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#9576/0635  BROKEN CORD: Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris
In this in-depth conversation, Bill Moyers investigates the very troublesome relationship between the Native American community, addictions and fetal alcohol syndrome.

One man loses his son to a cocaine overdose. Grieving, he decides to carve a totem pole and invites the town of Craig, Alaska to help. The project grows; it brings people of diverse backgrounds and ages together, acknowledging common problems of personal loss, intergenerational grief, substance abuse, suicide and violence and it promotes healing within the community. WORDS is intended to facilitate discussion of the life-altering issues raised in the multi award-winning CARVED. Features drawings and murals by youth, letters, poetry, interviews and ceremony to show how a story that started in one small town has become a catalyst for expression and community transformation.

#11022/  CHIEFS!
What part can sports, teamwork, striving play in helping disenfranchised minorities to overcome the hurdles that stand in their way? This award winning documentary focuses on a Native American high school basketball team and their quest for state and national recognition.

#10683/0145  COPING WITH AN ALCOHOLIC PARENT: Tips to Improve Family Life
The focus here is on one Native American family's journey through the turmoil of a father's addiction to alcohol and gambling. How does a family cope? This dramatic program takes viewers into the family life of real people who have embarked on their long road to recovery from addiction, and it shares the intimate struggles of families dealing with this all too common disease.

Teresa LaFromboise, Miami Nation and Stanford University, has become the best-known expert on counseling and treatment with Native American Indians. Important implications in this tape for Canadian Dene. Newly revised edition includes Leader Guide and subtitles.

This video provides a study of a victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It explores the unexpected and misunderstood symptoms of this affliction and provides insight to associated cognitive and behavioral problems that often lead into antisocial and criminal lifestyles.

#9536/0635  FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME and Other Drug Use During Pregnancy
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effects...Viewers get a very clear explanation of what effects alcohol and some other common drugs have on unborn babies. Physical, mental, psychological, emotional repercussions are all covered.

Lindsay (Eekwol) grew up in the First Nations community. She experienced an unforgiving world of drugs, alcohol and violence within her family. As a child, she lived in fear while her parents and their friends had endless parties that often broke out in fights. As she grew up in this environment, she soon developed into an abuser of drugs and alcohol herself. Falling victim to blackouts and on one occasion she almost died one night lying unconscious on the highway. This seminal moment caused her devoted sister to give up on her - unless she changed her ways. For the first time in her life, she listened, and the path of being clean and sober led to becoming a successful solo female aboriginal hip hop artist.Grades 8 to 12

The native peoples of the Canadian far north simply have to have been some of the naturally toughest and fittest the world has ever produced. Historically, their habitat and lifestyle dictated it. This video focuses on the recognition of this fact by a Catholic priest in the 1950s, and his efforts to use it to restore a measure of self-esteem that was being shattered.

#7762/0200  GAMBLING (Seekers II)
This program is from the new SEEKERS II Series for, by, and about aboriginal youth, their concerns, problems and potential. . This program explores different aspects of gambling in an attempt to answer why people take such risks. Grades 7 to 12

#15270/0795  GIFTS FROM THE SACRED CIRCLE: A Native Traditional Parenting Curriculum for Families Affected By Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (CD-ROM Toolkit)
Grounded within traditional American Indian spiritual contexts, GIFTS FROM THE SACRED CIRCLE is an evidence-based program created specifically to serve Native children and families impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (known as FASD). This unique program assists and strengthens families as they care for their FASD-affected children as well as themselves. *This package is not DVD-based bur rather a complete curriculum that includes a Facilitator's Guide, a Parent Resource Book, and a Toolkit CD-ROM of materials that help connect and extend the learning experiences into the home and community.

#9152/2295  HEADS UP! A Self-Esteem Video
The dramatizations in this video take place in a remote northern community on the Canada-Alaska border. Teen issues like body-image, peer pressure to drink, smoke, have sex, parent problems, school pressures are right at home here too. Grades 6 to 12

#11028/1410  HEALING ROAD: The Native American Tradition
Native Americans have suffered violence for centuries. This video helps address the issue of multicultural healing. Native American practitioners raise questions about the appropriateness of current theoretical approaches.

#14605/1076  HOW I STOPPED DRINKING: Four Stories Continued
A follow-up to "What Made Me Stop Drinking", this program investigates how those same people - recovering alcoholics - actually managed to stop drinking. They took different routes and found their own sources of support. The central message of this program is that it is possible to stop and to rediscover life without alcohol. *CC Features Susan Diamond Potts - M.A., RCC - a clinical psychologist specializing in addiction treatment. "Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. People have to have enough resources to support their recovery."

#10272/0735  MOTHER'S CHOICE (A)
This video aims directly at informing first nations women of the damage and suffering that can result from the long term effects on the fetus due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

This video presents the story of a Native woman and her fight to overcome an abusive and alcoholic family life, her experience of residential schools, early motherhood and a bout with her own addictions.

#11710/0795  RECOVERY FROM THE HEART SERIES (3 Programs)
This series encourages Native clients in addiction treatment programs to set attainable goals, create strategies for results, and build in follow-through experiences. Based on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Twelve Steps, and a system of principles, values and laws from a Native American perspective. Includes three 30-minute programs on one DVD.

#7560/0200  SEEKERS II SERIES (13 Programs)
This thirteen part series is for, by, and about aboriginal youth, their concerns, problems and potential. What is Seeking? Who are the Seekers? Seeking the past. Seeking who we are. Where we've come from. Where we're going. Discovering our gifts, learning lessons, and seeking the future together. The Seekers inform, educate, and entertain through the exploration of issues and themes relevant to youth, seen from Aboriginal perspectives, and spoken in Aboriginal voices. Thirteen 24 minute programs: 1) SEEKING 2) EXPRESSION AND HEALING THROUGH ART 3) SUBSTANCE ABUSE 4) BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS 5) ENTREPRENEURSHIP 6) EVERYTHING METIS 7) BULLYING & GANGS 8) GAMBLING 9) SPORTS AND THE MEDICINE WHEEL 10) CRIME PREVENTION 11) RESERVES: Refuge or Ghetto? 12) SEEKERS WITH ENERGY 13) APPLES AND WANNABES *Each DVD program 24 minutes, $129 ***Any 5 - $99 each Grades 7 to 12

#7763/0200  SUBSTANCE ABUSE (Seekers II)
This program is from the new SEEKERS II Series for, by, and about aboriginal youth, their concerns, problems and potential. Alcohol and drugs - to use or not to use? Today, as Aboriginal youth are forced to decide between honoring traditional culture and adapting to "mainstream" society, the decision to use or not to use is a very difficult one to make. Grades 7 to 12

#8055/0895  WALKING IN PAIN
One really special feature that makes this program unique is the fact that it focuses on a Native counselor and patients in session at a treatment center located on a reserve.

#12172/0635  WAVE OF COMPASSION (A): Spirituality and the Recovering Addict
What does it mean to be a "functioning" alcoholic? How does it feel to struggle with substance abuse day after day? What keeps addicts from truly recovering? This program explores such questions from a range of unconventional viewpoints, creating an honest look at addiction that avoids judgmental or strictly clinical approaches. The challenges of recovery are also discussed by several experts: a physician, a psychologist, a nutritionist, and a social worker - while unique and insightful commentary is provided by a Native American shaman, a stand-up comedian, and other voices of reason and personal experience.

#14480/1076  WHAT MADE ME STOP DRINKING: Four Stories
An intimate and revealing look into the lives of people who are addicted to alcohol. Four very different individuals tell their stories ... a ll four finally faced a brutal reality - that their lives and health were falling apart. The stories are brought to life by personal interviews with the four subjects and with Susan Diamond Potts - M.A., RCC, who holds a masters in clinical psychology and who specializes in treating alcohol addiction. *CC

In this program Dr. Winona F. Simms illustrates her approach to working therapeutically with clients who are of Native American descent. Because of a history of oppression by the dominant culture, Native American clients may present for therapy with distrust in the therapist, so it is important to first build trust and to allow the client to speak and be heard.


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