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#13440/0450  DRINKING AND DRIVING: A Teenager's Nightmare
Trying to convince young people who are new to drinking and new to driving that both are dangerous but mixing the two is just plain stupid has always been a problem. Belief in their innate ability as well as their invincibility is difficult to overcome. This video uses the idea of stupidly risking other people's lives and the devastating consequences of taking that risk on the future life of the teen themselves to get the point across.

#5426/0970  DUI - It's Just Not Worth It!
This program graphically illustrates the truth about alcohol: how it affects the body and the ability to drive. It clarifies the myths about drinking and driving while showing dramatic footage of interviews with the victims of drunk drivers and the offenders themselves. Grades 9 to 12

#14592/0697  FOUR MORE DAYS: The Dangers of Drinking and Driving
This highly realistic portrayal of the dangers of adolescent behavior that connects alcohol to DWI accidents is absolutely guaranteed to make teens think twice about drinking and driving.


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