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#11580/0795  BEYOND ANGER and FROM THE INSIDE OUT Curricula
This special collection featuring Earnie Larsen, includes two curriculums: BEYOND ANGER: Connecting with Self and Others This four-week curriculum helps clients in institutional settings and community corrections address anger, reconciliation, and emotion management and provides guidelines for daily living. FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Taking Personal Responsibility for the Relationships in Your Life This 12-week curriculum provides clients in institutional settings and community corrections tools for building, strengthening, and maintaining relationships. Concrete examples, specific advice, inmate testimonials, and role-plays teach inmates how to improve relationships by taking personal responsibility for them. *This complete package includes 4 DVD's, 2 Facilitators Guides, and 2 Sets of Reproducible Handouts and Worksheets

#9051/0795  BEYOND ANGER: Connecting with Self and Others
Re-establishing even the most basic social relationships when one's entire psyche is still filled with the baggage of anger and resentment is virtually impossible. In these four sessions led by Earnie Larsen clients in treatment and pre-release learn that certain steps must be taken to complete any kind of recovery.

#4434/0635  CHANGING LIVES, SAVING LIVES: Criminals and Gang Members Anonymous
Richard Mejico is a hardcore gang member doing time for murder. So is his cellmate: his son, Steven. This ABC News report explains how Criminals and Gang Members Anonymous, the 12-step program founded by Richard, is helping people addicted to criminal violence to break the cycle of revenge and find peace

#7591/0170  CIRCLE OF JUSTICE*
*WINNER! Chris Award - 52nd Columbus International Film & Video Festival and BEST SOCIAL DOCUMENTARY at the 2004 New York International Independent Festival Go to prison and find oneself ... it wouldn't be the first time. Focuses on three native North American men who established a connection to their culture and social history through participating in an education program run by a Native Brotherhood and elders within a prison.

#14610/1015  COUNTDOWN TO FREEDOM: For Men and Women (12 DVDs)
This empowering set of DVDs helps reduce recidivism and takes offenders step-by-step through the transition from incarceration to community integration. Offenders learn what steps to take prior to their release, what actions are essential to a smooth and successful transition, how to prevent relapses, overcome barriers, and more. This series consists of six programs for male offenders and six for female offenders. Though they must overcome similar barriers, men and women will face different challenges throughout their transition. Customized for a specific audience, these DVDs address the unique needs of male and female viewers. PREPARATION FOR RELEASE: Part One Focuses on changing the mindset of offenders, how to make those changes happen, and how to surround oneself with people and events that breed success. PREPARATION FOR RELEASE: Part Two Offenders learn how to create a proactive plan of action for their reentry into society and access "Outside the Walls" assistance. DAY OF RLEASE Discusses what offenders should expect on the day of their release and the actions they can take in their first 30 to 60 days after release to increase their changes of making a successful transition from incarceration to society.. RELEASE AND BEYOND: LIFESTYLE CHANGES Encourages offenders to evaluate their behavior and the factors that influence it, and to develop specific strategies to persevere in overcoming barriers. RELEASE AND BEYOND: RELAPSE TRIGGERS Helps offenders understand what factors may trigger their relapse and how to avoid and replace those triggers. RELAPSE AND BEYOND: SUPPORT SYSTEMS Offenders learn how to develop support systems of people who can hold them accountable for their actions and get them off to a positive start. *The six programs for men and women are also available separately... #14611 Six programs for male offenders #14612 Six programs for female offenders *And each of the 12 programs can also be purchased individually

#13669/1120  DADS INSIDE AND OUT
Most prisoners' children experience problems as a result of their fathers' imprisonment and may feel they are being punished too. Staying in contact during the sentence is extremely important for children. Prisoners and their families have many problems to deal with. The video shows how various fathers handle visits, negotiate with partners at home, learn communication skills and adjust to release.

#12498/0395  EXTREME CONSEQUENCES: The Reality of Prison Life
"This is a great program. I would recommend it for any youth who is having trouble in school or in the community. I would also recommend it for the young person’s parents, teachers, friends and psychiatrist. Important information for all of us." Jeffery Rowe, M.D. Supervising Psychiatrist, Children’s Mental Health Services, County of San Diego Aimed at keeping kids out of the penal system, this program is a compelling look at choices that lead to incarceration and the resulting all too real consequences of being locked up. Learn from those who are incarcerated who actually recognize that it was their own decisions that got them there.

#11662/0635  FROM PRISON TO HOME
This documentary traces the experiences of four black ex-inmates over the course of a year, focusing on their challenges with employment, housing, addiction, and reconnecting with family - as well as their participation in the nontraditional African American Program for parolees.

#11532/0635  GOING HOME: Teens Re-entering Society (2 Programs)
*WINNER! 2008 Telly Award All former inmates have a hard time adjusting to life outside prison, but teenagers face their own specific set of challenges after doing time. This two-part series shows how that adjustment process often plays out and how its hardships can be minimized. Covers the major sources of conflict that young people will encounter when reentering society. FROM THE INSIDE: Personal Challenges for Teens Reentering Society ON THE OUTSIDE: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society

#15247/0635  IN YOUR HANDS: Life after Prison
For ex-convicts, the road back into society is paved with good intentions. But a freed prisoner’s plans for the future can quickly go awry, and the local support system, if one exists, may be just as ineffectual. Do public services provide what a former inmate needs? Is the "system" a safety net or a trap, every bit as confining as prison? This film documents two case studies in which the end of incarceration means not only a fresh start but also a new phase of hardship, hard luck, and hard-won dignity.

#10299/0635  JUDGMENT DAY: Should the Guilty Go Free? DVD
The idea of letting convicted felons out of prison, on parole, before their sentence is fully served has become quite contentious as the prisons fill to overflowing and the system appears to be in overload. Who is making these decisions and how are they made? Who is responsible for the consequences?

#9352/0405  LIFE AFTER PRISON: Success on the Outside
*WINNER! Bronze Statuette, Telly Awards and Gold, Aurora Awards An information-packed program featuring interviews with those who have beaten the odds as well as those who didn't. Also parole officers provide insight as to why some succeed and some don't. A reality-based video illustrating specific steps needed for success on the outside.

#15314/0605  LIFE SENTENCE: A Film by Lisa Gray
"A truly beautiful evocation of the tragedy of lifetime parole." "’Susan Mareneck, Acting Director, ICARE "I hope this film will be widely viewed - especially by policy makers and parole board members." "’Mark L. Chapman, Ph.D., Chair, African American Studies, Fordham University In a punitive federal system where sentencing rules and release policies are growing increasingly tough, recent statistics indicate that one in one hundred Americans is currently incarcerated. LIFE SENTENCE gives voice to six formerly incarcerated men and women, some of whom were sentenced as adolescents. Each spent between twelve and twenty-six years in prison, and must now find a way, economically and emotionally, to rebuild life on the outside. They discuss the importance of educational opportunities, including one that enabled each to complete advanced degrees before Congress abolished federal financing for these programs in 1994.

#14651/1015  LIVING FREE: Inspiring Ex-offenders to Overcome Career and Life Barriers and Find Success
People who have been in prison often feel that making a success of their lives is nothing more than a dream. LIVING FREE features four actual ex-offenders who have successfully transitioned into the workplace and made great strides in their personal life. Viewers learn what they can do to stay out of prison and finally "live free".

#1097/0635  MANHOOD AND VIOLENCE: Fatal Peril
Explores how a program aimed specifically at helping incarcerated men to better understand the foundations of their violent tendencies and behaviors is set up and managed. Documented success stories are related and the drop in recidivism is annotated.

#11533/0635  PAROLE: Getting Out and Staying Out
Prison life is hard - but for most ex-convicts, life on the outside is tough, too. This video follows paroled prisoners as they re-enter civilian life and face challenges both large and small.

#16114/1280  RESUMES, COVER LETTERS AND PORTFOLIOS for EX-OFFENDERS: Necessary Tools for Landing the Interview
If you have a troubled past you may think you'll never get a 'real' job. But, with the right tools, finding a good job is not impossible. To start, you'll need a stellar resume, and attention-getting cover letter, and an up-to-date portfolio. Knowing what to leave out of your resume and cover letter, and how to include experience and training you may have received while in prison are key. This video will help take some of the guesswork out of your unique job search, explain the must-haves and explore the how-tos of resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. Viewers will learn about the different types of resumes; which one is the best match to their skills, qualifications, and experience; as well as how to write a cover letter that will motivate an employer to invite them for an interview; and, why they should expand their work story with a portfolio and positive online presence. *Includes Instructor's Guide

#16170/1015  ROAD TO RE-ENTRY (THE): A Five Part Series
When transitioning out of incarceration, individuals face many barriers to a successful reentry. This video series guides individuals through the essential steps they’ll need to take to overcome challenges and pursue long-term success and fulfillment after their incarceration. Through a positive, encouraging approach, the program motivates individuals to become self-sufficient and make the right decisions to put themselves on track to a successful reentry. Viewers gain valuable tip sand insight from experienced professionals working in reentry programs. The video series also features formerly incarcerated individuals who describe their reentry experiences in candid, honest interviews that will resonate with viewers. Each program is approximately 25 minutes and is sub-titled in English. RECONNECTING WITH FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEETING YOUR BASIC NEEDS MAKING HEALTHY CHOICES FINDING EMPLOYMENT SUCCEEDING ON THE JOB

#15687/1416  SENTENCE APART (A)
Behind the millions of prisoners in North America lies an infinite ripple effect of incarceration on the family and community. A SENTENCE APART follows three stories of people coping with a family member in prison, attempting to bridge broken relationships, and diligently working to reverse the generational cycle of incarceration. These intimate and moving stories start to scratch the surface of the complex toll incarceration takes on the world outside of the prison walls.

#11335/1280  STARTING FRESH SERIES: Finding a Job with a Troubled Background (3 Programs)
*Awarded 3 ½ stars by Video Librarian! Being able to get a job and hold it may be the best remedy against recidivism. It is also one of the hardest things for those who have been involved in crime or other judicial problems to achieve. This series of three 20-minute programs offers tips and techniques while encouraging patience and perseverance. FINDING A JOB (WITH A TROUBLED BACKGROUND) JOB INTERVIEWING (WITH A TROUBLED BACKGROUND) RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS (FOR THOSE WITH A TROUBLED BACKGROUND)

#10297/0635  SUPERMAX: Life in a Super-Maximum Security Prison (2 Programs) DVD
This explosive two-part series scrutinizes the impact of supermax on convicts, prison staff, and society itself. What is it like to work in a supermax (highest of high security) correctional facility? How about being a prisoner in one? What effect do such places have on either the guards or the guarded? This two part series explores the realities.

#14609/1015  YOUTH CORRECTIONS SERIES: Young Men (6 DVDs)
This engaging series addresses the challenges today’s youth face and empowers them to make better decisions. Featuring the insights of former inmates, teachers, counselors, and people who work in the juvenile justice system, this series provides a unique perspective on what youth can do to build a support network, live healthy, and achieve success in school and in life.

#14613/1015  YOUTH CORRECTIONS SERIES: Young Women (6 DVDs)
This engaging series addresses the challenges today’s youth face and empowers them to make better decisions. Featuring the insights of former inmates, teachers, counselors, and people who work in the juvenile justice system, this series provides a unique perspective on what youth can do to build a support network, live healthy, and achieve success in school and in life. This six-program series is available in two versions: one that speaks to young men and one that speaks to young women. Though they must overcome similar barriers, young men and women face different challenges as they grow up. WHY AM I HERE AND WHAT'S NEXT? Viewers will understand that they are not alone, every choice has a consequence, and making better choices can change their lives. BLOOD FAMILY: FINDING SUPPORT This program looks at a family’s influence on incarcerated youth For good or BAD! CREATED FAMILY: CHOOSING FRIENDS WISELY Reinforces the idea that who viewers choose as friends can determine whether they live a life successfully or behind bars. MY BODY, MY WELL-BEING Demonstrates that good decision-making is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Discusses drugs and alcohol, sex, and personal hygiene. LIFE SKILLS Covers the skills young people need to survive as adults; how to think ahead, access available resources, and manage their money. CHANGING THE GAME FOR A BETTER LIFE Recognizes that change is never easy... but it is possible. In this program, youths learn how to change.


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