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Created specifically for teens in treatment, this compelling video introduces young clients to strategies for staying sober while coping with a co-occurring (dual) disorder.

#9901/0635  BIPOLAR DISORDER: Shifting Mood Swings
Bi-polar disorder can not only bring individual sufferers to the brink of suicide, it can tear apart families and friendships. Sufferers themselves describe how they experience the devastating symptoms while experts in the field explain what is known about why this disorder occurs and the latest methods of dealing with it from a therapeutic and medical perspective.

#9036/0410  CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS: Mental Health and Drugs
Designed primarily for clients who have a dual diagnosis and secondarily for those involved in the treatment of these disorders who need a deeper understanding of this common phenomenon. By first examining the mental illnesses that are part of a dual diagnosis (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar, depression) and then showing how psychoactive drug use can aggravate or induce these illnesses, the video helps explain the relationship between the two conditions.

Depressed? Let's have a drink ... Let's get high! Sounds like a normal reaction. It also sounds like a reaction that can lead to some long term difficulties. This video investigates how substance abuse and depression play off one another.

Bipolar disorder itself is hard enough to deal with and treat, but when self-medication through the use of alcohol or other drugs is added the problems can get completely out of hand. This video describes exactly what bipolar disorder is and the dynamic of how alcohol and drugs affect a person with bipolar disorder. Also discusses treatments.

#12442/0795  GUIDE FOR LIVING WITH CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS: Help and Hope for Clients and their Families
This program provides patients and families with an educational overview of co-occurring disorders, offers interviews from people who have them, and discusses ways that patients can participate in treatment to better manage their recovery from both disorders. Included are dramatic vignettes, as well as professional narration, to show a comprehensive look at all the issues of recovery.

#11696/0545  INTRODUCING CANNABIS: Risks, Laws and Habits
It appears that some people can smoke a little dope and walk away completely unscathed while for others those weird images from Reefer Madness are anything but a joke! Viewers get the latest research results on some of the psychological consequences of indulging in marijuana.

#4729/0635  MESSING WITH HEADS: Marijuana and Mental Illness
The widespread use of marijuana only started to happen four decades ago. Research into the long-term effects has revealed some disturbing mental health issues. Because the THC content of modern marijuana is so much greater than the original natural strains, those issues, including schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis, may be on the gentler end of a very steep incline. That research is explained.


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