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#7817/1945  ABC'S OF HYGIENE: Healthy Habits for Life DVD
Cleanliness is not a top priority in the minds of many primary school age children; the word hygiene is not often part of their vocabulary. Clean and hygienic also carry varying levels of importance to their parents and so can be a touchy subject to broach in the classroom no matter how necessary. This video/DVD combo gives teachers a useful tool to start youngsters thinking about the benefits of keeping clean. Grades K to 2

#15182/2003  BLOOD: Vital to our Existence
This program explores the composition of blood and looks at the heart and circulatory system. It features animated graphics that demonstrate the pumping of the heart, how red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells and remove carbon dioxide and how white blood cells protect the body.Grades 4 to 9

#7570/1945  BODY HYGIENE: Healthy Habits for Life
Hi Gene! Hygiene! Even the word sounds suspect to a grade 4 student! Yuucchheee! Creepy! So how can educators begin to approach this sometimes delicate subject. Young viewers learn it's about health and social acceptability so get scrubbing! Two formats for the price of one. Grades 3 to 6

Aimed at middle to junior high school age viewers who are just beginning to take responsibility for their about-to-be-acquired young adult bodies; what does healthy hygiene include? Grades 4 to 8

An overview of the six things kids can do each day to stay healthy! Perfect for elementary students, kids will discover the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water, having positive mental health, limiting time spent in front of a screen, getting plenty of physical activity and enough sleep.Grades 1 to 6

#7306/1945  DIRTY SECRETS EXPOSED: Disease Prevention DVD
Kids do the dirtiest things! All things considered they are often exposed to situations that could be described as hazardous, virulent, infectious, etc., that would scare most adults. Young viewers are given an investigatory tour to help them avoid some of the multitude of contaminants they are likely to encounter. Grades 5 to 9

#7818/1945  GROWING UP HEALTHY: Disease Prevention DVD
The close proximity of children in classroom or play settings have proven to be fertile grounds for the spreading of germs, viruses and other sources of disease. Making kids aware of just how transferable such things are helps keep them, their families and their schoolmates safer and healthier. Grades K to 2

#6970/1945  HEALTHY ME SERIES (4 Programs) DVD
This 4 part series introduces young viewers to the steps they can take to help protect their own health. Issues such as infections, medicine, first aid, nutrition and exercise are covered in a way that will make elementary viewers take notice and remember. Grades 2 to 5

#10036/1945  HOW TO STAY SAFE - DVD
Adventures await elementary age children around every corner and lots of them should have WARNING labels attached. Whether it's bicycles, seat belts, strangers, poisons, just making kids start to pay attention to some common threats is the goal of this program. Grades 3 to 5

#10672/1945  IS IT OK? How to Stay Safe DVD
Traffic safety, stranger safety, medicine safety and safety with animals are just some of the topics covered. Songs and skits help kids to remember 10 SUPER SAFETY RULES that can literally make the difference between life and death or serious injury. Grades K to 2

#10319/1945  NATURAL HIGH (A): You Can't Beat It! DVD
This program reveals how real teens can turn around negative behaviors and feelings by seeking out the natural high of positive activities. Empowers young teens to become active participants in their own lives through positive and healthy activities that help themselves and others. Grades 5 to 9

#5930/1310  REAL WORLD SCIENCE IV SERIES: Major Body Systems (4 Programs) DVD
This great new series makes human anatomy and physiology interesting and accessible to young viewers. Using age appropriate examples and visuals to hold interest, each major system of the human body is explored in a way that will make young viewers remember while relating it to their own experiences. Grades 4 to 8

The skin is the largest human organ. Take a close look at the epidermis, which provides the first line of defense against the outside world and delves into the mysteries of the dermis - the inner skin. Discover how the body fights off infections and the damaging effects of the sun.Grades 4 to 9

#15184/2003  SPINE AND SPINAL CORD (THE): The Body's Control
The spinal cord has fascinated scientists for centuries. The ability to walk is engineered by the spinal cord and the spinal column. This program looks at the design of the spinal cord and the medical advances in treating spinal cord injuries. Discover the research continually being done by scientists researching paralysis in an effort to one day find a cure.Grades 4 to 9

This program explores two different physiological systems that work together in order to keep our bodies running efficiently. Students will learn how our respiratory system processes oxygen and how oxygen is used within our bodies. Well also learn about the circulatory system and how it transports oxygen throughout our bodies.Grades 4 to 9


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