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#10510/1690  DRIVING TACTICS SERIES (3 Programs) DVD
Driving safely requires mental alertness, physical coordination, and respect for every other driver on the road no matter where you're going. NASCAR driver David Reutimann shares his expertise in all those areas as host of this dynamic, highly informative three-part series. Grades 8 to A

Many people think that hybrid cars are a new idea. Viewers learn just how far hybrid technology has come since the 1800s. This video surveys the historical background of hybrid cars, introduces hybrid configurations currently on the road or in development, and explains the basic principles of hybrid system propulsion.

#10604/1690  HOW YOUR CAR WORKS - DVD
Dependent on cars? Dependent on mechanics? This video explains how a car works from the first turn of the key to the rubber on the road and everything in between. For most consumers in the automobile market this is a video that shouldn't be missed. Grades 8 to A


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