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#9800/0405  CAREER CLUSTERS III Series (4 Programs)
With these programs, you can host a job fair in your classroom any day of the year. In this series, people from diverse fields share their experience and advice about the jobs they’ve chosen and how they got them. Real people in real jobs talk about opportunities. The four programs in the series are: THE ARTS, AUDIO VISUAL TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATIONS 24 minutes HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM 22 minutes ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION 20 minutes HUMAN SERVICES 22 minutes Grades 7 to A

#13015/1120  CAREER COMPASS: Exploring Occupations (4 Programs)
What would you be good at? Explore these careers with this comprehensive four part series! Learn what these jobs entail as well as related careers. JOBS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT 29 minutes JOBS IN CLOTHING, TEXTILES AND FASHION 27 minutes JOBS IN FOOD AND NUTRITION 29 minutes JOBS IN HOUSING AND INTERIOR DESIGN 29 minutes *Closed Captioned *Includes online Guide Grades 7 to A

#13740/1120  CAREER COMPASS: The Successful Job Search (4 Programs)
Follow the adventure of getting a job - from assessing career interests and the job search, to writing a resume and acing the interview. Four 25-minute programs: MAPPING A CAREER PATH: Your Aptitude, Interests, Values and Personality Learn about useful assessment techniques and learn the four domains of self-assessment. YOUR JOB SEARCH: Navigating the Roads to Employment Discover where to look for a job and how to develop a successful job search plan. ENGAGING RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS: How to Hook the Job You Want Understand how to edit a resume and craft a cover letter for a specific job. SOLID INTERVIEW SKILLS: Your Journey to a Job Offer Gain insight and advice to guide you before, during and after the interview.

#12649/1410  CAREER COUNSELING WITH CHILDREN: Live Demonstrations
Dr. Adam Zagelbaum, Sonoma State University, skillfully and sensitively counsels two preteen children in individual career counseling sessions. Students of counseling learn that children can understand and work with basic career constructs if age-appropriate methods are used.

#12185/0635  CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN: Emerging Opportunities (35 Programs) DVD
WOW!!! This 35 part series (also available individually) shows real women succeeding in virtually every conceivable occupation, even those most often considered 'male only'! Never mind the glass ceiling! How about making girls aware that the 'no entry' signs no longer apply to them while also demonstrating the tremendous diversity of choices they have available.

#13481/0470  CAREERS IN ART
Real world professionals working in arts-related fields tell about their careers, the education needed to enter and excel, and other advice and insights that will benefit students as they begin to think about their future careers.

#11734/1290  CAREERS IN FASHION: Talent, Technology and Opportunity
Besides being a necessity, a basic need for virtually all of humanity, and therefore a major staple of the world's economy, clothing is an expression of personality for many. Fashion is the business behind that expression and has itself become the foundation of one great modern industry. Highly complex and competitive, the fashion industry requires skilled workers in many areas, both technical and creative. Grades 9 to 12

#12884/1290  CAREERS IN HOSPITALITY: Service and Adventure
As you explore the many career options available in today’s world, you may want to take a fresh look at an exciting choice. This program goes behind the scenes to show all the possibilities of a career in hospitality management. Grades 9 to A

This video explains the difference between interior decorating and interior design, with an emphasis on the latter. Interviews with professionals from a variety of avenues in the interior design field will provide students with a deeper level of understanding of interior design and the opportunities available in that field. Grades 9 to 12

Have you decided that college is not the path for you? This program is an inside look at today's top jobs that don't require a college degree. Career fields discussed are in fast-growing industries like computers, medicine, trades, and the law. You will hear individuals discuss their jobs, skills, and training in featured careers that include Web Developer, Pharmacy Technician, Plumber, and Court Reporter. You will also be informed of additional careers in these fields that don't require a college degree. *Includes Instructor's Guide *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#10130/1945  CAREERS: Exploring the World of Work
Viewers are asked to ponder whether they might be considered a Doer, Creator, Persuader, Organizer, Thinker or Helper? What do these mean as far as career planning is concerned? Well perhaps one might find one's greatest feelings of achievement, success and comfort by addressing career choices accordingly...what do you think? Grades 7 to 12

Catch a glimpse into a variety of careers that work directly with the growth and development of children. Viewers discover the benefits and challenges of working with children through personal interviews of people working in various child development careers, including: Storyteller and Children's Librarian; Pediatrician; YWCA Director; Montessori School Administrator; Pediatric Occupational Therapist; and, Speech Pathologist.Grades 6 to A

No one knows jobs better than the people who actually do them! This four-part series lets the experts speak, as they share their firsthand knowledge of their career areas. Covering 16 broad occupational categories, the Career Clusters system offers information on practically every job there is! Each and every Cluster is represented in this outstanding 16-part series - a perfect companion to the Career Clusters Poster Set. Correlates to all applicable standards.

#7085/0405  COMPLETE JOB SEARCH SYSTEM (5 Programs)
This comprehensive, concise, five-part job search series is ideal for introducing job seekers to information and techniques that will be helpful in selecting a career and getting a job. Designed to be of use to a wide variety of viewers, these programs are entertaining yet loaded with solid content, informative interviews, helpful tips, and colorful graphics.

The world of high fashion is intensely competitive, high risk, and very profitable to those who succeed. Just being able to make a nice dress or gown generally does not bring much attention. Viewers get a behind the scenes peek at this often other-worldly profession and what counts as success. Grades 9 to A

An interview and behind the scenes footage with Lisa Golden Schroeder, food stylist, cookbook author and teacher, gives the audience insight into the career of a food stylist. Grades 6 to A

Interviews and day-in-the life footage with a Montessori teacher and an in-home childcare provider gives insight into these from a career choice point of view. This program teaches viewers about: the education and training needed; the salary range for this career; the long-term career outlook; the "highs and lows" of the job; and, the typical activities in the day.Grades 7 to A

Designing and decorating space for work or play, for comfort or for beauty, to inspire or relax or stimulate, is the work of a professional interior designer. Viewers learn what it takes to make a career in this field that requires both artistry and utility. Grades 9 to 12

#12647/1410  CREATING MORE SATISFYING LIVES: A Live Demonstration of Happenstance Career Theory
In a spontaneous and unrehearsed demonstration, Dr. Krumboltz applies Happenstance Learning Theory with a female Chinese-American graduate student contemplating career directions. Career counseling here goes far beyond achieving the so-called BEST job for the MOST money. It also is taken past strict career PLANNING in that spontaneity, luck and perhaps fate can all play parts in delivering true job satisfaction.

The job of the dental hygienist is just as hands-on as any dentist’s - and it offers an outstanding springboard for a career in the healthcare and dental fields. This program shows what a dental hygienist can expect as far as training, duties, and compensation, while outlining the personal qualities and people skills that any successful D.H. should possess.

#15052/1290  DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Fashion Design Careers
Many young people who are ‘into’ clothes and like to dress themselves fashionably look at fashion design as a possible career choice. This video delves into some of the very real challenges of turning their personal affinity for clothing into a business.Grades 6 to A

#12787/1725  e2 DESIGN
Each of the six 30-minute programs in this series presents unique design challenges and triumphs which represent true innovation. Learn how designers created green spaces in the urban jungle of Cairo, are fighting to rebuild the devastated 9th ward of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and are creating architecture out of junked tires and appliances in Rotterdam, Netherlands, etc.

"I think I'd like to find a job working with children but I wonder which one ...? A variety of high-energy, engaging professionals who work with children illustrate the range of choices for students today including Kindergarten Teacher, Public Health Nurse, Pediatrician, Spanish Liaison, and eight other professions. Grades 9 to A

#14315/0635  GET HIRED AND GO: The Complete Guide to Getting a Job and Doing it Right (6 Programs)
This six-part series helps lay out a clear path to fulfilling employment, beginning with the self-assessment needed to begin the journey and culminating in the best ways to settle into a new, rewarding position - whether it’s in an office or in the trades. Six 26 to 30-minute programs - detailed descriptions of each program are available: BEFORE YOU APPLY: Job and Skills Evaluation BEFORE YOU APPLY: Resumes, Portfolios, and Your Online Persona GETTING THE JOB: Job Search and Networking GETTING THE JOB: Cover Letters, Interviews, and Job Offers DOING THE JOB: Starting Out and the Daily Grind DOING THE JOB: Basic Job Skills

#15610/1015  GETTING THE JOB YOU REALLY WANT 6th Edition (10 Programs)
This comprehensive series of ten 25-minute programs takes you step-by-step through every phase of the job search, plus keeping the job! Teaches how to identify what you want in a job, find the job in less time, interview effectively, negotiate pay and benefits, keep that job, and move up too! Throughout informative interviews, experts reveal self-directed strategies for finding jobs, balancing work and life, tapping into little-known resources that can speed up your career transition, and more. INTRODUCTION: Getting the Life You Really GETTING TO KNOW WHAT AN EMPLOYER WANTS GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SKILLS GETTING TO KNOW YOUR JOB OBJECTIVE GETTING ORGANIZED TO FIND A JOB GETTING A JOB WITH TRADITIONAL AND NONTRADITIONAL JOB SEARCH METHODS GETTING AND USING YOUR RESUME, COVER LETTER, PORTFOLIO GETTING A POSITIVE RESPONSE IN EACH OF THE SEVEN INTERVIEW PHASES GETTING GOOD ANSWERS TO TOUGH INTERVIEW QUESTIONS GETTING TO KEEP THE JOB YOU FIND

#13144/0635  GREEN CAREERS SERIES (4 Programs)
Many young people today are, at lest nominally, showing concern for the environment we live in. Even if it is only for their own self-interest, taking those concerns into account when considering career plans makes perfect sense. The four 25-minute programs in this series focus on the many career paths that involve environmental protection and recovery. Many young people today are, at lest nominally, showing concern for the environment we live in. Even if it is only for their own self-interest, taking those concerns into account when considering career plans makes perfect sense. This series focuses on the many career paths that involve environmental protection and recovery: THE BUSINESS OF GREEN REDUCING WATER POLLUTION COMBATING CLIMATE CHANGE AND IMPROVING AIR QUALITY ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE HOME Four 25 minute programs Grades 9 to A

#13715/1733  GREEN CAREERS SERIES (12 Programs)
This new 12 part series introduces today’s students to a wide range of job opportunities in the fast-growing sector of "green careers". The series provides information on the educational requirements for entering various fields. Young people are encouraged to take advantage of internships and part-time jobs to get hands-on experience while pursuing their studies. BUILDING GREEN: Building Trades, 20 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Biofuels, 21 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Geothermal Power, 22 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Solar Power, 20 minutes CLEAN ENERGY: Wind Power, 23 minutes ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, 21 minutes GREEN DESIGN, 21 minutes *Remi Winner! RECYCLING, 22 minutes RESTORING THE LAND, 22 minutes SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE 21 minutes TRANSPORTATION 21 minutes *Remi Winner! WATER MANAGEMENT 21 minutes (Includes PDF Guides for each program) Grades 8 to A

Do you consider yourself a team player? A career in health science may be just for you! Quality patient care relies on health care teams whose members communicate and collaborate well with others. In this video, explore a variety of health science career options, with varying levels of education required. Grades 7 to A

#12760/0685  HOLLYWOOD LIBRARIAN (THE): A Look at Librarians through Film
This film's subject is librarians: who they are, what they do, why they do it, and the impact of their work in people's lives. The underlying meaning is how we express our own humanity, how we listen to ourselves and one another in the realm of the written and read word -- a uniquely human privilege. Grades 9 to A

The aging of the baby boomer generation will dramatically increase the need for home care, opening up opportunities in a frequently overlooked field. This program explores the challenging and deeply satisfying work of the home health aide and the personal care assistant - revealing the skills and special personality traits these jobs require and the personal rewards that come from helping people "age in place" with a degree of independence.

#14941/0483  HOW I STARTED MY CAREER (2 Programs)
When Alex graduated from high school, he had two goals. He wanted to get a good paying job as quickly as possible so he could be on his own and he wanted to work in a green industry. This is the story of how Alex reached his goals. Part I focuses on Alex’s job search and the start of his first full-time job at Zephyr Industries. 25 minutes Part II of the program focuses on Alex’s first six months on the job and the work-related problems he and his coworkers must resolve at Zephyr. 20 minutesGrades 8 to A

Human services careers involve tending to other individuals, families and to human needs, whether it be early childhood, counseling and mental health, family and community services, personal care, or consumer services. Viewers learn what skills and personality traits are most conducive to succeeding in the human services field. Grades 7 to A

Hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel jobs equal adventure, romance, excitement! This industry is huge, growing, and world-wide and includes such a variety of jobs; some perhaps not quite as glamorous as others. Viewers learn from insiders about opportunities and some of the qualities needed to succeed in hospitality. Grades 9 to A

#14506/0430  INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING: Voices from the Field
What is it like, what does it take to become a professional counselor, to provide help and advice to people in various problematic situations? This video explains what counseling entails and covers the history of counseling, theoretical orientations, applications, and professional issues.

#12853/0235  IS COLLEGE FOR ME? Looking Toward the Future
Helping middle school age students to start putting some thought into their educational future plans is the goal of this program. Not everyone needs a university degree but almost all of them are going to require some form of post secondary education or training. Shows the wide range of paths available to them and explains the requirements needed to take them. Grades 7 to 12

#10584/1945  LOOKING AT CAREERS: It's Never Too Soon!
What does your personality have to do with choosing a career? This eye-opening program shows middle-school students why understanding your personality preferences is a good place to start when thinking about a career. Grades 5 to 9

Discover the ways in which Montessori classrooms differ from the traditional school setting in this enlightening documentary. Observe different levels of Montessori, including infants, toddlers, early childhood, and elementary, and how each utilizes the Montessori method.

#14939/0483  REAL PEOPLE, COOL CAREERS (2 Programs)
Viewers are shown what it's like to have a career as a police officer, paramedic, massage therapist, radio announcer, pilot, minor league baseball umpire, a registered nurse, graphic designer, fire fighter, editor, chef and an emergency medical technician.Grades 7 to A

Deals with the trauma that is experienced by many people who suffer being pink slipped, especially those who believed that their jobs were secure. The psychological and emotional anguish and sudden uncertainty has been described as similar to experiencing grief after an unexpected death. Viewers get help in understanding their feelings so that they can begin to move on. Grades 9 to A

#12480/0405  TOP CAREERS IN TWO YEARS (11 Programs)
What do you want to be?? Dunno!! Well what do you like to do?? Dunno!! Hhhmmmm! How many adults now regret taking this attitude toward their future career and the planning required to get there, wherever 'there' might turn out to be? This comprehensive series offers viewers information on many different career choices and what it takes to get into them and to succeed in them. *Detailed descriptions of each of the 11 Programs are available: COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS BUSINESS 21 minutes FINANCE, AND GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION 22 minutes CONSTRUCTION AND TRADES 18 minutes RETAIL, MARKETING, AND SALES 21 minutes HEALTHCARE, MEDICINE, AND SCIENCE 19 minutes HOSPITALITY, HUMAN SERVICES, AND TOURISM 20 minutes COMPUTERS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 17 minutes EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SERVICES 19 minutes PUBLIC SAFETY, LAW, AND SECURITY 23 minutes FOOD, AGRICULTURE, AND NATURAL RESOURCES 21 minutes MANUFACTURING AND TRANSPORTATION 18 minutes *Viewable/printable instructor's guides are available online. Grades 7 to A

What does it take to work in the hospitality industry dealing directly with the public as a receptionist, porter, duty manager, or restaurant/bar staff? In the past many of these jobs were considered to be the low end of the totem pole to be filled by low paid individuals with little or no skills. As more attention is paid to hospitality and tourism as 'professional' industries, the importance of these front line workers has increased. Viewers learn what it takes. Grades 10 to A

#5046/1945  YOUR CAREER SEARCH: Taking the First Step
Who am I? What am I good at? What qualities in a job are important to me? This program helps junior-senior high viewers find answers to questions that lead step by step, through a series of proven techniques, to a discovery of preferred career options. Grades 7 to 12


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