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#5369/1290  HOUSING STYLES: A Tour Through Time DVD
Walk through most modern cities and a variety of housing styles present themselves. Like clothing, housing styles are often connected to fashion, but function also plays a very important role. So this study of 'the house' involves not only aesthetics but also family and social relationships, climate, work, wealth...history. Grades 9 to A

#12811/1290  INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT: Furniture Styles
For students of interior design or for people thinking of changing the furnishings of their house or apartment, this video offers an overview of the benefits and limitations of a wide range of styles guided by professional interior design consultant Brandi Hagen. Grades 6 to 12

#3221/1120  WHAT IS A HOUSE?
Shelter is probably the most basic human need for people who live in less-than-tropical climatic zones. This video looks at how those needs have been fulfilled historically and how they find expression with comtemporary housing. Grades 7 to A


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