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#2517/1460  ASSERTIVENESS SKILLS: Twelve Steps to Create Visibility & Take Charge of Your Life DVD
While other training resources on assertiveness concentrate on the "why", this unique video focuses squarely on the "how to". By applying the 12 powerful action steps outlined, viewers discover self-confidence, effectiveness and success!

#13013/1725  BLACK MONEY
"Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009. Britain's Serious Fraud Office said Thursday it intends to prosecute BAE Systems, the world's second-largest defense contractor, on charges of corruption in dealings on foreign contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds." This is just one case, just one hugely profitable multi-national that is accused of 'black money' dealings. Is it the grease that keeps international business going or a greed-based disease that corrupts the enterprises and governments involved?

#7265/1943  CELEBRATE WHAT'S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD! with Dewitt Jones
This inspirational, best-selling training program utilizes stunning photography and powerful dialogue to help viewers approach their lives with celebration, confidence, and grace. Viewers learn what a powerful force having a vision of possibilities can be. They are asked to consider whether they have a vision for themselves and for the organization they work for... a vision that gets them excited every morning and keeps them open to possibilities.

This engaging program shows you how to connect with co-workers, team members and supervisors and gives you a four-step method to present your point of view with tact and diplomacy.

This program covers all the important topics such as introductions and titles, phone etiquette, asking questions, active listening, using "I" messages and communicating a positive attitude. Grades 7 to 12

#12872/0880  CRITICAL THINKING: Analyzing Problems and Decisions
This program offers viewers a comprehensive step by step technique to use to critically analyze problems in any circumstances and figure out workable solutions for them. It features critical thinking expert and "Thinking Critically" author John Chaffee.

#14030/1005  EMOTION vs. ANALYTICS: Decision-making and the Biased Brain
*Features Baba Shiv, Professor of Marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Business Dr. Shiv describes specific techniques for gathering data, group decision making, accessing your gut feelings, and knowing when to allow the contrarians to dominate the discussion.

Can a corporation today actually take a meaningful stand on the question of ethical behavior, or even go beyond that to assert itself in the cause of social justice? Will investors sit idly by while management tries to initiate and adhere to such an odd business plan? Probably not for long ... this program focuses on the efforts of two Australian companies with such stars in their eyes. Grades 9 to A

#9426/1280  ETHICS AT WORK: Doing the Right Thing on the Job
Most people know about the BIG scandals of corporate lying, cheating, stealing and would agree that the behavior involved was wrong, immoral, unethical. But many of them wouldn't see their own small scale work-related freebies and handouts and time wasting in the same way. This video challenges viewers to look in the mirror. Grades 8 to A

#9447/0405  FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Etiquette and Work Habits for New Employees
Aimed particularly at teenagers embarking on their first real work experiences, provides all sorts of advice on how to become a positive contributing member of a workplace right from the start. Viewers learn that it's a lot easier to make a great first impression than to live down a bad one.

#11052/1943  FOCUS YOUR VISION with Dewitt Jones
It's fine to tell people to set goals and have a vision of where they want to go but many really just don't know what they want to achieve or how to get there. In this video, world famous photographer DeWitt Jones offers down-to-earth advice that will help viewers recognize and clarify where they want to go and how to get there in all aspects of their lives.

#10847/1943  FOR THE LOVE OF IT with Dewitt Jones
How can you find a way to love what you do? Every day? Join Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer and author of three best selling training programs, as he imparts the secrets behind working with meaning and passion, and finding joy through the process.

#9802/1280  HEAD TO TOE: Grooming and Dressing for the Best Possible You
Does the way you look accurately reflect who you are and where you want to go in life? Do you always make your best impression? How good are your choices when it comes to clothing, hair, and makeup? It's time you started looking like you're on your way to the top! Whether it's business casual or warehouse comfortable, improve your appearance today with the tried and true techniques collected by the experts in this program.Grades 8 to A

#4507/1460  HOW TO GET THINGS DONE: An Achievers Guide to Better Time Management DVD
Viewers of this video can end procrastination, curb distractions, delegate, accept the imperfection of reality and improve not only their business but personal lives as well. Sound good?

#9619/1280  JOB SURVIVAL: Keeping and Advancing Your Job
Many people do not realize that besides just 'doing their work' there is another level to be achieved on the job ... that of the valued employee. Many employers also do not understand that it is within their power to help their employees to attain that level of performance. Viewers from either side of the equation get a firsthand view of this phenomenon that can help both to get ahead. Grades 8 to A

#8681/0960  JWA TRAINING SERIES (3 Programs) DVD
Three training programs designed to meet the needs of any manager or supervisor (or aspirant to either) working in this ever-changing, fast business world. Each program includes a training DVD and a book on related management skills..

#7346/1945  KEEPING YOUR JOB: Self-Management Skills
Teens on the job! This is a scary thought to many employers but it really needn't be. For many young people, entering the world of work can be completely outside their previous experience. This video provides them with a relevant orientation that will make the transition much less painful for all concerned. Grades 7 to 12

#9719/1120  MANNERS AT WORK Revised for the 21st Century Workplace
Why does etiquette matter in the dog-eat-dog world of business? Etiquette is the oil of social machinery that smoothes the rough edges of personal interaction, especially among near strangers. A worker who knows good manners at work has a real business advantage. Good manners are good business, because they make people want to work with you Etiquette isn't merely about being "nice" - it's about being effective in the corporate world. Grades 7 to 12

#10812/0960  POWER OF ATTITUDE: It DOES Make a Difference DVD
This video unfolds five steps for developing and projecting a positive attitude in the workplace, and beyond. It deals with self-esteem and working together and maintaining and improving one's work experiences.

#12006/1943  SEEING RED CARS with Laura Goodrich
It's all about where you choose to focus; success, achievement, improvement. Hosted by Laura Goodrich, trainer and consultant, this unique and engaging program helps audiences make better decisions, combat negativity, and create a positive workplace environment.

#14943/0483  SUCCESS AT WORK (2 Programs)
How does one 'succeed at work', really SUCCEED?! Get along with the boss. fellow employees, be nice to customers ... of course; all of those things. But what do they actually mean in reality?Grades 7 to A

#14051/0277  TAKE BACK YOUR TIME: How to Manage Your Workload and Still Have a Life
The sharpest, most creative work can't be done if you're burned out. Whether you're a workaholic, last-minute adrenaline addict or simply just can't say no to your colleagues' requests, in this program you'll discover tips and tactics guaranteed to help free up you time and take your life back.

#11271/0960  TIME MANAGEMENT: Get the Most Out of Your Time! DVD
Working smarter by using proven time management techniques is the key and viewers are shown a variety of practical and effective methods that can greatly improve both quality and quantity of work at the same time.

#10133/1945  WORKPLACE BASICS: Essential Skills for Success DVD
Value Pack. Both DVD and VHS for one price! Many young people yearn to get out of the school environment and into the work place where things will be different. Many also think that what they are supposed to learn in school has little relevance to what will be their working life. Not so fast! Viewers learn that in many cases the opposite is true. Grades 7 to 12


We can't do it! I won't do it? That's way! How much does negativity and pessimism keep progress from occurring in the workplace? What does it do to teamwork? To customer service? To issues of quality?


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