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If you have customers with disabilities then this training program is a must see for every employee. When we watched the program we learned a lot and we think your customers will too. This course is designed to help you teach all of your associates how they can properly provide superior service to customers with disabilities. DISCOUNTS: Education 20%; Non-Profit 10%; Federal Govt 25%; All other Govt 10%

#15001/0603  ASPERGER'S AUTISM AND GIRLS: Understanding and Appreciating the Female Perspective
Featuring clinical psychologist and autism specialist Tony Attwood, this program describes the unique challenges of women and girls with autism and Asperger syndrome as well as its rapid increase. Looks at practical solutions for schools, explores social challenges, and covers such issues as navigating puberty, transitioning to work or college, and finding a career.

#15551/0603  ASPERGER'S SYNDROME: Anger Management, Teaching Teachers, and Teenage Issues
Dr. Tony Atwood gives teachers great advice on how to effectively manage a classroom that includes students with Asperger's. He offers tips for inclusion success and social/behavioral warning signs to watch for. He also shares helpful strategies for teaching adolescents with Asperger's. Since social skills are so imperative at this age, this tends to be a particularly challenging age for students and, consequently, for teachers. Viewers learn how to deal with angry outbursts and take preventative steps to avoid conflicts. Create a positive learning environment where ALL students thrive!

#16002/0603  AUT-EROBICS: Autism Movement Therapy
"Programs like Joanne's Autism Movement Therapy offer opportunities for our kids to develop the necessary and fundamental skills that benefit all our kids. Art saved my life." Temple Grandin Autism Movement Therapy Special-needs educator Joanne Lara has the perfect heartwarming solution for working with autistic children and students - and it’s simple and fun. The answer: dance, dance, dance. Aut-erobics cleverly engages the whole brain and body with music and movement to improve motor and cognitive skills in children with autism. Whether its following simple movement sequences or moving to their own beat, children will energize mind and body all while having fun dancing.

#14960/0603  AUTISM AND ASPERGER'S SYNDROME: An Insightful Presentation by Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Temple Grandin has served as inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands of families and persons with autism. In this unique program, Temple eloquently and candidly describes the challenges she has faced and offers no-nonsense ideas on how others dealing with autism can meet these obstacles and improve the quality of their lives.

This is a unique presentation that will improve the lives of everyone in the family. Author Jennifer O'Toole was diagnosed as an Aspie in adulthood and is the mother of three Asperkids, the wife of an Aspie, and the author of the internationally celebrated "Asperkids" book series. This dynamic presentation is laced with humor, charm and caring. Everyone - teachers, therapists and family members of a person with autism - will benefit from Jennifer's insights. Jennifer O'Toole is the winner of the 2012 Temple Grandin Award, a recipient of GRASP's 2012 Distinguished Spectrumite Medal, 2012 AuKids Speaker of the Year, and a nominee for the 2012 Autism Society Book Award and Godiva's Woman of the Year. TV actress/Activist Holly Robinson Peete even listed Jennifer among her "Autism Parent Superstars." *Full-length previews of this TWO part series are available upon request

#15746/1615  AUTISM IN THE CLASSROOM: What Teachers Need to Know
This video is a good overview as it covers symptoms, common behaviors, misconceptions, needed supports, treatment, IDEA and the responsibilities of educators and parents. It also features interviews with children, their teachers and parents, as well as Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute, and author/technical director of the movie "Rain Man".Grades K to 12

#15784/0605  BEST KEPT SECRET: Aging Out with Autism
Janet Mino has taught her high school class of young men with autism for four years. This program follows Ms. Mino and her students over the year and a half before graduation. The clock is ticking to find them a place in the adult world - a job or rare placement in a recreational center - so they do not end up where their predecessors have, sitting at home, institutionalized, or on the streets.

#16161/1335  CHANGE OF MIND (A): A Documentary on the Societal Impact of Brain Injury
"A CHANGE OF MIND Is a captivating and impeccably crafted look into the impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on individuals, families and society. Filmmaker Hilary Pryor takes you on a revelatory journey, beautifully weaving together the tapestry of science, the pathos of loss and the inspiration of unyielding courage. Working in the field of Brain Injury, I have never seen a more important film on the subject." Shelley Morris, Chief Executive Officer, The Cridge Centre for the Family Brain injury from sports is a hot topic in today's media, but only 20% of the more than 176,000 brain injuries occurring annually in Canada are attributable to sports. Given the toll brain injury takes on individuals and families, what do we know about the impact on society as a whole? According to a recent U.S. study, 80% of the prison population have suffered traumatic brain injuries and 60% of this 80% received their first brain injury in childhood. 53% of homeless people have suffered brain injuries. One study estimates that after severe brain injury 90% of marriages end in divorce. The cost to society is immeasurable in both human and financial terms, but what are we doing to address this? *Closed Captioned *Individual Schools, Public Libraries and Non-Profit Organizations $99.95 *Colleges, Universities and School Boards $279.95

The 'Cowboy Chef' Mark Connelly, gets a group of brain injury survivors together in a community kitchen to cook, laugh, share and learn. Mark is completely deaf as a result of meningitis, Robin and Kerry are legally blind. All struggle with various outcomes of their brain injury but, as the film reveals, a community kitchen can provide the perfect space to build renewed trust in each other, in their own abilities and in life itself. The therapeutic and social effects of the Community Kitchen idea is widely applicable and effective in seniors' residences and shelters of all kinds. *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#15827/0550  CUSTOMERS WITH DISABILITIES: Delivering Excellent Service
If you have customers with disabilities then this training program is a must see for every employee. This comprehensive course is designed to help you teach all of your associates how they can properly provide superior service to customers with disabilities Divided into 5 chapters. Includes the DVD as well as Leader's Guide, Handouts, etc. Discounts include 20% to Education and 10% to Government and Non-Profit.

#15002/0603  DR. TONY ATTWOOD PRESENTS: Asperger's Diagnostic Assessment
Exploring the Asperger assessment process, this program presents unrehearsed interviews between Tony Attwood and Brett, a young boy with Asperger syndrome. Explains the various manifestations, including sensory and motor difficulties and social skills challenges, and considers gender-specific and age-specific challenges.

#16127/2003  ENGINEERING: Transforming Lives with Prosthetics
Scientists and engineers have made great strides in recent years with prosthetics and orthotics. In this program we discuss how designers simulate the anatomy and physiology of missing limbs. Though some prosthetics are simple and minimally functional, others are complex bionic artificial limbs with improved designs, using advanced hydraulics, lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and computer microprocessors and sensors. This program will highlight how advances in prosthetics have improved life for people with certain injuries and disabilities. *Closed CaptionedGrades 8 to A

This program follows three autistic children in one family: Scott (11 years old), Stephen and Katie Turner (10-year-old twins) over the course of two years. Each child was given a video camera to help explore their thoughts and feelings. This technique led to unique documentation of each child’s changing perspective on being autistic.

#15772/1416  KEY OF G: Disability, Caregiving and Interdependence
*Winner! GOLDEN GATE AWARD and broadcast on PBS THE KEY OF G is an award-winning documentary about disability, caregiving and interdependence. The film follows Gannet, a charismatic 22-year-old with physical and developmental disabilities, as he leaves his mother's home to share an apartment with a close-knit group of artists and musicians who support him, not only as paid caregivers, but also as friends. Together they create a uniquely successful model of supported living, and a compelling alternative to institutionalized care.

#16001/0603  LIVING WITH ASPERGER'S: Life Skills for People on the Spectrum
This is a video for parents, Aspie's, anyone with sensory issues or on the autism spectrum, and anyone who works with them! Jennifer has a lifetime of personal experience with Asperger's syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), so her concrete ideas of what worked and didn't work for her actually are fascinating. She openly talks about the innovative ways she learned to navigate the world of the "normal" people. She would be good enough to listen to just for those things, but the fact that she's straight-forward and laces it all with a hearty sense of humor creates a riveting presentation you won't forget.

This unusual film explores the intersection of therapy and social science research, while offering a joyous look at the experiences of three children with cerebral palsy as they grow in self-confidence and physical capability through participation in "hippotherapy", an increasingly popular form of physiotherapy through riding horses.

#15999/0603  MY SENSORY BASED WORLD with Dr. Temple Grandin
Virtually every child on the autism spectrum has at least one sensory issue that creates problems for them. When they can’t express the problem they’re having verbally, there’s only one way they can express themselves, which is in their behavior. Because of her personal experiences with sensory issues, Dr. Temple Grandin considers sensory dysfunction to be one of the most major problems for children on the autism spectrum, and it’s probably one of the least understood. She explains not only the various ways parents, teachers, and professionals can identify sensory issues and the behaviors that are the result of sensory issues, she also focuses on some of the most recent scientific research related to the senses that will help many children on the spectrum and their parents and caretakers.

Dr. Temple Grandin’s BRAND NEW presentation on the autistic brain, how DSM-5 will affect everyone from parents and children on the spectrum, and her frank assessment of the state of autism and therapies.

#12339/1397  NORM: A Documentary about Love, Family, and Survival
*Winner of two Gemini nominations! Norm was born with Down Syndrome in 1949. He spent much of his childhood with his family but ultimately was put into foster-care by his parents. Then his grown sister decides to rescue and take care of her older mentally challenged brother. The story evolves into one of hilarity and healing and the gathering up of all the frayed strands of a lost and guilt-ridden family. NORM is an exuberant celebration of life. *Postscript: Norm continued to live with his sister until he died peacefully at home on September 22, 2010 surrounded by family and friends.

USFSP Psychology Professor V. Mark Durand - a leading authority on autism - demonstrates his positive parenting approach to working with mothers and fathers of children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). *CC

Three people with disabilities speak passionately from their own personal experiences. Viewers who use this series will: Increase their understanding of negative stereotypes for people with disabilities; Learn how to use proper and respectful language and terminology; and, Increase understanding of the psychosocial and physical aspects of sexuality for people with disabilities. HOW TO TALK TO PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES BEING PC PERCEPTIONS, MYTHOLOGIES, AND STEREOTYPES SEXUALITY AND DISABILITY Part One - PSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS SEXUALITY AND DISABILITY Part Two - PHYSICAL ASPECTS Four 30-minute programs

#10345/1330  POSSIBLE DREAM (A): The Andrea Friedman Story
Narrated by Joanne Woodward, examines the life of accomplished actress and respected public speaker, Andrea Friedman, who also happens to have been born with Down Syndrome. Viewers will definitely rethink their preconceptions about "disabilities".Grades 9 to A

#14014/2044  R WORD (THE)
*Featuring Joe Clayton, Metis narrator People have called them "village idiots", "imbeciles", "fools", "subhumans" and "retards". They have been incarcerated in prisons and institutions, abused and even at times murdered. They have been feared and misunderstood for centuries. This program chronicles the incredible struggles of a culturally diverse group of Canadian people with intellectual disabilities and their families to be recognized and treated as fully human with the same rights as anyone else in society. *Closed Captioned

#14950/0603  SENSORY CHALLENGES AND ANSWERS (Temple Grandin)
In this unique program, Dr. Temple Grandin eloquently and candidly describes the sensory challenges she has faced and offers no-nonsense ideas for caregivers and for individuals on the spectrum.

In this program, Carol Kranowitz delivers a presentation on sensory strategies and activities that are used internationally to address sensory processing disorder (SPD). Kranowitz discusses research on SPD, explains the six types of SPD and how they impact affected children’s daily lives, looks at common coexisting problems, and explores treatment and therapy options.

Explains how anxiety and sensory overload can affect a child’s behavior and demonstrates how a "sensory diet" can help a child focus and learn. Also provides simple but proven techniques for improving therapy through better communication among parents, teachers, and therapists and offers concrete ideas that you can apply immediately.

These comprehensive award-winning programs teach conversational sign language, in a fun, easy manner and is ideal for students, parents and teachers. The focus is to teach hearing students basic to advanced communication skills, vocabulary, finger spelling, the alphabet and grammar principles to be able to start signing and communicating easily and quickly. This is the most complete series on signing ever produced. *Ten DVDs with 4 programs on each

This dynamic and comprehensive presentation with Dr. Jed Baker is extremely valuable to all family members and professionals working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, mood and anxiety disorders, and other issues that impact social-emotional functioning.

#15972/0635  SOFTENING: Loving a Child with Special Needs
*WINNER! Documentary NYC festival, Grand Jury Prize Winner "An experience unlike any other...One of the truest portraits of family I have ever seen." Toronto Film Scene "I’m not really one of those parents of a kid with special needs who thinks it’s a gift from God or a blessing in disguise," says filmmaker Kelly O’Brien. O’Brien speaks honestly about her struggle to cope for the first five years following the birth of Teddy, born with extensive brain damage resulting from an in-utero viral infection. The rewards as well as the challenges of caring for him are evident in this video. In leaving out the grittier details of Teddy’s daily regimen to focus on the moments of intimacy and play, the film also documents O’Brien’s gradual process of opening up emotionally - her softening - about her son’s difficult diagnosis. *Closed Captioned

#12397/0203  SOUND INSIGHT: Breaking the Sound Barrier in a Deaf World
Can a 'disability' ever become a personal asset or at least be recognized and used to advantage? Perhaps the answer is 'not very often', but viewers of this video get a different perspective on just such a situation.

#7430/1615  TEN COMMANDMENTS: Communicating with People with Disabilities
*WINNER of many awards including CHRIS - Columbus International *Listed as #1 of Top 50 Business Videos This outstanding video uses light-hearted, humorous vignettes to help employees learn how to communicate respectfully, sensitively with people who have a wide range of disabilities. Crucial for anyone who employs, serves or communicates with the disabled. *Closed Captioned version followed by a second version with open captioning and audio descriptor all on one video cassette. Grades 9 to A

#14217/0603  TREASURE CHEST OF BEHAVIORAL STRATEGIES for Individuals with Autism
In this insightful presentation, Maria Wheeler describes in detail what challenging behavior looks and sounds like - including meltdowns, anxiety and panic attacks, and inappropriate sexual behavior - and provides easy-to-understand, easy-to-use strategies. An excellent resource for parents, teachers, and other professionals working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

#13712/2017  WALKING IN THE DARK: Finding the Light in Autism
When parents are given the diagnosis that their child has autism, they often feel very lost with a sense of hopelessness. This documentary educational tool helps parents seek unanswered questions and find ways to network. Through meeting families who have overcome their fears and distress, they find hope and help.

Follows the journey of three families with special needs children (Down syndrome and Phelan-McDermid Syndrome). Through parents' insight and shared experiences, viewers discover the importance of structure and predictability in the home and how to incorporate other positive affect resiliency factors - all while ensuring a nurturing and loving environment for the family.

This is a compelling documentary film about the "inclusion" of children with disabilities in public schools. The film follows seven children - elementary to high-schoolers - with a broad range of disabilities, over an academic year. Produced by multiple Emmy award winning filmmakers, the children’s struggles and triumphs give dramatically clear testimony to the value of equal educational opportunities for all. Grades 9 to A

#15134/0603  WRITING SOCIAL STORIES with Carol Gray
A Social Story is a ground-breaking tool that uses several carefully-written sentences to describe a social situation to someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This DVD and accompanying workbook provide step-by-step training for writing effective Social Stories.


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