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#15432/0635  CUT-UP KIDS: The Epidemic of Self-Harm
For reasons still being explored, a growing number of children, teenagers, and young adults regularly and willfully cut, burn, and otherwise harm their own bodies. This film follows three young people as they confront the violence they have inflicted upon themselves due to bullying, academic pressure and social failure. Students will observe the process by which these young people increase their self-awareness and articulate their inner turmoil.

#10772/0635  CUTTING: Addicted to Self-Injury
What could prompt a teenager to do actual physical injury to themselves by cutting their skin? This video examines this distressing, ritualized behavior and explores how parents, friends, guidance counselors, and those who cut themselves can work together to stop it.

#10726/0768  HURTING (The): Cutting for Relief
How can overwhelming inner pain and rage find relief through an external pain that is seemingly easier to manage? In this program, Ashley resorts to 'cutting' in order to cope with an abusive father. Counselors, teachers and peers are shown signs to look for and methods of initiating help.

#9695/0290  SELF-INJURY SERIES (2 Programs) DVD
A two-part series aimed at mental health professionals. A client’s self mutilating behavior can be extremely challenging for the therapist. These programs discuss the range of traumatic causes of self mutilation, and the forms that it takes, as well as interventions that can provide more adaptive responses. Child abuse survivors describe their experiences of self mutilation, and their steps toward recovery. Part I: GENESIS, FORMS & FUNCTIONS 46 minutes Part II: CLINICAL ISSUES & INTERVENTIONS 42 minutes *See #9117- a condensed version for clients is also available


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