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#14858/0697  ALL ABOUT DIRECTIONS (4 Programs)
*Parents’ Choice Approved *Recommended: Science Books & Films, School Library Journal This four-part series teaches young children the difference between left, right, north, south, east, west, clockwise, counter clockwise and receiving, giving and understanding directions. Helpful hints are interspersed as kids learn why knowing directions will be important to them for the rest of their lives.Grades K to 2

#15256/0433  ASTRONOMY SUPER PACK - Standard Deviants (7 Programs)
Examine the findings of Plato, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Galileo, and other "stars" of the astronomy world. This series also covers the essential concepts of astronomy:gravity, the light spectrum, Earth’s magnetic field, the solar system, the sun, Kepler’s Law, the universal law of gravitation, the Doppler Effect, and much more!Grades 4 to 10

#15670/0697  CREATURE FEATURES (20 Programs)
These fun and focused 5-minute programs are a perfect introduction to some of the most widely studied "creatures" found on the planet. Created specifically for "kids", each program provides beautiful, up-close imagery and age appropriate narration. Life science concepts addressed throughout the series include habitats, body parts, adaptation, migration, ecosystems, the life cycle, and more. The "CREATURES" include: FROGS & TADPOLES ANTS SPIDERS SEA TURTLES SALAMANDERS SEA ANEMONES CICADA LADYBUGS BEES & WASPS PRAYING MANTIS TOADS BATS CRICKETS MOSQUITOS SEA URCHINS BUTTERFLIES DRAGONFLIES LEAF BEATLES CRAYFISH CRABS

#7123/1945  EARTH AND KID'S QUIZ (Exploring Space Series)
Part of a fascinating 5 part series that provides all sorts of options and different approaches to introducing primary school audiences to the concepts of EARTH, PLANETS, STARS, SUN and MOON. Grades K to 2

#13720/0433  EARTH SCIENCE FUNDAMENTALS (6 Programs)
Giving young viewers the tools look around them to discover and enjoy their world from a scientific point of view is the purpose of this comprehensive award-winning six-part series that helps them understand that they actually live in a specific biome in an ecosystem that they share with other living plants and animals that collectively thrive on the mineral content of the soil, all subject to the weather in their area to provide them with a sustaining habitat. 1. ECOSYSTEMS AND BIOMES 2. SEEDS AND PLANTS 3. WEATHER 4. ROCKS AND MINERALS 5. HABITATS 6. MATTER. Grades 2 to 6

Embark on a journey which takes students from planet Earth to the outer fringes of our solar system. With the aid of cameras from various spacecraft, students get a close-up look at the planets in our solar system, from Mercury’s cratered surface to Jupiter’s huge red spot and Saturn’s spectacular rings. Discover the mysteries and surprises of our solar system, our celestial home.Grades 4 to 9

#14642/0697  KIDS IN THE GARDEN SERIES (15 Programs)
Consists of fifteen six minute videos bringing real earth science to the backyard/school garden; garden to table, worms, bugs, flowers and other delicacies. *RECOMMENDED! School Library Journal *Video Librarian *North American Association for Environmental Education *OFFICIAL SELECTION: Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival Hands-on Horticulture. Wacky, wild and full of wonder, KIDS IN THE GARDEN is a great series for young gardeners that will inspire kids to get their hands dirty.

#15522/0450  MARS: The Red Frontier
Mars and Earth are brother and sister - or they were 4 billion years ago. They started life as equals, with similar atmospheres, planetary features and climates. On Earth life has flourished, but what happened to Mars? There are many people seeking the answer to that question, including paleontologist and fossil hunter, Professor Malcolm Walter, who has been enlisted by NASA.

#1720/1310  REAL WORLD SCIENCE I (8 Programs) DVD
These programs are designed to make science relevant in a child's every day life. Peer hosts introduce live-action, concrete situations that kids experience to explain environment, trash, dinosaurs, habitats, solar system, simple machines, weather, climate, seeds, plants, botany, rocks, and minerals. Grades 3 to 5

#5110/1310  REAL WORLD SCIENCE II (4 Programs) DVD
Matter, electricity, the scientific method and magnets: this 4 part continuation of the REAL WORLD SCIENCE Series gets kids involved in scientific thinking with fascinating examples from their everyday experience. Grades 3 to 5

#5090/1310  REAL WORLD SCIENCE III (4 Programs) DVD
These four programs (approximately 15 minutes each) are designed to make science relevant in a child's (Grades 3-5) every day life. The four topics dealt with in this series are FORCES, SOUND, LIGHT, and ENVIRONMENT & BIOMES. Grades 3 to 5

#5930/1310  REAL WORLD SCIENCE IV SERIES: Major Body Systems (4 Programs) DVD
This great new series makes human anatomy and physiology interesting and accessible to young viewers. Using age appropriate examples and visuals to hold interest, each major system of the human body is explored in a way that will make young viewers remember while relating it to their own experiences. Grades 4 to 8

'A rock is a rock! What else is there to say?' Not so fast ... As a matter of fact there is a lot more to say as this DVD/VHS combo reveals. Rocks are an interesting world all to themselves and can provide all sorts of amazing information. Grades 5 to 12

#9200/1945  SCIENCE VIDEO QUIZ SERIES Teacher Version (10 Programs)
This 10 video series makes the study of all sorts of scientific subjects fun and exciting for kids. Humerous, challenging, using a game show format, each 35 minute section covers a different scientific topic. Grades 3 to 6

#1035/0240  WONDERS OF WINTER: Ernie's Earth* (2 programs)
"Slap on your snowshoes and meet Ernie, the quintessential northern naturalist, whose enthusiasm for winter is contagious. In his award-winning two-part video - the bearded, toque-clad Ernie slides an avalanche of valuable winter nature facts into a goofy presentation which is perfectly geared to kids aged 8 to 12 (although any age group will love the humor). The video is at its best with creative sections on human and animal adaptations to winter, snow science (crystals and properties), snow houses, and winter weather. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." Green Teacher Magazine Grades 3 to 6


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