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#9496/0905  STAGES OF LABOR (THE): A Visual Guide for Teens
For all the talk about the information age it appears that teens often have very sketchy information on the realities of pregnancy and childbirth. This intimate, parent-friendly video aimed at teens, incorporates life-like 3D animation of a baby's journey through the birth process. Grades 9 to 12

#15820/0905  STAGES OF LABOR: A Visual Guide for Teens 2nd Edition
How do you get through to pregnant teens? Show them a program that focuses specifically on the birth experiences of other teens. This special version is made just for teens - with modern animation and graphics, all-teen births, and a teen narrator. Easy-to-understand 3D animation of the labor process, real video segments showing teen parents in labor, and personal interviews create a program that's proven to engage and inform young adult viewers.


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