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#9780/0405  BIOMES: A Five-Part Series DVD
Biomes...what are they? Why are they important to humans? Why are we blindly destroying one after another with virtually no consideration of what we are doing to other life forms or even to the consequences our actions will have on our own species? Do we care? This is a great and caring series. Grades 8 to A

Not only is this eleven-program series definitive in its curriculum application but it is an engaging tool for all who wish to learn more about science in a compelling and visually stimulating way. In this series students will learn everything from: Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere; Wildlife and plant habitats are disappearing; Variety of life forms that thrive in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth; How non-native plants can disrupt an ecosystem; Delicate balance in the food chain; and, Tropical rainforests are home to the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Grades 4 to 10

#10706/0845  ECOSYSTEM CYCLES (3 Programs on one DVD)
Viewers learn about the cycles and systems occurring constantly ion the natural world that surrounds us. Ecosystems, food chains, the biosphere, and chemical cycles are covered in three 19-21 minute videos contained on one DVD. Grades 7 to A

#11620/0845  ECOSYSTEMS IN ACTION TODAY (3 Programs on one DVD)
This three part series takes viewers on a scientific tour of the biomes of the Sahara desert, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon rain forest. What could three such different places have in common? What lessons can be learned from this comparison? Grades 8 to A

#9320/0845  GREAT LAKES (3 Parts)
The Great Lakes are the main geographical feature of central North America and as such have also played a major role in the history of the area. This 3 part DVD examines the world's greatest fresh water system from the time of the last ice age to its current, overstressed situation. Grades 7 to A

#14857/0697  GREAT LAKES (THE) 6 Programs
*RECOMMENDED! Video Librarian These five bodies of water, created 10,000 years ago, hold 3/4 of the world’s standing fresh water. There are six programs in this series: THE GREAT LAKES: AN OVERVIEW (Reinforcing The Importance of All The Great Lakes) LAKE SUPERIOR (Bonus Chapter: Geology of The Great Lakes) LAKE HURON (Bonus Chapter: Woodland Indians of The Great Lakes) LAKE ERIE (Bonus Chapter: War of 1812 and The Great Lakes) LAKE MICHIGAN (Bonus Chapter: Early Industry on The Great Lakes) LAKE ONTARIO (Bonus Chapter: Hydropower on The Great Lakes) Grades 4 to 8

#9807/0635  KEEPING OUR WATERS CLEAN: Watershed Management and TMDLs DVD
Recent events around the world and close to home have demonstrated how significant the role of clean water is in our lives and how much its availability is taken for granted by many. Lesson learned? Probably not ... but this video can help to provide more in-depth evidence of why we MUST start paying attention.


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