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#11437/1945  ABUSE: If It Happens to You
This program is designed to help young teens understand that abuse, of all types, is more common than they think and if it happens to them, they need to tell a trusted adult. It examines the different types of abuse that can occur: physical, emotional, and sexual, and helps young teens understand that the victim is never at fault and did not cause or deserve the abuse. Grades 5 to 9

#13649/1120  BELIEVE ME
In this animated program children learn that sexual abuse can happen to children from all kinds of different backgrounds and that it is never their fault. Also stresses the importance of finding and telling a trusted adult, that help is available and that young people can recover from the experience. Grades 3 to 7

#13647/1120  BEYOND BELIEF
Encourages adults to listen to children, believe what they say and take responsibility for protecting them. It takes a positive outlook on children's ability to recover from these difficult experiences, provided that they are cared for, supported and helped to understand that they are not to blame for the abuse.

#13465/0925  BREAKING PEACES: Babies Have Their Say About Domestic Violence
Represents what prenates, infants and toddlers would say - if they but had a voice, and if we would actually listen - about experiencing domestic violence. Intriguing and strangely moving; in this case 1000 words have no pictures.

"Realistic situations and excellent explanations, devoid of scare tactics, characterize this helpful video." Booklist Dec. 2012 ***Highly Recommended! Video Librarian 2012 Almost all juvenile sexual assault victims know their offender. It’s time to start teaching kids about safe boundaries and what to do when those boundaries have been crossed..Grades 2 to 5

#10767/1945  IF IT HAPPENS TO YOU: Dealing with Abuse
This program talks to upper elementary-aged children about a difficult subject - abuse. Sensitive, age-appropriate scenarios explore three types of abuse: physical, verbal and sexual as seen though the eyes of children. Grades 3 to 5

#10585/1945  IT'S YOUR BODY! You're In Charge! DVD
Without scaring primary-age viewers or freaking out their parents, this video provides kids with workable good touch-bad touch parameters. Also stressed is the need for them to find and tell an adult that they can trust about any incidents of bad touching that they experience. Grades K to 2

This video lets young viewers know that there are recognized 'good touch bad touch' limits in regards to their bodies. The production is up-beat and non-threatening and includes songs to help kids remember and advice on what to do if they get hurt or scared. Grades K to 3

In this video, young viewers are 'empowered' to prevent themselves from becoming the victims of sexual abuse. Through age appropriate information that doesn't involve scare tactics, viewers learn that their bodies belong to them and there are definite restrictions on who else they should allow to touch it. Grades K to 2

#14503/0697  TERRIBLE SECRET (A)
This animated program helps children understand they should tell a trusted adult about inappropriate situations and alerts adults about the signs of child abuse, the scared feelings and ways to lift a terrible secret from a troubled child.Grades K to 4

#12904/1745  TRAUMA AND THE BODY: A Psychodramatic Approach
In this extremely powerful live group session, master clinician and psychodramatist Tian Dayton works with group participants to confront childhood abuse, and work through trauma that they are carrying in their bodies. Dayton addresses these delicate issues with directness and great care, employing innovative action-oriented techniques that you can use in your work with clients, whether you are trained in psychodrama or not.

Today, more children than ever are affected daily by unsafe situations in their lives - violence, abuse and neglect. This animated video helps children learn important skills so they can help themselves in the face of a scary situation. Grades K to 3

#5532/1945  VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY (Real People) DVD
This program provides a significant tool in trying to break the cycle of family violence and keep it from being passed on to, especially, those teenagers who have witnessed and experienced it in their own lives. Grades 7 to 12

#9156/0270  WHAT ABOUT US?
Companion to the video SEEN...BUT NOT HEARD, this video is designed as a counselling tool for use with children in a group setting to help them talk about and cope with their own experiences of witnessing domestic abuse and to reassure them. "Lifts the burden of blame and responsibility from children." Grades 4 to A


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