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This program dramatically teaches responsible Anger, Boundaries and Safety. Based on a three-day workshop facilitated by acclaimed speaker Dr. Joann Peterson, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., Dip.C., Ph.D., this video follows twelve participants as they discover the physiological roots of anger, how to separate anger from violence, communicate boundaries, and create safety in their relationships. Dr. Peterson believes anger is a natural response to hurt, fear, frustration and loss and teaches responsible anger expression. There are many ways that anger affects our lives at home, in the workplace and our communities: Bullying, Road Rage, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Gang Violence, Workplace Harassment, Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse. Learn how to: Stop Domestic Violence; Resolve Conflict Quickly; Give Teens Healthy Alternatives; Reduce Bullying; Improve Relationships; Learn to Communicate Win/Win; Recognize Anger Patterns; and, Prevent Escalation. *See also the ANGER WORKSHOP SERIES - this comprehensive toolkit consists of thirteen broadcast quality DVD Programs, a 26-page Facilitator Guide and Exercise Book.

#11810/0825  ANGER WORKSHOP SERIES (THE) 13 Programs
Society and conventional therapeutic wisdom posits that anger in any shape or form is "bad". Dr. Joanne Peterson believes anger is a feeling or emotional response to hurt, fear, frustration, helplessness and loss. The complete workshop includes thirteen (10-35 minute) DVD Programs, a 26-page Facilitator Guide and Exercise Book. All programs are also available separately. Detailed descriptions of each are available on our website. IN ANGER'S PATH - how anger affects lives and relationships. UNDERSTANDING ANGER'S PURPOSE - describes the physiological roots and evolution of Infantile and Adult Anger. UNDERSTANDING VIOLENCE - learn about the many subtle and more insidious forms of violence AGGRESS ENERGY EXERCISES - six exercises that anyone can use to engage their passion in a safe and boundaried way. CLEARINGS - a practical tool to express negative feelings and emotions before they build, fester or explode. VESUVIUS - another practical tool to express frustrations, resentments and events that have occurred or built up over time. PHYSICAL EXPRESSION - Participants explore their most recurring issue and are given an opportunity to physically express it using a number of different techniques. BOUNDARIES AND THE AUTHENTIC SELF - To function in society, we must all learn and adhere to certain norms, rules and obligations - often at the cost of our self. THE BOUNDARY CONTINUUM - Learn about the important distinctions between Walls and Boundaries, and the impact they have on our relationships. CREATING EFFECTIVE BOUNDARIES - It's our responsibility to communicate our boundaries and act on our own behalf if others won't respect them. BUILDING SAFE RELATIONSHIPS - Safety is a series of individually defined qualities, behaviors and actions. It is NOT a feeling. Learn to define what safety means to you and learn concrete Assessment Tools to prevent conflict from escalating to violence. TAKING IT HOME - Participants explore how they will sabotage themselves and what they need to do when it occurs. Also learn about the "Anger Junkie" and the importance of looking beneath your own anger to learn from the hurt, fear, frustration, helplessness and loss that we all experience in our lives. EMBRACING ANGER - There is immense freedom and empowerment in living a response-able life and that all victims make a choice to be so. The participants share their experience, lessons and aspirations as they take The Anger Workshop home.

#10866/1745  ANGRY COUPLE (The): Conflict Focused Treatment with Dr. Susan Heitler Ph.D
This program dramatically recreates key moments in the six-month course of therapy with Judith and Richard, a distressed couple whose marriage is threatened by a cycle of explosive anger and silent withdrawal. Dr. Heitler quickly reins in their anger, cuts through the impasses that have prolonged their conflict, and uncovers the core issues that have blocked intimacy from flourishing.

#15467/1745  GETTING CONTROL OF YOURSELF: Anger Management Tools and Techniques
In this lively and instructive video, watch anger management expert, Christian Conte, PhD, present his comprehensive and practical theory for treating - and healing - even the most violent offenders. You will learn about the neurochemistry of anger, how to recognize your client’s personal anger-types, and how to help them master antidotes to each. In addition, you will become skilled at helping clients recognize their triggers, detach from their thoughts, and use their self-awareness more effectively.

Hiding deep within the human mind - or perhaps closer to its surface than many would care to know - are forces that can cause one person to assault and kill another. This program studies the primal centers of the brain and the behaviors they control in order to gain an understanding of violence. A BBC Production

#6954/1835  WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?!
Explores both the cause and effect of anger, from its roots to the final stage...dealing with the aftermath. Reveals important roles hereditary, cultural and environmental influences play in the development of a particular style of dealing with anger...expression or repression.


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