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#12226/0203  ALL BETS ARE OFF: Gambling Addiction
Some play for fun, some hope to win a few dollars, but what starts as a game often leads to a devastating addiction. John Eades explains how he got hooked on gambling and the events that finally led to his recovery. *CC

This video series is for recovering compulsive gamblers, their family members, therapists, counselors, recovery center staff, and administration. Features Helen Palmer and addiction and recovery counselors Renee Siegel and Rick Benson with NINE EXEMPLARS that correspond to the treatment and recovery model known as the ENNEAGRAM. The Enneagram is a highly sophisticated system of nine personality profiles that are meant to help us know ourselves and others "as we/they are to themselves". Each type profile serves as a customized road map for on-going personal growth consistent with categories of modern psychological typology. The nine types are as follows: 1 - The Perfectionist 2 - The Giver 3 - The Performer 4 - The Romantic 5 - The Observer 6 - The Loyal Skeptic 7 - The Epicure 8 - The Protector 9 - The Mediator

#1190/0795  GAMBLING: It's Not About Money
This video examines the growth of compulsive gambling, the treatment options available with consideration of recovery success ratios, and how gambling often becomes a 'cross addiction' for alcohol and drug addicts.

#15611/0787  NO MORE BETS, PLEASE
*Winner CINE GOLD EAGLE Award! This straight-talking, empowering video program offers essential information on how problem gambling develops, its damaging impact on individuals and families, and how it can successfully be treated.

#10977/0410  OTHER GAMBLERS: Women and Older Gamblers
Growing numbers of seniors and women are taking up gambling in one form or another and for a variety of reasons. Whether it's an attempt to increase meager incomes or as a way to pass time and add excitement to their lives, some are finding these activities have negative consequences, and are also very difficult to stop.

When does gambling, or as it has been recreationally renamed by the industry that profits from it, gaming, transform itself into a recognizable pathology? Gaming....sounds like a fun pastime; unfortunately not for everyone. In other words, EVERYTHING you lose in Vegas stays in Vegas no matter how much you believe otherwise.

#15496/0605  STRIKE DICE! Betting on My Father
*American Psychological Association Convention Festival, 2011 *Western Psychological Association Convention Festival, 2011 Addiction can break up families, and often does. STRIKE DICE is the story of a daughter whose father left the family when she was young to pursue his gambling addiction. As a grown woman, Natalie goes to Las Vegas in search of her father, whom she finds homeless, gaunt, and unwashed, but still driven by the desire to gamble. Despite her best efforts, he is initially unwilling to acknowledge his addiction and accept the help he needs. The film chronicles a daughter's struggle to get her father off the streets and back into society, and to accept him for his flaws. It follows Natalie’s journey as she helps her father find shelter and treatment to conquer his addiction, and illustrates the progress they make toward repairing their relationship as father and daughter.


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