COPING WITH AN ALCOHOLIC PARENT: Tips to Improve Family Life
The focus here is on one Native American family's journey through the turmoil of a father's addiction to alcohol and gambling. How does a family cope? This dramatic program takes viewers into the family life of real people who have embarked on their long road to recovery from addiction, and it shares the intimate struggles of families dealing with this all too common disease.

#14610/1015  COUNTDOWN TO FREEDOM: For Men and Women (12 DVDs)
This empowering set of DVDs helps reduce recidivism and takes offenders step-by-step through the transition from incarceration to community integration. Offenders learn what steps to take prior to their release, what actions are essential to a smooth and successful transition, how to prevent relapses, overcome barriers, and more. This series consists of six programs for male offenders and six for female offenders. Though they must overcome similar barriers, men and women will face different challenges throughout their transition. Customized for a specific audience, these DVDs address the unique needs of male and female viewers. PREPARATION FOR RELEASE: Part One Focuses on changing the mindset of offenders, how to make those changes happen, and how to surround oneself with people and events that breed success. PREPARATION FOR RELEASE: Part Two Offenders learn how to create a proactive plan of action for their reentry into society and access "Outside the Walls" assistance. DAY OF RLEASE Discusses what offenders should expect on the day of their release and the actions they can take in their first 30 to 60 days after release to increase their changes of making a successful transition from incarceration to society.. RELEASE AND BEYOND: LIFESTYLE CHANGES Encourages offenders to evaluate their behavior and the factors that influence it, and to develop specific strategies to persevere in overcoming barriers. RELEASE AND BEYOND: RELAPSE TRIGGERS Helps offenders understand what factors may trigger their relapse and how to avoid and replace those triggers. RELAPSE AND BEYOND: SUPPORT SYSTEMS Offenders learn how to develop support systems of people who can hold them accountable for their actions and get them off to a positive start. *The six programs for men and women are also available separately... #14611 Six programs for male offenders #14612 Six programs for female offenders *And each of the 12 programs can also be purchased individually

#16172/0899  CRIMES OF HONOUR
"A scorcher... a heartscalding expose of blithe murder." Critical List Across the Islamic world, hundreds of women are shot, stabbed, strangled or burned to death each year by their male relatives, because they are thought to have dishonored their families by engaging in unacceptable relationships. Filmed in Jordan and on the West Bank, CRIMES OF HONOUR documents the terrible reality of femicide - the killing of sisters or daughters suspected of losing their virginity, for having refused an arranged marriage or having left a husband. Even if a woman is raped, abused, or is the victim of gossip, she may pay the terrible price. CRIMES OF HONOUR tells the stories of women hiding from their families, fearing for their lives, as well as the men who commit femicide. One such man, interviewed in prison, discusses his reasons for murdering his sister. Femicide, although having no basis in Islamic teachings, is on the rise in some countries. CRIMES OF HONOUR delves into class and religious issues that infuse the debate, as well as the possible origins of femicide. But some women are fighting for change. CRIMES OF HONOUR profiles three women committed to human rights, who attempt to provide protection and assistance to those in danger.

"I don't think it is possible to view this film without becoming energized to want to put an end to this appalling practice." Meryl Streep *Best Documentary, Victoria Independent Film Festival *Best Director, Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction Festival THE CUTTING TRADITION focuses on the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM), a custom which appears barbaric to the westernized eye, but remains common practice in many African and some Middle Eastern countries. Despite being widely banned, FGM continues to be performed on young women and little girls, often exposing them to serious medical and psychological problems. This program delivers a balanced and non-judgmental exploration of the religious, cultural, and historical grounds behind the practice.

This vibrant film focuses on the struggles and successes of two local women's groups fighting to preserve their land, forests and way of life in Brazil's Amazon region. In Nova Timboteua, ranchers seized the farmers' land illegally, and brutally in some cases. Women resisted and organized against them. Their efforts are part of a growing tide of popular unrest that is driving a profound political and social struggle to restructure the way resources are divided in Brazil. In the Amazon, the conflict with big business is most extreme. The women's groups are inspiring other Amazonians to take action to improve their lives.

#9583/0920  DEBORAH TANNEN: In-Depth
Addresses key implications, criticisms, and the most commonly asked questions raised by the main program.Can only be purchased with HE SAID, SHE SAID.

#10538/0920  DEBORAH TANNEN: One on One
Addresses key implications, criticisms, and the most commonly asked questions raised in THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT. Can only be purchased with THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT.

Men don’t listen. Women can’t read maps. Men snore more. Women are less likely to have affairs. Should those statements be dismissed as stereotypes, or can we point to tangible discrepancies - behaviorally and neurologically speaking - along gender lines? This ABC News program explores sex differences and the brain circuitry behind them

#12047/0635  DISHING DEMOCRACY: Arab Social Reform Via Satellite TV - DVD
It makes personal life the topic of public discussion. It serves as an alternative forum for dialogue and debate. And it does not shy away from sensitive issues. This Wide Angle report gives an inside look at the popular Arab all-female talk show Kalam Nawaem.

A companion to the documentary POWER AND CONTROL this film offers an inside look at the highly regarded domestic violence program at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. Doctors and nurses in the ER, the mother-baby unit, pre-op and the sexual assault forensics unit share candid observations about domestic violence prevention and offer specific, practical suggestions. The film profiles the coordinator of Mercy’s family violence program and also includes an interview with Jacquelyn Campbell of Johns Hopkins, a leading expert on the health impact of domestic violence. *CC

A companion to POWER AND CONTROL this film explores best practices in three jurisdictions: Duluth, MN, home of the influential "Duluth Model;"; Baltimore, MD, home of an infamously high crime rate; and the South Bronx, the nation's busiest domestic violence patrol area. Seasoned officers responding to tense, actual domestic calls show how to safely approach a fighting couple, interview, determine primary aggressor, gather evidence and write strong reports. Top brass discuss how to increase the effectiveness of officers and also look at longer range strategies.

#10068/1405  DRINKING FOR TWO: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
What is F.A.S. and what does it mean in the lives of its victims and their supporters? Gets up-close and personal with a biological mother, her son who suffers with severe F.A.S., and the adoptive mother who now cares for him.

#1345/0635  EAT, DRINK AND BE WARY: Women and the Dangers of Alcohol
Alcohol consumption has far greater and more lasting effects on women than on men. Viewers learn of the sometimes surprising differences and what the consequences of ignoring them can be.

Edward Said is widely recognized as a leading cultural analyst, especially in the relationship between the United States and the Islamic world. In this program he argues that the Western understanding of the Middle East in particular as a place full of villains and terrorists ruled by Islamic fundamentalism produces a deeply distorted image of the diversity and complexity of Arab peoples and Islam. Grades 9 to A

#12103/1315  ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLECT (Caregiving Series)
This program teaches about the complexities of elder abuse in the home and presents signs and symptoms for each form of abuse. After viewing this program, caregivers will understand how to identify, prevent or report the various forms of elder abuse, including physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, and financial abuse, as well as neglect and abandonment. Includes support materials.

#16075/0685  EMPATHY GAP (THE): Masculinity and the Courage to Change (FULL VERSION)
In THE BRO CODE and GENERATION M, filmmaker Thomas Keith examined how American culture bombards young men with sexist and misogynistic messages. In THE EMPATHY GAP, he looks more closely at the ways these messages short-circuit men's ability to empathize with women, respect them as equals, and take feminism seriously. Keith begins by exploring some of the key messages about manhood that boys absorb from the culture -- that they should acquire material wealth, meet conflict with aggression, harden themselves, suppress all human emotion except anger, and view women primarily as sexual objects -- then argues that these messages not only devalue women but also undercut men's innate capacity for caring and empathy. Along the way, he draws fascinating parallels between sexism and racism, spelling out how each is rooted in cultural norms that discourage empathy, and shows how men who break with these norms live happier and healthier lives. *** THIS TITLE ALSO COMES IN AN ABRIDGED VERSION - see #16120 *** ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL BOARD & NON-PROFIT PRICE *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#11599/0635  EXTREMES OF FASHION: Women's Couture and the Media
Everything old is new again! Well maybe not everything. Bellbottoms may come and go but the fashions and the BIG business of clothing that came about in the 50's, 60's and 70's have been all but unmatchable. They laid the foundation for the multi-billion (trillion?) dollar industry that exists today.

#4721/0635  FETAL ALCOHOL EXPOSURE: Changing the Future
Since the realities of F.A.S.D. started to become apparent a few decades ago, medical research has tried to understand why and how it happens, and what the true consequences are. Viewers get the latest and most comprehensive update of the known facts.

#3837/0795  FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME AND EFFECTS: Stories of Help and Hope
This program provides a factual definition of the medical diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome and explains how children are diagnosed. It also explains that there can be a positive prognosis possible for these children. An excellent resource for community education, women in treatment, and clinicians.

#9536/0635  FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME and Other Drug Use During Pregnancy
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effects...Viewers get a very clear explanation of what effects alcohol and some other common drugs have on unborn babies. Physical, mental, psychological, emotional repercussions are all covered.

#3102/0635  FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME: Life Sentence DVD
Fetal alcohol syndrome may have farther reaching implications and societal costs than were previously believed. This video explores the connection between FAS/FAE and certain antisocial behavior associated with crime and criminality.

#15141/0685  FLIRTING WITH DANGER: Power and Choice in Heterosexual Relationships
Social and developmental psychologist and author Lynn Phillips explores the line between consent and coercion in this thought-provoking look at popular culture and the ways real girls and women navigate their heterosexual relationships and hookups. A refreshingly candid, and nuanced, look at how young women are forced to grapple with deeply ambivalent cultural attitudes about female sexuality. Essential for courses that look at popular culture, gender norms, sexuality, and sexual violence.

#13177/0635  FULL COVER GIRL: How Fundamentalism and Democracy Are Eroding Women's Rights in Iraq
To veil or not to veil, that is the question! Under Saddam Iraqi women were among the most fully secularized in the Moslem world. Filmed on location in war-torn Baghdad, this program exposes the deteriorating state of women's rights as fundamentalist Islamic and burgeoning democratic ideals bury the secular principles that had empowered Iraqi women for decades.

#12876/0880  GENDER AND COMMUNICATION: How Men and Women Communicate Differently
Discussing communication differences between males and females, this program examines the ways in which male-male communication interactions, male-female interactions, and female-female interactions differ.

#5101/1120  GENDER AND COMMUNICATION: Styles and Stereotypes *TELLY Award-Winner!
Based on the premise that males and females learn different ways to relate, this program investigates how communication styles fall onto a continuum of what society deems as masculine and feminine and what it means to deviate from the norm. Grades 8 to A

This presentation reviews how conflict-management styles differ for women and men in professional settings. Also offers suggestions for positive responses given those gender differences.

#6228/0635  GENDER BIOLOGY: Men and Women Really Are Different DVD
The fact is that until quite recently medical research, the science of medicine, has mainly been based on the study of males; male physiology and reactions to treatments and medications were then generalized to apply to females as well. It may be efficient but is it good science? Is it effective? This video examines some of the more subtle differences and explains some new directions in medical thinking. Grades 9 to A

#12229/0685  GENERATION M: Misogyny in Media and Culture
Tracks the destructive dynamics of misogyny across a broad and disturbing range of media phenomena: from the hyper-sexualization of commercial products aimed at girls, to the explosion of gender violence in video games aimed at boys; from the near-hysterical sexist rants of hip-hop artists and talk radio shock jocks, to the continually harsh, patronizing caricature of feminism found in virtually every area of American pop culture.

#14537/1005  GETTING THE BEST FROM OTHERS with Doug Harris DVD
Good managers, wanting to do the right thing, often miss the boat when it comes to getting the best out of a diverse workforce. Not wanting to offend, they choose peace over honest feedback, thereby limiting their people's potential. Not understanding what motivates each individual, they offer incentives that are not meaningful, or "encouragement" that backfires and alienates their staff.

#15625/0645  GIRL MODEL
Despite a lack of obvious similarities between Siberia and Tokyo, a thriving model industry connects these distant regions. GIRL MODEL follows two protagonists involved in this industry: Ashley, a deeply ambivalent model scout who scours the Siberian countryside looking for fresh faces to send to the Japanese market, and one of her discoveries, Nadya, a 13-year-old plucked from her rustic home in Russia and dropped into the center of bustling Tokyo with promises of a profitable career. After Ashley’s initial discovery of Nadya, they rarely meet again, but their stories are inextricably bound. As Nadya’s optimism about rescuing her family from financial hardship grows, her dreams contrast against Ashley’s more jaded outlook about the industry’s corrosive influence. *** ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL AND NON-PROFIT PRICE ***

#13583/1725  GIRL'S LIFE (A) with Rachel Simmons DVD
*WINNER! 2010 Parents' Choice GOLD Researcher and author Rachel Simmons examines the challenges facing young women as they surf the waves of 21st century adolescence. Simmons interviews parents, psychologists, teachers, and social workers who are helping nurture girls into capable, resilient adults. She also talks with four very special girls who tell their own deeply personal tales of dealing with issues like cyber bullying, body image, and violence.

#11723/0685  GIRLS: Moving Beyond Myth DVD
This compelling documentary focuses on the sexual dilemmas and difficult life choices young girls face as they come of age in contemporary North American culture. Features the girls themselves as well as leading experts. Grades 9 to A

#13639/1120  GOOD TO BE HOME - DVD
This animated video looks at the relationship problems faced by prisoners and their partners. Every relationship has its difficulties and a spell in prison is bound to add a few more. In a humorous and positive way, this video points out some relationship skills that might help. An ex-prisoner who is happy at home is more likely to stay out of trouble. It's designed for prisoners and their partners.

#15206/0605  GOOGLE BABY
Google Baby journeys across three continents to tell the story of the up-and-coming baby production industry in the age of globalization using outsourcing of the surrogacy element to India as a way to lower prices. Packed in liquid nitrogen, only the embryos that fit the customers’ preferences are shipped to India where they are implanted into the wombs of local women. These surrogates are kept in a closed clinic under constant supervision. At the end of the nine month pregnancy period, the customers arrive to pick up their babies.

#12620/0635  GREAT MUSEUMS SERIES (29 Programs) DVD
Want somewhere meaningful to go in the U.S. for your next vacation? Need to research some particular aspect of U.S. history or culture? Really like museums but can't travel to them all? This series of 29 videos visits and explores a like number of great U.S. museums that between them cover just about every nook and cranny of American history.

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? For those wishing to master the art of public speaking it's a good place to start. This DVD contains seven major speeches from women on very diverse subjects: Elizabeth Edwards; Michelle Obama; Cindy McCain; Mary McAleese; Ambassador Mary Yates; Lilly Ledbetter; and, Carly Fiorina. Each speech is prefaced by a biographical narration providing historical context, significance and the rhetorical devices found in that speech.

#16068/0467  GTFO: Misogyny in the Videogaming World
"GTFO is brutally effective - intelligent, thought-­provoking, and thorough." Jason Bailey, Flavorwire GTFO pries open the video game world to explore a 20 billion dollar industry that is riddled with discrimination and misogyny. Although half of all gamers are women, females are disproportionately subject to harassment and abuse from other gamers, and are massively under-represented in the video game design world. Through interviews with video game developers, journalists, and academics, GTFO examines the female experience in gaming and begins a larger conversation that will shape the future of the video game world. *** SPECIAL PRICE is available for School boards, Libraries and Non-Profit *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#12530/0635  HAPPIER WOMEN: 25 Ways to Reduce Stress Video Clip Collection DVD
Now more than ever, career issues, family crises, and health problems can add up to an emotional overload. This collection of 25 video clips offers guidance, reassurance, and useful facts for busy women. With an average clip length of 90 seconds, the collection incorporates mini-case studies and commentary from experts - providing visual support for instructors and counselors who want to reach overworked, overscheduled learners. Perfect discussion starters on so many areas in modern women's lives.

#14815/1005  HARASSMENT AND DIVERSITY: Respecting Differences (Employee/Manager Combination)
Save money by ordering both versions! Educate all of your managers and employees about the details surrounding the difficult subject of harassment. Everyone in the workplace can benefit from understanding what qualifies as harassment, and why it cannot be tolerated. These comprehensive programs clarify how to recognize and prevent harassment, and what to do if harassment occurs.

#6916/1005  HARASSMENT AND DIVERSITY: Respecting Differences (Manager's Version)
Managers and supervisors learn from legal and human resource experts about the variety of circumstances that constitute harassment in the modern workplace. Whether based on gender, age, race, religion, disabilities or some other characteristic, harassment is real in fact and in law and must be stopped at all costs.

#8994/0920  HE SAID, SHE SAID: Gender, Language and Communication with Deborah Tannen, PhD
Whether it's in personal relationships or at work, communication between the sexes is important to happiness, clarity, effectiveness, success. Dr. Deborah Tannen is an expert in the analysis and explanation of gender-based differences that greatly affect the quality of communication between men and women.

#14746/2010  HE WOULDN'T TURN ME LOOSE: The Sexual Assault of 96-Year-Old Miss Mary
A real-life case of 96 year-old Miss Mary, who was sexually assaulted by her grandson. Miss Mary had been living with her grandson and his wife for five years when the attack took place. Through interviews with Miss Mary, various professionals involved in investigating and trying the case, and with victim advocates who helped Miss Mary, this program reveals some of the dynamics involved in this case, and how it was successfully brought to trial and prosecution.

#15344/0635  HEALING NEEN
After surviving a childhood of abuse and neglect, Tonier "Neen" Cain lived on the streets for two nightmarish decades, where she endured unrelenting violence, hunger, and despair while racking up 66 criminal convictions related to her addiction. Incarcerated and pregnant, a community mental health program offered her a way out... and up. This program illustrates the consequences of childhood household trauma for individuals and society at large - mental health problems, addiction, homelessness, incarceration - and the efficacy of trauma-informed care as a treatment plan. The video features footage of Neen in her current capacity as a nationally known motivational speaker and educator on the devastation of trauma and the hope of recovery.

#9757/1945  HEALTHY BODY, A HEALTHY BODY IMAGE (Healthy for Life Series) DVD
Talk about mixed messages! Teens today are confronted with pronouncements on the growing tendencies of youth to obese couch potato with a joystick, steroid man with the ultimate six pack, or anorexic waif! What is the reality that can put a health body together with a healthy body image? Grades 7 to 12

#9480/0905  HEALTHY JOURNEY: Your Contemporary Guide to Pregnancy DVD
This video provides a one-hour course on pregnancy for expectant (or hope to be) parents covering everything from conception to birth. Focusing on maximizing baby health, each of ten sections deals with one particular aspect. Segment topics include fetal development, nutrition, emotions, medical care, and much more. Grades 9 to 12

#12759/2010  HER NAME IS ZELDA
The film documents how Zelda's middle-aged re-birth transformed her from a typical suburban housewife into a beloved and eccentric creature of New York City nightlife - attending art openings, dancing nightly, and posing for renowned painters and photographers. The film also highlights how Zelda's social consciousness drives her to travel the world on a one-woman mission to promote global women's rights.

#6722/0635  HEROINES: A Walk on the Wild Side Through the Lens of Lincoln Clarkes
This disturbing and controversial documentary presents a raw glimpse into the world of female heroin addicts. Filmed in Vancouver and told through the images of renowned photographer Lincoln Clarkes, the poetry of award-winning writer Susan Musgrave, and the experiences of six "heroines," the program creates a harsh collage of personal stories that share common themes of abuse, rape, and addiction. Like all of Clarkes’ powerful photos, Heroines humanizes a world most people ignore - along with the women who inhabit it, struggling to survive at the fringes of society. Some language and content may be objectionable.

This video presents the stories of five women of different ages and backgrounds who have been involved in abusive (violent, sexual, emotional) relationships and helps victims and perpetrators alike to realize that abusive relationships are chronic and addictive, and require treatment in much the same way as other addictions.

#15894/0899  HOUSEMAIDS
*Official Selection, Documentary Fortnight 2014, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) *Best Film, 2012 Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema Housemaids are an integral part of the household in Brazil, and participate in the day-to-day life of the family. The employment of housemaids is almost obligatory among the middle and upper classes of the country. The vast majority of these housemaids are black women, who face high levels of inequality based on their gender, race and social class. Their role in the household raises important questions about public and private space, endurance and choice, and labor and family life. For HOUSEMAIDS, director Gabriel Mascaro asked seven adolescents to film their family's housemaids for one week, and hand the footage over to him. Their images uncover the complex relationship that exists between housemaids and their employers, a relationship that confuses intimacy and power in the workplace and provides us with an insight into the echoes of a colonial past that linger in contemporary Brazil. HOUSEMAIDS exposes and explores a hidden daily reality of Brazilian life.

This video makes viewers aware of the benefits that can be gained by any organization from understanding and embracing diversity as part of their organizational culture. Openness to change, competitiveness in the global marketplace and higher degrees of creativity are just a few of those benefits.

For a variety of reasons many young people aspire to finding careers in the television and video production and broadcasting fields. Provides an insider's view of what that kind of work entails from idea conception through realization. Grades 8 to A

#16073/0685  ILLUSIONISTS (THE): A Film about the Globalization of Beauty
THE ILLUSIONISTS examines how global advertising firms, mass media conglomerates, and the beauty, fashion, and cosmetic surgery industries are changing the way people around the world define beauty and see themselves. Taking us from Harvard University to the halls of the Louvre Museum, from a cosmetic surgeon's office in Beirut to the heart of Tokyo's Electric Town, the film explores how these industries saturate our lives with narrow, Westernized, consumer-driven images of beauty that show little to no respect for biological realities or cultural differences. *The full-length education version of the film (54 minutes) and an abridged version (43 minutes -- edited for language and content for younger viewers) are both included on the same DVD. *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#14327/0545  IN HER OWN IMAGE - DVD
Do female filmmakers present a demonstrably different style and substance than their male counterparts when viewed through the evidence of independently produced film? This video focuses especially in how racial and gender stereotypes are shown. Grades 8 to A

Women make up half of the workforce and when women are working well together, productivity and morale escalate throughout the entire organization. Drs. Heim and Murphy help viewers improve working relations. *10% discount to Government, Education, Non-Profit

Amy Goodman--independent journalist and host of the popular radio show Democracy Now!--speaks about the corporate media's coverage of the 2003 Iraq War. Grades 9 to A

#12994/0807  INVISIBLE RULES: Men, Women, and Teams (Revised Edition)
If, as Dr. Patricia Heim believes, men and women live in different cultures! If they have clashing opinions on what is "appropriate" adult behavior, how can they work together? How can they make the most of their differences and work as a team to the benefit of all?

#9587/0635  KATIE ROIPHE on Pornography, Censorship, and Feminism
Pornography is generally accepted to be demeaning and a danger to women; censorship of porn then should be part of the feminist mantra. Is it? Should it? Bill Moyers and Katie Roiphe discuss her book and the thinking behind her stand that censorship is more dangerous than pornography and counterproductive to the goal of protecting women. Grades 9 to A

#12882/1735  KHARAAB DARU: Bad Medicine
Inspired by a recent tragedy that occurred in which a Punjabi man shot and killed his wife and also shot his daughter during a family conflict. Punjabi-speaking professionals, along with individuals impacted by alcohol, share their knowledge with respect to the harms and risks associated with problem drinking, mistaking alcohol as medicine, how alcohol impairs mental and physical functioning, drinking and driving, addiction and family violence, and the benefits of recovery.

#5783/0685  KILLING US SOFTLY III: Advertising's Image of Women
Jean Kilbourne uses examples from the world's premier marketers to examine whether the image of women in advertising has changed over the last 20 years and if so... how?. In the true Kilbourne style she encourages thinking and dialogue that moves and empowers.

#13338/0685  KILLING US SOFTLY IV: Advertising's Image of Women
The message hasn't changed but the medium has evolved, or is that devolved? Jean Kilbourne returns with a whole new generation of examples of how marketing genius is still being applied to promote the sale of highly questionable products by purposefully undermining the self-esteem of women and girls.

#15363/0605  LADY WARRIORS
Lady Warriors is the story of seven Native American teenage girls who are Arizona state cross-country running champions in training for their next championship competition. Given their belief that establishing outstanding reputations as runners will help their chances of earning college scholarships, they seize this opportunity to excel and realize their dreams of escaping their community of poverty and despair.

#2193/0320  LEGACY OF CHILDHOOD TRAUMA: Not Always Who They Seem DVD
Children who have been abused, neglected or exposed to unexpected or unexplained violence don't see the world as safe and predictable - and normal development is derailed. This three-part video challenges those who work with teens to recognize the special needs of these traumatized youth.

#11528/0635  LET'S TALK ABOUT IT: Domestic Violence
Does domestic violence have a different face in the visible minority community? Xiomara Fuentes, Amandeep Kaur, and Nneka - three wives beaten and humiliated by their husbands. This program gives a voice and a face to a spreading epidemic of spousal abuse as it puts video cameras into the hands of these women's children who then interview their mothers about why they endured - and how they survived - such physical and emotional injury. The questions they ask, framed with a poignant blend of candor and naiveté, leave no room for equivocation.

This detailed program traces the lifelong odyssey of Sojourner Truth, a woman who literally walked out of the bondage of slavery, changed her name in 1843, and traveled the U.S. as an abolitionist and women’s rights advocate.

#1340/1405  LIFE BEGINS: An amazing Multimedia Journey from Conception to Birth CD-ROM
An educational journey into the miracle of human life, this highly recommended CD-ROM provides parents and teachers with an exciting new way to help explain not only the creation of life but adolescent maturation as well. Grades 9 to A

#14459/0685  LIFE IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE: Eyewitness Stories and Photos
Provides a straightforward account of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while chronicling the almost unbearable living conditions of Palestinians under the Occupation. An accessible introduction to a difficult subject delivered by Anna Baltzer, a graduate of Columbia University and the Jewish-American granddaughter of Holocaust refugees. Grades 9 to A

#13407/0685  LINE (THE): Where is the Line of Consent?
At what point does the difference between consensual and forced sexual intercourse become blurred? There are cultural, emotional, and certainly legal ramifications involved. This video, produced by a young woman who knows she has been an unwilling participant in a sexual encounter, interviews the man who raped her to try to understand why he thinks it was consensual.

This documentary film chronicles the day to day challenges of children, parents, and families who struggle with the consequences of fetal alcohol syndrome. Offers a unique look into the world of FAS through the eyes of adoptive parents, and those directly affected by the disease - the children.

#12880/0635  LOCK-UP: Inside America's Prisons (6 Programs)
With more resources than ever invested in the prison system, a growing number of Americans question whether or not that system is really working. Searching for answers, this series of documentaries looks at the world of the incarcerated - from the inside out. With extraordinary access to the inner workings of several correctional facilities, these programs record the hopes, fears, regrets, and occasional rehabilitation of jailed convicts, while presenting commentary from wardens, corrections officers, and medical personnel. The result is a comprehensive, hard-hitting examination of life behind bars in America. There are six 42 to 46 minute programs in this series: INSIDE FOLSOM; INSIDE WABASH; INSIDE NORTH CAROLINA WOMEN'S PRISON; RETURN TO RIKERS ISLAND; RETURN TO VALLEY STATE; and, THE CRIMINAL MIND.

#12471/0145  LOOK US IN THE EYE: The Old Women's Project
"Incredibly powerful film! Encourages us to examine our stereotypes and prejudices. Uses humor and powerful images to convey the strength and brilliance of old women. Girls and women everywhere must see this film and they should bring along the boys and men they know too!" Lourdes Torres, Associate Professor, De Paul University

#11902/0635  LOVE TRAP - DVD
Is the most exhilarating of human emotions simply nature’s way of keeping our species alive and reproducing? This program studies the behavior of men and women as they experience the magical feeling of attraction; it also presents a lively look at what happens inside a love-struck brain.

#14927/0605  MAIDS AND MADAMS
* National Educational Film Festival, First Place * San Francisco Festival, Black Cinema Series Mira Hamermesh's powerful film, shot in South Africa, eloquently examines the tragedy of Apartheid through the complex relationship between black household worker and white employer.

#15446/1725  MAKERS: Women Who Make America
Reviews the story of how women have helped shape America over the last 50 years through one of the most sweeping social revolutions in the country’s history, in pursuit of their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity and personal autonomy. Introduces audiences to a dynamic group of fictional and real-life superheroines, fighting for positive role models for girls, both on screen and off. The film is appropriate for middle school, high school, college and adult audiences. Recommended for women's studies, gender studies, girls' studies, sociology, history, communication, psychology, media and film history, etc.

This program looks at traditional as well as contemporary dating and mating rituals. What factors tend to draw people together, or wedge them apart? Just what role does culture play? And what are the qualities that tend to distinguish relationships that stand the test of time? Grades 8 to A

#13359/0545  MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE: Sport and the Media DVD
Does media heavy coverage of professional sport have a positive or negative influence on physical fitness/activity levels for the general population? What are the negative aspects of media and sport? Couch potatoes spending all their time watching millionaires with egos the size of their McMansions? Grades 8 to A

#14046/0567  MEN AND WOMEN: TALKING TOGETHER with Deborah Tannen and Robert Bly
Deborah Tannen and Robet Bly – two of the most popular and exciting experts at the forefront of men's and women's issues - talk to each other about gender styles each bringing an informed perspective on how men and women approach each other and converse.

#1368/2155  MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS: Gender Differences in Relationships DVD
John Gray, the author of the endlessly best-selling book with the same title, guides viewers on this inter-planetary examination of gender differences and their sometimes delightful but often infuriating effects on human relationships.

#3935/0795  MEN'S WORK with Paul Kivel
This video (and support package) helps clients to see the role of violence in their lives and find actions they can take to change. Viewers learn how to reclaim the power and responsibility needed to unlearn lessons of control and aggression.

#11996/0685  MICHAEL KIMMEL ON GENDER: Mars, Venus or Planet Earth? Women and Men in a New Millennium
Do ‘genderalizations’ have any relevance any more? In this powerful lecture, renowned speaker and bestselling author Michael Kimmel (The Gendered Society, Manhood in America) moves beyond the popular inter-planetary notion that "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" to advance a decidedly more earth-bound and inter-connected view of the things men and women have in common.

#11131/0635  MISSING WOMEN: Female Selection Abortion and Infanticide DVD
In India, Pakistan, and China, being born a girl can be an instant death sentence. This program - inner of the Albert Londres Prize, France’s highest award for journalism - unflinchingly examines the cultural, economic, and political reasons for the systematic elimination of females in Asia and considers the implications of the dramatic demographic disruption that will likely occur as a result of this growing imbalance between the sexes.

#10666/0635  MOMMY MYSTIQUE: The Anxiety of Modern Motherhood DVD
Acclaimed author and cultural observer Judith Warner discusses her book "Perfect Madness" and its observations about the hectic, competitive lifestyle embraced by many North American moms - a lifestyle increasingly fraught with anger and depression.

#14241/2010  MOTHER NEVER GIVES UP HOPE (A): Older Mothers and Abusive Adult Sons
This new title shares the candid and powerful stories of Ruth, Lova, Anne and Rita - four women who are dealing with abuse at the hands of an adult son. In their own words, they work through the emotions and pain of experiencing abuse from their sons, the life-changing impact it makes on them as a person and how it affects their mother-son relationships.

#16149/0635  MOTHER TERESA: Saint of Darkness
Recently published personal letters and notes reveal Mother Teresa's profound spiritual crisis and shake the image of the pious nun to its foundations. In this film, intimate confessions show the moral icon of the 20th century in a different light. The woman who achieved worldwide recognition for her life among the beggars and dying in the slums of Calcutta often felt lonely and empty inside. Learn about her life story, unsettling and provocative in equal measure.

#10272/0735  MOTHER'S CHOICE (A)
This video aims directly at informing first nations women of the damage and suffering that can result from the long term effects on the fetus due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

#15892/0899  MOTHERS
"A bold work of cinematic journalism and a gripping human interest story, Mothers is highly recommended." Libertas Film Magazine "Masterful... a most astonishing film!" Next Projection Mothers is a gripping cinema vérité documentary that shows how China's one-child policy plays out in the daily lives of women in a northern Chinese village. *Sub-Titled

#13293/0795  MOVING ON CURRICULUM: A Program for At-Risk Women (5 Manuals, CD-ROM and DVD)
MOVING ON provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping them identify and mobilize personal and community resources. Program content is organized around four main themes: 1. Encouraging personal responsibility and enhancing motivation for change 2. Expanding connections and building healthy relationships 3. Skill enhancement, development, and maintenance 4. Relaxation and stress management skills The complete program includes 6 modules delivered in five facilitator's guides, a CD-ROM containing the program manual and all reproducible handouts, and one DVD featuring real MOVING ON participants demonstrating the skills they learned in the program.

#4278/2200  MY TANGO WITH PORN - DVD
Where does one draw the line in order to protect freedom of speech and art while at the same time not exposing culture to degradation and harm? Who is using pornography and why are people allowed to make it? What effect is it having on men who watch it and on their relationships with women? On people who make a living from producing or selling it? Should people be stopped from watching it? Who is going to decide? This film serves up many questions that require careful consideration in a society seriously divided on matters of morals, values, freedom and responsibility.

#4444/0635  MYSTIC WOMEN OF THE MIDDLE AGES (6 Programs) DVD
This six-part series presents the legacy of medieval women who challenged society through their visions, teachings, and writings, and who continue to provoke discussion today. Grades 11 to A

#4445/0635  MYSTIC WOMEN OF THE MIDDLE AGES Part 2 (4 Programs) DVD
This six-part series presents the legacy of medieval women who challenged society through their visions, teachings, and writings, and who continue to provoke discussion today

This is an important lecture in which Edward Said takes aim at one of the central tenets of recent foreign policy thinking - that conflicts between different and clashing "civilizations" (Western, Islamic, Confucian) characterize the contemporary world. Presents the fundamental challenge.

#12887/0920  NAOMI WOLF: In-Depth
This is the companion program to THE BEAUTY MYTH. In this bonus presentation, Naomi Wolf goes in-depth to address key implications, criticisms, and the most commonly asked questions raised by the main program.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts is home to the world’s most important collection of artwork by women. Set against a backdrop of masterpieces ranging from the Dutch baroque to abstract expressionist and beyond, this program sheds light on the marginalization and suppression of female artists throughout most of Western history, the egalitarian nature of artistic expression, and the long-overdue recognition of women artists that began during the 20th century.

Explains the causes of and risk factors for gestational diabetes, the associated health problems for both pregnant wmen and their infants, and how this condition can be managed through diet, medication, and exercise. Includes information about "Choose MyPlate", the U.S. government's new dietary guidelines.

#10436/0635  NEWS FROM THE HOLY LAND: Theory and Practice of Reporting Conflict DVD
With regard to the conflict in the middle east, has the American media changed from being a reporter of news to being a dictator of news? Are they purposefully or even inadvertently setting the agenda and shaping political strategies by the slant of their reporting and thus manipulating public opinion in the U.S? Examines how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is presented to the American public.

#7152/1405  NO SAFE PLACE: The Origins of Violence Against Women
This program presents factual information detailing how women today, as well as historically, find themselves facing restrictions on their freedom of movement and activity as a result of male violence towards them. Explores some of the more frequently asked but rarely answered questions about domestic violence. This comprehensive program helps viewers recognize and examine signs, situations, causes and effects of this reality.

#6537/0635  NOW IS OUR TIME: Healthy Living for Women 40 to 55 DVD
As they reach midlife, women face a special set of health-related challenges. This program hosted by dancer/celebrity Debbie Allen weaves together the personal stories of a racially diverse group of perimenopausal women.

This video presents the story of a Native woman and her fight to overcome an abusive and alcoholic family life, her experience of residential schools, early motherhood and a bout with her own addictions.

#10977/0410  OTHER GAMBLERS: Women and Older Gamblers
Growing numbers of seniors and women are taking up gambling in one form or another and for a variety of reasons. Whether it's an attempt to increase meager incomes or as a way to pass time and add excitement to their lives, some are finding these activities have negative consequences, and are also very difficult to stop.

#15839/1416  PASSIONATE POLITICS: The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch
Professor Charlotte Bunch's work focuses on the application of feminist theory to public policy questions, particularly at the global level. Her current investigations center on developing an analysis and understanding of human rights that incorporates women's lives more fully and utilizes the question of violence against women as a way of exploring the parameters of their issues both theoretically and practically. Her other public policy work has focused on issues of gender and international development. *Includes 48-page Discussion Guide *Sub-Titles

#16013/1725  PATH APPEARS (A)
A PATH APPEARS, from the creative team that brought you the groundbreaking series Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, follows intrepid reporters Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn and actor/advocates Malin Akerman, Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, Jennifer Garner, Regina Hall, Ashley Judd, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, and Alfre Woodard to Colombia, Haiti, Kenya, and United States as they uncover the harshest forms of gender-based oppression and human rights violations, as well as the effective solutions being implemented to combat them. Through heartrending, inspiring storytelling, A PATH APPEARS will take viewers on a journey across the globe, to drive home the universality of gender inequality and the roots of vulnerability. The series will lead viewers to a deeper understanding of these critical issues and the proven methods of bringing about change. Episode 1: SEX TRAFFICKING IN THE USA Episode 2: BREAKING THE CYCLE OF POVERTY Episode 3: VIOLENCE AND SOLUTIONS

#7727/0685  PEACE, PROPAGANDA AND THE PROMISED LAND: U.S. Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Is peace in the foreseeable future even remotely possible for the middle east? Do all the parties involved even want to achieve it? Is the general public actually being given a true picture of the situation and combatants by the media? This program delves into the seemingly interminable turmoil and how it is being portrayed by the popular media. Grades 9 to A

This program summarizes the newest research that shows how alcohol effects the entire body, both immediately and long-term. Issues such as pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome, cirrhosis, cancer and heart disease are also discussed. Grades 9 to A

#11294/0635  PICKLES, INC: Arab-Israeli Women Launch a Business DVD
Many Arab widows lead a cloistered and restricted life, often living below the poverty line. In 2003, eight widows in the Galilean village of Tamra started a daring business venture - the Azka Pickle Cooperative - seeking financial independence for themselves and their children.

#10393/1740  PICTURE PERFECT by Carol Tizzano
A compelling documentary that challenges how girls and women are depicted in the media. Covering various forms of media, including TV, music, film and advertising, producer Carol Tizzano interviews women young and old and asks how they feel about the images that unrealistically glamorize and sexualize them.

#6293/0685  PLAYING (UN)FAIR: The Media Image of the Female Athlete
This video is a really interesting look at the (gender) politics of sport and how they are dictated and controlled by the media. It provides excellent discussion material for both gender and media studies on the image of women as represented by mainstream coverage of female athletes.

How did two female immigrants to the U.S. start businesses early in the 20th Century that grew into competing, hugely profitable enterprises? The names Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden still rank among the most recognizable even in today's cosmetics and fashion industries.

#15711/1416  POWER AND CONTROL: Domestic Violence
A comprehensive and timely examination of the shocking persistence of domestic violence in our society. The complex issues around domestic abuse are refracted through the story of Kim, a mother of three. The film follows Kim and her children from their early days in a battered women's shelter. Kim then sets out to start a new life - and although she is a determined and inspiring survivor, she finds that there are no easy happy endings. This multi-layered narrative also explores key issues involving law enforcement, advocacy, and health care. The film is recommended for courses in sociology, social work, gender studies, law, medicine and the many other disciplines in which intimate partner violence may be involved. *Closed Captioned *Also available are "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND HEALTHCARE

Dr. Pat Heim explains why she feels that men and women live in different cultures; basically it's about different rules regarding what is considered "appropriate" adult behavior. She describes some of the different rules of the male and female cultures that can impair workplace communication.

Giving up smoking during pregnancy may actually be more difficult for many women than forgoing alcohol. The negative effect of smoking on a fetus is not as clearly documented as FAS research has shown with alcohol. This video will help convince expectant mothers (and fathers) that the decision to quit smoking should be high on their agenda none the less. Grades 9 to A

This highly recommended, lower priced video brings the whole problem of workplace sexual harassment out into the open for both employers and employees. After participating they'll know what it is, what has to be done if they encounter it and how to stamp it out of the culture of a workplace if it's already there.

#9603/1420  PREVENTING BIRTH DEFECTS: A Guide for Pregnant Women
The fact that many birth defects and related disabilities could have been prevented is a double tragedy when the steps to improve the likelihood of a healthy birth are really relatively simple. If all parents-to-be could foresee the future problems, not only for their disabled children but even for themselves, things might improve. This video explains.

#12231/0685  PRICE OF PLEASURE (THE) : Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships
Once relegated to the margins of society, pornography has emerged as one of the most visible and profitable sectors of the cultural industries, assuming an unprecedented role in the mainstream of our popular culture at the same time that its content has become more extreme and harsh, more overtly sexist and racist. This eye-opening and disturbing film tackles the complexity behind this seeming paradox. This film is particularly revealing when male pornographers openly discuss their views about women and how men should relate to them, and when male and female porn users candidly discuss the role pornography has played in shaping their sexual imaginations and relationships. Honest and nonjudgmental, the film paints both a nuanced and complex portrait of how pleasure and pain, commerce and power, and liberty and responsibility are intertwined in the most intimate aspects of human relations. At the same time, the film examines the unprecedented role that commercial pornography now occupies in U.S. popular culture. Going beyond the debate of liberal versus conservative so common in the culture, this program provides a holistic understanding of pornography as it debunks common myths about the genre.Grades 10 to A

#14525/1725  PROHIBITION: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
This three-part documentary series explores the extraordinary story of what happens when a freedom-loving nation outlaws the sale of intoxicating liquor - and the disastrous unintended consequences that follow. This utterly relevant cautionary tale raises profound questions about the proper role of government and the limits of legislating morality.

#14460/0685  PURITY MYTH (THE): The Virginity Movement's War Against Women
Analyzing cultural stereotypes and media messages, Jessica Valenti reveals the overt and hidden ways our society links a woman’s worth to her sexuality rather than to values like honesty, kindness, and altruism. Valenti takes on issues ranging from abstinence-only education to pornography and exposes the legal and social punishments that women who dare to have sex endure.

#13848/0605  RAPE IN THE RANKS: The Enemy Within
*REMI AWARD - WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival *FIRST PRIZE, Documentary Section, New York International Film Festival This hard-hitting film is the first to cover the shocking story of sexual harassment and rape of American women soldiers by colleagues in their own platoons and sometimes by their own superior officers.

#9766/0400  RAPE IS....
"Quite simply, this is the best film on rape that I have ever seen." Joan Zorza, Editor, Sexual Assault Report, Domestic Violence Report *Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Outstanding Documentaries" Rape is a weapon. It is an instrument of terror. Being a victim can have life-shattering repercussions both mental and physical, and yet it is the most under-reported serious crime. Why? This video re-examines current legal, political and societal attitudes.

#16066/1725  RAPE ON THE NIGHT SHIFT: Sexual Abuse of Immigrant Women in the Janitorial Industry
An investigation into the sexual abuse of undocumented women in the service industry. The film examines allegations of abuse across the janitorial industry, and how the government, law enforcement and companies fall short in dealing with the problem.

#9472/0755  RECOVERING FROM TRAUMATIC EVENTS: The Healing Process
This video deals with the particular challenges associated with RECOVERING from traumatic experiences. It is a tool that can be used by therapists with clients as well as with clients' families and friends to move the recovery process in a positive direction by using the experiences of others to guide them. Grades 9 to A

#14992/1290  RECOVERING: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
Eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are serious medical conditions that can be deadly if left untreated. Join documentary filmmaker and host Larkin McPhee (DYING TO BE THIN) as she uncovers the challenges of coping with an eating disorder. Meet experts and people in recovery who offer an honest appraisal of their struggles to overcome their eating disorders.Grades 7 to A

#13408/0685  RED MOON: Menstruation, Culture and the Politics of Gender
With humor and refreshing candor, RED MOON provides a fascinating, often ironic, take on the absurd and frequently dangerous cultural stigmas and superstitions surrounding women's menstruation.

GIRLS AND SEX author Peggy Orenstein interviewed more than 70 young women, many of whom equated sexiness with empowerment. *Closed Captioned

#10396/0685  REEL BAD ARABS: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
Have Arabs (like native North Americans?) been vilified and demeaned both as a race and as individuals by their portrayal in Hollywood movies? Has that portrayal and the misconceptions that followed in the psyche of western movie goers resulted in poorly conceived and misdirected government policy? This video investigates.

#5858/0685  REVIVING OPHELIA: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
From the best selling book of the same title this DVD offers concrete ideas for girls and boys, families, teachers, and schools to help girls free themselves from the toxic influences of today's media-saturated culture.

#8710/1405  ROAD TO RECOVERY: Women and Alcohol DVD
Covers information specific to women and substance abuse, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effect, as well as complications in the birthing process, like premature delivery and infant seizures, often associated with maternal drug use. Recovery issues also examined.

#11685/0860  SCULPTING HER BODY PERFECT Third Edition DVD
Brad Schoenfeld is a renowned specialist in the development of fitness training programs for women. Body sculpting is not about crash diets or humungous biceps or surgery; it is about achieving a desired shape through exercise and nutrition and muscle development. It's about overall health!

#9074/0425  SELF IMAGE: The Fantasy/The Reality (In the Mix) DVD
What role does the media play in directly influencing the way young people today think about their bodies? How is it affecting them socially and psychologically? What is it doing to their health? Grades 7 to 12

#13260/0545  SETTING THE PACE: Women and Sport
Through this video viewers explore the benefits of physical activity for women; considering the benefits of activity on all levels from novice to professional including during menopause, pregnancy and to alleviate premenstrual syndrome. Explore the history of women in sports and develop an understanding of the difference in women and men participation levels. Compare also the prize money and media attention for both male and female sports are community and the elite level. Grades 8 to A

This program presents closely analyzed examples that show how sexism and antisexism may be contained in language used in song lyrics, everyday conversation, newspaper reports, written conventions, and satire.

#15136/0685  SEXUAL ASSAULT: Naming the Unnamed Conspirator
In this provocative presentation, career prosecutor Anne Munch examines how societal attitudes influence legal cases involving sexual assault. Rape cases frequently turn on the involvement of what she calls an "unnamed conspirator" - the complex of myths and stories we tell ourselves as a culture about sex, gender, power, and responsibility.

#14810/1005  SEXUAL HARASSMENT: A Commonsense Approach (Employee/Manager Combination)
Save money by combining the Manager and Employee versions of this best-selling and award-winning sexual harassment training! The EMPLOYEE VERSION of this dramatic sexual harassment training program is designed to help your employees with both the gray areas and the obvious. Viewers will see realistic scenes that are clearly sexual harassment, and others that are probably just a lapse in good judgment. Speaking directly to supervisors and managers, the MANAGER training video offers clear guidance on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment, and explains a supervisor's responsibilities to respond promptly and appropriately.

#4288/1005  SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Serious Business DVD
When people watch videos about sexual harassment in the workplace they usually end up squirming in their seats in reaction to bad acting and production values and not getting the message as a result. This video offers five exceptionally produced scenarios from office and factory that identify harassment in its different forms, show why it's illegal and how to deal with it.

#9062/0635  SHACKLED WOMEN: Abuses of a Patriarchal World DVD
This program assesses second- and third-world abuses of women’s rights by the male establishment - and examines how female collaboration sometimes contributes to their perpetuation. Grades 11 to A

#14602/0635  SISTERS IN ISLAMIC BANKING: Female CEOs and Sharia-Compliant Finance
Female Moslem CEOs and Comptrollers in large financial institutions operating under the strictures of Sharia law?!? Yes, you heard right. Similar to western business, glass ceilings are indeed being challenged and broken through in the Muslim world. Not only that, but these women are convinced that Sharia-inspired banking practices may actually be what the western business world needs to get its global activities under control.

#5784/0685  SLIM HOPES: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness
Jean Kilbourne (KILLING US SOFTLY) focuses her attention specifically on the media, body image and health. Her thesis, and the hundreds of examples she presents, leave little doubt that advertisers are preying on the fears and insecurities of women, especially young women, with the result that they are actually encouraging the development of bad nutrition and eating disorders! An excellent resource for both media studies and women's health, this video offers insights and discussion topics that really go to the core of today's consumer society.

Filmmaker Daphne Valerius's award-winning documentary THE SOULS OF BLACK GIRLS explores how media images of beauty undercut the self-esteem of African-American women. Valerius surveys the dominant white, light-skinned, and thin ideals of beauty that circulate in the culture, from fashion magazines to film and music video, and talks with African-American girls and women about how these images affect the way they see themselves. The film also features powerful commentary from rapper and activist Chuck D, actresses Regina King and Jada Pinkett Smith, PBS news anchor Gwen Ifill, cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis, and others.

#15757/1416  STILL DOING IT! The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65
Flying in the face of this culture's extreme ageism, STILL DOING IT explores the lives of older women. Partnered, single, straight, gay, black and white; nine extraordinary women, age 67-87, express with startling honesty and humor how they feel about themselves, sex and love in later life and the poignant realities of aging. Women over 65 are the fastest-growing segment of the population. STILL DOING IT looks at this society's complex relationship to women and aging with surprising and revelatory results *** ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL PRICE FOR SCHOOLS & NON-PROFITS ***

#9819/0400  STRENGTH TO RESIST: Media's Impact on Women and Girls (previously titled BEYOND KILLING US SOFTLY)
What really is the impact of media images on women and girls? This program presents the ideas of girls and young women as well as those of leading authorities in the fields of psychology (including Gloria Steinem) on the subjects of eating disorders, gender studies, violence against women, and media literacy. Also focuses their ideas on practical solutions and the best tactics for reclaiming the culture from the media and advertising giants. A powerful tool for teaching media literacy, building self-esteem in girls and women and for promoting reassessment of society's views of gender roles.Grades 9 to A

This program reviews cutting-edge research on exercising and aging as they relate to women who are 40 years of age and older. Details how strength training can affect body composition, balance, muscle hypertrophy, depression, sleep, nerve reactivation, osteoporosis, arthritis, and hormone imbalances.

An intimate portrait of women's substance abuse and journey to recovery; profiles women who have battled against seemingly insurmountable odds and their compulsive behavior as well as those that are making their initial steps in treatment.

Examines the effects of prenatal substance abuse on infants. Also covered are: myths and misinformation, effects of legal and illegal drugs, medical and developmental issues; key parenting strategies; and, working with professionals.

#9686/0755  SURVIVAL FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Stories of Hope and Healing
One of the greatest hurdles for women who live in abusive households is how to remove themselves and their children safely to start a new life. From the number of murders, attempted-murders and abductions by abusive husbands and ex's this fear is anything but delusional! Explanations are offered by women who have successfully made just such a transition. Grades 9 to A

#7379/1405  SURVIVORS: Women Overcoming Domestic Abuse
This is a factual first person sharing of the experiences of domestic violence victims. Women in the video provide information to help other women to avoid mistakes they made and make better choices by recognizing the signs of a chronic abuser, and get out safely.

#12288/2035  TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF: Women and Nutrition DVD
Women traditionally take care of others before taking care of themselves. This program emphasizes the need for women to gain a better understanding of food choices to help keep themselves healthy.

#15100/0605  TERROR AT HOME
*WINNER! Western Psychological Association The statistics are staggering: one in three women faces the threat of domestic abuse. Thirty-seven percent of women’s emergency hospital visits are the result of domestic violence. In the United States alone, fifteen hundred women are murdered each year by their husband or boyfriend. TERROR AT HOME provides an unflinching look at some of the personal stories that lie behind these statistics. The violence cuts across all lines - racial, educational, and financial. The film illustrates the counseling sessions, group therapy, and battered-women’s groups that provide help to these victims and shows the legal system’s role in curtailing the cycle of violence. This powerful film sends an important message about the need for breaking the silence surrounding abuse.

#10537/0920  THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT! Language, Culture and Meaning with Deborah Tannen
The next step in Dr. Deborah Tannen's continuing exploration of inter-gender communication demonstrates to viewers how cultural influences affect not only what is said but also what is heard. Detailed analysis of both speaking and listening habits and patterns are provided.

In this program, three leading therapists demonstrate three different therapeutic orientations with a single client.

#10089/0830  TO LIVE IN MY HOUSE - DVD
This is the true story of what happens when twelve women on welfare, battling addictions & violence, set out to turn a ramshackle rooming house into an emergency shelter for homeless women. We're talking nails and hammers here!

#15909/1944  TOILET TRAINING
This documentary video is a collaboration between transgender videomaker Tara Mateik and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, an organization dedicated to ending poverty and gender identity discrimination. The video addresses the persistent discrimination, harassment, and violence that people who transgress gender norms face in gender segregated bathrooms. Using the stories of people who have been harassed, arrested or beaten for trying to use bathrooms, TOILET TRAINING focuses on bathroom access in public space, in schools, and at work. Includes discussion of legal questions of equal access; the health effects associated with "holding it"; and the social consequences of experiencing pervasive discrimination in bathrooms and other gendered spaces. Interviews with lawyers, social workers and activists explore current law and policy, and highlight recent and future policy changes necessary to enable equal bathroom access for all. Concluding with examples of policy change,

#15778/0685  TOUGH GUISE 2: Violence, Manhood and American Culture (Abridged Version)
TOUGH GUISE 2 stands to empower a new generation of young men - and women - to challenge the myth that being a real man means putting up a false front and engaging in violent and self-destructive behavior. In a sweeping analysis that cuts across racial, ethnic, and class lines, Jackson Katz examines mass shootings, day-to-day gun violence, violence against women, bullying, gay-bashing, and American-style militarism against the backdrop of a culture that has normalized violent and regressive forms of masculinity in the face of challenges to traditional male power and authority. Sub-titled. *This DVD includes two ABRIDGED versions - a 52-minute version edited for length, and a 46-minute "clean" version edited for violence, sexual content, and strong language. While both versions are ideally suited for viewing in a single classroom period, the clean version may be more appropriate for junior high and high school-aged audiences. For FULL version see item #15660

#15660/0685  TOUGH GUISE 2: Violence, Manhood and American Culture (Full Version)
TOUGH GUISE 2 stands to empower a new generation of young men - and women - to challenge the myth that being a real man means putting up a false front and engaging in violent and self-destructive behavior. In a sweeping analysis that cuts across racial, ethnic, and class lines, Jackson Katz examines mass shootings, day-to-day gun violence, violence against women, bullying, gay-bashing, and American-style militarism against the backdrop of a culture that has normalized violent and regressive forms of masculinity in the face of challenges to traditional male power and authority.

#15440/0635  TRIBAL WIVES: Female Roles, Western Norms, and Tribal Life (3 Programs)
A female entering a developing-world culture will experience issues related to patriarchal control and female independence which will almost certainly shape her interactions with the community. This three-part series follows three British women as they become temporary additions to families in remote areas of Turkey, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Each episode evokes challenging questions regarding women’s rights across the globe. To what extent can we impose Western standards? Should they enter the discussion at all? Is defiance or conformity the better strategy when the customs under discussion, however alien, are no longer theoretical? Three 59-minute programs: TRIBAL WIVES: Challenging Western Views of Polygamy and Female Circumcision TRIBAL WIVES: A Look into Tribal Family Life and Female Independence TRIBAL WIVES: Western Taboos versus Tribal Traditions

#9940/1370  TURNING POINT: Women Who Abuse
For many who work in the family violence field, it is difficult to accept that some women can be, and are, abusive to their partners. The discussion on women's abusive behavior can make us uncomfortable and challenges traditional stereotypical views of what, and who women are. The program demonstrates how some women can be just as capable of harbouring harmful negative attitudes, entertaining destructive negative self-talk, and choosing violence as a way of controlling their partner as some men are.

The program explains to young children, especially those from "addicted" households, the nature of addiction, and how it affects adults (i.e. parents) and emphasizes that it is not their (the child's) fault.Grades K to 3

#15776/0635  UNBREAKABLE: One Girl Changing the World - The Story of Malala
"They cannot stop me. I will get my education", declares Malala Yousafzai in this riveting ABC News interview, filmed in the wake of the young activist’s 2013 trip to the United States. Her resoluteness and courage are unmistakable, but as she speaks with reporter Diane Sawyer about her mission and her near-fatal confrontation with the Taliban, Malala’s quite understandable fear and vulnerability also emerge. From her family and cultural background to her vision of a world in which education is available to all, Malala’s presence on camera is truly compelling and leaves no doubt as to her significance in the global struggle for women’s rights.

*Featuring Lydia Buki, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Health disparities between various populations are a critical social justice issue, and it is imperative for psychologists to become involved in the elimination of these disparities.

A powerful 2-part video exploration of the residual effects of trauma and the way in which healing and recovery occur.

#15911/0615  UNVEILED: Muslim Women Talk about Hijab
*Winner of Many Awards! (UN)VEILED introduces the audience to ten Muslim women from various backgrounds who now live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their discussion about hijab, the headscarf, revolves around a lecture on the same topic that was banned last minute but delivered anyway. In a time when Islam and especially Muslim women are represented as monolithic and beset by backwardness, the women in (un)veiled show the diverse, lively, argumentative debates in Muslim societies about the meanings of modernity, emancipation, and feminism. Dubai, where the filmmaker lived for eight months, becomes a character in itself, showing the complex face of a contemporary Arab city. * Includes Study Guide

Sex parties, drugs, eating disorders, suicide...It seems everywhere you turn there’s another report of teenage girls gone bad. This program follows one mother’s investigation into the lives of young women and the mixed messages that girls receive about conforming to specific behavioral or beauty ideals. Through candid conversations with teen girls about sex, substance abuse, and the pressure to be popular, viewers glimpse the real-life stories behind the scandalous headlines and find a generation that is at once more accomplished, and yet more anxiety-ridden, than perhaps any other before.

#15948/0899  VULVA 3.0
"Amusing and horrifying by turns, but consistently fascinating throughout." The Hollywood Reporter *Already winner of many awards! With their comprehensive and unflustered research into the history of this particular aspect of the female anatomy in the 21st century, the directors shed light on every facet of the matter in hand, from sex education to censorship, from the airbrushing of ‘misshapen’ labia in pornographic images to the work of activists against female genital mutilation - and in doing so celebrate the diversity of the female body. We live in hyper-sexualized times. The press, advertisements and TV are constantly putting naked women and their genitalia on display. But many women are still deeply prudish when it comes to the relationship with their own body. In public we see airbrushed, de-individualized anatomies which conform to the standards of attractiveness used by the porn industry. The ideal image of the smooth, perfectly shaped vulva with symmetrical labia has little to do with the actual shape of most female genitalia. The resultant insecurity many women feel about their own bodies has proven to be a goldmine for cosmetic genital surgery which promises to manufacture the perfect vagina via the surgeon's scalpel.

#8055/0895  WALKING IN PAIN
One really special feature that makes this program unique is the fact that it focuses on a Native counselor and patients in session at a treatment center located on a reserve.

#1491/0635  WALKING THROUGH FEAR: Women and Substance Abuse
Increasing numbers of women are addicted to alcohol and drugs, yet only one in five people in treatment centers is a woman. Why aren’t women seeking or getting the help they need to overcome their addictions? This program investigates the problems women face when they seek such help, and four women tell what life was like before they sought help and how their lives changed after recovery.Grades 11 to A

#15387/0635  WASPS AND WITCHES: Women Pilots of World War II
A previously untold story of the forgotten fliers of the Second World War: women pilots from Britain, the United States, Russia, and Germany. These pilots risked everything for their countries and pioneered the way for others at a time when flying was the sole prerogative of men. Because of widespread skepticism, they had to prove their worth and their ability to do a "man’s" job. With unique archival footage and present-day interviews with the pilots themselves, this inspiring film offers unique insight into the experiences of the thousands of courageous women who have been "written out" of the history books

#13086/1005  WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT: Diversity in the Workplace DVD
Productivity is the name of the game these days, and most organizations can't afford to let that productivity slow down by the problems that can easily develop in today's multicultural workforce. Watching the video, viewers are guided to an appreciation of the individual characteristics their coworkers bring to the mix. They'll learn how the fear of being inconvenienced or losing a preferential status might be a cause of their resistance to accepting diversity in the workplace. Employees who watch this diversity video will come away with a new appreciation for the changes occurring in today's workplaces, and an awareness of how they personally perceive the differences in others.

Weight loss can be a challenge for both sexes, perhaps even more so for women, given the differences between them and their male counterparts involving hormones, their body composition, dietary choices, and lifestyle. This program details what factors may affect an individual’s efforts to lose weight, what has been shown to work in current research, and how a woman can succeed in her efforts to control her weight, considering the challenges she faces.

#5781/0685  WHAT A GIRL WANTS - DVD (Edited Version)
What do girls today think about how they are portrayed in the media? Viewers get to hear some very lively and frank conversation with girls from a wide range of backgrounds on what they think their image is in the media with special attention paid to television. Fascinating perceptions...a great media or gender studies discussion starter. Grades 5 to A

For over 30 years, Morris Massey addressed the issues of values, diversity, generational conflicts, and gender in his best selling videos. With a classic combination of humor, and no-nonsense directness, Morris has helped all of us all develop tools for working together. In particular, Morris has presented a framework for understanding all these differences in his original program "What You Are Is Where You Were When". This new version presents a framework for understanding and working with all different types of people. Morris takes on assumptions about race, religion, age, gender and will help you develop strategies to deal with your homegrown prejudices and acceptance of others.

This riveting program looks at the devastating effects of abuse upon older women within intimate or spousal relationships as well as abuse by adult children. Covers a diversity of seniors, representing many different social values, upbringings and experience. *Also in French #10637

#15374/0605  WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS: Children of Women in Prison
What happens to children when their mothers are incarcerated? In prisons throughout the United States, 80 percent of all female inmates are incarcerated for non-violent offenses, and 80 percent are mothers of vulnerable children. This sensitive multi award-winning documentary is an up-close look at children coping with their mothers’ incarcerations. As the children lay bare their longing for love, each story illustrates policy gaps between the judicial and social service systems that are supposed to serve them. Such children are six times more likely than their peers to end up in prison, victims of a justice system that perpetuates the very problems it seeks to prevent.

#15672/0405  WILL YOU MARRY ME? Marriage Customs in Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Senegal
Even today, the majority of African women in both city and country still aspire to get a good husband and have many children. This program sheds light on the pros and cons of marriage customs in sub-Saharan Africa.

#13484/0405  WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN THE BOARDROOM: Profiting from Equality
Would the recent Wall St. fiasco have been avoided if the boards of the investment banks had equal representation of females on them? Is it desirable, or even possible, for government to mandate such equity in public companies? How about if those companies are 'TOO BIG TO FAIL'? Recent evidence seems to demonstrate that female involvement in corporate decision-making contributes positively to the bottom line. So why aren't there women on the boards? Grades 10 to A

This video portrays the safe, nurturing, and empowering environment that is essential in order for women and girls to heal from addiction. It begins with an introduction to the program and is followed by Dr. Stephanie Covington leading real women in recovery through discussions and exercises.

#11304/0795  WOMEN AND ADDICTION: A Gender Responsive Approach (Clinical Innovators Series)
Women's treatment involves more than simply providing women-only group settings. Program content, staff selection, and even site selection are all components of an environment in which gender-responsive treatment thrives. In this program, Stephanie S. Covington explains how to create effective recovery services for women and girls; services that reflect an understanding of the realities of their lives and address their unique challenges and strengths.

#13914/0635  WOMEN AND ALCOHOL
Binge drinking is traditionally a young man’s "sport", but now many college-age women are doing their best to keep up. Why? And how does such a staggering level of alcohol consumption affect a woman physically? The program also shows how binge drinking can turn women into targets of sexual assault.

#12023/0605  WOMEN AND ISLAM: Islam Unveiled DVD
This wide ranging exploration of women in the Muslim world grapples with the questions of whether there can be democracy in an Islamic state, and how can Muslim women maintain their spiritual connection to the religion without giving up their independence. The film explores issues of circumcision, arranged marriage and polygamy. It shows that some Muslim women are prepared to challenge the mullahs in order to reconcile Islam with modernity.

#14129/0463  WOMEN AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Long-Term Success
Focuses on training programs designed specifically for women. Explains differences in programs for women vs. men and provides an overview of weight-loss programming involving a three-month goal setting regime that has proven successful for women.

#12842/0635  WOMEN BEHIND BARS: Rehabilitation or Retribution?
Today in the United States women are the fastest-growing prison population. This CBS News production offers a rare glimpse into a world that is based on retribution rather than rehabilitation and in which the rules of survival in prison are often tougher than the rules of the street. Issues such as sexual and drug abuse, family histories, and breaking the cycle of crime and incarceration are addressed through the personal stories of women who are doing time.

#10796/0795  WOMEN IN RECOVERY
What part does gender play in treatment and recovery programs? Does addiction show different faces to males and females? This video explores these issues and offers suggestions on ways that may well make for more effective treatment and recovery programs for women.

This video encourages female viewers to think outside the envelope as far as career possibilities are concerned by considering construction work and entrepreneurial involvement in the building trades. Grades 8 to A

#1270/2220  WOMEN IN TRANSITION: The On-Going Challenge
This video deals with the fairly extreme challenges that face women offenders both while they are inmates and after they are released. Offers peer advice from four women who have made a new life after prison.

This three-part series shines history’s spotlight on Madeleine Albright, Benazir Bhutto, and Corazon Aquino: female political leaders in the right place at the right time to change the course of world events - and to serve as powerful role models for women everywhere. Informative and inspiring.

#13385/0145  WOMEN'S HEALTH ISSUES (5 Programs ) DVD
Candid, honest and often heated, these programs from the Second Opinion series let you discover, first hand, how doctors navigate their way through tough medical decisions. Hosted by nationally acclaimed Dr. Peter Salgo, the programs include INCONTINENCE AND URINE LEAKAGE, MENOPAUSE, OSTEOPOROSIS, FERTILITY, and WOMEN'S CARDIAC HEALTH.

#10296/0635  WOMEN'S PRISONS: Old Problems and New Solutions
Women in prison: is there a place for gender-specific punishment, correction, rehabilitation? Should they be set up and managed differently than institutions for men? Where do children fit in? How about sexuality? U.S and Canadian correctional facilities for women are examined and contrasted.

#14058/2003  WOMEN'S REPRESENTATION IN THE MEDIA: Content, Careers and Criticism
*Telly Award and Communicator Crystal Award A first rate exploration of the reclaimed history of women who created media; the media portrayal of women; women's inclusion in the media workforce; and, how men perceive media differently than women and how that affects what we read, see and hear from the media.

#13729/0635  WOMEN'S RIGHTS (Global Issues Series) DVD
Despite the progress of the international women’s movement in exposing and correcting human rights abuses against females, in many countries women are still fighting to attain the most basic of civil liberties. This program contextualizes that struggle by comparing women’s rights in the U.S. with the status of women in China, Afghanistan, and Kenya.

#10067/1805  WOMEN, TRAUMA AND RECOVERY: Getting Clean, Sober and Safe (Women Beat the Street)
The co-mixture of PTSD and addiction as it pertains to (inner-city & other) women is the subject of this video. Once the numbing effect of the drugs are removed, techniques and tools for dealing with the feelings are essential if recovery is to continue.

#15528/1725  WOMEN, WAR AND PEACE
This bold five-part series challenges conventional wisdom that war and peace are men’s domain. With depth and complexity, this series spotlights the stories of women in conflict zones from Bosnia to Afghanistan, and Colombia to Liberia, placing women at the center of an urgent dialogue about conflict and security and reframing our understanding of modern warfare. Follow the changing roles of women as partners in brokering lasting peace and as leaders in forging new international laws governing conflict.

#15394/1416  WONDER WOMEN: The Untold Story of American Superheroines
"WONDER WOMEN hits us right where it counts, offering a nuanced critique of gender and heroism in popular culture." Mary Celeste Kearney, Associate Professor of Media Studies, University of Texas at Austin Goes behind the scenes with actors Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Lindsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman) and Gloria Steinem. KAPOW! WONDER WOMEN offers a nuanced critique of gender and heroism in popular culture as well as a powerful dose of Vitamin F(eminism) for the undernourished. From the birth of the 1940s comic book heroine, Wonder Woman, to the blockbusters of today, Wonder Women! looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society’s anxieties about strong and healthy women.

#9877/0905  YOU CAN QUIT! How to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy DVD
It is SO very important that female smokers who get pregnant are given every opportunity to quit. Realizing that their continued addiction to nicotine can have health effects on their babies for life is crucial. Getting them on track to quit with a fully developed plan ASAP is the goal of this widely proven program. Grades 8 to A

#12504/0795  YOUNG MEN'S WORK - DVD
The Young Men's Work DVD teaches young men how to confront the beliefs that lead to violent behavior and how to recognize and challenge these beliefs and behaviors. It also teaches young men alternative behaviors for healthier, more positive outcomes.

#14613/1015  YOUTH CORRECTIONS SERIES: Young Women (6 DVDs)
This engaging series addresses the challenges today’s youth face and empowers them to make better decisions. Featuring the insights of former inmates, teachers, counselors, and people who work in the juvenile justice system, this series provides a unique perspective on what youth can do to build a support network, live healthy, and achieve success in school and in life. This six-program series is available in two versions: one that speaks to young men and one that speaks to young women. Though they must overcome similar barriers, young men and women face different challenges as they grow up. WHY AM I HERE AND WHAT'S NEXT? Viewers will understand that they are not alone, every choice has a consequence, and making better choices can change their lives. BLOOD FAMILY: FINDING SUPPORT This program looks at a family’s influence on incarcerated youth For good or BAD! CREATED FAMILY: CHOOSING FRIENDS WISELY Reinforces the idea that who viewers choose as friends can determine whether they live a life successfully or behind bars. MY BODY, MY WELL-BEING Demonstrates that good decision-making is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Discusses drugs and alcohol, sex, and personal hygiene. LIFE SKILLS Covers the skills young people need to survive as adults; how to think ahead, access available resources, and manage their money. CHANGING THE GAME FOR A BETTER LIFE Recognizes that change is never easy... but it is possible. In this program, youths learn how to change.


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