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#14127/0463  AGING MUSCLE AND BONE BIOLOGY: Effect of Strategic Nutrition and Exercise Interventions
An aging population that wants to stay fit and active raises all sorts of questions about how to accomplish that with a minimum of injury. Four presentations from the Select Symposium at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting address the impact of selected exercise training regimens and targeted supplementation efforts on older adults.

#12907/0635  ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT (4 Programs)
Alzheimer's disease may be affecting as many as five million people and as the Baby Boomer generation moves through retirement, that number could more than double. While there is not yet a cure for this disease - more feared than any other except cancer - this series shows there is now genuine reason to be optimistic about controlling and, eventually, eliminating it. Also takes a humane but honest look at the devastating effects of Alzheimer's on patients and those who love them. There are four programs in the series: THE MEMORY LOSS TAPES - puts a human face on the progression of Alzheimer's disease as it profiles seven people, ages 63 to 87, at different stages of the illness. 84 minutes GRANDPA, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? with Maria Shriver - tells the stories of five children, ages 6 through 15, who are confronted by the effects of Alzheimer's disease on their grandparents. 31 minutes MOMENTUM IN SCIENCE, Parts 1 and 2 - goes inside the labs and clinics of 25 leading scientists and physicians who are seeking to discover how to better detect and diagnose the disease, delay the onset of memory loss, affect the brain changes associated with the disease, and ultimately prevent the disease altogether. 120 minutes CAREGIVERS - through five intimate portraits, this program illustrates the stages of Alzheimer's while documenting the sacrifices and successes, frustrations and triumphs, of caregivers experiencing a loved one's gradual descent into dementia. 49 minutes

#13427/2010  AT THE BREAKING POINT: Emotions and Ethics in Family Caregiving
This compilation DVD gets to the emotional and ethical core of family caregiving. Short video excerpts (3 to 8 minutes each) reflect on several crucial aspects of family caregiving - from the effects of Alzheimer's on the spousal relationship to the right to die with dignity. Real families in the midst of dealing with real challenges.

#14476/1725  BEST OF LIFE Part 2
A groundbreaking foray into the emotional, psychological, and financial aspects of aging, this program conveys not only a wealth of insights about aging but also wonderful examples of the freewheeling and original personalities making up our senior generation. Panelists include Carl Reiner, legendary comedian, actor, writer, and director; Dick Cavett, arguably the greatest talk show host in TV history; Rodney Rothman, a former writer for the David Letterman show; Marion Woodman, an internationally famous Jungian analyst; and Dr. Robert Kane, one of America's leading gerontologists.

#16016/2010  BEYOND THE MUSIC: The Power of Music with People who are Living with Dementia and Other Age-Related Conditions
This program documents the power of music to transcend the challenges of dementia as it shows non-responsive, non-verbal residents suddenly smiling, singing, moving, and interacting with others when engaged through music. These before-and-after glimpses of residents "reconnecting" encourage the use of music therapy as a method to boost quality of life for residents. Also touches on the concept of neuroplasticity, which describes the ability of the brain to change its own structure and function through thought and activity, as well as, the palliative effect of music.

What should the generation entering their late 40s, 50s and 60s do with the second half of their lives? Personally driven by this question, Peabody award-winning journalist, and Fortune 100 leadership educator Mark S. Walton delivers overwhelming evidence that we were never meant to downgrade our ambitions, but to continually reinvent them.

#15615/1135  CAREGIVING SERIES (THE) with June Callwood (13 Programs)
This 13 part series targets the millions of individuals who are providing care for a parent, spouse or themselves. The video series provides practical, comprehensive, expert information, solutions to the challenges of caregiving and a glimpse into the lives of real-life caregivers. The programs are hosted by June Callwood, a well-known author and broadcaster and Dr. Irvin Wolkoff, a psychiatrist respected for his dedication to establishing a better understanding of mental health issues. The series has been endorsed by Health Canada, as well as senior and caregiver agencies, associations and service providers across Canada.

#15099/1710  CARING FOR A LOVED ONE WITH ALZHEIMER'S: An Emotional Journey
This dynamic video offers insight, hope, and understanding for anyone who cares for a loved one with Alzheimer's. This disease is without cure and currently afflicts more than 30 million people and as yet there are no treatments to halt its progression, making caregiving both essential-and difficult.

This program provides an overview of those immune system-related conditions that are characterized by pain, deformity, and functional disabilities that can be positively impacted by physical activity. Also examines research findings for pre-surgery exercise strategies, as well as discusses an outcomes survey for arthritis pain and functional activity.

#13660/0430  ELDER ISSUES: Nutrition, Falls and Abuse (4 Programs)
This series consists of four programs: NUTRITION FOR INDEPENDENT ELDERS Focuses on community-based seniors who are relatively healthy. Highlights diseases that have an underlying nutritional origin, and the physiologic changes of aging that can negatively affect nutrition. 25 minutes NUTRITIONAL RISKS AND CHALLENGES Focuses on nutritional challenges for elders, particularly those at risk for malnutrition or who are ill. 24 minutes PREVENTING FALLS Presents indicators that an older person is at risk for falling. Explores the common causes of falls - dehydration, medications, urinary problems, impaired visual function, and poor balance and gait - and interventions to minimize the risk. 24 minutes ELDER ABUSE Discusses the growing problem of elder abuse. Describes the various types of abuse and details characteristics of abusers. Barriers to getting help, including social, cultural and medical factors are presented. 27 minutes.

#14230/1470  ELDERS AND FAMILES SERIES: A Tool Kit for Understanding (6 Programs)
Help families plan quality care with their dependent elders. Each program emphasizes understanding and managing emotions during this difficult period of transition. FIRST STEPS - suggests how caregivers can best raise the issue while avoiding bruised feelings. Special attention is paid to skirting the emotional land mines that can play havoc with family harmony. 30 minutes FAMILY MEETING - features a re-enactment of a family meeting where a care plan is discussed and agreed upon by all involved parties. 30 minutes COPING WITH MEMORY LOSS - In actual home settings, this program covers all the emotional aspects of caring for parents or spouses suffering from various forms of memory loss. 23 minutes WINDOWS TO CHANGE - The choices are to remain home with assistance or move in with their child or into a senior care facility. Portrays individuals who are successfully making this difficult life transition while confronting real lifestyle, legal and relationship issues. 27 minutes HEALTHY LIFESTYLES - This program is full of no-nonsense advice on how to build the personal and professional partnerships that enhance their quality of life while reducing dependence on the medical system. 21 minutes AGING WITH GRACE - The bottom line: you need never stop growing and learning as you age, despite the limitations and loss that accompany the process. 22 minutes *Caregivers and elders can use the 22-Page Manual in their homes to learn more about how to cope with their issues

#12626/2010  EX-MEMORIA
Ex- Memoria is an award-winning dementia care training package that puts the caregiver/viewer in the shoes of the person with Alzheimer's. Using the life story of Eva, a female resident with dementia, this 'trigger' video allows the viewer to see and experience the world through her eyes.

#13433/0450  GRANDPA DOESN'T KNOW IT'S ME (Alzheimer's)
"Highly Recommended. A clear and sensitive portrayal of Alzheimer's disease from a child's perspective." Della Frazier-Rios, Alzheimer's Association, NYC Chapter Children need to understand Alzheimer's, as do adults. This touching story reveals how a little girl comes to understand and live with her grandfather who has Alzheimer's disease.

What affirmative role can love, intimacy, communication, and sexual expression play in the process of healthy aging? This program provides important information on these issues.

#13425/2010  INTO THE OTHER LANE: Driving and Dementia *Includes Guide
This two-part program presents a compassionate, yet realistic, portrait of the many issues faced by persons with dementia, (and their caregivers) when a decision has to be made about giving up driving.

#11956/2010  LEARNING TO SPEAK ALZHEIMER'S: An Introduction to the Habilitation Approach to Care
*TWO-TIME TELLY WINNER! This program - featuring Alzheimer expert and author Joanne Koenig Coste, M.Ed. - introduces the key concepts and philosophies of her pioneering form of care - habilitation. This simple, compassionate and uncomplicated approach to care addresses the needs of the Alzheimer person and creates an environment in which both the patient and carepartner can transcend the disease. Offers a wealth of information, practical techniques and guideposts for health professionals, caregivers, and families caring for an Alzheimer person.

#15918/0157  MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN LATE LIFE with Patricia A. Areán, PhD
The population of people over the age of 65 is one of the most rapidly growing groups. Therefore, it is essential for therapists who work closely with older adults to be able to define and administer an effective course of therapeutic treatment. For older adults with mental health issues, problem-solving skills can weaken as a result of cognitive decline in late life. In this video, Dr. Patricia Areán demonstrates the effective use of problem-solving therapy with a 62 year old retired woman who is the sole caregiver of her grandchild, as well as both of her parents. The client has been struggling with depression, severe mood swings, and sleeplessness for about five years. *Closed Captioned

A follow-up to the video "A Thousand Tomorrows: Intimacy, Sexuality, and Alzheimer’s" this video revisits one of the couples, Everett and Betty Jordan. Looks at the progression of changes Alzheimer's causes in their intimate relationship over a seven-year period. Updated with a Bonus Feature... "Is It the Right Time? The Nursing Home Decision".

#13426/2010  NO AGE LIMIT: Creativity and Aging
This compilation DVD explores the life-enhancing impact of continued creativity and artistic expression - well into the later years! Uses brief excerpts that profile the creative process of elder artists and demonstrates how creative expression can even transcend dementia.

#10550/0140  OLDER ADULT DVD LIBRARY (5 Programs)
Mental fitness, dementia and eldercare... these five programs cover a range of older adult issues! *WHAT EVERY CAREGIVER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE presents a thorough and compassionate explanation of this difficult-to-manage disease. 75 minutes *STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT DEMENTIA is a documentary that explores issues important to both family and professional caregivers. 45 minutes *AEROBICS OF THE MIND presents the research underpinnings of mental activity for older adults and shows you how to run a group session on mental fitness. 90 minutes *ELEANOR AT 80 tells the story of a typical family facing an eldercare crisis with step-by-step mediation analysis and conflict resolution techniques. 90 minutes *MENTAL FITNESS presents 24 mental workouts for individuals or groups. 40 minutes *Close Captioned *Programs are also available for purchase individually.

This is a compilation DVD that gives you access to 14 different video segments, 3 to 5 minutes in length, that each reflect on a positive image of aging. Because they are chaptered on the DVD, you have instant access to any of the 14 segments. Show one or more of them to clients, or incorporate them into a PowerPoint presentation.

#14239/2010  SELF NEGLECT: What We Can Learn from the Mary Northern Case
Putting a human face on one of the most complex and important self-neglect cases of our time, this program introduces us to Mary Northern - a 72 year old woman with gangrene in her lower legs, who refuses surgery, insisting her legs were just dirty. Delves into the tough issues of capacity and competence, and provides an informative look at the ethical, legal, social, financial, and mental health concerns involved in serving the best interests of vulnerable older adults.

This program reviews cutting-edge research on exercising and aging as they relate to women who are 40 years of age and older. Details how strength training can affect body composition, balance, muscle hypertrophy, depression, sleep, nerve reactivation, osteoporosis, arthritis, and hormone imbalances.

#12625/2010  UNDERSTANDING DEMENTIA: The Caregiver's Notebook
This resource orients professional and family caregivers to the world of the person with dementia. Helps caregivers understand the causes of many dementia-related behaviors and gives simple strategies to prevent or redirect these behaviors while providing emotional and physical care to the person.

With a continuously increasing aging population, there has been a commensurate rise in cases of dementia as well as incidences of adults assuming caregiving for family members and spouses. Because dementia is a progressive deterioration in cognitive functions that leads to intellectual, emotional, and behavioral changes, it presents significant challenges to the patient and caregiver alike. Often, the caregivers of older adults with dementia experience feelings of depression and anxiety as they attempt to care for their loved ones. In this video, Dr. Susan M. McCurry discusses and demonstrates her contextual approach to working specifically with caregivers of those who have been diagnosed with dementia. *Closed Captioned

This is first documentary to be filmed entirely in an Alzheimer's care unit, and also the first told entirely from the perspective of a woman living with Alzheimer's disease. The film has garnered acclaim from both medical professionals and film critics. Lee Gorewitz wanders on a personal odyssey through her Alzheimer’s and Dementia care unit. From the moment she wakes up, Lee is on a quest - for reminders of her past and of her identity. A total immersion into the fragmented day-to-day experience of mental illness, This program is filled with charismatic vitality and penetrating ruminations that challenge our preconceptions of illness and aging. Here is one extraordinary woman who will not let us forget her, even as she struggles to remember herself.


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