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#9035/0905  AGE APPROPRIATE PLAY Series (3 Programs)
As an educator, you have the crucial role of helping parents and caregivers build healthy families. This comprehensive three-volume set is the perfect tool to bring examples of age-appropriate play to life. By teaching parents the importance of these positive interactions, you can help lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Parents will learn to promote learning and other developmental skills through play, provide safe, interesting and appropriate learning environments and recognize developmental milestones. VOLUME ONE: The First 12 Months 24 minutes VOLUME TWO: 12 to 24 Months 17 minutes VOLUME THREE: 2- and 3-Year-Olds 15 minutes *Includes a Facilitator's Guide with reproducible parent handouts for each volume

#13262/1120  ATTACHMENT RELATIONSHIPS: Nurturing Healthy Bonds
Attachment is the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships. Follow the journey of a baby's phases of developing attachment from birth to age two. Parents learn the many ways to encourage such healthy growth early in their baby's life, development that will last a lifetime.

Encourage and engage parents and children to create lasting bonds to build stronger families. Join parenting experts Michelle and David Neujahr and their grown children as they share their tools and ideas for helping to build steadfast family ties that last a lifetime. The Neujahrs share their experiences and explain that taking time to think about who you are as a family, what you believe, and what’s most important will help your family grow and stay strong for the long haul. *Closed Captioned

#6665/1120  CHILD'S PLAY: How Having Fun Turns Kids into Adults
Play is how children try out roles and test limits, how they develop basic physical and mental skills. Play is fun and free, yet it is nothing less than a dress rehearsal for adulthood. Play is the engine that drives child development. Play is serious business. This video explains why understanding play is key to any unit in child development or parenting education.

Oftentimes people in recovery are trying to be the best parent possible, without the benefit of strong family support or role models. This program offers advice and tools from educators, counselors, and parents who have unique perspectives because they too have struggled with the same parenting challenges. Ideal for a variety of settings including treatment centers, mental health centers, and correctional facilities, this video series can help those in early recovery overcome some of the basic challenges of recovery and increase their chances of living a healthy life.

#8700/0905  DAD DIFFERENCE: Raising Children Birth to Five (2 Programs)
This in-depth two-part series looks men right in the eye and tells them what a significant and responsible role they have to play right from the start as dads. Then it shows them how to do it better than they thought possible! Featuring real dads, candid comments and practical tips, will inspire all fathers to become more connected with their children. Grades 9 to A

#12829/1290  FATHERING: What It Means to be a Dad
Being a father is a lifetime commitment that requires a lot of love, time, and energy. An interview with fathering expert Steve Onell is painted with interviews of young fathers to explain the impact and importance of a father in a child's life.

Gives every parent the tools necessary to raise happy and healthy children. This comprehensive program focuses on the critical time from birth through early childhood, offering easy-to-follow techniques that really make a difference. The 5 Essentials of Successful Parenting increases positive parent involvement, laying the foundation for healthy, nurturing parent-child relationships. Volume 1: Love and Stability Volume 2: Time Together Volume 3: Inspire and Challenge Volume 4: Positive Discipline Volume 5: Safety and Health *Each volume is 10 minutes and comes with Parent Handouts *Series includes Facilitator's Guide Grades 8 to A

#12671/1725  GROWING UP ONLINE
Looks at the impact of the Internet on adolescence through the eyes of teens and their parents.Takes viewers into the private worlds kids are creating online, from those who are harassed and bullied, to kids whose only friends are on-line, to those who are celebrities on YouTube. Explores the complicated new lines being drawn between the real and virtual worlds for today's children and for their parents.

#15807/0203  HEART OF A FATHER (THE)
Nature teaches us that fathers are an integral force in the development and wellbeing of their offspring. Fatherlessness in urban and suburban areas can have devastating results.

#14229/1725  JUST ADD SPICE: Parenting for Happy, Healthy Kids
This learning resource of video and print materials follows four families as they work to instill healthy habits in their kids by using a set of proven positive parenting skills represented by the acronym SPICE (Structure, Praise, Inspire, Consistency, and Enjoy.)

#7555/1280  LET'S TALK! Kids and Parents (2 Programs)
Most parents want to be able to communicate with their teenage children and most teenagers would like their parents to at least acknowledge that they have a point of view! So what's the problem? These two programs present the view from both sides and explain how both can get what they want. A KID'S TAKE ON TALKING TO PARENTS Hear what they have to say about finding common ground, keeping the lines of communication open, and learning to disagree with respect. A PARENT'S TAKE ON KIDS TALKING TO PARENTS Now parents have their say... and discuss what it takes for better communication Two 20-minute programs

#11075/0905  LIFE SKILLS FOR TEEN PARENTS (2 Programs)
These two inspirational programs - HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and BUILDING YOUR FUTURE - tell teen parents the truth about moving toward a better future: finish high school and wait before having another baby. Features a diverse group of teen parents who share their success stories about relationships, jobs, education, and the challenges that come with being a young parent. The programs engaging, highly-energetic style will draw viewers in, helping them feel more confident, responsible, and excited about the bright futures that await them and their children. This series will engage your teens and encourage them to: Recognize and seek out healthy relationships; Continue their education to improve their quality of life; and, Postpone having another baby right away for the benefit of their child.Grades 8 to A

#13302/0545  LOST ADVENTURES OF CHILDHOOD: The High Price of Hyperparenting
Sometime during the close of the 20th century, free play vanished from the lives of children. This program searches out the causes and implications of the hyper-managed childhood. Interviews feature gung-ho, technology-armed parents; summer camp staff charged with documenting each child’s every move; and, most poignantly, children visibly stressed by their fast-forward lifestyles. Explores how childhood on lockdown is stunting the way children learn and grow.

#14990/1400  MAKING SENSE OF ADOLESCENCE with Dr. Gordon Neufeld
Crossing the bridge from childhood to adulthood has never been so daunting. This course is designed to be used by parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, professionals - anyone who desires to make sense of adolescence. Dr. Gordon Neufeld helps shed light into this often dark and confusing time. His unique distillation of adolescent psychology and the integration of this material with his rich experience with teens both professionally and as a father, forms the basis of these insights and the suggestions he provides.

Discover the ways in which Montessori classrooms differ from the traditional school setting in this enlightening documentary. Observe different levels of Montessori, including infants, toddlers, early childhood, and elementary, and how each utilizes the Montessori method.

#13939/0635  PARENTING 101: Basic Skills for Raising Confident Children
In the thick of life’s challenges, helping children grow into confident, respectful, and well-behaved young people seems to require some kind of magical roadmap. While there are no miraculous shortcuts to successful parenthood, there are fellow travelers and professional experts who can shed light on the parenting journey. This video presents just such an opportunity for new moms and dads.

#16125/0905  PARENTING BASICS: Birth to One Year (12 DVDs)
Engage young parents with these short, age- and topic-based videos! The PARENTING BASICS library increases engagement and retention by providing essential information in just 10 to 12 minutes. Written with a focus on health-literacy and featuring real families that reflect the clients you teach, these programs show young parents how to make healthy choices for themselves and their children. *** BUILD YOUR VIDEO LIBRARY BY TOPIC OR BY AGE OR CHOOSE YOUR OWN MIX!!! OR GET ALL 12 DVDS IN THE SERIES!!! 1. NUTRITION: Birth to 6 Months - Breastfeeding basics, Safe bottle feeding, Solids readiness 2. NUTRITION: 7 to 12 Months - Introducing solid foods and first foods, Safe self-feeding 3. HEALTH AND SAFETY: Birth to 6 Months - Well-baby visits, Signs of illness, Keeping Baby safe 4. HEALTH AND SAFETY: 7 to 12 Months - Keeping baby healthy, Child-proofing tips, Avoiding accidents outside the home 5. EMOTIONAL HEALTH AND POSITIVE DISCIPLINE: Birth to 6 Months - Helping baby feel loved, Staying calm, Comforting a crying baby 6. EMOTIONAL HEALTH AND POSITIVE DISCIPLINE: 7 to 12 Months - Why is feeling loved good for my baby? Normal developmental beahavior, Using Positive Discipline. 7. PLAY AND MILESTONES: Birth to 6 Months - Importance of play, Milestones, How to play with baby 8. PLAY AND MILESTONES: 7 to 12 Months - Importance of play, Milestones, How to play with baby 9. SELF-CARE FOR MOMS: Birth to 6 Months - Importance of self-care, Postpartum emotions, Healthy relationships 10. SELF-CARE FOR MOMS: 7 to 12 Months - Self-care tips, Reducing stress, Why is healthy communication important? 11. FATHERHOOD: Birth to 6 Months - What babies need from dads, New dad emotions, Healthy relationships 12. FATHERHOOD: 7 to 12 Months - Dads are important, Coping with stress, Why is healthy communication important? * All titles are Closed Captioned and also available in Spanish.

Positive parenting begins by creating an emotionally healthy environment for children to grow, filled with love, guidance, and respect. Join leading adolescence and parenting expert Laurence Steinberg, PhD, in an examination of the ten basic principles of good parenting. Parents share their personal experiences of raising their children while Dr. Steinberg delves into the important role parents play in shaping emotionally healthy children throughout the span of childhood. *Closed Captioned Grades 6 to A

#12456/0635  ROCKING THE CRADLE: Gay Parenting
This program captures six gay/lesbian families in their day-to-day lives. Two of these families are families by adoption, two are co-parenting families, and two are lesbian families by insemination. Man-on-the-street interviews as well as emotional testimonials from the 15 adults and 11 children featured in this film provide a range of perspectives on gay parenting.

#12576/0145  TEEN ANXIETY DISORDER: Taking It Seriously
Some teens feel extreme, unreasonable anxiety about being judged harshly by others, or about behaving in a way that might cause them embarrassment. What can be done if it brings them to the point of a breakdown or to a state of constant depression? Parents and other involved adults learn to recognize and evaluate symptoms, and what they can do to help.

#16197/1416  THE LAND: An Adventure Play Documentary
At THE LAND adventure playground slides and swings are replaced with old tires, hammer and nails. Here, children are enabled to create worlds of their very own. THE LAND is a documentary film about the nature of play, risk and hazard set in an "adventure" playground. At THE LAND children climb trees, light fires and use hammers and nails in a play-space rooted in the belief that kids are empowered when they learn to manage risks on their own. In half an hour this film will change everything you think you believe. By you, I mean kids, parents, teachers, city managers, humans. It doesn't have any overt agenda or philosophizing about overprotective parenting, or a coddled generation. Nonetheless in scene after natural scene the truth becomes obvious: With a little bit of creativity, empathy and guidance, children can be freed to experience a much more fun, adventurous and fulfilling childhood. Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic

TRANSGENDER PARENTS is about love, life and kids after a gender transition. It shares the struggles and strengths of several trans women and trans men navigating different stages of parenting: from pregnancy, through raising infants, toddlers and teenagers. Some, who transitioned prior to founding their families, experience fertility clinics and hospital births; others, who transitioned in the presence of their kids work to renegotiate their identity and relationships within their families. All are openly out in the world as trans and as parents in ways that weren't possible 20 years ago. *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request *** Also available in French

#14906/1027  YOUNG MEN AS FATHERS (For Educators and Caregivers)
What can educators, social workers and counselors do to get young men to face up and step up to the responsibilities of teen fatherhood? Put this together with its companion video and possibilities start to take shape.

#14905/1027  YOUNG MEN AS FATHERS: Getting Men Involved
This highly engaging, emotional program displays the realities of fatherhood at a young age, as well as the joys and challenges. Its purpose is to promote responsibility.Grades 9 to A


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