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"Powerful personal testimonies." School Library Journal This program represents a powerful weapon in the battle against eating disorders, pinpointing their origins in body image and self-esteem issues, illustrating their grim consequences in crystal-clear terms, and offering students, parents, teachers, and counselors a rich source of information and support.

#1081/1725  DYING TO BE THIN with Susan Sarandon
Tormented by an irrational fear of being fat, an estimated eight million young women are torturing themselves, sometimes to death. Meet students, ballet dancers, fashion models and other young women who are seeking recovery or have conquered their disease. Discover how leading eating disorder specialists are making dramatic advances in the diagnosis and treatment of these two devastating diseases. Hosted by Susan Sarandon, this highly recommended program examines the complex factors that lead to eating disorders and the therapies that can help their relief. Grades 6 to 8

#6494/0685  RECOVERING BODIES: Overcoming Eating Disorders
This video features interviews with a variety of very articulate people who are in various stages of recovery from eating disorders. Grades 9 to A

#14992/1290  RECOVERING: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
Eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are serious medical conditions that can be deadly if left untreated. Join documentary filmmaker and host Larkin McPhee (DYING TO BE THIN) as she uncovers the challenges of coping with an eating disorder. Meet experts and people in recovery who offer an honest appraisal of their struggles to overcome their eating disorders.Grades 7 to A

#7470/0405  SKIN DEEP: Understanding Self-Injury
Like eating disorders, purposefully injuring one's own body by cutting, burning, etc., has reasons and purposes behind it that are not always obvious but should be dealt with, often with professional help or guidance. Peers can help too.Grades 9 to A

#12222/0203  STARVING TO SURVIVE: Women Controlled by Eating Disorders
In a nation consumed with appearance, millions of people struggle to be thin. Unfortunately, an eating disorder is a sickness that eats away at the body, mind, and soul. This is the story of two women whose lives were controlled by food. Find out how the daily struggle with eating disorders destroys more than just a woman's body.

#9215/0290  TRAUMA AND EATING DISORDERS (2 Programs)
Until recently, the focus of eating disorder treatment has been on getting the sometimes life-threatening symptoms under control. In the process, underlying trauma issues have often been ignored. Now, new treatment approaches are being developed that address trauma and eating disorders in an integrated fashion. TRAUMA AND EATING DISORDERS I: Clinical Presentations TRAUMA AND EATING DISORDERS II: Treatment Issues Grades 9 to A

#13027/2003  WASTING AWAY (Teens at Risk Series)
In this program, you will see the struggles teens face with Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa from individuals that have suffered from this affliction and survived. Complete and definitive descriptions of these disorders are provided. Grades 8 to 12


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