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#7540/1945  HEALTHY ME SERIES II (4 Programs) DVD
Two for the price of one! This 4 part series on BOTH DVD and VIDEO gives PRE-adolescent viewers some foresight into what to expect during puberty. Focusing on both physical and psychological/emotional matters, it deals with boys' and girls' issues including hygiene and body image. Grades 3 to 5

#7535/1945  HEALTHY TEENS SERIES (4 Programs) DVD
Two for the price of one! This four part series (on BOTH DVD and VIDEO) concentrates on real issues and concerns that face adolescents every day as they approach and achieve puberty. Covering both physical and psychological changes, teen viewers get both male and female perspectives. Grades 5 to 9

#14510/0697  MY CHANGING LIFE: The Complete Guide to Puberty (2 Programs)
One DVD for boys and one for girls provides a consistent and education-focused theme about puberty, normalcy, and acceptance. As youngsters move towards, into, and through puberty many important changes will take place in their bodies. This variety of change once completed, will create their new and unique identity as adults. Learning to understand these physical changes as "normal" will greatly reduce angst and assuredly assist in the acceptance of self. Grades 5 to 8


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