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#13293/0795  MOVING ON CURRICULUM: A Program for At-Risk Women (5 Manuals, CD-ROM and DVD)
MOVING ON provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping them identify and mobilize personal and community resources. Program content is organized around four main themes: 1. Encouraging personal responsibility and enhancing motivation for change 2. Expanding connections and building healthy relationships 3. Skill enhancement, development, and maintenance 4. Relaxation and stress management skills The complete program includes 6 modules delivered in five facilitator's guides, a CD-ROM containing the program manual and all reproducible handouts, and one DVD featuring real MOVING ON participants demonstrating the skills they learned in the program.

#15374/0605  WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS: Children of Women in Prison
What happens to children when their mothers are incarcerated? In prisons throughout the United States, 80 percent of all female inmates are incarcerated for non-violent offenses, and 80 percent are mothers of vulnerable children. This sensitive multi award-winning documentary is an up-close look at children coping with their mothers’ incarcerations. As the children lay bare their longing for love, each story illustrates policy gaps between the judicial and social service systems that are supposed to serve them. Such children are six times more likely than their peers to end up in prison, victims of a justice system that perpetuates the very problems it seeks to prevent.


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