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#15617/0787  ADHD IN ADULTS
From leading ADHD authority Dr. Russell A. Barkley, this instructive program integrates information about ADHD with the experiences of adults from different walks of life who suffer from the disorder. Including interviews with these individuals, their family members, and the clinicians who treat them, the program addresses such important topics as the symptoms and behaviors that are characteristic of the disorder, how adult ADHD differs from the childhood form, the effects of ADHD on the family, and successful coping strategies. Approaches to adult diagnosis and treatment are explained in detail.

#15619/0787  ADHD IN THE CLASSROOM: Strategies for Teachers
From leading authority Dr. Russell Barkley, this program is designed to help teachers create a learning environment that is responsive to the needs of all students, including those with ADHD. Scenes from an actual classroom illustrate problems that teachers typically encounter and bring effective solutions to life. Viewers see firsthand how to incorporate social skills into the curriculum and how to implement such behavior management methods as color charts and signs, point system, token economy, and turtle-control technique. The video also features helpful graphics, interviews with teachers and other education experts, and informative commentary from Dr. Barkley.

#15326/0635  ADHD Rush Hour
The issues surrounding ADHD are fiercely debated. Who decides when rambunctious behavior has become a psychiatric concern? Do the benefits of Ritalin outweigh its risks? Is ADHD even a true disorder, or just another way for pharmaceutical companies to make money? This program speaks with students diagnosed with ADHD and to nearly a dozen medical and academic experts about its identification and treatment.

#11326/0430  ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Series (3 Programs)
Professionals in health care, education, and anyone who works with the public will benefit from the information in these programs. AD/HD: Identification and Assessment Provides an overview of AD/HD, including demographics, symptoms, and affects on daily life. Testing, evaluation, and challenges in making the diagnosis are discussed. 21 minutes AD/HD: Medication Strategies The information in this program will provide the learner with a good working knowledge of the stimulant and non-stimulant medications currently used to treat adult and childhood AD/HD. 24 minutes AD/HD: Behavioral Strategies Focuses on the various behavioral techniques in use or under investigation for the treatment of AD/HD. The value of counseling, tutoring, and coaching is delineated and a variety of specific therapeutic modalities are explained. 19 minutes

#15396/0605  ADHD: Out of Control Kids
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a complicated behavioral disorder which is difficult to diagnose, manifests itself in adults as well as children and has far reaching effects on the lives of those who suffer from it, as well as on their families. This remarkable film shows in a short space of time many variants and how this disorder affects individuals from preschool age through adulthood. One common pharmaceutical treatment is Ritalin, a compound similar to cocaine. Many parents want to avoid its use and try other strategies which are shown here. The film will sensitize educators and parents to a complex behavioral problem.

#15618/0787  ADHD: What Can We Do?
This program introduces viewers to a variety of the most effective techniques for managing ADHD in the classroom, at home, and on family outings. Illustrated are ways that parents, teachers, and other professionals can work together to implement specific strategies that help children with the disorder improve their school performance and behavior. Informative interviews, demonstrations of techniques, and commentary from Dr. Russell Barkley illuminate the significant difference that treatment can make.

After viewing A FAMILY HEALING, a group of families of and activists for the developmentally disabled join the video's producer to add their own views and experiences. Generally critical of institutionalization, they stress the need for support systems for parents, the need for the disabled to have friends outside the family, and to integrate into society in general as much as possible for maximum health and lifestyle benefits. Grades 9 to A

#11260/0165  FAMILY HEALING: Coming to Terms with Intellectual Disabilities
This intimate family portrait made by one member of the family explores the impact of the developmental disability of a sibling on the interaction and relationships of the family as a whole. Allows family members to open repressed lines of communication and express their feelings of guilt, resentment, over-protectiveness, embarrassment. Questions about basic human rights and the sexuality of the intellectually disabled are also brought forward. Focuses on long-standing family conflicts and misunderstandings that skew relationships when disabilities command attention... unequal sharing of responsibility, planning for future care, the special concern of parents for a child who will never really achieve full adulthood. Grades 9 to A

#12569/0145  LEARNING DISABILITIES: A Complex Journey
What could be more important in any child's development than making them comfortable and competent in the learning process? If a child is not learning, underachieving in school, there is quite often a reason in the form of an actual neurological learning disability. Explains signs and symptoms that parents can look for and offers advice on how to proceed.

#14093/1615  MIND LIKE MINE (A): Adult ADHD
A compelling documentary chronicling a year in the life of two adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Seven years after documenting their lives as children with ADD/ADHD in the film ODD KID OUT, the filmmaker turns the lens back to document their growth into young adults. Closed Captioned

This insightful and uplifting program examines how, within Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American cultural contexts, the needs of high-functioning members of this population are being met through the empowering assistance of their families and through healthcare- and employment-related programs that promote self-determination.

#12608/0145  ODD KID OUT: Living with Attention Deficit Disorder
Captures the frustration parents feel as they cope with their children's inappropriate behavior, scholastic failure and day-to-day hyperactivity but also emphasizes that children with ADHD are intelligent and can even be gifted in spite of the social and academic difficulties they face. Highly recommended for parents, teachers, and others who work with ADHD-affected families. Closed Captioned

What signs can help a parent who suspects that a child has a learning disability? And if those signs are present, what can a parent do then? This video focuses on a dilemma that effects many parents today. Do they turn to counseling...drugs...doctors...teachers?

#15265/1416  READ ME DIFFERENTLY: Disabilities - New Perspectives
A shock of recognition in social work led to this exploration of how undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD have impacted three generations in her family, starting with her own struggles. With surprising candor, vulnerability and even a touch of humor, this program reveals the strain of misunderstood learning differences on family relationships. *Includes Viewing Guide

Tantrums, resistance to chores, negativity--occasional clashes between parents and children are not uncommon. But when a child's defiance is chronic and disruptive of family life, he or she may have Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). In this clear and accessible video program, leading authority Russell A. Barkley illuminates the nature of ODD and presents real-life scenes of family interactions and commentary from parents.


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