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#2217/1965  ARTeFACTS! DVD
This is the French version of #2126 A delightful series of short programs which explore artifacts found in collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Seen through the eyes of, and narrated by children, AReiFACTS brings to life the spirit and history of objects from Canada and around the world. Grades K to 6

#7664/2085  BLACK TUESDAY narrated by Pierre Berton
Canada's history has never emphasized the conflicts that lead to the present. Good to not keep opening old wounds unnecessarily, but gives the mistaken impression that not much happened getting to where Canada stands today as a nation. This program focuses on one such point of extreme conflict; a miners' strike in Depression era Saskatchewan that escalated into violence, bloodshed and death. Grades 9 to A

"A compelling, gripping piece of storytelling!" Steve Martin, APTN "Brebeuf and the Huron Carol" is a visually stunning historical docu-drama shot on location about the martyred Jesuit, Father Jean de Brebeuf, Canada's patron Saint. Father Brebeuf lived a remarkable life among the Huron-Wendat Nation and wrote the new world's first Christmas Carol, essentially a prayer for peace and harmony among all the people of what would one day be Canada.

#6653/0355  BUDGE: The One True Happiness of F.R. "Budge" Crawley
This video documents the trials, tribulations, and achievements of Budge Crawley of Crawley Films and one of the true 'indie' pioneers of the early burgeoning Canadian film industry. His story is also reflective of that industry as a whole in nearly equal measures of triumph and defeat...

#9735/2190  CANADA: Provinces/Territories (4 Volumes) DVD
Canada is so big, so wide, so tall and so diverse in every way that visual presentations have seldom been effective in portraying its reality. This comprehensive series of Canada will acquaint viewers with historical, geographical, geological, social and economic facts and figures to form a rare portrait. Grades 7 to 12

This extraordinary video examines a collection of paintings made by Canadian artists sent by the military command to record scenes from the second world war. Some of the artists involved recount their memorable and horrific experiences. Also in French. Grades 8 to A

#14328/0545  CHANGING VOICES
Canadian multiculturalism has not always been fully reflected in Canadian media production but things have changed and continue to do so. This video goes back in time to view the origins of the minority voice and image on film and takes us into the present where the former majority is about to become another of the minorities and media production now reflects the new reality. Grades 8 to A

#10160/0335  CHARLIE: Pioneer Fossil Hunter
*Award-winner! Though many of us have at some time or other been fascinated by his dinosaur displays, few people are aware of the real extent of Charles M. Sternberg's contributions; not ony the collections, but the scientific knowledge of North American dinosaurs.

#11925/0973  CULT OF WALT (THE) - DVD
16 Grammy nominations and won three times! This program lets viewers see and hear who Walter Ostanek is- Canada's Polka King! So how come he never got a Juno? Are we just too cool for that stuff?

#10398/0630  HMCS HAIDA: A New Chapter
Noted author and professor of Canadian Naval history Barry Gough narrates this one hour documentary following the Canadian WWII TRibal Class Destroyer the HMCS HAIDA through its retrofit examining it’s significant role in Canada’s storied naval history. Enjoy never before seen footage of the H.M.C.S. Haida on what will likely be her last trip to sea.

#9679/1965  JEWEL ON THE HILL: The History of Canada's Parliament Buildings (Includes STUDY GUIDE)
Tells the remarkable story of Canada's Parliament Buildings and reveals the architectural beauty and history of their vaulted corridors, glorious chambers and famous rooms of power. Divided into 10 sections approximately 9 minutes each. Narrated by Gordon Pinsent. Grades 8 to A

Ce documentaire canadien de deux heures nous fait revivre, avec passion et fierté, les péripéties et les intrigues qui ont marqué l'histoire des édifices du Parlement pendant plus de 140 ans. L'histoire est racontée de façon éloquente par Laurier Lapierre. Grades 8 to A

#13618/0903  MAN FOR ALL CANADIANS (A)
This documentary examines the life of Ramon John Hnatyshyn, the 24th Governor General of Canada, through the eyes of his family and friends. His story is also the legacy of the Hnatyshyn family, of how they came to Canada, of how they succeeded.

Mexican immigration to Canada has been occurring continuously for decades or longer, even if not noticeably to most Canadians. Mainly immigrants travel to Canada from Mexico to work in agricultural production on temporary summer permits and return home for winter. These two documentaries - written, produced and directed by Mexican Aaraón Díaz Mendiburo - investigate this phenomenon. The first called MATRICES (PERSPECTIVES): "TEMPORARY" MIGRATION IN CANADA analyzes Canadian attitudes and perspectives held by Canadians who come into contact with this labour force. Some are negative or utilitarian but also many positive. who appreciate the tremendous effort made by these immigrants to help themselves and their families to achieve a better quality of life. 54 minutes, 2011 The second called MIGRANTS: THOSE WHO COME FROM WITHIN looks to the other end of the journey to see how the departure of this labour force on a regular basis affects a perhaps typical Mexican town named Cuijingo. The important financial rewards as well as the significant social repercussions are revealed. 45 minutes, 2007

#11036/1965  OUR HOUSE - Canada's House of Commons DVD
This beautifully produced and interesting video offers viewers the 'inside story' on the Canadian House of Commons. Both its history and function are explored. Hosted by Gilbert Parent, the Speaker of the House. Grades 8 to A

Narrated by Jack Palance, a haunting story of extraordinary man who never gave up. In 1923, Mike Swistun was literally "the strongest man in the world" with Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey circus. Later he returned to his Ukrainian immigrant roots in Ohla, Manitoba where this documentary found him living with his hypnotized chickens, bending steel bars. Many awards including the GENIE, GOLDEN SHEAF and AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL.

Filled with fabulous photography and Newfoundland/Canadian history and also great for high school music education classes. This is a joyful, exuberant documentary featuring Newfoundland-based composer, conductor and educator, Stephen Hatfield with Shallaway (Newfoundland and Labrador Youth in Chorus) rehearsing and performing the opera "Ann and Séamus" - a Newfoundland folk opera about the early 19th century cod fishery.

This program provides a fun and colourful look at the nuts-and-bolts of our governing bodies in Canada - namely the federal and provincial governments. *Now CLOSED CAPTIONED Grades 8 to A

This dynamic and colourful program provides a solid foundation for understanding Canada's justice system. Featuring exciting animations, navigational diagrams, upbeat music and a young, energetic host, this modern approach offers a primer on all aspects of law in Canada and our court systems. Grades 7 to A

This program's lively host guides the viewer through an exploration of how their local government organizes and manages the community they live in. Students will learn how their local government affects them in their everyday lives and encourages them to get involved and participate in the building of their community. Grades 7 to A


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