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#15971/0635  ACTINIC KERATOSIS: The Link between Chronic Sun Damage and Skin Cancer
Although actinic keratosis - rough, scaly patches of skin that result from too much sun - is very common, it is classified as a premalignant condition that can develop into squamous cell carcinoma. Fortunately, there are many effective methods that can slow that development, or in some cases interrupt it completely. This program lets viewers know how people with AK can lower their risk of invasive skin cancer. In addition, a former pro football player whose AK progression resulted in the loss of part of his nose stresses the importance of limiting unprotected exposure to the sun. *Closed Captioned

#14841/1615  COMMUNITY VOICES: Exploring Cross-Cultural Care through Cancer
"Community Voices" uses cancer as a lens to explore the many ways that differences in culture, race and ethnicity affect health and the delivery of healthcare services. Its six clearly defined sections are intended as triggers for discussion. They explore language, interpretation and communication styles; the meanings of illness; patterns of help seeking; social and historical context; core cultural issues; and building bridges.

This animated video presents the basic facts about breast cancer - the symptoms, risk factors and treatment options with emphasis on the importance of early detection.


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