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#10247/2245  BLURRED LINES
Particularly effective for both 'drunk driving' prevention and treatment programs, this video literally buries viewers in the horrendous consequences of this highly dangerous activity. Innocent victims, pedestrians, bicyclists, passengers, young, old, parents siblings: maybe showing their personal tragedies so plainly will stop at least a few people before they turn the key.

#10322/1690  DRINKING AND DRIVING: A Crash Course
This is a good overview of the whole DUI issue and a good prevention and early rehabilitation tool. Covers everything from statistics to victim impact, to arrests, charges and criminal penalties and criminal records.

#10747/0795  DUI/DWI: Make This One Your Last One DVD & CD-ROM
Without using scare tactics or value judgments, this important video connects with adult DUI offenders in a way that scare tactics and lectures can't. Explains the danger of drinking and driving, and suggests action steps and contingency plans to prevent future offenses. Resources are listed for those who may have a serious alcohol dependency. This is an important tool for community-based corrections programs, driver's education programs, and alcohol prevention programs. Includes expanded facilitator's guide with reproducible worksheets.

#15572/0410  REFLECTIONS IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR: Moving on from a DUI
A compilation of five videos on one DVD covering a number of aspects of impaired driving. Designed to help facilitate group interaction by encouraging members of a group to discuss their own experience driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. *Close Captioned HOW I GOT MY DUI - Individuals who were cited for driving under the influence share their experiences along with perspectives from law enforcement personnel 18 minutes COSTS AND LOSSES - An examination of the short and long term consequences - both financial and personal. 15 minutes PHYSIOLOGY - Presenting the physical and mental effects of alcohol and other drugs on the ability to drive. 16 minutes LEVELS OF USE - An explanation of the seven levels provides a frame work for group members to judge their own level. 16 minutes HOW MY LIFE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER - For many a DUI serves as a wake-up call to rethink. 9 minutes

#15290/0635  THINK ABOUT IT: Choosing to Drink and Drive (2 Programs)
According to MADD, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen death, and one in three of these fatalities is related to alcohol. In this two-part series the behaviors leading to drunk driving, and the consequences of engaging in this dangerous activity, are explored in a language that teens understand. The series features a powerful dramatization, compelling personal testimonies, and commentary from a psychiatrist on the workings of the adolescent brain. Designed to spark classroom discussion, the programs emphasize the role of conscious choice on the part of young people in social situations. *Viewer discretion is advised Two 20-minute programs also available separately: PEER PRESSURE AND CHOOSING TO DRINK Think About It In this dramatization the potential consequences of choosing to drive while intoxicated are played out. DRIVING AND CHOOSING TO DRINK: Think About it In this powerful program people whose lives were affected dramatically by drunk driving tell their stories.


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