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The latest scientific, medical and psychological information on alcohol and its uniquely addictive and destructive qualities. Tolerance, withdrawal, F.A.S., absorption rates, treatment, and recovery are just some of the subjects covered.

This video summarizes all the latest research that shows how alcohol affects various parts of the brain, both immediately and long-term. It also discusses the latest theories on how alcohol causes addiction and some of the implications for treatment.

#10323/0795  ALCOHOL: The Substance, The Addiction, The Solution DVD
Alcohol is not only the most abused drug of addiction in western society, it is also statistically by far the deadliest. Viewers get key information about the history, effects, dangers, and recovery aspects of alcohol use and abuse.

Is marijuana a gateway to addiction, to mental illness, to raised consciousness and spirituality? None of the above? Is it really the best choice for alleviating suffering from serious medical conditions? Viewers get some up to date scientific opinions on the consequences of smoking-up.

This video examines readily available designer drugs that can produce powerful highs while exposing the immensely damaging effects such chemicals cause to the brain and other organs when ingested. A police officer, a toxicologist, an addiction counselor, and a recovering addict talk seriously and frankly about substance abuse and its life-wrecking effects in a way that will make viewers take notice, while a what-if dramatization of a young teen who dies of a bath salts overdose will leave viewers thinking about the power of peer pressure - both face to face and via texting. Contains scenes of drug abuse and overdose. Closed Captioned.

#15738/0410  BEYOND OPIATES
This video presents a fresh new perspective on the science of pain and how it influences recovery from opioid dependency. The content focuses on a new paradigm for understanding chronic pain showing how the extended use of prescription painkillers increases the sensitivity of nerve cells thereby magnifying pain (hyperalgesia, hyperpathia, alodynia). Interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals illustrate the challenges opiate addiction creates - including the recent rise of Fentanyl - and presents a message of hope and encouragement for clients to examine recovery in light of this new view of treating dependency and pain. *Closed Captioned

#14430/0635  BREAKING THE HABIT: ALCOHOL: (4 Programs) DVD
We drink to celebrate, to socialize, to come down from the pressures of the day ... The line beyond which a beer or a glass of wine will cause irreversible damage to the liver and other systems of the body is much closer than so-called 'social' drinkers imagine. These programs explain how alcohol affects the body, how much alcohol can be safely consumed during what period of time, what alcoholism is, and how the habit can be broken.

#16162/0410  CANNABINYZED: The Physical and Mental Effects of Marijuana
As the legal status of marijuana changes, it's perceived dangers are lessening while the potency of the drug is increasing. This video covers marijuana as a psychoactive substance that induces its effects by manipulation of natural brain chemicals known as the endocannabinoids. The toxic and addictive impact that results from the drug’s disruption of natural endocannibinoids is characterized in this video by the testimony of those impacted by the drug and by the scientists who are studying its effects. This video will help to clarify the many myths and misconceptions regarding the effects of marijuana. *Closed Captioned

#13214/1420  COCAINE
Intense, but brief highs followed by profound lows - this program explains how cocaine produces these effects. Also describes side effects and dangers of cocaine use as well as outlines a treatment plan using an integrated approach.

#7408/0410  COCAINE AND CRACK: A Craving for More
An examination of the powerful stimulant cocaine and its smokeable form crack. The program looks at cocaine's effect on the body's energy supplies and the reward reinforcement center; the neurochemical effects of chronic and high-dose use; the reasons compulsion and addiction develop; treatment strategies when users want to recover.

#15893/0773  COCAINE: The Power and the Story with Cardwell C. Nuckols, PhD
This four-part series with Cardwell C. Nuckols, PhD, is designed for use in a structured therapeutic setting helps bring your clients from the intervention to a point where they are ready to embrace the recovery life-style. Part I: DEFINING ADDICTION 19 minutes Part II: ACCEPTANCE 19 minutes Part III: HIGH RISK SITUATIONS 15 minutes Part IV: EARLY RECOVERY AND PERSONAL BALANCE 18 minutes The series includes lecture material, interspersed with comments by four recovering addicts, and is approximately 90 minutes for all four parts.

#14839/1725  CRANK: Darkness on the Edge of Town
Methamphetamine, also called "crank", counts more users than cocaine and heroin combined. Meth leaves in its wake: addiction, crime, burn victims, neglected children and toxic properties. This program measures meth's shocking impact on one Tennessee town, examining the deadly drug phenomenon, the legislation aimed at controlling the sale of meth-precursor cold medicines and the hard lessons families learn about addiction.

"Pressure over grades and competition for college admissions are encouraging students to abuse prescription stimulants" but the problem usage can go way beyond few late night study sessions. This video follows Randy, a young man with no history of ADHD who began abusing Adderall in high school to improve his performance and, having later dropped out of college, relies on it to enable him to work for days at a time as a handyman.

Who knew that common objects such as a soda can covered in paint a bottle cap or a marker could be telltale signs of drug abuse? Show commonly abused drugs and drug paraphernalia in a whole new dimension. Features attached realistic 3-D facsimiles enclosed behind Plexiglas. Stands on any tabletop for easy display. Includes reproducible handout. Dimensions 32" x 24".

#10790/0635  DRUGS AND THE BRAIN SERIES (5 Program
"This is your brain on drugs" may be an effective sound bite, but the reality of drug use and abuse is more complicated. As this five-part series shows, the brain can be affected by drugs and alcohol in many different ways, depending on the substance consumed: STIMULANTS: The Mechanics of Pleasure; PAINKILLERS: Numbing the Mind; LEGAL DRUGS: Still Addictive, Still Deadly; CANNABIS: Satanic Herb or Healing Potion?; DESIGNER DRUGS: Uncertain Borders. All programs are Sub-titled. See our website for complete descriptions of each part. Subtitled.

#15082/0795  DRUGS OF ABUSE: Treatment and Recovery DVD/CDROM Set
Using dramatic narratives, this compelling DVD offers an inside look at the disease of addiction, the treatment process, and long-term recovery. Doctors and clinicians join individuals in recovery to discuss the symptoms and consequences of drug abuse, the neurobiology of addiction, substance abuse treatment, and life in recovery. The accompanying CD-ROM features reproducible materials for both clients and professionals

This day-long workshop with Dan Newman, PhD. includes the latest information pertaining to use and abuse of the so called "Legal High’s" such as Splice, K2, Spice, Bath Salts, Meow-Meow (Mephedrone), Salvia Divinorum, and Cahta, a flowering shrub native to northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Dr. Newman looks at over-the-counter drug abuse, pharmaceutical drug abuse, what’s new on the streets; long-term/short-term dangers of the new millennium/designer drugs, and the drugs used for drug-facilitated sexual abuse and rape. He will also look at the dangers of combining HIV/AIDS medication with these drugs and their relationship in the spread of HIV/AIDS and STD’s..

#15941/0795  HEROIN AND PRESCRIPTION PAINKILLERS: A Toolkit for Community Action (DVD + CD-ROM)
This comprehensive resource brings together community leaders, health care providers, schools, and parents to develop a multidisciplinary, coordinated plan for addressing the issue of opioid addiction and overdose that communities are currently facing. This Toolkit includes a CD-ROM of reproducible resources. The Video component is a compilation of DRUGS OF ABUSE specifically for adults and YOUTH & DRUGS OF ABUSE for adolescent audiences on topics related to opioid abuse.

#9579/0410  HEROIN: From Pleasure to Pain
Details objective and subjective information on how heroin changes brain cells and impacts cognition, judgment and rational behavior.

#14605/1076  HOW I STOPPED DRINKING: Four Stories Continued
A follow-up to "What Made Me Stop Drinking", this program investigates how those same people - recovering alcoholics - actually managed to stop drinking. They took different routes and found their own sources of support. The central message of this program is that it is possible to stop and to rediscover life without alcohol. *CC Features Susan Diamond Potts - M.A., RCC - a clinical psychologist specializing in addiction treatment. "Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. People have to have enough resources to support their recovery."

#15932/0645  IN REAL LIFE
"Smart and serious! Offers a survey of the virtual world's creeping infiltration into our lives." The Independent "This is not just a well-made film, it is the starting point of a vital discussion." The Camden New Review "A riveting case for the prosecution of the web as a creature that bears careful watching." The Herald InRealLife asks what exactly is the internet and what is it doing to our children? INTERNET ADDICTION!? The only LIFE they've ever known?! Taking us on a journey from the bedrooms of teenagers to Silicon Valley, filmmaker Beeban Kidron suggests that rather than the promise of free and open connectivity, young people are increasingly ensnared in a commercial world. Beguiling and glittering on the outside, it can be alienating and addictive. Quietly building its case, Kidron's film asks if we can afford to stand by while our children, trapped in their 24/7 connectivity, are being outsourced to the net? *** A SPECIAL SCHOOL AND NON-PROFIT PRICE IS AVAILABLE

#11696/0545  INTRODUCING CANNABIS: Risks, Laws and Habits
It appears that some people can smoke a little dope and walk away completely unscathed while for others those weird images from Reefer Madness are anything but a joke! Viewers get the latest research results on some of the psychological consequences of indulging in marijuana.

#12882/1735  KHARAAB DARU: Bad Medicine
Inspired by a recent tragedy that occurred in which a Punjabi man shot and killed his wife and also shot his daughter during a family conflict. Punjabi-speaking professionals, along with individuals impacted by alcohol, share their knowledge with respect to the harms and risks associated with problem drinking, mistaking alcohol as medicine, how alcohol impairs mental and physical functioning, drinking and driving, addiction and family violence, and the benefits of recovery.

This program investigates the very real and diverse medical problems caused by the heavy and long-term use of psychoactive drugs, especially tobacco, alcohol, methamphetamines, and marijuana. As with previous CNS productions it is not based on scare tactics or moralizations ...just the facts, ma'am, (but that's pretty scary in this case anyway)!

#4729/0635  MESSING WITH HEADS: Marijuana and Mental Illness
The widespread use of marijuana only started to happen four decades ago. Research into the long-term effects has revealed some disturbing mental health issues. Because the THC content of modern marijuana is so much greater than the original natural strains, those issues, including schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis, may be on the gentler end of a very steep incline. That research is explained.

#12565/0599  METH: INSIDEout Series (3 Programs)
This package is a groundbreaking video-based treatment series of three programs on methamphetamine addiction and recovery designed to equip meth users, their families, and the professionals who assist them with a solid understanding of the biological basis of addiction, effective tools for recovery, and, most importantly, hope for the future. HUMAN IMPACT provides an eye-opening introduction to meth's impact on individuals, families, and communities across the globe. 34 minutes THE BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR equips viewers with an understanding of how meth changes the brain and, consequently, behavior. 34 minutes WINDOWS TO RECOVERY explores effective treatment practices across program types and settings. 42 minutes

This program describes the effects and side effects of methamphetamine and how they differ depending on the dose and method of use. Also explains why the depression following a prolonged binge is so severe and the treatment so difficult.

#4441/0410  METHAMPHETAMINE: Neurochemistry and Recovery
In the CNS tradition, great animation, solid science, non-judgmental, delivers the deadly facts about meth and how it ravages both body and mind. As the epidemic of meth use spreads through every level in society the message must be clear and convincing as to how and why this addiction is so lethal. *CC

#15931/1416  NEVER ENOUGH: Do you own your stuff? Or does it own you?
"Highly recommended for use in both graduate and undergraduate classrooms." Judith Pascoe, Professor of English, Iowa State University NEVER ENOUGH is an award-winning provocative and moving examination of the human tendency to accumulate physical objects - a meditation on hoarding, clutter, collecting and people's relationships with their material possessions - materialism, consumerism, mental illness and the social fabric of our lives. NEVER ENOUGH will stimulate discussion in a variety of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and cultural studies. *Closed Captioned "The people and their obsessions are tenderly presented, and the links between these folks and the ethos of the broader consumer culture are astounding. In the classroom I have no doubt that this film will lead to energetic discussions about compulsive hoarders and the inner life of American consumer society in general." Stuart Ewen, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and History, CUNY Graduate Center

#9922/0635  ONE LIFE: Detox or Die DVD
Although methadone treatment has positively transformed millions of lives in freeing them from the horrors of heroin addiction, for many it has been by changing from one addiction to another. This personal documentary brings that world to light.

This program summarizes the newest research that shows how alcohol effects the entire body, both immediately and long-term. Issues such as pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome, cirrhosis, cancer and heart disease are also discussed. Grades 9 to A

#9037/0410  PRESCRIPTION AND OTC DRUGS: Misuse and Abuse
These drugs are powerful! Stars, pundits, entire communities are found to be totally addicted to what were SUPPOSED to be substances created for clearly medical administration. Lives are bent totally out of shape by them. What makes them so powerful and obviously irresistible?

The abuse of prescription drugs is unfortunately sometimes overlooked. And yet these are some of the most potent and potentially most addictive and destructive drugs available. This program describes the different kinds of prescription drugs that are abused such as CNS depressants, opiates, and stimulants. Addiction mechanisms, brain chemistry and behaviors are explained so that viewers begin to understand how use turns to abuse and then to addiction. Techniques for prevention and treatment are also discussed. *Includes Guide

#9346/0635  SMALL TOWN ECSTASY: Getting High with Dad
Think party drugs like ecstasy are just for kids? Addiction to them just for inner city types? Think again! Viewers witness the self-destruction of a white middle-class husband and father who goes so far as to try to take his children down with him! Brutal!

#7329/0685  SPIN THE BOTTLE: Sex, Lies and Alcohol
Using numerous examples from Hollywood movies, MTV Spring Break, sitcoms, and advertising, as well as interviews with college students, award-winning media critics Jean Kilbourne (Killing Us Softly 3, Slim Hopes) and Jackson Katz (Tough Guise) discuss the way that alcohol abuse has been normalized in the lives of millions of young people.

This program traces the causes behind the unprecedented growth in the use of prescription opioids and the devastating impact these drugs are having in virtually every part of the country. Captures the story of the opioid crisis through personal stories and interviews with experts and reveals the tragic impact of the overuse of prescription painkillers on individuals, families, and communities.

#16008/1047  WEB JUNKIE
*NOMINATED - GRAND JURY PRIZE - WORLD CINEMA, DOCUMENTARY - SUNDANCE FESTIVAL 2014 China is the first country in the world to classify internet addiction as a clinical disorder. WEB JUNKIE is a feature documentary, which identifies Internet Addiction and spotlights the revolutionary treatment used in Chinese Rehab Centers. Internet addiction is now a global issue. An increasing number of people, especially young adults, are using the Internet more than ever before. The film delves into a Beijing treatment center and explores the cases of three young Chinese teenagers from the day they arrive at the treatment center through the 3 months period of being held at the center, and then their return to their homes. *Sub-titled WEB JUNKIE provides a microcosm of modern Chinese life, examines inter-generational pressures, and takes a hard look at one of the symptoms of the so-called Internet age.

#14480/1076  WHAT MADE ME STOP DRINKING: Four Stories
An intimate and revealing look into the lives of people who are addicted to alcohol. Four very different individuals tell their stories ... a ll four finally faced a brutal reality - that their lives and health were falling apart. The stories are brought to life by personal interviews with the four subjects and with Susan Diamond Potts - M.A., RCC, who holds a masters in clinical psychology and who specializes in treating alcohol addiction. *CC


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