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#13992/0550  BUILDING TEAMS IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE: Overcoming Cultural Conflicts in the European Community DVD
Shows how different approaches among French, British, American, and German cultures can cause communication problems in multicultural teams. It emphasizes the importance of respect.

#12987/1780  DON'T PANIC! A Recipe for Success in Times of Stress DVD
What happens when eight fascinating people with experience successfully navigating stressful situations at work come together to cook a meal? Insights simmer along with the food in this entertaining and thoughtful new program! Cooking serves as a metaphor for working through a challenge together - after the flames die down, the participants enjoy the meal they've created and share what they've learned from their dialogue.

Running a team, or being an effective member of one, requires the development of certain skills. This video takes viewers back to the foundations to remind them exactly why teamwork plays such an important role in the achievement of business and other goals.

#12982/0860  ESSENTIALS OF TEAM BUILDING: Principles and Practices (DVD/Book)
Team building is a proven approach for helping people become respectful competitors, cooperative team members, and community leaders. Now you can help your students or group develop those same important skills with this set. Grades 10 to A

#2516/1460  SUPREME TEAMS: How to Make Teams Really Work for Team Members and Team Leaders DVD
Provides a systematic approach to team-building including recognizing strengths and weaknesses, developing a team ethic, trust and communication.

Viewers learn what to expect from teams and what their teammates will expect from them. The video explains why every member is responsible for a team's success.

'How can I get them to work together as a team? When I bring them together for a meeting how do I help inspire that team spirit that we'll need to make a success of this project?' Managers and supervisors often shy away from these questions in fear of being rebuffed or even laughed at by their charges. This video explains certain proven methods that can help get over that first hurdle.

#10478/1943  YOUR SUMMIT AWAITS! with Jamie Clarke (Revised)
What does it take to reach a level of achievement beyond the dreams of most people? To push beyond your own limitations and enjoy (or suffer) the consequences? Mountain climbing super-achiever Jamie Clark delivers a message about individual and team passion that will inspire the need to go beyond the limits whether it's in business, sport ... or parenting!


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