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#9207/0110  ADDICTION IN THE FAMILY: The Domino Effect
This program is an important tool that will allow you, in one or two sessions, to focus on primary treatment issues with family members, individually or in groups. Overcoming denial and enabling behavior in a family suffering from addiction, Claudia Black examines the three particular areas that are most challenging... Powerlessness...Tough Love ...and Unmanageability. Grades 9 to A

Claudia Black and Terry Gorski discuss how 'compulsion' enters a relationship, explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and reveal the true meaning of intimacy. These three programs are very useful and down-to-earth: COMPULSIVE RELATIONSHIPS: The Players and The Personalities RELATIONSHIP STYLES: Compulsive, Apathetic and Healthy RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Achieving Intimacy

#8851/0280  BRADSHAW ON CREATING LOVE (10 programs)
In this series of 10 one-hour videos, John Bradshaw talks about how to create healthy, loving relationships in every part of life.

#10940/0280  BRADSHAW ON HOMECOMING (10 Programs)
In this series of 10 one hour videos, John Bradshaw assists viewers in finding and championing their wounded inner child.

#4447/0280  BRADSHAW ON THE FAMILY (10 Programs)
This John Bradshaw series contains 10 one-hour programs focusing on how the dynamics of the family relates to compulsive and addictive behavior.

#10257/0110  BREAKING THE SILENCE with Dr. Claudia Black
Dysfunctional families... addictions... sexual abuse are often part of a package. Sexually abused children make a "secret" out of these experiences because of intense feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. The "silence" that plagues these victims includes phobias, flashbacks, suicide, eating disorders, not to mention addictions. This powerful program encourages adult children to realize that disclosure is essential and that there are some procedures that make this painful process a little easier and more likely to meet with success.

Teenage children of alcoholics and other addicts are often filled with hopelessness and despair over their preordained fate to follow in their parents' footsteps. This video explores the emotional confusion and trauma affecting children of substance abusers, showing how many young people are able to break the cycle of addiction and create a healthy pattern for their own lives.

#10683/0145  COPING WITH AN ALCOHOLIC PARENT: Tips to Improve Family Life
The focus here is on one Native American family's journey through the turmoil of a father's addiction to alcohol and gambling. How does a family cope? This dramatic program takes viewers into the family life of real people who have embarked on their long road to recovery from addiction, and it shares the intimate struggles of families dealing with this all too common disease.

#11677/1905  COUPLES RECOVERY: Healing Addictions Damage to Couples
This program shows how addiction negatively impacts relationships as well as provides strategies to heal those relationships. Includes interviews with spouses and significant others interspersed with Saul and the puppet Slick who provides humorous, bad advice designed to create conflict in the relationship.

#9209/0635  DRINKING APART: Families Under the Influence
This highly recommended, award-winning program made for HBO examines and explains the acclaimed 'family' addiction treatment methods employed at the famed Ackerman Institute for the Family. This is a great documentary that features people actually in the program and details their trials and tribulations, as well was their successes.

#10265/0110  FAMILY STRATEGIES TOOL BOX with Claudia Black
Claudia Black offers her experience and expertise in this Family Strategies Toolbox. The package combines three related tools: 1. A 244-page Workbook FAMILY STRATEGIES: Practical Tools for Professionals Treating Families Impacted by Addiction 2. A 28-minute video ADDICTION IN THE FAMILY that will allow you to focus on primary treatment issues with family members, individually or in groups. 3. An audio CD - LETTING GO Imageries - used in assisting one to relax, become more centered, and let go of hurtful processes and pain, to focus on a specific issue, and/or to develop insight.

#15427/1905  KIDS RECOVERY: Healing Kids of Addicted Parents
A six-part program for parents to help them understand how their addiction negatively impacts their children. Includes interviews with spouses and significant others interspersed with Saul and the puppet Slick who provides humorous, bad advice. Chaptered in six parts including: 1. An explanation of WHO IS SLICK? (7 minutes) 2. How addicted parents DISTANCE themselves form their children (9 minutes) 3. Parents and children will BOTH have to ADJUST to sobriety (9 minutes) 4. How addicted parents DENY the damage they do (5 minutes) 5. How straight parents can HEAL THE DAMAGE (11 minutes) 6. Counting the BENEFITS OF RECOVERY for parent and children (10 minutes)

#5849/1945  LIVING WITH ADDICTION: A Family Disease DVD
Show teens who are living under the terrible strain of a family member's addiction the strategies they can rely upon to help them cope. This information-packed program sends the message that children don't cause, can't control, and can't cure a family member's addiction. Woven throughout is advice from a narrator who shares facts about addiction.Grades 7 to 12

For those who live with an addiction, it is both heartbreaking and exhausting. Family members are torn between how to help the addict and how to avoid supporting the addiction. Through interviews with experts and with families who have experienced the addiction of a loved one, this video will offer hope-filled support in the form of practical information, advice from others who have been there, and the power of shared experiences.

#13821/1540  PROMISE ME: Parents with Addictions
How can a teenager ever be expected to cope with an addicted parent, or as in this case, TWO of them!?!? One an alcoholic and the other is a compulsive gambler! Growing up in such a household, what goes through your mind? What stability can you hold on to? Viewers get an inside view of teen hell on earth with this intense dramatization.

One of the biggest hurdles for those of us who are recovering from alcoholism or an addiction is restoring our relationship with our children. We must rebuild shattered trust, but even more basic, we may need to learn, or re-learn, how to treat our children with love and respect. This package provides practical guidance on issues and ways we can develop realistic action plans with our children. Each DVD dramatizes new or relearned parenting skills. BUILDING TRUST, 15 minutes HANDLING ANGER, 17 minutes SETTING RULES AND LIMITS, 15 minutes This package also includes the above as well as 30 copies of 3 Pamphlets and 30 copies of 3 Workbooks. Closed Captioned

The first-ever multi-media program developed for clients to learn healthy parenting skills. This program teaches basic skills of parenting that they may have never learned due to growing up in addictive households.

*GOLD AWARD WINNER - Houston International Festival A heart-wrenching video that delivers a powerful view of chemical dependency from a child's perspective. Takes the classic story of a family in the grip of addiction and draws viewers into a world when childhood is altered irrevocably. As witnesses to three young lives ravaged by a father's alcoholism and a mother's inability to cope, the true impact of chemical dependency hits home.

For families, the pain of living with a loved one's addiction can lead to shame, secrecy, and isolation. This program is an encouraging, empowering video that lets families know they're not alone- and that recovery is possible. Teens, parents, and grandparents share stories of despair and hope, helplessness and optimism. Includes clinical insights from Stephanie Brown, Ph.D.

The program explains to young children, especially those from "addicted" households, the nature of addiction, and how it affects adults (i.e. parents) and emphasizes that it is not their (the child's) fault.Grades K to 3

#9956/0110  WHAT DO I SAY TO MY KIDS? With Claudia Black
Parents who are in recovery often find themselves in very strange and stressful circumstances when explaining addiction (their own or in general) to their children. And it's probably even worse for the kids involved! Claudia Black has helped thousands of families deal with the burden of addiction during her career and explains proven methods for opening lines of parent-child communication.


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