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With half of marriages ending in divorce, why does 90 percent of the population still enter into matrimony? Is the Western notion of permanent, monogamous marriage entering a new phase, a more flexible and adaptable one, or is it becoming obsolete? This video presents an eclectic mix of couples (both male-female and same-sex) who discuss how and why their unions have succeeded, no matter how quirky, elusive, or poignant the reason.

#12395/0203  CASUALTIES OF DIVORCE: Children of Divorced Parents
Just how traumatic can parents divorcing be for some children, and is there anything parents can do, short of staying together, to mitigate that damage? How do children express their real feelings as family partition occurs, and what are the short and long term effects? Closed Captioned *Part of the Primary Focus Series

Eight children come together to share their personal divorce stories. Their stories are unique, yet universal. They describe what divorce means to them, how it has changed their lives, what has helped, what they love most about their families, and much more. Through their journey we hear that divorce is a part of their lives, but does not define them. They get to choose who they are in the end. These children are honest, brave and courageous in their storytelling and will leave you with a feeling of hope.

This highly recommended video focuses on preparing primary school age children for the very real traumatic feelings they suffer while experiencing a parental divorce or separation. Grades K to 2

#11361/1940  DIVORCE: It's Always Darkest Before It Goes Pitch Black
This intimate documentary by acclaimed director Sue Styles provides a fresh look at the stages of divorce, from initial shock to grieving the past, from legal issues to single parenting to dating again and moving forward with confidence.

#4985/1945  KIDS AND DIVORCE - DVD
This award-winning and highly recommended video can help both elementary school age children and their parents understand how the realities of divorce affect them...often in ways that are not obvious to either. It's reassuring and enlightening at the same time. Grades 2 to 5

#7410/0445  LET'S TALK ABOUT DIVORCE! (2 Programs)
My parents are getting a divorce! This comprehensive package for parents and counselors provides a systematic and effective approach to help minimize the often excruciating and damaging pain the divorce process has on the children involved. The CHILDREN'S VIDEO is recommended for viewing by children ages 3 to 18 with their parents so that the family can discuss the topics during and after the program, 18 minutes. The PARENT'S VIDEO is recommended for viewing by parents (not children), preferably together, and by other adults. 23 minutes. The 36-PAGE HANDBOOK is designed to help parents help their children through the separation and divorce experience.

#13948/1745  MAKING DIVORCE WORK: A Clinical Approach to the Binuclear Family
In this compelling video, renowned therapist Constance Ahrons demonstrates her groundbreaking approach to working with divorced families, with an emphasis on helping ex-spouses and new spouses effectively manage their shared parenting obligations.

Getting a divorce is hard enough for most adults, but getting the involved children safely through the divorce and on with their lives constructively is another matter altogether. Aimed at parents and counsellors, this is an invaluable resource in bringing children through one of the most difficult times they will ever face.

Through interviews with a psychologist/couselor, therapist and a divorce laywer, adolescent viewers learn specific techniques for dealing with their parents' divorce. Young adults share their experiences of shock and anger, feelings of divided loyalties, hardships of increased financial problems, etc. Grades 7 to 12


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