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#15253/0635  2ND VERSE: The Rebirth of Poetry
Set in and around Oakland and San Francisco, this film examines urban teen life in the Bay Area through the rising popularity of poetry and spoken word.

What is slang? Where do slang words and phrases come from and why does English slang have so much international appeal? This program offers expert analysis of the origins, uses as well as the repercussions of the use of slang. Grades 9 to A

#9671/1355  DRAGONCASTLE - DVD
Now available on DVD! An animated fairy tale for children by children set in a mythical kingdom populated by delightfully entertaining characters brought to life via plasticene animation. Grades K to 4

Is good public speaking a natural talent that some people are born with or is it a learned skill? Most recent, of course, being Barack Obama. In easy, step-by-step lessons, illustrated by videos of President Obama's own speeches, Richard Greene shows how you can use these powerful techniques to transform your career and your personal relationships.

#14934/1907  FLUENT AMERICAN ENGLISH: A Video Series on Conversational Styles (2 Programs)
This set uses sports metaphors to illustrate differences in global communication styles, highlighting such aspects of communication as pacing, topic changes, interruptions, body language, level of participation, turn-taking, overlapping, and rapport. It also outlines the keys to successfully conversing in American English.

Examines the truly international character of French as a language as it is used in virtually every corner of the world. The historical realities that carried the language worldwide are examined as is the current significance of La Francophonie.

Learning French as a second language offers many hurdles. This excellent video deals specifically with one of them. It uses the proven methods of a leading British language school to explain and demonstrate the many facets of the 'negative' in the French language. Grades 9 to A

#10318/1005  HOW TO WRITE AND DELIVER GREAT SPEECHES: The Toastmasters International Guide to Public Speaking
Become a poised, confident and eloquent speaker! One of the most powerful skills you'll ever use is your ability to inform, persuade and lead other people through public speaking. And the good news is... anyone can do it!

#10983/0635  LES IDIOMATICS (French) DVD
Raising comprehension levels in any 'second' language means developing an ear for idiom...that is those peculiar sayings or ways of putting things that add so much in terms of color and depth to any language. This video delves into the fascinatingly rich world of French 'idiomatique' for students of that language and uses comparisons from English idiom to make things clearer. Grades 9 to A

#9893/0635  MANY FLAVORS OF FRENCH (in French) DVD
Grades 9 to A

#13853/0635  ON THE GO CHINESE WITH XINWEN: Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons
Who says it’s hard to learn Mandarin? Who says it can’t be fun? Not Xinwen Chen, a thirty-something TCSOL-certified Mandarin Chinese teacher! Taking a functional approach to language acquisition, this collection of 50 three-minute chaptered lessons uses very simple scenarios based on everyday situations to immerse learners in the elements of practical conversation. "I define myself as a bridge between east and west!" says Xinwen. An engaging language-learning tool, and an enchanting glimpse of Chinese culture.

Many people aspire to be writers. All students need to write whether they want to or not. Peter Elbow's specialty is teaching the aspiring ones and he is widely recognized as being one of the best at doing just that....and it wouldn't hurt the ones who don't 'aspire' to watch this DVD either...and it would make life for the people who mark their papers a lot nicer too! Grades 9 to A

In order to better prepare oneself for varying public speaking engagements, one must know the basic fundamentals. This DVD discusses different types of speeches and the concepts and elements involved with each, along with research and organization techniques.Grades 9 to A

Presently, at least, English is still the most internationally utilised language for commerce, science, medicine, etc., and as such many ESL users are faced with making public pronouncements, speeches, interviews. Although they may have the vocabulary and even the grammar down, the intonation and emphasis are often challenging. This program offers tools and techniques for developing those more abstract language skills.

These comprehensive award-winning programs teach conversational sign language, in a fun, easy manner and is ideal for students, parents and teachers. The focus is to teach hearing students basic to advanced communication skills, vocabulary, finger spelling, the alphabet and grammar principles to be able to start signing and communicating easily and quickly. This is the most complete series on signing ever produced. *Ten DVDs with 4 programs on each

What is grammar? How do nouns and verbs work together to make sentences? Engage your class with the basics of grammar, then move on to the study of sentence structure. Standard Deviants School is an educational and entertaining, lesson-based learning supplement based on the award-winning Standard Deviants teaching style. Each program includes full classroom performance rights. Standard Deviants School will capture your students’ attention and make your lectures come alive!Grades 4 to 9

THE UNTAMED WORLD OF ENGLISH PUNCTUATION PACK contains four modules. Each is also available for purchase separately. Topics Include: What is punctuation? Periods; Question marks; Exclamation marks; Commas; Items in a series; Introductory clauses and phrases; Interjections; and Participial phrases. Grades 4 to 8

#12892/0635  VIRGIL GOES TO CHINA: An Introductory Course in Spoken Mandarin (5 Programs in 2 Cases)
A hands-on introduction to Mandarin Chinese, this set of videos provides vocabulary, pronunciation, syntax, appropriate usage, and the realistic setting for the words and phrases. Perfect for tourists and business visitors going to China or for those receiving guests from there.

#15863/0635  WORLDS OF ENGLISH (3 Programs)
English has emerged as the language of global choice for business and the media, prompting millions to educate themselves and their children in its use. How did English become so popular, and what are the cultural ramifications of its spread? This three-part series looks at the history, use, and diversity of English around the world, exploring both its necessity for modern communication and its threat to local languages and identities. Produced by the Open University. THE RISE OF ENGLISH THE FUTURE OF ENGLISH A GLOBAL LANGUAGE


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