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#12262/0635  AGE OF WALMART: Inside America's Most Powerful Company DVD
Walmart is great for consumers! Walmart decimates locally-owned small business! Walmart keeps prices down! Walmart puts people out of higher-paying manufacturing jobs and then offers minimum-wage service jobs! CNBC's David Faber examines the giant!

#14452/1120  BUYING INTO BRAND MARKETING: Shaping Your Perceptions
Corporations spend billions (with a B) convincing consumers that identifying with their brand name and buying their products will improve their quality of life in some way. Viewers learn some of the tricks of this trade to help them see through the mumbo-jumbo and make smarter choices for themselves. Grades 7 to A

#13747/1290  D IS FOR DECISIONS: Be a Smart Consumer
Teaching teenagers to get past the instant gratification stage that is used by so many advertisers in marketing to teens is difficult. This video provides viewers with specific techniques to help teens evaluate products and purchases; a life-skill based on rational decision-making that is much discouraged by today's advertisers. Buy this and you'll be popular! Grades 6 to 12

#9822/0635  GADGET MANIA: The History and Evolution of the Infomercial DVD
WHO ever watches those things anyway? Whether it's slicing and dicing, or hanging by their ankles upside down, or the latest sit-up machine, how do those people ever sell ANYTHING? You'd be surprised. As this investigative program demonstrates, it seems that lots of viewers like the direct approach of the so-called and much derided infomercial.

#12271/1120  MARKETING'S 4 Ps: The Consumer Angle
Product, place, price and promotion ... with pertinent examples from popular, everyday brands, students gain an understanding of how pricing strategies really work, how marketers target different consumers with identical products, and where positioning and branding meet profit.

#5141/1120  MERCHANDISING: The Store as Persuasion DVD
Beneficial to both marketers and marketees, this video shows consumers how to "read" the selling environment and teaches students of marketing that merchandising is a complex mix of art and science. Grades 7 to 12

#6675/1120  POSITIONING: How Advertisers Shape Perceptions DVD
The brains behind the advertising industry never, EVER sleep! This video examines a new trend (trick?) that advertisers are using to keep consumers buying. Useful as a consumer education piece (or to introduce prospective advertisers to the latest techniques), this will at least let viewers know why they are willing participants in this consumer society, even if they didn't know it. Grades 7 to A

#6395/0635  VALUE OF BRAND NAMES (The) DVD
Brand Names! Clothing, furniture, soft drinks, cars and trucks...brand names play a much more important role in the on-going success of businesses than consumers normally think. This video investigates how branding and marketing go hand in hand.

This video provides an in-depth examination of the whys and wherefores of the science and art of product marketing. What was it P.T. Barnum said? Ok, well this is all about that!

#1149/1120  WHY ADS WORK: The Power of Self-Deception DVD
How is language used in advertising to redirect, mislead, reassure, convince, exaggerate, minimize? And why does it work? Watch this video and learn... Grades 7 to A

#5142/1120  WHY YOU BUY: 21st Century Advertising DVD
This video reveals the secrets behind the newest marketing techniques being developed and employed by the world's best advertising brains. Grades 7 to 12


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